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November 02, 2010


JM Hanes

Sweet Dreams, Porch.

Dave (in MA)

Wouldn't it be funny if a large chunk of the write-ins were for Miller?


Or Flynn?

JM Hanes



"Can't wait for more tomorrow."

You think the mess in Washington will go away? There are better things to do, like golf.


Not only do dead democrats vote, dead democrats win races, too.

another bonehead vote in California

Recently deceased Jenny Oropeza (D) elected State Senate, District 28, California.

And since Kerry said tonight that Harry Reid is like Lazarus or some such, I guess they'll be courting the zombie vote next.

Dave (in MA)

Damn, Ma'am has pulled way ahead of Carly.



That'd be great but I doubt it. With Joe not technically on the Write-In ballot, those votes would be discounted.

I think what with all the Write-In stink over the last month being about Lisa, it makes sense to assume that the great majority of those votes are for Lisa. The Bush and Tribal regions all endorsed her with humongous amounts of cash. Following the Primary, with the exception of her million dollar campaign fund that she already had on hand, virtually all of her new incoming cash came from in-State Native Organizations. Essentially it was Native Corp money, given to them via Lisa and Ted through Congress, now being given back to her to elect her. That's how the corrupt system works up here. I just don't see anyone else making significant dents in that Write-In category.

Dave (in MA)

daddy, keep hope alive. With that, I'm out, having outlasted even people on the opposite coast.

JM Hanes

I don't feel nearly as bad about Reid's win as I did before Instapundit brought up how bad Chuck Schumer must feel about it.


Going golfing in 6 hours monkey-boi... Wanna carry my bag? I O'promise I'll tip well.

How bout it?


Hope you are listening to Lisa on FOX dissing the Tea Party. She really does suck.

JM Hanes

Epic Suck, daddy.


Yup. Arrogant. Funny when the idiot Fox guy kept bringing up Sarah Palin and Murky didn't like. It's all about me, she says.


I believe Joe Miller did put his name on the Write In list.

Keep Hope Alive.



When I look at the list posted ">http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/10/lisa-murkowski-dude-who-stole-my-list.html"> here,
I see his name on the list, but it does not say "Write-In" off to the side like it does for Lisa. Same thing for McAdam's. His name is on this initial list but not as a "Write-In", so write-ins for either of them would not count and would be self-defeating.

I think it is wait and see but unfortunately am not optimistic. Would love to be proved wrong.

G'nite folks.


Woke up early to find out Harry Reid is still a Senator. That sucks. Oh, well, at least with the house in Repub hands, the most damage Obama can do is in the judiciary.


How stupid can the people of Nevada be?


Get your lawnchairs out and let's watch the great California default.

hit and run

Last night was fun hanging here ...as always,of course... JOM is a really great group of folks.



Frustration. Libertarian and constitution party candidates drew more than enough votes for martin to beat carnahan. Bummer.


Sorry I missed you all last night. Delighted to learn of some of the wins and sad by some of the losses.
I am having a sciatica problem which makes sitting uncomfortable so unless the doctor I see tomorrow has some solution posts may be ;ess frequent than usual.

All in all i think this was a remarkable night.


Get well soon Clarice

Jack is Back!

There is going to be some divisions in the Republicans especially the Senate. There is no love lost between Lisa and Demint for one. And Rubio and Paul are not going there to "just get along". They both have "instructions" so to speak as do all the new freshmen reps. It will be interesting to see whether Bachman's T-Party Caucus gets any attention and membership. Also, I want to see the CBC tell Alan West and the newbie from SC that they aren't "black" enough for membership there.


Darn right JiB,

I want to see Rand Paul going after Lisa's love of earmarks like a scalded dog.



Lie in bed and use an ipad.

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