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November 16, 2010


Danube of Thought

Happy birthday, Maguire, and thanks for putting in the time to make this place run.


Speaking of people who don't get it, Colin Powell weighs in:

Powell: Obama failed to focus on what's 'most important'

While saying he talks regularly with President Obama and his administration's officials, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday that the nation's 44th president has overreached and lost focus in his first term -- and lost votes because of it.

Right. He "lost focus." It couldn't possibly be that Obama's policies are a steaming pile.

Captain Hate

Powell talks regularly with Bammy? No wonder he's so out of touch.

Happy birthday, TM

Jack is Back!

The guy from Planet Moron better worry about more than Lock-Ease. Here is the top ten hazards in your house that you probably aren't even aware exist. LUN


Happy Birthday, TM. 39 again?


Looking forward to another election, the Clintons' old polster Mark Penn drops this little bomb on the the elite:

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1110/45136.html>The big disconnect: D.C. elites think Obama will be re-elected, the public doubts it

This helps to explain it:

This big difference can partially be explained by the different ways that the two groups see the economy and the world today. Seventy percent of D.C. elites admit that they have been affected less than the average citizen when it comes to the economic downturn. The elites see the Tea Party as purely a fad (70 percent). In contrast, those who say that the President will not be re-elected see the country as headed in the wrong direction by 82 percent, the economy in the wrong direction by 81 percent and overwhelmingly want repeal of healthcare at the top of the agenda.


Happy Birthday, TM!


Biggest surprise for the elites is probably how much the avg American wants Obama Care repealed.


The elites see the Tea Party as purely a fad (70 percent)

The Tea Party see the elites as an outdated fad (100 percent).


So Apple's big "day you'll never forget" is "The Beatles. Now on iTunes."

I guess that'll be a big deal to some. I want to know when iOS is coming out for iPad. And whether iOS will cause the battery to drain the way it seems to do on my iPod Touch. (Now needs a charge every couple of days, true for by me and my sweetie.)


Back to warning labels.
due to circumstances beyond my control--old age--I have had to undergo some medical procedures and take some new meds. To limit liability all carry the direst warnings. If you heed them you'd return home with a bottle of whiskey in hand and say furggitabout it.

Oh dear, I forgot this is TM's birthday--don't want to dampen the fun.

Prosit, Thom!


many happy returns, TM

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