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November 22, 2010


Army of Davids

Calling for Tom Coburn as a presidential candidate.

There is nobody who can sign off on a repeal of ObamaCare with more credibility.


I, along with everybody else here at JOM could have predicted the public reaction to the new screening procedures.

Talked to my dad this evening. As far as I know, he's canceled out every Democrat vote my mom has cast since they met. I mentioned how glad I was to not be traveling this week, and he said he didn't see what the big deal was - "you go through the scanner and go about your business".

Me, I wonder what would happen if somebody tried to stir up a chant of "I'm not a threat" in line. Maybe I'll find out over Christmas.



I sent you about 10 emails - well maybe 4. I think I have figured it out.


"Acronym, Definition. NOKD, Not Our Kind Dear."

Whew, That took a couple slugs o' beverage and a lot of head scratching trying to figure out NOCD.


Me too, daddy.

Melinda Romanoff

Then you all can try on the newest T-shirt:

I Told You So.

Enjoy, and G'night all.


Speaking of NOKD, I am just loving the fact that Palin said she would not waste her time with Couric again.

I also like Dennis Miller's take on it:

Screwed on Screwed

daddy: Any news on Miller?


Talked to my dad this evening. As far as I know, he's canceled out every Democrat vote my mom has cast since they met.

Cool. That's just like my parents.


This is the last news, from the trail, Ann, and I agree with that strategy, and she's the only one that can pull it off,in the lUN


Which tally bon banana moron didn't know who the real tally-bon were?

Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor


Let's suppose the TSA does not exist, had never existed.

Now, how many terrorist attacks would have gone unprevented?



Thank you, I think if he gets a fair judge, he has a good chance of winning it. I would love to tell daddy, I Told You So!!!!!

More importantly, I am just glad he is fighting to the end. Republicans are so afraid of being called whiners. Since when did NOT doing the right thing become gracious. Pfui!


How does TM keep references to The Onion out of every headline with this crowd of knotheads?

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