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October 15, 2010



Now if we could just get a picture of her shaking salt on that burger and fries.

Does everyone know that salt has been taken out of school cafeterias nationwide?

Janet...off the couch & sportin Tea Party chic

Here she is next to a vending machine at the polling station (from Clarice & BR on the other thread). A regular Jack Lalanne!


OT, when did baseball fans start using the term "no-no" to describe a no-hitter?


Her butt has its own massivegravitational field-- it's gigantic. Have abother fry Michelle my belle.


Just. Not. That. Smart.

The ivy league must be so proud.

Wrinkles Galore

If ever a woman is paying public penance for telling others to do what she does not do herself, it is Michelle Antoinette as she trundles around in this way too tight wardobe.


Try to imagine . . . Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle . . . photographed in that exact same outfit.

They would be splashed on every newspaper front page, cable show, comedy show - with appropriate criticism and snark. "Extreme!!!!"

Every day in every way my buckle makes me feel better and better.

I finally get the belt: The Winnah, and Still Champeen!


The belt is to give her a shape. And hide the seam of her spanx.

Rob Crawford

That's not a belt. That's a saddle blanket.

Melinda Romanoff


But it's ALL flammable.

And I fully understand why she needs an escort car.


Michelle is the ultimate nanny-grannyl I grew up in Ol' Milwaukee before it became an oupost of thee granny state. Don't forget to leave the lights on until the last lb's butt gets the familiar tattoo from the doorknob!?!


Any chance he was not talking about the food?

TM, you wag.

hit and run

I finally get the belt: The Winnah, and Still Champeen!

Yup. This is from a while ago...



"Miss Katie's has hosted notable people before. President Bill Clinton dined there with the German Chancellor. Other guests have included John and Elizabeth Edwards, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the cast of Happy Days."

Must be a democrat diner.


Janet and hit, nice pics. LOL. I may no longer have my pre-motherhood figure, but at least I don't wear ridiculous ill-fitting clothes.

Seems to me Michelle is almost always having either ice cream or burger/fries when she goes out on these photo ops. When is the MSM going to call her on theee hypocrissssseeeeee!?!!?

hit and run

Egads...from the Corner:

First lady Michelle Obama amplified a personal appeal with a political rallying cry in Cherry Hills Village today, calling herself the “mom in chief” and urging her Democratic charges to get out the vote for Sen. Michael Bennet. Obama spoke at a private luncheon at a home in Cherry Hills, raising $270,000 for the appointed Bennet’s first election campaign.


That's a very useful description of what Michelle wants to foist upon us all -- for Republicans.

It's just downright creepy.

“Being in this wonderful state brings back some wonderful memories,” said Obama, with a sly smile. “I don’t know if anybody remembers that little gathering at Invesco Field . . .”

That's a very productive contrast between Obama then and Obama now -- for Republicans.

A reminder of how far he's fallen from hope and change to shove it down your throats.

A reminder of how much it's about him -- and that a lot of people were looking at him through electoral beer goggles in 2008,but have since been sobered up by the reality of his economic policies.

More Michelle on the stump!


“I don’t know if anybody remembers that little gathering at Invesco Field . . .”

Yeah, I bet those are pleasant memories given the current state of your miserable presidency, Barry.

What a jerk.

Captain Hate

More Michelle on the stump!

Whoever thought this was a good idea is currently in the lava flow of a LOLcano.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I think Michelle's mother is the Mom in chief. She is just a dink.


Where is the outrage in the media about lawbreaker Michelle publicly campaigning in a polling place? even Fox News did very little on it only a crawl announcement at the bottom of the page. Supposedly an election official denies she said it. Another report says she didn't realize you couldn't do it. Which one is it? I'm inclined to believe she thinks the laws don't apply to her.


I'm inclined to believe she thinks the laws don't apply to her.

Sadly, it looks like the MSM thinks so, too. Doesn't look like this story will get any traction.


Michelle Obama: The GOOD Fairy in Hansel and Gretel?????

"At school, she performed herself once. "I remember very early on being the good fairy in Hansel and Gretel and having to sing a solo, which was humiliating." In a fairy outfit? "Yes, it was a little tutu fairy costume, and I liked it because of the costume." (Now, at least, Mrs. Obama's best-dressed status has a basis in history.) "Oh, and my brother," she says, laughing, "was Hansel."

There are no good fairies wearing little tutus in Hansel and Gretel. However, there was a cannibalistic witch that liked to fatten up children and eat them.

I bet that is the part she really played and might be a reason she has a preoccupation with food and fat children.


(Then, Mrs. Obama's fashion status would have a basis in history.) snort

P.S. Missed you guys this week. However, I am never to busy to pass up a Michelle tread.:)


We miss you too, Ann!


Welcome back Ann! Happy Birthday Matt!

Frau Feuerzangenbowle

There were fourteen guardian angels for Hansel and Gretel. LUN

"never to busy to pass up a Michelle tread"
lol - A Freudian typo, Ann?

Frau Feuerzangenbowle

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, matt!

Hoch soll er leben, dreimal hoch!
(Of course, now almost everyone sings "Happy Birthday to you." )

Army of Davids

A common Democrat talking point on ObamaCare is that they promise health insurers will not be able to deny coverage (come 2014)

Like promises of transparency.

Like promises of deficit neutrality.

Like promises of the bill "creating" jobs.

Be skeptical of this claim.

Joe Leiberman "the Senator from Aetna", Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln were owned by a few healthcare companies who called the final shots in the Senate bill (the final bill).

There is a reason Howard Dean is so @#$%&! about this.

It will likely not go like (Patty Murray) Democrats are claiming.

Leiberman, Aetna and others likely watered down large swaths of uninsureable risks in the bill. Joe had the bill by the balls.

ffxiv gil

Educaton does not mean teaching people to kow what they do not know ; it means teachng them to behave as they do not behave.


Miss Katy's has decent, but not 'High End' food. It's a half-step up from Perkins with a better atmosphere.

Decent service, nicely located--LOTS of parking despite being next-to-downtown Milwaukee.

Yes, it's owned by a (D) supporter.

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