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October 27, 2010



"What if you drive your volt around the city all day? Your mileage will drop to around 50 miles per gallon once you've driven more than 40 miles. If you drive your car 100 miles in a day, you'll consume a bit over a gallon of gas. That's very impressive. But it's absolutely not what you'd expect after being told that it gets 230 miles per gallon."


Sad thing is, little diesel VS Rabbits used to get 50 MPG back in the 80's. Diesels still commonly get 50 MPG plus in Europe, but they won't meet current EPA emmissions standards, so, we get stuck with vastly more expensive and inferior hybrids.

Dick Stanley

Put the claw on 'em, boys. It ain't over til it's over.



About Absentee Balloting up here.

Polling stations actually are open up here before November 2nd. For instance, when I voted Absentee in the Primary, I drove down to the Single Voting Place in town, walked in, and exactly as normal were the 5 gals behind the counter checking your ID and ensuring I was on the list, then providing me the Ballot and a pencil, and ushering me into one of the 6 voting booths in the room, where I pulled the little curtain shut behind me and filled in the Ballot.

So it's called Absentee Ballotting, but what it actually amounts to is simply voting early at an open Polling Station. The folks that caused this Lawsuit were down in Kenai doing just that and saw the Polling folks down there passing out to these early voters a Taxpayer paid for list, provided by the State Election Board, which had Lisa's name and party affiliation on it. From the story I could not tell if it was actually inside the voting booth, but regardless it was available and being passed out inside the polling station so that you could take it with you into the Voting Booth.

If I had wanted to I could have requested an Absentee Ballot mailed to my home and than have filled it out at home and mailed it in.

The Ballots being challenged, as I understand it, are the ones completed at the Polling Station where the Lisa list was neing handed out.


Thanks for the update, daddy - that explains a lot.

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