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November 15, 2010



What is best for your party, not what is best for your country.


Wow..I'm astonished they canned their reach across the aisle spiels. Must be in the other drawer.


who would have thought that the party that has shown itself to be such ham handed winners in 2008 would turn out to be really, really stupid losers in 2010 ...

so the strategy is: Keep Pelosi and More Obama cowbell ? Really ???

Does Rove have them on some sort of remote control ?


FOX News reporting that those reusable Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags' that the enviro's have been trying to get us to buy and use, in order to wean us off of "paper or plastic Sir?", have been discovered to contain LEAD!!! The toxic Lead is supposedly contained in the dyes that decorate the reusable cloth bags.


If you are sitting in the Senate chamber, and you wish to strangle a member of the Other Party, you must reach across the aisle first.

Rob Crawford

Wow..I'm astonished they canned their reach across the aisle spiels. Must be in the other drawer.

They're holding those for early January. More timely.

Rob Crawford

The toxic Lead is supposedly contained in the dyes that decorate the reusable cloth bags.


All their organic, locally grown, cruelty-free, fair-trade produce... LEADED!



Pup dog's very first Earthquake just hit. Only about 7 seconds long, but a very solid shaking of the house, and the dog, who had been sleeping in a lounge chair, immediately was on the flow and excitedly bouncing around. Now he's snoring again so not a big deal but fun to watch. I'm guessing a 4.2 and it should show up later on the LUN.


An earlier study showed that toting all that produce around in reusable bags increased substantially the amount of e coli in the food.

Heh--let's make this a perfect enviro example, put a bedbug and malaria infested mosquito in each give away reusable bag.


Oh, puh-leeze, TM! Krugman and Dionne? Do you really think there's nothing going on in the world--to waste your time on them?

Here's an idea. Why don't we discuss Netanyahu's blatant shakedown of an American (sort of) president. (The modifier "sort of" works in both directions--clever, eh?) Netanyahu takes the 20 jets then negotiates in bad faith, as usual. Obama had to offer him the jets simply because Obama is afraid of Netanyahu. Sad day for America. Humiliated before the whole world. And no one here will talk about it.


Network World: "Microsoft says a Windows-based supercomputer has broken the petaflop speed barrier, but the achievement is not being recognized by the group that tracks the world's fastest supercomputers, because the same machine was able to achieve higher speeds using Linux."


Misfits like Krugboy and EJ Dionne may not be on the NYT & ComPost pile editorial pages for long and they are sensing their own mortality. Actually, there are plenty of places in the lamestream media for sloughed-off pieces of used snakeskin like these two.

OTOH, it's fifty-fifty they come back stronger than ever and try to flood the zone with their squawking and squealing. Lucky for us, the zone of NYT & WaPo paid circ readers is shrinking about 10% per annum. Pretty soon, it'll be a CSM on-line only life for these two monstors of a previous era.

Dave (in MA)

daddy, no doubt manufactured in China.

Dave (in MA)

I thought petaflops were cruelty-free sandals?


anduril, Israel will never see the "free" planes. Nor should the U.S. have any say in building in the West Bank. Israel must never, ever give up the West Bank.


Krugman and Dionne are brutal..not an Obama compliment in sight. Dionne lauds Mark Warner instead. Paranoia in the WH bunker must be soaring.


Legal Insurrection has a great article on Krugman's call for death panels.


It's nice that there are some constants in the world. Dionne, Krugman, and Moore are still clueless Lefties, and anduril still thinks this is his blog.

Hey!! I've got an idea!! Let's all go over to anduril's blog where all the exciting, interesting stuff is happenin'.

Or not. Whatever.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If you are sitting in the Senate chamber, and you wish to strangle a member of the Other Party, you must reach across the aisle first.--

LOL. Never thought of it that way, appalled.
I am now much more in favor of bipartisan aisle crossing.

Charlie (Colorado)

I thought petaflops were cruelty-free sandals?

Gold star.

Rob Crawford

Gold star.

Now I want chili.


The Hollywood Reporter: "The first episode of the eight-part series [Sarah Palin's Alaska] was the most-watched program launch in TLC's history [5 million viewers]."


Oh, the agonists and their...agony!


Reposting JMH's link to Earmark Vote Watch in case anyone wants to contact their senator before tomorrow's vote. McConnell just changed his NO to a YES.


McConnell just changed his NO to a YES.

Great news! Thanks for the update, DebinNC...

Captain Hate

How did we get from “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” to here?

The spell was broken.

Captain Hate

Welcome aboard, Mitch; justifying the faith I've had in you.


Mitch McConnell: The people have spoken. I'm listening.


A Request:

If in the next few days anyone stumbles across NRO posts on the Cruise would you please paste them over here on whatever thread we're on so that we can see what our JOM gals are doing. I need a Caro/Jane fix.


Yay Mitch, and great Earmark Link JMH & Deb..

I see Lisa Murcowskee is not on the vote list due I guess to her still limbo re-election status. It is worth remembering that in campaign debates Murcowski was adamant in saying that we had to keep Earmarks, that they were so small that they were not really a part of the deficit problem, and that Miller was wrong wanting to eliminate them because they were essential in order for Alaska to continue to get Federal goodies. Please ban them ASAP, so that when she gets her pork-laden butt back there she is disempowered from mortgaging our grandkids futures.


The first episode of the eight-part series [Sarah Palin's Alaska]

Just not Presidential.

Hey, did you hear Bill Clinton filmed a cameo for Hangover 2?

JM Hanes

"McConnell just changed his NO to a YES."

You're welcome. :-)


You debil witch wommins, JMH.


Here's a little something for you daddy, from KLO on the NRO cruise:

Scott Rasmussen just told Rich Lowry here on the Atlantic somewhere: “The American people do not want to be governed by the Left or the Right. They want to govern themselves.”

Amen to that, Scott!

JM Hanes

I wonder how the 6 Senators left voting nay on earmark reform feel about being hung out to dry by their Minority Leader? LOL! I suspect Mitch asked himself just how much a non-binding moratorium vote could hurt -- compared to the alternative.


Hey, it's one for all and all for one..Or something on the Hill.

Hannity says he hears the Wh is imploding. He shoulda asked me. All you have to do is look carefully at the pics.I bet Obama is already demanding to know who stole his strawberries (or macha ice cream or whatever).


Oee, yummy, Clarice :) A while ago, Kim
said Ayers and Dohrn are going down, too.

Soros fading.
Do we have any Kanucks here to handle Maurice Strong? Maybe the Chinese will do it.

Ayers does the flag tarantella in some dark alley.

Well, I was counting on the San Francisco law enforcement to finally get their act together over Dohrn. I'm almost sure the evidence is compelling.

Soros, he may not meet his match until he greets his host in the afterlife. Maurice Strong is in cahoots with the Chinese, or in their calaboose.


There'll be no afterlife for him. There's too little elan left. This was his last one. Dust to dust and nothing left.

The Chinese are already suspicious of Strong.

Cancun is going to be fun to play with.

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