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November 05, 2010



What the Donks did with the Medicare cuts was essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul...and then robbing Paul to pay Saul.

The problem with this approach is that, eventually, the Democrats would either a) run out of people to rob and/or b) the intended victim will refuse to be robbed and fight back.


"There will be obstacles to repealing or re-doing ObamaCare, but the deficit won't be one of them."

Nor will the opposition of the public, the medical profession, or the business community.


Here's a daunting obstacle--one of our newly elected GOPer senators isn't even focused on the problems his own state and nation face:

With victory in the congressional elections less than a day old, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (Rep.) who considers himself a 'Tea Party' member, is set to arrive in Israel on Sunday.

Or is he already running for president?


Delusion thy name is Jackie Calmes.

PS: Andruil, give it a rest.

Army of Davids

Stagflation and Misery Index

2 terms to become familiar with.

Welcome Back Kotter.


Looks like Rubio is giving concerns about Obamacare a rest. You'd think he'd be networking with his leadership and other newly elected GOPers, but he's marching to a different beat.


You just can't make this stuff up.

Cavuto just had on the big legal guy for AARP and that guy is now saying (I'm sober, so I think I heard him correctly) that AARP is now opposed to ObamaCare. WTF?

Did anybody tell Andy Griffith?

Have to go talk to my yellow dog to see if I can make sense out of that development. KayyyyyyyyyyyyRoooooooooo!!!


I took the cost savings of my usual Friday afternoon latte and donated it to the Renee Elmers stay elected fund.


AARP now admits its support of Obamacare was a mistake..who will stand with Pelosi when the House keeps voting for repeal?


Daddy-- can't be accurate. AARP is jacking rates b/c of ObamaCare, they must still love it. How can we get confirmation?


Salud or L'Chaim as the case may be, stick a sock in it, Mark


poise and confidence

Mmmm, mmm, mmm, poise and confidence.

Time for something completely different:

USA WNT Soccer (World Cup Qualifying)

10:30PM tonight at

Ya have to register to see the game.


AARP has probably lost a lot of members over their stupid move on Obamacare. And they deserve it.


Here's a guy with a grasp of what's going on in the Middle East--unlike Rubio. He notes that Iran's calculations were sharp and clear from the beginning, when Iran reached agreement with the US and UK. Sharp and clear--unlike dumbass Bush:

Iran's linkages with Iraq and the US

By Mahjoob Zweiri

More than seven months after the Iraqi parliamentary elections, no government has been formed in Baghdad. Questions regarding the delay are increasingly relevant, yet with the passage of time, the answers have become more and more complicated.

Any attempt to understand the delay must take into consideration two main factors. The first is the nature of the political system created after the occupation. The assumption was that a division of power would facilitate the stabilizing of democracy in Iraq and make it work. That concept has not only failed; it has plunged the country into sectarian violence.

The second factor is the geopolitics of Iraq. This includes the role of neighboring countries in shaping Iraq’s internal politics. Since June 2006, the month when Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed, Iran has increasingly been seen as the main player or even main troublemaker in Iraq. It was the United States that needed to shift responsibility for the violence from Al-Qaeda to Iran. The George W. Bush administration was originally fascinated with what it perceived as a strong link between the so-called “war on terror” and the war in Iraq; this enabled it to deflect criticism of the legitimacy of the war in Iraq. Yet everything the American administration tried to avoid in Iraq eventually happened, and day by day the issue of the legality of the war became more central. Hence the switch to the centrality of Iran.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government and some American security circles have also blamed Syria and Saudi Arabia for instability in Iraq, while Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, as well as the United States, believe that Iran is the main neighboring country behind the insecurity in Iraq. All this has made the security of the entire region more vulnerable.

Iran’s impact on the internal Iraqi political scene has shaped the dynamic of the Iraqi political process. This makes Iran an unavoidable player in recent and current Iraqi political developments. Iran planned for such a role; it persuaded the US and the UK to respect its interests in the new Iraq back in December 2002, when both countries wanted Iran on board before embarking on the war. Iran’s calculations were sharp and clear: Iraq, in Iran’s backyard, must not become a source of threat. That is Iran’s strategic goal.

Of course, this does not mean that Iran has the same level of influence over all forces in Iraq: not all Iraqi Shiites are Tehran’s “yes persons.” Still, if Iran is at the core of the debate over forming the new Iraqi government and exercises one degree or another of strong influence over Iraqi Shiite politicians, we can legitimately ask why a new Iraqi government has not yet been formed? The answer is that Tehran has not always used its influence, and by not using it, has in fact confirmed the importance of its role.

The seven month-long impasse regarding formation of a new Iraqi government demonstrates that the US lacks the necessary power or will in Iraq as well. The Obama administration seems to be more focused on the timely withdrawal of American troops and “leaving Iraq to the Iraqis.” Washington is becoming less interested in influencing the Iraqi political elite. The explanation for this phenomenon goes back to the Status of Forces Agreement, considered the starting point for a new chapter in relations between the United States and Iraq. In other words, the US feels it has guaranteed its own interests in Iraq and no longer seeks to influence the core of the relationship.

It will not be surprising if the deadlock continues until Iran, in keeping with its approach toward the Iraqi situation, decides to make a real effort to end it. That effort will in turn reflect the linkage Iran draws between unsolved issues in Iraq on the one hand, and its own unsolved issues with the US on the other--beginning with the nuclear dilemma.

Danube of Thought

Another one swiftly scrolled by...

Frau Komödie

I never liked having a library book in which someone had underlined passages because I might miss the important parts.

What I heard was that AARP is raising rates on its employees because of ....(Obamacare!) The organization has lost members because of the endorsement of the plan.


Frau-- yes that was my understanding of what AARP is doing. AARP has a fascinating business model; sell health insurance to members; lobby Congress to pass legislation that causes your members' -- and everyone else's-- insurance rates to rise; law passes, raise rates. Niiiiiiiice.


what team is she on, mockmook?

latest on the Left in denial. LUN.

JM Hanes

Fess, up anduril. You don't like Rubio because he's a lapsed Catholic. Probably on account of the Jews.

From TM's article:

"Domestic discretionary programs account for about 15 percent of the annual budget, a portion that is not growing. Entitlement programs are 40 percent and national security spending 23 percent; both are expanding."

On the bright side, debt service has contracted from 11.2% in 2008 to 4.63% in 2010. I just love percentages, don't y'all?


It has been an insurance scam from the get go. It's my dream model for S.C.A.M.,Unlimited.


Hey matt,

That vision of poise and confidence is Hope Solo (no, really).

She is a Goal Keeper for the USA Women's National Team.

Alas, she is out with an injury.

So, I sucked you in with the ol' bait and switch (see ObambiCare and AARP).


Most noteworthy news of the day:

Olbermann is off...

I dance.

majority report

What about the poor Indonesian's who Obamas need worshipping but they wont cause there volcanoe God guy died last time O got madJ


OlBer Man fired
Matthews numb with denial
Hannity chortles

Old Lurker

Leave him alone, JMH. Enjoy the days he does not clutter our screens with endless cut and pastes. Everyone here at on time or another has politely asked for moderation in his out of context mile long posts...and all that gets is even more.

DoT's advice is best...just Page Down to the next post.


Go Nan, go!

Pelosi will seek to stay as House Dem leader


Hasn't it been the best week evah!

Melinda Romanoff

Chomsky went the full troofer today. If interested, use well-known search engines to look for it.


"Jackie Calmes of the Times"
I was about to ask "Where do they find these people?"
Then I remembered a TV show I saw at the gym yesterday (Do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader, hosted by "Redneck" Jeff Foxworthy).

The contestant (a Journo-major from USC) did not know what a weather vane measured (choices: speed, direction, temperature), or how many rings in the Olympic symbol.



Sure has. Not only in politics and Olbermann, but I had the pleasure to attend Clarice's election party and see OL the next day during a quick trip to DC. And I learned that my proposal to NSF will get funded! Yay!

Captain Hate

latest on the Left in denial.

Matt, is there some way you can embed the accompanying photo of Graydon "the r is silent" Carter? I don't want to be too tasteless with what it reminds me of; but it has to do with male bodily fluids and a large trash receptacle.

Rick Ballard

"On the bright side, debt service has contracted from 11.2% in 2008 to 4.63% in 2010."

That's just wonderful. Annualized personal interest income has dropped by $150 billion since 2008 and pension funds are requesting increased current payments to offset declining expected returns. It's almost as if it were all related somehow.

Captain Hate

Hasn't it been the best week evah!

I feel so good it seems like it should be illegal.


I think Rush calls it "more fun than you're allowed to have" Hey keith, 'how's that hope
and change, working out for you" in the LUN

Old Lurker

"It's almost as if it were all related somehow."

Nah...that cannot be, Rick. Timmy would have told us, right?

Captain Hate

narc, you mentioned that imbecile Mort Kondracke, who used to be seemingly semi-intelligent when he was on the McLaughlin Group with Barnes a long time ago, although maybe anybody except Clift seemed lucid compared to gasbag John of the horse-blanket sport coats; and none of the links seemed to work (they all led to the same Palin pic from Time; not that I mind looking at Teh Sarah).

Rick Ballard


Now, now - next thing you know you'll start thinking about QE2 and the Fed paying fees to Wall Street banksters on the Treasury debt they're monetizing. That's bad for the blood pressure.

Jim Miller

"Hasn't it been the best week evah!"

Not if you live in Washington state, where we just chose Patty "no rocket scientist" Murray to represent us, again.

Going back to the post topic (if that's OK with everyone): In at least one way the anti-reform health insurance bill usually called ObamaCare increases Medicare spending, if the ads I have been hearing are correct (something about bigger payments for drugs in the "donut hole").

(I don't know exactly what that means, either. I do know that, at a certain level, the payments for drugs under Medicare Part D went down sharply, or did. And then rose again when the total went up. That was the donut hole, which has been partly (entirely?) eliminated under the new law.

Oh, and I recall seeing an article some time ago describing research that showed the the "donut hole" had a big effect on cutting costs, by encouraging people to switch to generics, when they hit, or something like that.

I suppose I should learn more about this, but so far staying healthy has been much easier than trying to figure out Medicare benefits.)

Incidentally, talk show host Michael Medved found that Calmes piece just as funny as you Tom did. I found it exceptionally annoying and would really like to ask Calmes if she was serious.

Red Dog

"Politico's Ken Vogel flags another donation from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough to a Republican candidate, this one made in April of this year for $5,000 to a GOP candidate in Alabama. Combined with his 2006 contribution of $4,400 to a GOP congressional candidate, Scarborough has donated at least $9,400 to Republican candidates as an MSNBC host -- more than the amount that...

led to Keith Olbermann's suspension.

What am i saying/ Scarborough was one of the '94 Congressmen that was a winger, in his time, but you view as a discredited moderate. You probably wish for his suspension.


Ah, Jim, my sympathies for being trapped in a Blue (well it's not exactly a Hell) up in the Pacific NorthWest, in the LUN, the Surber link
that mentioned Mort


Ok, Red Dog, get on the horn and make MSNBC fire Scarborough. See if I care.


DrJ, thanks for the update! I was just uncorking my cheap Chilean pinot and wondering what wine y'all drank at Clarice's house.


Nice pic, narciso!


I just heard on the radio that Alaska has started counting the write-in votes without notifying Joe Miller. They were to be opened and validated by both parties.

Sarah needs to go Juneau armed.


Congratulations, DrJ!!!


Obama has repeatedly promised that families earning less than $250,000 will see no increase in their taxes. He does want taxes increased on wealthier families.

I notice that all of his proposed programs and policies are supposed to save money. Even the TARP and GM bailouts are supposed to be paid back with interest.

So I wonder, how is Obama going to use those extra taxes? He won't need them. (smile)

Old Lurker

My buddies and I were just talking about the 18% we used to earn on Senior Notes sold by REITs back in the day. Course back in the day we didn't any cash to speak of...Now that that has changed some, it doesn't earn squat.


How did they calculate $250K, anyway? I bet you anything some admin wonk was trying to figure out about where most double-income couples working in higher ed topped out. Aside from the super rich Dems who (at least at that point) were in his pocket, that's about the top level of income for the majority of his supporters.


Not if you live in Washington state, where we just chose Patty "no rocket scientist" Murray to represent us, again.

Sorry, Jim Miller. It really sucks. She surely must be the stupidest person in the Senate.

Old Lurker

I did indeed have the pleasure of lunch with DrJ at the NSF Building in Arlington. We were unable to be at Clarice's the night before so it was nice to hear DrJ tell what we missed. With neither wife there to speak up, it was great to have red meat and french fries...



I hope Dr J didn't tell you EVERYTHING, OL.
Next time he's in town we eat Indian food.

Melinda Romanoff

Congrats, DrJ.


Dr J - you really have had a great week.


I'm in a worse state than you - every congressman is a democrat and every one was re-elected - so not only are all are representatives assholes, they have absolutely no power. And Deval patrick will continue to raise taxes and spend like a drunken sailor.

But it still was a great week for the country.

JM Hanes

Red Dog:

"Politico's Ken Vogel flags another donation from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough to a Republican candidate....."

This is gonna be great! Tomorrow's headline today: MSNBC hosts all suspended, without pay, indefinitely.

Old Lurker

Well if Jim has the dumbest senator, what do I have with Barbara Mikulski?


I have Boxer.

Melinda Romanoff


Do. Not. Tempt. Me.

The list could get long.

Old Lurker

If I do not allow you to use words related to "toad", your list will be much shorter Mel.


JMH, I think that's the idea--make MSNBC less of a losing proposition for the new owner, Comcast so that the heads can stay on.

Honestly, can you believe what they are paying these clowns? Matthews, too, is getting crazier by the minute--I suppose he feels it'll up his ratings even if it ultimately leads to his commitment.

Melinda Romanoff

The word wasn't even there.

I work with a far richer "floor" vocabulary.


Rick Ballard

The high pay is like a juice boxer's PhD or writing for the NYT - just an empty credential, usually with a moron behind it. I may be wrong but I feel as if the rube bait isn't drawing suckers like it used to.

TM sliced up this propaganda piece as if he were running a hot knife through butter. I have trouble deciphering whether Calmes is a miserably pathetic sophist or just too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time.



great news!


Thanks all! And Clarice, I made no mention of the alkxodl;tnalk incident. :)


You are aware that the newly elected members of Congress don't actually start their jobs until January...right?

And the current members who lost are still in Congress until January.

In fact, the first and only person to be out of a job over this election is KEITH OLBERMANN!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha

Jim Miller

Dr. J - Good news on the funding.

What made the Rossi loss hurt so much is that Murray's campaign was so dirty and the race was so close -- and, as usual, we dragged it out in the count.

This is the third big close race we've lost in recent years: Gorton-Cantwell in 2000, Rossi-Gregoire in 2004, and now this one.

Jaime Herrera did pick up the 3rd House district, and Republicans made some gains in both houses of the state legislature

Senator Murray won the "no rocket scientist" award twice, so I think she has a better claim than Mikulski or Boxer. (Each of those ladies has her own claim to fame, Mikulski for the affair that disrupted her staff, and Boxer for being an all around horrible human being. I was delighted when John McCain told the world just how awful she is.)

(Here's a post from 2003, where I explained, with the help of the Seattle Times, just how mentally challenged our senior senator is.


"Obama has repeatedly promised that families earning less than $250,000 will see no increase in their taxes. "

Doesn't Jive with the facts. Obama had his lawyers go into court and testify under oath that the 700.00 per person, per year individual healthcare tax is in fact, A TAX.

Jim Miller

Here's a cynical explanation for that 250,000 limit, which shows up so often in or laws: It's just a little larger than the pay for senators and congressmen


Yeah and what do you call Menendez and Lautenberg yo!...

But I've got Christie too!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--She surely must be the stupidest person in the Senate.--

That takes some doing.

You are aware that the newly elected members of Congress don't actually start their jobs until January...right?--



I can't see Hasrry Reid sticking around fighting for Obama much these next couple of years. He would have been much better off if Angle beat him. He not only has a smaller majority, but he has Democrats who ran on defeating Obamas agenda and he has 21 Democrat Senators who have to face the voters in 2012, including Manchin.

I can't see them putting up much fight to keep Obamas policies after the public so soundly rejected them and it.

Nevada voters may simply have been punishing Reid by sending him back to DC.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Mikulski for the affair that disrupted her staff--

OMG. Someone or something had sex with that gargoyle? Voluntarily? Not at the point of a gun?


I think Obamas 250,000 limit was caveated by saying, they won't face higher taxes...THAN CURRENT LAW.

Current Law has those taxes going up starting January 1st.

Hire a con man, don't be surprised if you get conned.


Menendez is from my former neck of the woods,where he was once the Mayor, all paisans
are not alike

Jim Ryan

I block out the one with the cut-and-paste disorder using Narcisolator. I've been doing so for a long time, and the blog always looks neat and clean for me.

Got the Narcisolator?


Olberman makes $7m a year, Matthews $5m and Maddow $2m


Isn't that utterly amazing, Jane? And all three I suppose tut tut the salaries of corporate officers (not entertainment or sports stars). Three of the dumbest people in america. If I were comcast, I'd fire the entire news team, beginning with the idiots who hired these clowns and paid them this much money.


I'd love to be a Republican Congressmen the next two years, everytime I walked past Pelosi, I'd say:

Ohh, Former Madam Speaker, Oberstar says hello, he's working on a chicken ranch now. Loves shovelling the shit out of the barns..

Hey Former Speaker, Al Grayson says hello, he's a stripper in a gay night club in Tampa..He's doing well, and Keith Olbermann visits him regularly.

Hey Former Speaker, have you seen Ike, John, Chett? I can't find them anywhere..oops, that's right, you got them fired.

Jim Miller

Mikulski got involved with an Australian lesbian. As I recall, about half of her staff quit because of the disruptions this woman caused, and Mikulski ended up paying some kind of fine for putting the woman on her payroll, when she shouldn't have, or something like that.

It is rather hard to find these details with simple searches, by the way. I apologize for being vague, but this isn't something you can look up quickly. (I learned about it when Chavez ran against her in 1986. The Washington Post noted that Chavez was talking about family values and that Mikulski was pretending to be attracted to motorcycle guys, and had to explain why.)

(For the record: I don't care much one way or another about the affair -- but I do think it became a matter of public interest when it affected her staff.)


"She surely must be the stupidest person in the Senate."

Having lived next door to Senator Claire McCaskill and now having "Li'l Debbie" Stupidcow for a Senator, I suggest we arrange a "Dumb-off" to once and for all identify the stupidest Senator.

[I do find it interesting how the "stupidest" Senator candidates are all female. I'd personally toss Jim Bunning in there, except he's leaving. And Sen Grahamnesty isn't stupid, I think, just a squish. And Leahy is just plain weird.

Ah, well. I propose that beginning with the coming election *any* mention, good or bad, about an official's or candidate's IQ or intelligence level *immediately* calls for a monitored test of the person making the claim. [I'd like to see all candidates have to take an generalized IQ test anyway. Don't let anyone under 100 or over 125 serve. Too smart is as bad as too dumb.]


"You'd think he'd be networking with his leadership and other newly elected GOPers, but he's marching to a different beat."

He's texting them at all hours of the day, dude.



Living under Deval Patrick is bad...but it could be could be living in CT...

Frau Komödie

"Mikulski got involved with an Australian lesbian."

Jim, and what's wrong with women from Down Under?

My son confessed he voted very reluctantly for Murray because he thinks Rossi is a sleeze. (I don't agree, but I don't live there and have not watched the campaign.)My otherwise, intelligent son didn't think of leaving it blank. He explained that there were only two choices: Murray and Rossi. He acknowledges Patty is an embarrassment. Sheesh!

Frau Komödie

My d-i-l who died in June was the registered Republican in their family. She always joked that she canceled his vote and he hers.



Hmmm, I see a seeded bracket of the 64 stupidest senators (a bracket of all 100 is too messy, but more deserved).

Then we vote for the most stupid in each matchup until we find THE ONE (too bad Obambi isn't still in there).


--"I suggest we arrange a "Dumb-off" to once and for all identify the stupidest Senator."--

I don't have the stomach for that. I definitely do not have enough beer. To shorten the list, as well as save time, I suggest we ask Cleo and bungduster who they think is the smartest Senator.


She always joked that she canceled his vote and he hers.

My dad jokes about the same thing. Every year my parents go down and vote and cancel each other out. They wouldn't dream of not bothering.


Talk Radio update on the Alaskan Ballot Count:

(if you already covered this stuff above, my apologies)

1) The outgoing Lt Governor, Campbell, a Murkowskee Republican, (the guy who's job description it is to run the Election process) changed his mind today and said Miller can be counted as a Write In candidate if he appears properly on the Ballot. Then in a complete non-sequiter Campbell said that the Election rules are the Election rules and that they will be abided by and not be changed.

2) Then it was announced that now the Absentee Ballots (different than the Write-In Ballots) will be counted first, which has never been the policy or rule, as always before it is the Write-In's counted first, and the Absentee Ballots counted last. This change of 'the rules that will be abided by and not changed' seems innocuous until you think about who benefits from this policy. By coincidence, the benefactor is Lisa, not Joe.

The reasoning is this: There are I think between 30,000 and 80,000 Absentee Ballots out there (sorry I did not catch the proper number and may be way off) If they are counted first, and speculation is heavy that they favor Joe, then a concrete number of votes that needs to be find among the Write-Ins when they eventually are counted, will be available to the Murcowskee Cmapaign counters. If for example Joe got (X) number votes via the Absentee Count, then the folks doing the counting who support Lisa then know they need (X + 1) in order to win, so that gives them a concrete number to push for when counting and litigating the Write-In ballots---and that process as we have already seen is now a 'flexible procedure', since Lt Governor Campbell already has indicated it is not subject to the written rule of Law but as in previous elections, but instead is subject to some amorphous thing he refers to as "the intent of the voter". Talk guys say this is directly against what the written Election policy on counting Write-In's has always been before. The previous policy was that the written name MUST match the name the Write In candidate listed as the name that that individual would run under; (ie) Lisa Murkowski. No ifs, ands, or buts about it; nothing else will do but that, which is why the last Write In candidate 10 years back, Robin Taylor, had 5,000 votes tossed out.

3) Even worse, today we learn that in Juneau, the process of examining Absentee Ballots to see if they will be accepted for the eventual count, was begun this morning at 10:00 AM. This was not on any publicized timetable. We later learned that the Murcowskee campaign was given notice of this process in advance so that they were able to have their Team of Lawyers on hand for that process of challenge this morning. The Miller camp was not advised of it, and did not know about it until Alaska Repub Party Chairman was notified of it sometime today, and then gave a call to the Miller camp this afternoon. And all this all the heels of the Lt Governor yesterday saying he was moving the process up from the usual timetable of 17 November to 10 November.

Regardless, I still think Miller will lose, but it is infuriating simply watching this travesty unfold. Whether its intentional corruption or incompetence on the part of the Lt Governor, he ought to be in jail and we deserve better. And the really sad part to me is that all this is covered way better by National Talk Shows like Levin or Hannity etc than it is by our local media.

Locally I'm got my 2 or 3 local Talk guys to try to figure it out and thats about it. Bummer.

Now to catch up and see what you guys have been talking about today.


Brilliant JK, but with the ability to cut through to the optimum solution to a problem, you have eliminated yourself from serving in the Senate.

Hope you didn't have any plans for running.


Brilliant TK (Threadkiller)



Now, now, ladies and gentlemen, there's no need for arguments. As a temporarily depressed resident of Massachusetts, the state which keeps returning the guy who played Lurch on "The Addams Family" to the Senate, I have a hard time believing it's necessary to hold a contest. For those who may disagree, I offer the following in evidence:

"I have the hat. I have the hat."


Oh yeah....I forgot about Kerry.

Still, Patty is real real dumb.

Melinda Romanoff


This is precisely what we were talking about!

It just makes so much sense, synapse wise.

Melinda Romanoff




Well, when Obama and Biden left the Senate, surely the IQ went up? The opposite is too wrong to ponder.

Frau Steckdose

Mel's link is great. Mel Brooks even presented Frankenstein's monster as interested in stocks and bonds, IIRC. I guess we could encourage children to stick their fingers in light sockets more often! A cattle prod as part of the math teacher's "bag of tricks"?

Then we vote for the most stupid in each matchup until we find THE ONE (too bad Obambi isn't still in there).
Sorry, when Obama was in the Senate he wasn't even the stupidest senator from Illinois.

Yes (and I know everyone will accuse me of transparently trolling for sympathy here) I have been in the same room with Dick Durbin and Barack Obama. Dick makes Obama look like frickin Einstein.


"women from Down Under" is way too easy of a setup as a reference in a post about a lesbian affair.

i'm not even going to talk about my execrable elected representatives. suffice it to say that i actually went from bad to worse when i came here from Chicago.

Frau Steckdose

That's quite a collection of dolts in Congress. It reminds me of the old, old radio show called "It Pays to Be Ignorant" with its panel of experts dumber than you are and can prove it.

Andy Krause

I think Roland Burris was the first guy to lose his job this election.


For the "thousands" interested:

2-1 Mexico over USA WNT

Guess I jinxed the USA women, they can still qualify for The Women's World Cup by winning the Third Place game of CONCACAF against Costa Rica, then have to beat Italy in a two game set.


I love my country!

Don't miss bgates brilliant post on the Pelosi thread or the Allen West video I posted.

Ex, I can't thank you enough for the Glenn Beck radio link. I just showed it to my husband and watched it for the third time. That just sums up the week for me; a glorious sunset if you will. :)

Don't miss it: Glenn Beck: Happy days are here again!

If you still have doubts about Americans and which way the country is headed watch the Glenn Beck tape and compare it to this: MSNBC: Fighting on the Left over their future

Two years ago we were talking about an island, today we are kicking them off!! Go Tea Parties!

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