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November 19, 2010



Is this one of the one in five in the US or the one in two in the UK?


I saw it last night at 7 PM. Special showing, and for a brief and I can assure you, quite fleeting moment, Dad was a hero to his almost 16 year old Harry Potter fan.

Yes we walked by lines already queuing up for a midnight plus one minute showing.

The movie is well done, but if you have never read a Harry Potter book or seen the prior Potter movies, do not go and expect characters to be redeveloped for you. Not going to happen. Just not going to.

Dont know who Madeye Moody is? Well then it will be a mystery why that guy is there, if briefly.


I was really thrilled when my son started reading all of the Harry Potters in order. He was reading well above his grade's reading level. But I have to confess that the fantasy genre does absolutely nothing for me. So I have sat through a few HP movies without having a clue what happens, and without really caring. The things we Dads do for love.


I got into the Harry Potter mania due to my granddaughters. I am looking forward to the final two movies - but, I will see them on DVD, not at the theater.

Mad Jack

My high school junior gave it the thumbs up as well but this mornings wake up call for school was no fun. He decided to go to bed at 5 this afternoon. Go figure.


Good news. "Who're you?" has conceded. LUN


I had to be at the front of the carpool line and then navigate backroads for the 4:30 showing.

One of my kids was reassuring her friends that all those side streets would connect to the mall.

It's funny though all frustrated they get when their favorite scenes in the book are not replicated on screen.



I'm not a fantasy lit fan at all but I love the Harry Potter series. Not the movies, though - I find the kid actors (except the guy who plays Ron Weasley who is perfect) to be bland and uninspiring. They're all too fashionable and picture perfect and the movies just don't have the emotional intensity of the books.


Just got back from the new Harry Potter movie at an iMax theater. Great stuff! There was a scene or two that made me jump out of my skin.


I am happy to hear the great reviews of the new Harry Potter movie. I'll go to see it tomorrow and I do like how the books are adapted to the screen. In real life Hermoine has cut off her hair and now sports a pixie cut at Brown University.


--But I have to confess that the fantasy genre does absolutely nothing for me--

peter, I'm happy to know I'm not the only person whose reaction is WTF whenever Harry Potter mania strikes.


I'm not into HP either, but my son went to the midnight showing at the Studio and Brewhouse. That's the way to do a movie!

My daughter wanted tix for this weekend. All sold out. Every showing, every theater on this side of town. Yikes!


Yeah, they were camping out yesterday already in the morning for the midnight showing at the nearby IMAX.


Harry Potter played Rudyard Kipling's son along with the older chick from Sex and the City as his mom. The kid did anything he could to become a soldier and was killed during WW 1. It was on PBS a couple of years ago, fantastic.

Dave (in MA)

What I thought of the first time I heard "Harry Potter".

A few years back we had a team outing at work to see one of the movies (3rd or 4th, not sure) in an IMAX theater. I hadn't seen the other ones, nor have I read the books. We went in the morning before I'd had the 2nd of my usual several cups of coffee. Not sure how much of the movie I actually saw.


Well over here in jolly old England, whats even scarier than the latest Harry Potter flick is what currently is on the telly: Prince Charles is back on a campaign to try to figure out how ">http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101119/ap_on_re_eu/eu_britain_queen_camilla"> to get Camilla anointed Queen, once Her Majesty croaks.

Gor Blimey!


sgu had astoned slave girl used for sex while assumed as her non human user master watched she was killed by rebels for her in of allowing anotjer himan to use her through alien stones like an orgy in creation made by lucifer like aliens. the guy who plays god with alien luciferian creaion/technology used non humans/technology to kill the rebel but this is the god who had sex with assumed slace girl to be with a s ientist wno uxes otjer humans like lu ifer

final five

notice syfytv is all celtic/uk and the scott bond is dying.


di lady 2 the ring.........


That's scarier than the Death Eaters's daddy, his delusion knows no bounds, one hopes William is a good Prince regent, btw what of the Megyn Kelly news

Danube of Thought

I know I've mentioned that Wallis Warfield was my grandmother's cousin and close friend. Wallis was convinced that when she married Edward she would be the queen; when that didn't work out she strove mightily for the right to be addressed as "Your Royal Highness" or something, but no dice there either.

One of the disqualifiers was that she was (twice) divorced. None of my business, but I hope Camilla doesn't succeed either. I think Charles himself is such a retarded dope that the queen is going to hang on to the crown for dear life until her dying breath. It's going to be excruciating to see that stupe as the King of England.

Danube of Thought

What Megyn news, Narc? That she's in GQ, or is there something more?



That's a great story. I had always read she did not want him to renounce the throne for her once she understood she could not be queen just by pleasing him.

When he did, she was stuck with him.

Have always thought it was for the good of England though that David was not king during WW2 and that the current Queen was not actually raised to be queen.

Danube of Thought

It sure was a good thing. He had some very weird ideas about Hitler.

My grandmother and her sister, who spent time with them during their courtship and throughout their marriage, said he never took his eyes off her. He was simply infatuated. I never met her, but my mother and sister did and found her irresistibly charming, although I'm not sure I would have liked her. My father had a huge crush on her as a little boy in Pensacola and Virginia, but I think he felt that if you were born the Prince of Wales your duty when you grew up was to be the King of England. My grandmother on occasion would talk my dad into appearing un uniform with the Duke when he was in the US, which I always felt he found distasteful.


I believe the Megyn news is she is pregnant with her second child.


What I thought of the first time I heard "Harry Potter".

Me too, Dave (in MA).


I saw the film today and loved it but then I've always been a Harry Potter fan.


Yes, they do! If you are using Yahoo Instant Messenger, they will blink from time to time. Also, if you make certain smileys the avatar will react. If you make the mad smiley, your avatar will make a grimace. If you make the laughing one, it will laugh, and so on...


Kopi Luwak

i don't think the movie is appropriate for the kid's eyes. they should have made it child-like, just like the first harry potter movie (Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone). over-all, the movie was okay.

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