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November 10, 2010



Caol? As in Caol Isla single malt?


Nope. Kaolin as in the ingredient in porcelain and Kaopectate.

Rick Ballard

I tried the Fallows piece but I'm not about to give more than the two minutes it took to discern the "science is settled" on the CO2 Monster garbage. I'm surprised Fallows isn't camped at the edge of a glacier, waiting anxiously under an icy rainfall for it to disappear as promised by the IPCC "peer reviewed" report.

This is gonna be a bad winter.

China has figured out that CO2 might not be a problem, but Fallows hasn't.

Jack is Back!

Wait until Anduril finds out that the Clean Coal Coalition (now called the Coal Utilization Research Council) is run by Van Ness, Feldman.

Rick Ballard


I believe that China (and India) figured out that the regressive Air Taxes which were to provide the OPM necessary to maintain Leviathan would never arrive in China. Their own facade maintenance costs are getting rather burdensome and they would prefer people spent the money rather than flushing it through Leviathan's enormous gut.

Did you enjoy Whitehouse's piece at WUWT? It's a very amusing evisceration.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Joshua Green boosts an upcoming 'clean coal' story by fellow Atlanticist James Fallows:--

Shouldn't that be "fellow fantasist"?

Manuel Transmission

Having been over there In China on and off for 18mo., I can attest to scale of things including the saturated rail and road systems hauling the coal. I drive by their coal-gas and coal-liquefaction plants.

Basically, his report rings true, except, of course, the AGW bullshit.

My goal there is to help maximize the efficiencies of their coal hauling railroads. I think we will all benefit.

JM Hanes

Mak'ala, aka, Man Tran, loved your JOMO find.

Rick Ballard

"Basically, his report rings true, except, of course, the AGW bullshit."


It is true that China is seeking to escape from the primarily state run oligopoly which controls oil prices and they are pursuing that goal on many fronts. Coal gasification makes very good sense in a world where the price of oil is not dependant upon supply and demand factors but upon the need of states to extract taxes in order to maintain the facade of a "social safety net". Fallows appears to be fellow traveling with Thomas Friedman in his admiration of Chinese "success" without ever acknowledging that the US and Europe have chosen to allow the Lilliputians to cobble up Luddite fetters in furtherance of immiseration. If only the world could be centrally governed by a clique with the credentialed wisdom to choose the appropriate course without constraint!

It's very hard to tell if these idiots would be happier under a mercantilist communism or a simple full bore fascism.


Well Boris, Fallow's was one of those 'who missed it by that much' when Japan's MITI driven bubble collapsed in '90, and led to a lost decade or two, of stagnation, so yes he is quite clueless


Whichever system put them on top. Rick.

Man, we haven't heard about the Mongolian princess for a while. Don't forgetwe love those adventure stories.

Manuel Transmission

Rick, true dat. My only appreciation for what they are doing is that on the big stuff, they are actually trying to do it right (trains running on time?). They would not have us over there if the big bosses weren't savvy enough to know when they need help.

BTW, one of those big bosses said that their Coal-liq plant was targeting an equiv. $30/bbl production price, but that they were a long way from actually proving they can do it.

One other general point: there is no hint of a 'police state' in the day-to-day side of things. I would say we see about 10x the amount of nanny state BS re cops on the street/ tickets for speeding, etc.

Manuel Transmission

re the Mongolian Princess, rumor has it that she and one of her daughters may come to visit around the end of the year. These things are a little wispy to make dinner reservations on, but could be fun, if it happens.

T Maguire

Caol? As in Caol Isla single malt?

Enjoy those cheap shots now because when I magically spellcheck that piece it will be saying "Coal". Or "Cool". OK, maybe "Coat", or "Coot"...


Frau Sowienoch

Why didn't Fallows write this during the *previous* administration? Hmmm?


Did I mention that John Boehner as Speaker renders Crap & Charade deader than a door nail? I certainly meant to.


Reality check.

Clean Coal technologies nameplate initially was applied to combustion and aftertreatment of flue gases to get rid of nasty pollutants, like dust, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, unburnt hydrocarbons. For already a two decades, up-to-date installations achieved 99+% removal of pollutants. It has it price: modern coal-fired power plant has 30+% in capital costs dedicated to emission controls. Most of captured pollutants are used as feed in different industrial processes.

Nowadays, extremely expensive means to capture and concentrate flue gases carbon dioxide are advertised as means to achieve final solution to carbon dioxide climate changing emissions. It is a hoax. All captured carbon dioxide is used to inject into ailing oil wells to increase oil recovery. Nothing more, nothing less.


One volcano puts more pollution into the air than 100 years of industrial pollution.


AL, you point out the irony of the environmental impact of the carbon dioxide scam. Reducing CO2 competes with and substitutes for reducing real pollution.


From what I can see the article is full of lies and half-truths. For example, he says the most efficient way to cut emissions is to redesign buildings. NOT. The most efficient way is to convert coal burning plants to oil or gas. However, this may not be the most cost effective. Also he limits his analysis to the last 800,000 years. Small potatoes in geological time. Fact is CO2 has fluctuated for the last 2 million years. Nobody knows what the proper amount is. Also, to seriously harm the environment you would have burn all the coal in the world for hundreds of years. Unlikely as by then we will have better technology.

Strange that these issues were never brought up when the Soviet Union was destroying the environment for 70 years.

He also ignores the fact that developed countries are moving more toward electric power and away from individual power consumption. Soon the only consumers of fossil fuels will be the power companies. Assuming electric cars are eventually developed. However, this may take 30 or 40 years. During this time we are stuck with the internal combustion engine. And if we ever solve the problem of nuclear waste, even the power companies will use non-fossil fuels.

To solve the problems of pollution you have to focus on economic development. However, this is anathema to the left wingers who want to use environmentalism as an excuse for the government to take over the control of businesses and confiscate all wealth. I'm sure the socialists in China have that card up their sleeve to be played when the time is right.

solar motion light

Coal is good, indeed. But the ill effect of this is carbon emission that can be harmful to our health and the environment. This is an issue that most countries are arguing. Putting up coal fired plant can be energy efficient but can cause pollution. Any act should be coupled with enough responsibility.


"Since 1981, three-way catalytic converters have been used in vehicle emission control systems in North America and many other countries on roadgoing vehicles. A three-way catalytic converter has three simultaneous tasks:

1.Reduction of nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen: 2NOx → xO2 + N2
2.Oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide: 2CO + O2 → 2CO2
3.Oxidation of unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) to carbon dioxide and water: CxH2x+2 + [(3x+1)/2]O2 → xCO2 + (x+1)H2O
For diesel engines
For compression-ignition (i.e., diesel) engines, the most commonly used catalytic converter is the diesel oxidation catalyst. This catalyst uses O2 (oxygen) in the exhaust gas stream to convert CO (carbon monoxide) to CO2 (carbon dioxide) and HC (hydrocarbons) to H2O (water) and CO2.

Stick to carbon paper so you can keep repeating talking points of sub-developed douches. Carbon was here, is here, and will continue.

A lot of carbon surrounds "burning man" so be careful solar freak.

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