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November 02, 2010



The single thing I love most about voting is my opportunity to vote to unseat nearly every judge in the state. I do it everytime. I just wish it would work.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Well Sue, I do live here and I can tell you that most pot smokers, medical or otherwise, are not interested in okaying 8.5 to 10.5% added tax to their purchase. Just because the anti-marijuana, pro-alcohol lobbies have continued to snow the pundits doesn't change the facts on the ground.

But as a disclaimer, I should say that it is beyond my comprehension how anyone can even begin to think that alcohol should be legal and pot treated as a schedule I drug. It is insane.

Rick Ballard


Redistricting after reapportionment is going to net the GOP 12-14 seats rather than just the eight that are being reapportioned. Both Ohio and Pennsylvania, with GOP legislatures as well as governors will account for four of the 12-14.

I look forward to the bloodbath in Chicago and Philly as much as I do to the disappearance of PA-12 and the creation of new districts in Texas and especially Florida.

Thomas Collins

Do the ads on this site respond to words? If so, what words will get rid of that Ted Strickland ad in the upper left corner?


Drudge saying exit polls show Blanche Lincoln is a goner. Here's a pic of her for caro.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Polls have closed in Indiana and Kentucky.


New thread.

JM Hanes


"The single thing I love most about voting is my opportunity to vote to unseat nearly every judge in the state."

We had a really screwy 13 candidate instant triple run off for a slot on the Court of Appeals -- yeah, it sounds like a lottery, probably works like one too, who knows?

The candidate statements I managed to ferret out at the last minute were only marginally helpful, soooo .... with the JOMO tribe in mind, I picked the guy who home schooled his kids.

Rob Crawford

I have a thing about Disney and try to keep each other updated on latest trips, newest stuff going on there.

Stephanie -- I was just at the World last week. More crowded than it should have been!


Jealous! Actually, I'm planning a trip there over MLK weekend with the girls on the golf team. Golf starts the first of Feb and we are going to take them down to play in some warmth and sunshine.

Also planning a trip to the Keys for College Spring Break and one to Cinnamon Beach (hiya Jack!) for HS Spring Break. It's sooo sad that you have to be 25 to rent a house in the Keys and have to settle for taking a parent with ya. It's a tough job, but I'm sure I'll endure!

Danube of Thought

Mel, I have no particular knowledge about the SacBee poll. I haven't seen anything favorable for either of our gals, though of the two Carly seems to have a better chance--and she's far more important.

Wasn't it nice not to have that low turd Anduril around for a while?

hit and run

Turnout is big here. Easily triple what I was expecting (I drive by maybe six polls to and from work). The poll worker said it was steady all day at my site.

Oh,yeah. I wrote in two names for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. PUK and Bad,of course. They'll have to duke it out over who get charge of conserving which.

Charlie (Colorado)

Don't tell me -- these tactics involve people voting for him?

An opposing candidate running.

Charlie (Colorado)

By the way, the story here in CO is > 75 percent turnout expected in (at least) Jefferson County.

Frau Stimmzettel

Is that good or bad, Charlie?

Rick Ballard

This Fox Interactive is fun. Fox has called Florida for Rubio per the map.

Supra Vega

Please give my regards to your family

Noah Bawdy

2010 Stopped the bleeding.
2012 Starts the healing and repealing.

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