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November 21, 2010



Porch, you're raising those younguns well.

"Don't let your girls grow up to be Michelle Obama." Wasn't that a song a few years back?


You found a picture of your waiter?! Wow, the internet is amazing. PD was talking about Lake Mendota on the other thread...which made me look up my Grandparents place on Lake Waubesa. With Google maps I could see an actual picture of their house now. Amazing.



about the opera, it doesn't end well. The fat lady sings and everybody dies. Goetterdammerung means twilight of the gods, but the folk translation is "an excuse to take a long nap".That is very important after several apple schnapps.

Frankfurt has its appelkorn, but I think the schnapps is a deadlier brew, especially after several liters of bier.

P.S. I actually blogged the LA Opera's Goetterdammerung a while back. It was better than a nap.


Daddy, what a challenge.

In order to figure out what she is dishing out, Mrs Threadkiller and I are going to hit the Kirschwasser.

Listening to it sober we know she is in the forest and feels guilty about something.


I've had goldenschlagger a long time ago,


Janet, It is amazing isn't it.

After the Cathedral I stopped at the Tourist Info place and asked where was the oldest beerhouse in town. They scratched their heads a bit, then pointed me to the Fruh Beerhause. While googgling for a pic of a "koln wooden beer keg Fruh", for my comment above, up popped my waiter. He was much fun. I think Frau will be proud of me:)



In person she was too pretty to envision with that ">http://www.mentalfloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/killwabbit.jpg"> Elmer Fudd helmet with horns on. She needed another 30-40 pounds for that. Plus she said her voice was better suited to roles other than the fat gal with the spear.

Narciso, I suspect that if I had said to her "I've had goldenschlagger a long time ago" she might of slapped me.


They are not real time pictures though..on google maps. My house looks great! Taken in the spring sometime.


Porch, say what you will about the first lady, she had a heck of a week last week, and she looks pretty good so far tonight.

Gosh, bgates, I just watched Sarah's Alaska and thought you were talking about the First Dude. Hubba Hubba

Can you imagine 8 years of seeing pictures of him at JOM? And gentleman that would be eight years of President Sarah too.

There is another reason to vote for Sarah! :)


Probably so, but you know what I meant, cinnamon schnapps, for much the same reason

Dave (in MA)

My wife just switched from some movie with Rex Harrison as a gay hairdresser to the Sarah Palin show where she's shooting a shotgun and clubbing halibut.

Strawman Cometh

one of my happiest days was when a French ballet troupe wandered into the Bullpen (a favorite Durham beer bar) on Bastille day in '82


Daddy, she's reminiscing about how the chief god Wotan long ago made a spear from this ash tree by a stream, but the stream since dried up and the ash tree died. Or something along those lines. I went to the whole Ring Cycle at the Met a year and a half ago with a friend who is crazy about it. It's actually pretty good if you put in the effort ahead of time, but impossible to just go into it cold turkey.

That youtube looks like it was a probably a Eurotrash production of some sort. But Matt's right--with this one it's definitely all over when the fat lady sings. (Not this lady but Brunhilde.)



I printed out today's "Clarice's Pieces" for my daughter's history teacher who I have come to adore. The school might mandate the buying of the the "Zinn" history book but that doesn't mean it is taught anymore.

Tea Party Teachers have joined us. Thank you for your wonderful articles that we can share with others. (I was afraid to pass it to him electronically on the school website so I put it in a brown envelope marked Top Secret/ Personal) :)

I have turned into a real secret undercover agent. Last week I distributed the "Teachers union boss takes in $428K,demands shared sacrifice" article from the The Examiner.

My new motto is: "Let us all shame Valerie Plame!"

Danube of Thought

"Teachers union boss takes in $428K,demands shared sacrifice"

Wow. Where can we find that one?


Very sweet, ann. Now--I want you to enter the J Crew Dress MO contest and win the $150 prize.. You can do it..Put together the J Crew stuff in the same clownish way she does.


George Will, proves to be stuck on stupid, more than most,in the LUN rest assured he was similarly dismissive of Reagan two years out,


the great part about the LA version was that it was the bizarro world version. The characters dressed like cartoon characters. Siegfried was some kind of weird Superman clone. Remember the Superman bizarro world comicss back in the early 70's?

That got the mood right. Placido Domingo had some kind of role along the way, but the actors hated the director because the costumes and set were physically dangerous.

If I had to sit through one steenkin version, that was it.Wagner was a fascist SOB, but he was talented.

As to ballet dancers, I went to school across from the NYC Ballet and their dancers hung out in our cafe and the local gin mill. I had an interesting education.


Thanks everyone for the explanations.

I asked if there was anybody writing Operas nowadays that she enjoyed and she said no. She told me that Beethoven had written 1 Opera but that Wagner was her guy. Said she did not do Mozart as her voice wasn't suited to his high pitched tunes, but that she really loved the music of Bach, tho' he apparently didn't do opera either. She did a nice explanation of being taught how to breathe through the stomach which I enjoyed watching.


about 10 years back in HongKong I caught a production of Miss Saigon. After the show I was in ">http://www.openrice.com/english/restaurant/photos.htm?shopid=5860&photoid=2667"> Schnurrbarts tiny German Pub in Kowloon, and in came the troupe. The lead girl who played Miss Saigon was a Philippino girl who was stunningly beautiful and hard to keep your eyes off her, but the real fun was the horn section, which was a bunch of boys from Tazmania, and they wound up being great drinking companions that evening. That was fun.


Here Dot:

http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2010/11/teachers-union-boss-takes-428k-demands-shared-sacrifice ">Teachers Union Boss Takes 428K
Demands Shared Sacrifice


Right on Ann,

The 2 boys who dumped on Palin tonight: Immediately after me saying I was from Alaska they opened with "Stupid Sarah Palin. She says she can see Russia from her porch."

Normally I would say nothing but tonight I said, boys that's a lie. She never said that. She said there are places in Alaska where you can see Russia, but the Media puts that lie out there so that folks like you have a bad impression of her as stupid right from the start, and you never give her a chance. Just like Reagan was supposedly stupid and Bush was supposedly stupid, yet they tell you that Obama and John Kerry are smart.

And what did they respond with? "Bill Mahar says..."

That's right, Bill Mahar. How the heck does that poisonous moron have any influence over here at all? Honest to goodness I think they get all their views on American Politics through Bill Mahar's Show and Michael Moore's movies. It truly is astounding how much they do not know, yet how confident they are that they have it all figured out.



I saw your excellent suggestion but Hillbuzz beat us all to it.

They suggested a contest of which hat MO will wear to the royal wedding in London:




They were this ignorant about Reagan when he was in office, daddy, so it's par for the course, in the LUN, an example of what got me
this way

Oh, I almost forgot that Futurama had a holiday special today, yawn


As long as Barry keep mocking anything that makes a profit, he has no chance of being re-elected.
His ability to keep the markets unstable is now 90% of why the economy is stuck on stupid.


The 2 boys who dumped on Palin tonight

Look, being Vice President is - as somebody with gravitas would say - a big f'n deal. By getting on a major party ticket, Palin was setting herself up to be compared with giants like Geraldine Ferraro, a woman who was truly a Presidential figure. I didn't remember much about her, since I was ten when she ran; but look at what I learned about her from wikipedia:

* A strong, independent woman, she kept her maiden name even after her husband hired her to work part-time in his real estate company.
* A trailblazer, she was the first woman in her family to graduate from college and the first to get a law degree. Later she got her first political job when she was hired by the county DA, who was her first cousin.
* I can't improve on these two sentences from wiki: "As part of the D.A. office, Ferraro worked long hours, and gained a reputation for being a tough prosecutor but fair in plea negotiations. Although her unit was supposed to turn cases over for court handling, she conducted some trials herself, and juries were persuaded by the summations she gave."
* She ran for Congress as "a small 'c' conservative", and earned a lifetime 8% rating from the American Conservative Union. (She probably did a lot better with the American conservative Union, but I couldn't find their grade anywhere.)
* "She also served on the Public Works and Transportation Committee and the Post Office and Civil Service Committee, both of which allowed Ferraro to push through projects to benefit her district", unlike Republicans who waste money on pork.
* She carefully did not enter national politics until she had served in the House for two decades (starting in 1979 which was in the 70s, continuing until her VP bid in 84 which was in the 80s).
* Check this out: "Although Ferraro and [her husband Tony] Zaccaro's finances were often interwoven on paper, Zaccaro was of old-world habits, and Ferraro had little knowledge of his business, his finances, or even how much he was worth". (I actually had to edit that to "claimed to have little knowledge", not that I expect the edit to last.)
* When she finally released the family records, "The full statements included notice of payment of some $53,000 in back federal taxes that she owed due to what was described as an accountant's error."
* "After the election, the House Ethics Committee found that Ferraro had technically violated the Ethics in Government Act by failing to report, or reporting incorrectly, details of her family's finances, and that she should have reported her husband's holdings on her Congressional disclosure forms. However, the committee concluded that she had acted without "deceptive intent", and since she was leaving Congress anyway, no action against her was taken. Ferraro said, 'I consider myself completely vindicated.'"

So you see, Palin isn't judged in isolation. She's compared to American heroes like Geraldine Ferraro: taxpayer (eventually), politician (in elected office for a while after her cousin got her a job), wife (of a guy who was only ever convicted of that one thing, plus the civil penalties from the 78 campaign violations), mother (of a kid who served his 4 months for selling coke without incident). That's leadership. That's gravitas. That's presidentiality.

Strawman Cometh

Was that Deedee?She is gorgeous.
A lot of controversy Mao-maoing around the casting. (I meant to do that.)

Everybody has a ballerina story, or wishes they had one. A college buddy (who 7 years later said "what the fuck" once too often, took off from Leadville on a too cold day and flew his Cessna into the mountainside) and I made a move on the Bolshoi at Purdue in 72, but, despite a semester of Russki, couldn’t get past the Soviet security. Another college buddy – Shane of Spearfish, SD and Riverton, WY- said to me of one his more elegant lady friends that ”she said 'she always wanted a cowboy' and, well, I always wanted me a ballerina.”

As to Sarah bashing, I caught Margaret Carlson and Howie going on about Palin's comment re: zer0 veting and lack thereof and how this revealed Sarah's self unawareness, and how many interviews the Great 0 had done versus Sarah. Of course, never mentioning that none of these interviewers had asked him a question harder than "How did you get so awesome?", "Why is my leg tingling?" or "How bad does Bush suck?". Also going on about how Sarah is "not qualified" to be president, again over-looking the obvious irony to the cognoscenti. How can one be on a panel such as this and not laugh out loud? I'm afraid that the MFM will push the 0 over the humps (I meant to do that, too) again in 2012. They've already put it out there that the Rethuglicans will sabotage the economy in order to defeat our blessed zer0. Again, no mention of the 'rats undermining the war effort in 2004 to bring down the Bush administration. You all know all of this, but we need someone to bring this to the attention of bang the head of the muddle with. Which brings to mind some other Sarah sniping I heard (IIRC also on Howietoons) today: that she was only putting it out there that she was considering a Pres. run so that she could keep her high profile - celeb status and make big $wampum. But this is backwards, she is not denying a Pres. run so that she can continue to have a podium.


They just want Obama to have no credit on his portfolio of accomplishments

Hey, how about the Nobel Prize for just talking.


No one has really referenced Carlson and Kurtz, so the meme stream is a little week when Rich, Reich and Draper have noticed the reality. Really what wonderful programs has Obama been blocked from implementing, I feel
much more confident than this time two years
ago, or even last year




Of course, never mentioning that none of these interviewers had asked him a question harder than "How did you get so awesome?"

Bill O'Reilly claims that he was tough on Obama in his interviews. And he was, a little, but as far as I could tell, this amounted to asking a question again after Obama skated around answering it the first time. O'Reilly then allowed Obama to skate around the second asking before giving up.

That's really holding the feet to the fire.


Pushing back twice as hard

via Instapundit
It is wonderful!!!!!

Way to be a rabble-rouser Ann! Keep it up.

Captain Hate

Bill O'Reilly claims that he was tough on Obama in his interviews. And he was, a little

Very little. Blowhard O'Reilly is like the fisherman who has a giant bass bother a lure, never sets the hook, and then tells everybody how he caught and released it. He had the mendacious mulatto feeling some discomfort about Jermiah Wright's den of scammery and then didn't press him on it. Maybe he thinks being "tough" is not asking him to buy any Factor coffee mugs.


Speaking of Ferraro, she was on, I think, Greta's show a few weeks ago with Palin, and Palin went out of her way to praise Ferraro effusively for being a trailblazer, etc., and Ferraro responded by praising Palin in return. Oh, wait, no she didn't. She just sat there and smiled like a queen. She could not bring herself to say anything positive or supportive, even just to be polite.

Captain Hate

Every now and then the "Alternative Media: Dead Tree Edition" does their job. The Village Voice, which usually makes Radio Pacifica seem mainstream, ran a scathing series of articles on Ferraro's sleazebucket old man and his crooked property deals in NYC and how Geraldine had been given a free pass while benefiting from it. Meanwhile the sound of crickets chirping from the Slimes and WaPo.


Here is another Jack Cashill article pointing out the fraud of Obama.

From the article - "Joe Biden framed those expectations with dunderheaded clarity. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American presidential candidate who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."" Here was the perfectly groomed candidate. A total fraud mind you, but he had the correct pigment! You know who should be outraged?..all the blacks that had sweat equity in the lib. dream. A complete phony that was shepherded through the lib. white elite system to get his bona-fides was "chosen" over all those that had worked for years.

Captain Hate

Nice link Janet but really, what Cashill eloquently expresses is pretty much what we've been talking about for almost 2 years: Obama is an unvetted fraud. The elections were a confirmation of that and the next 2 years are going to be nonstop campaigning to try to regain that lost sense of trust in his ability to do what he promised to do; which will be impossible. The meltdown is on; the flopsweat from Stinky must be retch inducing.


True Captain...it's not news to this crowd.

Old Lurker

Thanks Warren Buffet:

“The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we’ll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you,” Buffett, chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said in the interview. “But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”


Another great point at Instapundit about the TSA.

Illegals can't show their papers or we are a police state...but the TSA groping innocent Americans is all fine & good.
Criminals & terrorists & bullies (the kid with the flag on his bike)....get the rights & special treatment. Law abiding citizens are expected to adjust THEIR behavior.
It is all backwards.


Guardian UK: US climate scientists fight back after year of scepticism

The fight is on. After a year of attacks, climate scientists in America today launch a new website aimed at closing the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of global warming.

Meanwhile, a few Republicans are beginning to question the new party line on rejecting any evidence that humans are changing the climate.

In a letter to the Washington Post, Sherwood Boehlert, a retired Republican congressman who once headed the house science committee, wrote: "I call on my fellow Republicans to open their minds to rethinking what has largely become our party's line: denying that climate change and global warming are occurring and that they are largely due to human activities."

The website by the new rapid response team of climate scientists promises to connect reporters and editors with a team of experts. In the build-up to today's launch the three scientists behind the project – John Abraham, Scott Mandia, and Ray Weymann – have come off almost as climate science super heroes, which in a sense they are.


“But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”

I guess Warren thinks it was magic fairy dust that created all those jobs from 2003-2007.

Jack is Back!


The title of the song in english is "As good as for worse". Since she is a contra alto then she is singing the role of the 1st Norn (one of 3 daughters of Edra). What she is doing is "weaving the rope of destiny". But it breaks and its downhill from that point on. IIRC, it is sung during the prologue of Gotterdammerung.

/And no I do not listen to NPR but Met Opera on Sirius XM


Warren still didn't inherit his father's innate wisdom on may things, despite his wealth, Having proffered Obama's recommendation, one would think the line
about 'removing all doubt' was operative, but know maybe not.

As pointed out earlier Will, missed out on Reagan's genius early, I'll wrestle up the link, to the Post, back when it still pretended to be a newspaper, West was very
incisive on MTP,

Captain Hate

the three scientists behind the project – John Abraham, Scott Mandia, and Ray Weymann – have come off almost as climate science super heroes, which in a sense they are.

What sense would that be?

Warren Buffet sounds like the reincarnation of Howard "I've got my millions and I'll be damned if anybody else can do it" Metzenbaum.


"just give us more money"

Always love that part about how it's all the government's money, and they give you some by not keeping it all. It never gets old.


" have come off almost as climate science super heroes, which in a sense they are."

What absolute BS-they are not super heroes, they are simply more fraud promoters.

" Sherwood Boehlert, a retired Republican congressman"

I thank God that every time I read that name, it has the word retired next to it.

When the British finally end their existance as a separate country,in the next few years, a large part of the reason will be the useless expenditures they have made to the Climate fraud scam.


What sense would that be?

LOL!! I love the skepticism at JOM. All underlying assumptions are questioned.

We are cooling, folks.

They are whistling past the graveyard, sbw.


The names Mandia and Weymann have come up on the climate blogs.
I think mandianis involved with Real Climate, but, I could be wrong.

Unbelievable, coming from him.

Whoa, Gore admits corn ethanol is a mistake. He says that a fondness for Iowa farmers because he was about to run for President caused him to support it. And for this people starve?

Captain Hate

Btw, tomorrow Mrs H, Maggie the airedale and I will be driving to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with the Hatettes and my s-i-l; so I'll be out of contact for most of that time although I'll sporadically check in. So let me now wish all JOMers a happy Thanksgiving.

Captain Hate

Give Manbearpig enough time; he'll have everybody hating him.


Another Pulitzer worthy effort by bgates at 1:01AM, especially this gem;
--* She ran for Congress as "a small 'c' conservative", and earned a lifetime 8% rating from the American Conservative Union. (She probably did a lot better with the American conservative Union, but I couldn't find their grade anywhere.)--
--“The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we’ll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you,” Buffett, chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said in the interview. “But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”--

Well considering the bulk of ol Warren's money has come from insurance, banks and other protected wards of the state the last few decades it's excusable I suppose that he thinks everyone else makes their money via the oldest profession in the world also.


Oh, no!The Hits and Hatites together!! Head for the hills!

Have fun.

I'll be away ,too. If I miss you sometime today, everyone have a great holiday.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Harrumph! I come home and you all leave. Clarice, I will be taunting you at You Too soon enough (when the pix arrive) so make sure you check in!

Captain Hate

Am I the only person who will consider myself blessed if I never hear another word from Poppy Bush? If you summed the IQs in the studio when he and Babs were on "Larry King's Still Alive" would you hit room temperature?

Yeah, GHWB *really* understands the Tea Party ::eyeroll::

hit and run

Happy Thanksgiving to you,Captain. Have fun with the family.

Clarice,we'll miss you while you are away -- but I trust you will be back around these parts one week after Thanksgiving? You simply must be here one week after Thanksgiving,you know.


Captain Hate:
Have a safe trip and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday
Clarice: Travel safe and watch out for TSA agents. Have a wonderful holiday.

Thomas Collins

Happy Thanksgiving to Captain Hate, Mrs. Hate and the entire CH family. Whether you're taking Interstate 80 or Interstate 90, remember to stop off at only those places that have Michelle approved salad bars! :-))


Have a safe trip, Captain and a Happy thankgiving

Thomas Collins

Have a Happy Thanksgiving at your undisclosed location, clarice. Will there be a Pieces piece next Sunday?


Tim Horton's is a great stop for a coffee break CH and be sure to enjoy the ride up I-90 which is the route my husband and I usually take.


We have about 2" of global warming at the nine hundred foot level East of the Cascades this AM.
Should make holiday travel interesting this week.
Safe travel and Happy Thanksgiving to all in JOM land.

Captain Hate

maryrose, we take 80 because I think it's a bit more direct; we did it last year at this time and it was a pretty reasonable drive. Plus they must've just had their annual "clean up the tire and deer carcasses" throughout the sticks of Pennsyltucky; maybe to feed the Penn State students who were stuck in Happy Valley for the holidays. We weren't sure how well Maggie would travel but after a point she just curled up on the back seat and slept

Army of Davids

Oil prices.

You can't have the fiscal, monetary and energy policies we have and not have consequences.

Gary Gensler...Obama's guy at the CFTC...18 years at Goldman Sachs....a political liability?....yep.


"And for this people starve?"

If you believe that Al Gore or any other leftist cares the least little bit about anyone starving, I'd like to see any tiny bit of proof you might have. The only interest the left has about the poor IMO, is who they vote for.

As we enter the Thanksgiving week activities, might keep this in mind.

In Entitlement America, The Head Of A Household Of Four Making Minimum Wage Has More Disposable Income Than A Family Making $60,000 A Year.
Hope every one journeying to where ever stays safe and has enjoyable holidays.

Danube of Thought

Narciso, my recollection is that George Will was an early and avid supporter of Ronaldus Maximus. Remember how he got criticized for working with RR on his debate preparation?

Rick Ballard

To return for a moment to the NYT's "Keep Hope Alive" use of the Fair model - this survey (as useful as any other 'expert' survey) projects sub 3.2% growth through '11. If true, it would mean that the highest count of +3.2% growth quarters that would apply would be 4. It also implies the longest string of sub par growth quarters since the period immediately prior to Carter's disposal. Dr. Fair will need to add another epicycle by this time next year in order to be of any use to the NYT.


Oh, 'ye of little faith' Rick, I didn't find it, but it was brought to my attention, in the LUN

Captain Hate

Dear God in heaven: "(GHW)Bush is more conservative and formidable than he has yet made clear". Will should still be doing penance for writing something so incredibly daft.


Thanks for the newspaper article by Will.
I was just in my "water wing" stage of politics at the time and remember well local R's having doubts about Reagan being able to win the presidency. In fact, at my precinct caucus the committeeman wanted Gerald Ford to run against Carter or at least have Ford be Reagan's running mate.
Later at our county convention there was large push for Bush I delegates to the state convention.
That was a wonderful time to get an education in R politics.


Happy Thanksgiving and travels to Captain Hate and Clarice. I am sure Clarice will return with many inspirations from the Wolverine.

Captain Hate

Yep glasater; the first debate with Carter was huge in "humanizing" the image of Reagan. Prior to that the MFM had consistently demonized him as if Bill Moyers was running a "daisy ad" 24/7. Then came the televised debate where he calmly trounced Dhimmi Carter, who looked like a clueless goof who badly needed a tetanus shot. And the rout was on.


And yet they don't Capt, circumstances change, and I'm aware of that. I wasn't always the Latin version of Alex P Keaton,

A much more measured analysis than Charen,
is available here, in the LUN

Captain Hate

That's a great article narc; and one which has roused the moonbats to badmouth her once again in the comments while failing to note that her show, which is getting great ratings, probably does more to boost the image of Alaska than anything Leena Murscruntski will do.

Rob Crawford

What a pity there's no way to quantify the amount of tourism dollars Palin's show will draw to Alaska versus the amount of taxes the Scrunt will steal for the state.

Army of Davids

Democrats are giddy over the GM IPO.


Well if you consider $45 billion in tax losses allowed to pass through the bankruptcy and screwing over bondholders a success. GM will pay no taxes in the next decade while $7500 tax credit per Chevy Volt help prop up "green (UAW) jobs".

If you assume the price per share of remaining equity of $55 dollars (IPO price around $34) needed to keep the taxpayer bailout a wash.

A venue shopped, government pre-package bankruptcy based on political fiat (UAW) and the "Too Big to Fail" precedent it further establishes is not my idea of a victory...

Sorry Democrats.


--We have about 2" of global warming at the nine hundred foot level East of the Cascades this AM.--

We're forecast to receive several more inches of frozen warming by tomorrow; earliest I've ever seen siginificant snow in our neck of the woods.
Al Gore's blubber should be rendered in a huge crock pot for the crock of s&*t he's sold the world and that la nina is a little b&*#ch as far as I'm concerned.


We're probably going to get a dusting here tomorrow too, Ignatz; we're at 1500 feet.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

"Well if you consider $45 billion in tax losses allowed to pass through the bankruptcy and screwing over bondholders a success."

I sure hope there is some pending litigation from the bondholders. I really don't get how they get away with it.


Ignatz and Dr J--

This snowfall is pretty early for us since we're considered in a banana belt of sorts. And we'll need this covering for the crops 'cause it is supposed to get down to ten degrees overnight. And that is really early cold with it not being officially winter and all.



What is unusual about tomorrow's putative snowfall is that traditionally we get snow once every five years or so. It is unheard of to get *any* this time of year.


I-80 closed 20 miles to the east of Park City and chains required on trucks leaving Salt Lake City. More global warming please!

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