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November 12, 2010



At the Seol presser daddy and I watched, Obama said he had better relations with G20 world leaders than his predecessor.

And for daddy-

I was having a glass of merlot--2006.


it is unconscionable to me that the Koreans have been able to con us into allowing free access to our market while successfully keeping theirs closed. They have been pulling this crap for 30 years, ever since I first went over there.

Brazil is in the same boat. They use WTO to their advantage while using every means possible to deter foreign companies from doing business in a reasonable manner.

The Chinese have been manipulating the RMB for 20 years as well. Unfortunately, all of thm had the quiet acquiescence of our government in the interest of cheap imports and multinational profits.

Jim Ryan

Regardess of any other complaints about Obama, he at least has restored American stature abroad amongst liberal deadenders abroad.


"Mr. Geithner shot back on CNBC that while he had “enormous respect” for Mr. Greenspan, “that’s not an accurate description of either the Fed’s policies or our policies.” He added, “We will never seek to weaken our currency as a tool to gain competitive advantage or grow the economy.”"

Isn't this the same Mr Geithner who couldn't do his own income tax correctly?

Why, in the name of all that is important to America, are we presenting this man to the world as the person who best understands our nations financial problems?

Every American should be mortified that he is even involved in American finances.

Danube of Thought

As one Brit wrote the morning after O's election, "This will all end in tears."

Rick Ballard

"Why, in the name of all that is important to America, are we presenting this man to the world as the person who best understands our nations financial problems?"

Would Immelt, after purchasing Volts (using tax credit money) just prior to Govmo's IPO present a better illustration of the "understanding" of which our 'private' enterprise is capable? Does it really matter whether the representative comes from the home of the Parliament of Whores in DC or the nest of the Den of Thieves in Manhattan?

Based strictly upon the results obtained, I believe that the President has earned the traditional 'B+' for this trip. While not exceeding any results for which he has been identifiably responsible in the past two years, the outcome is certainly not measurably worse than that achieved in Copenhagen, for just one example.


Does anyone notice the subtle import of the photo from today's FT website?

All of the news is of U.S. decline..This was a disastrous meeting for our economy.


Gold is down thirty and oil down three bucks.
Interesting times....


Gold is down close to forty now....whoa..

Geithner's tool is too small.

Rumours of Chinese rate hikes, g.


Why, in the name of all that is important to America, are we presenting this man to the world as the person who best understands our nations financial problems?

Jon Stewart had shows to tape this week.

Frau Leherin a.D.

The Dems have been preventing Colombia's ability to trade here. Will the new guys on the block do something about that?

Also, has the Nobel Committee ever recalled an award?


Timmy G. still doesn't get it ... it doesn't matter what you INTEND, all that matters is what actually HAPPENS ...

Typical liberal blinders ... intentions count more than results ...


That's our boy Barry Zero. He is a hard core Alinsky Commie, but he is first and foremost a self absorbed nerd. He really thinks he's the coolest kid on the G-20 block-- the moron drank his own Kool-Aid. "It all ends in tears." Too true. Already happened to GM/Chrysler bondholders, the Dem Party, US Taxpayers, who's next? Barry O obviously, the US economy? the US military? Iraq? Afghanistan? Israel? Ugh things will get worse before he's done.



Too true. QE 2 has launhced a currency war. In the short - term the ChiComs have no choice but to raise rates and thereby increase the Yuan. That inevitably will slow growth, especially export growth; that is the Third Rail of Chinese politics-- to the extent that Chinese politics is not an oximoron. But unlike Barry Zero, the ChiComs are deadly serious people, so there wll be hell to pay for the currency war -- i.e. good-bye rare earth metals!! If Turbo Timmie, really believes what he says in public-- Oi Vey.

Sandy Daze


@ Pagar 1202:

QUOTE Why, in the name of all that is important to America, are we presenting this man to the world as the person who best understands our nations financial problems?

Every American should be mortified that he is even involved in American finances.UNQUOTE

It is simple, really, he--whose name shall not said by me--and they seek not to restore America's financial, political or moral standing, rather they seek to destroy all within their reach.

A question: did the poseur in chief bow down to anyone this time? If not (and up to now I have not heard of any such) perhaps there is small, incremental change which we can believe in, afterall.

dear Pagar - thanks for your notes re VFW. Yes, score one for our Veterans. Many thanks for their service. To those Vets at rest, may they all Rest In Peace, secure in the knowledge that those of us that follow in their footsteps, will not let their service and sacrifice be in vain.

Take good care,



B+? I think you are grossly overgrading the Zero. He accomplished nothing and ditched the Korean trade agreement on behalf of UAW. The results are therefore empiricaly a D. Now he said all the right things about India and looked good in photos, so that image stuff is a B. Overall he gets a gentleman's C. That how I grade him out.


What this means is that Obama is now officially "too liberal" for the rest of the G20!

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

The man is an unmitigated moron. Someone close the gate and leave him over there,

Jim Ryan

Herman Cain-Allen West '12. So the history books can say, "...a shame and a disgrace. However, the second black president, and his black VP, were quite a different matter altogether...."

Frau Leherin a.D.

Thanks for your continued comments, Sandy Daze.

Jack is Back!


SCOTUS just upheld DADT. Safe to go silent service, once again:)


Well Timmy G just said yesterday that the US is not trying to debase our currency and I didn't see his nose get any longer.

Jim Ryan

It's so unexpected. He had had experience in business, finance, executive management, and law, so you wouldn't have thought he'd turn out to be incompetent. Unexpected! Like the jobs and economic reports!

Jack is Back!

Sandy Daze,

Indeed he bowed down to the Indian PM Singh and to his first teacher in his school in Indonesia:)


"The most concrete trophy expected to emerge from the trip eluded his grasp: a long-delayed free trade agreement with South Korea"

Why raise expectations of a deal when the outcome is in doubt? I thought these things were thoroughly worked out before the official arrived for the signing. Did Obama think his persona would be enough to cinch the deal which very publicly "eluded his grasp"?

JM Hanes

"[O]fficials frenetically tried to paper over differences among the Group of 20 members with a vaguely worded communiqué....."

The first rule of Fight Club!


Were you copied on the full version of Communiqué.Alt? Alas, my Twitter source ran out of characters and all I got was: "After two years of glad handing, battered G20 leaders emerged from an international fist fight pitting Bantamweight Barack Obama against..."

Fight Club


Thanks Sandy Daze! I know there are places that others consider more hallowed ground, but to me the Veterans Day Services we have at Corozal honor our veterans in a meaningful service.

I see you're back in Baghdad. Stay safe! We
hope to meet you some day.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, JMH, that's now my new wallpaper. I love Taiwan!

Jim Ryan

Er, I assume Taiwan. Parliament beating each other up...

Jack is Back!


He can't get the Korea Free Trade because we don't make cars that meet their emissions and milage requirements. They are too green even for Chicago thugs and the UAW much less the vaunted EPA. Even Ahnuld would have a hard time living up to the Korean standards.

Danube of Thought

Chick in the middle looks hot.

Danube of Thought

JIB, that's purely temporary. They're waiting for the 9th circuit to rule (we all know how that's going to come out), then they'll hear it.

Sandy Daze


JiB -

Thnx for the correction.
Why am I not surprised??

Please see LUN re Clarice's Airport screening. SSBD - Same Same But Different.

Take good care,

Jim Ryan

Regardless, I just feel better knowing Barack Obama's at the helm.



Immelt is, as far as I'm concerned, now the looter in chief. Their attempt to con the Feds out of @$1.6 Billion on that wind farm I wrote about yesterday. Their whole phony green initiative is an object lesson in corporate looting of the treasury.

That he is one of Bammer's biggest supporters is indicative of his amorality.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I was recently regaled at a cocktail party by some liberal deadender who explained that, regardess of any other complaints about Obama, he at least had restored American stature abroad.--

Liberal deadenders, being insecure, guilt ridden, buttheads, confuse our enemies enjoying our new pusillanimous policies with restored American stature.

--Chick in the middle looks hot.--

My sentiments exactly.

I was recently regaled at a cocktail party by some liberal deadender who explained that, regardess of any other complaints about Obama, he at least had restored American stature abroad.

It turns out that, despite what was said about Bush, American stature abroad has far more to do with its economic and military might than with the individual personalities or leadership styles of its various Presidents.

Who knew?

Jim Ryan

It might be fun to date an MP who beats other MPs up.

"Hi, honey!...Hey, what happened now!"

"It's not that bad. Plus, you should see the other guy. I let him have both barrels. That'll learn 'im to run his fat mouth about farm subsidies."


That he is one of Bammer's biggest supporters is indicative of his amorality.

It is utterly depressing what has happened to GE. Granted, corporate rent-seeking is nothing new, but Immelt has taken it to heights (lows?) previously unimaginable under prior leadership. Welch knew Immelt was a mistake, but there wasn't much of a choice at the time.

hit and run

regardess of any other complaints about Obama, he at least had restored American stature abroad.

Every bow Obama makes is an opportunity for him to restore his stature.

stat·ure noun \ˈsta-chər\
Definition of STATURE
1: natural height (as of a person) in an upright position

JM Hanes

Can I assume that almost any chick thrown over a guy's shoulder looks hot? Or is it the legs? Or is that a false dichotomy?


Er, I assume Taiwan.

Reminds me of a snippet from the press conference in Korea. It's out of context and unfair to Obama; I present it anyway.

Obama: ...Go ahead. And I’ll probably need a translation, though, if you’re asking the question in Korean. In fact, I definitely will need a translation. (Laughter.)

REPORTER: Unfortunately, I hate to disappoint you, President Obama, I’m actually Chinese.

JM Hanes

Jim Ryan: I'm pretty sure that's Taiwan, but I figured since the President's excursion has been billed as an Asian Tour, it's 6(∞) of one, half a dozen(∞) of another.

Jim Ryan

Hang on a sec. They look Korean, not Chinese. But does the South Korean parliament fight?

Jim Ryan

A google shows So. Korean parliament fights.

JM Hanes

The standards around here are way too high.


But does the South Korean parliament fight?

Sure do. More than the Taiwanese parliment does.

Every white person looks the same to me.

Ooh, Jim, you're good.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Palin email hacker gets a yr in jail.

If I was him I'd scream bloody murder for the MFM not coming to my aid..like they did Barney Frank at the drug bust, Rangel with the taxes, Spitzer with the prostitute, Berger with the stolen documents, the chick that got Michael Steele's financial info, Kennedy fleeing the scene of a crime,......
Low level Dems don't get the same perks.

Sandy Daze


dear Pagar,

Corozal, Panama? I know that cemetery (LUN). 5,336 American vets and others are buried there--almost a thousand more than were lost in the Iraq campaign. Hallowed ground.

May they all Rest In Peace.

Mrs Daze and I were married at a Ft Amador chapel, almost 25 years ago. FiL & MiL have a home outside Veracruz half way up Cerro Cabra.

Where are you located? Plz contact me at firstlastname@gmail,

Take good care,


Can you imagine the handwringing if Bush had mistaken a Chinese person for a Korean?


I think Bernanke is looking at competitive devaluation as a feature, not a bug. If everybody else has to print money also, then his pro-inflation strategy will be even more effective.

Unfortunately, long-term nominal rates will go up once inflation expectations set in (that pesky Fisher equation is hard to shake). Worse, when inflation expectations rise on average, the variance in expectations also rises historically. That's bad because then the same nominal long rate will imply different real rates to different people, discoordinating investment and causing those with lower inflation expectations to perceive high real rates.

I really, really don't want to relive the stagflation experience. I never took acid so why should I have to suffer flashbacks?

Jim Ryan

It's just that I'm mentally alert these days. Because I can sleep nights with Obama in there.

Danube of Thought

"Or is it the legs?"

Legs and butt.

JM Hanes

Just for the record, I googled up the image by searching on tawain parliament fight (which is how the photo is captioned) and found it here. Is that a sufficient basis for declining the hair shirt?


Haven't read any threads.

Normal routine is 1st thing after morning cup o' java is I click on my work website.

Low and behold I see a message from our favorite North Carolina beer-drinker announcing he will be in San Fran in early December!
Can't make it, but great to hear his company has enough faith in him to trust him in Haight=Ashbury and Berkeley all by himself. Sounds like time for a JOMdezvous.

THen my practice is to click on Instapundit, and what do I see. A "Heh" from Insty for our Hit & Run in front of 50 Million readers!:

NOVEMBER 11, 2010
PREPARING AN EXCULPATORY BLAME NARRATIVE FOR THE DEMOCRATS: Time claims Tea Party will cause hyperinflation. Yeah, that’s whose fault it’ll be. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Dobbs emails:
It wasn’t that long ago that the Tea Party was just a flash-in-the-pan mob of nobodies who would fade away with little political or electoral influence, according to these same bright lights. But now the Tea Party controls the levers of power such that they may destroy the entire world!!!!!

We’ve come a long way baby.


It's Hit-o-mania!!!

Janet the tea-vangelist!

No hair shirt for you JM Hanes. I once googled Cher & came up with this -

Although the likeness is uncanny, I should have known it wasn't actually the singer Cher.

Danube of Thought

CBS News, October 18:

"'So that's what we want is a secure and sovereign nation and, you know, I don't know that all of you are Latino,, Angle told the Hispanic group. 'Some of you look a little more Asian to me. I don't know that. What we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. My grandchildren are evidence of that. I'm evidence of that. I've been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly."

"Rancho High School teacher Isaac Barron told the AP his studentsganized the meeting with Angle because they felt her ads stereotype young sanics. He said her response was met with incredulity."

Jim Ryan

Well, I google for Taiwan and Korean and there are loads of fights. I was probably wrong, unless this photo got mislabeled.

Captain Hate

Palin email hacker gets a yr in jail.

Isn't he to serve it in a halfway house? The commiecrats never suffer anywhere near to a full rip

Janet the tea-vangelist!

You are no doubt right Captain. I didn't even read beyond the headline.

hit and run

Low and behold I see a message from our favorite North Carolina beer-drinker announcing he will be in San Fran in early December! ... Sounds like time for a JOMdezvous.

Woohoo!!! DrJ has graciously volunteered to help coordinate the JOMdezvous. If anyone's interested email one of us.

I strongly suggest that anyone so inclined first give serious consideration to the accusations leveled against me by sylvia. Of course you know that I completely reject those accusations. But then,isn't that exacly what you would expect a psycho stalker to do?

Frau Leherin a.D.

"It's just that I'm mentally alert these days. Because I can sleep nights with Obama in there."

When is your book coming out, Jim?


Yay, We're number 1!!!

">http://www.alaskajournal.com/stories/111110/loc_cnbc.shtml"> Alaska is the least business-friendly state in the U.S., according to CNBC.


For those of you who don't understand QE2, the LUNed video explains it all.

tommy mc donnell

obama's trip was to spur economic growth around the world? if he spurs the world economy like he did the american economy god help them.

Jim Ryan

Frau, ha! Actually, I am working on a book. Chinese Philosophy: A Reader. Got eight of the ten chapters done.

hit and run

I googled up the image by searching on tawain parliament fight (which is how the photo is captioned) and found it here.

How do you like that. I used that same site not long ago to post the pic of those NY Yankees cheerleaders.....


How come every time I turn on the news I see that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is in trouble for hanging out with another babe. This times its some underage ">http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01749/berlusconi-ruby_1749869c.jpg"> 17 year old Moroccan Belly Dancer.

I thought the whole point of Bill Clinton and Monica and Ken Starr was that we were all prudes over here Stateside, and that the Euro-sophisticates were all laughing at our naive American fundamentalist attitudes about sex, because everybody over there has Mistresses out the kazoo and nobody blinked an eye. Wasn't that the talking point, or did I miss something?


TM, I'm sure you knew this already

Rick Ballard

I highly recommend jimmyk's link on QE2. Thanks, jimmy.

Frau Krankenschwester Diesel

Great news, Jim. My other question was: When are visiting hours?



the link is?


Baucas to bring bill to repeal onerous 1099 rule in HCR bill. And so it begins...


partial repeal by exempting "small businesses" from the 1099.

But it's start, hopefully marks another step in the pull back from the abyss of ObamaSocialism.

L!ink U!nder N!ame.

NK, hit jimmyk's name at 3:40 for the link. This is the famous LUN.

Rob Crawford

partial repeal by exempting "small businesses" from the 1099.

But it's start, hopefully marks another step in the pull back from the abyss of ObamaSocialism.

WTF? Why only "small businesses"? Why not the whole damned thing?


Got it; thank you jimmyk, simple concise and completely accurate summary of QE 2.

So, THE Lloyd Blankenfeld is the devil incarnate, correct?

Frau Krankenschwester Diesel

maryrose, bringer of good news. Perhaps this is to be the death of a thousand cuts, Rob.


A good funny from the Alphaville blog:


“Dear Sir,

Good day and compliments. I am Dr (Mr) Benjamin Bernanke, Chairman of Federal Reserve of United States of America. This mail will surely come to you as a great surprise, since we never had any previous correspondence. My aim of contacting you is to crave your indulgence to assist us in securing some funds abroad to prosecute a transaction of great magnitude.

Due to poor banking system in America, many subprime borrowers are not paying back mortgages and banks have lost ONE TRILLION TWO HUNDRED BILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($1,200bn) so far. This calamity has caused much suffering in my country. To help remedy this situation, our president, Mr Barack Obama, has authorised to be spent a sum of EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS ($897bn) on stimulus plus many other good deeds like cash for clunkers. Unfortunately, since that time, we are being molested and constantly harassed by bond vigilantes who do not care that their reckless and vicious behaviour could ruin our hopes and plans.

To this effect, last year I authorised the printing of ONE TRILLION TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION ($1,250bn) of United States currency to purchase government securities. To my great shock, this was not enough so I am now buying another SIX HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS ($600bn).

If you forward a modest sum to purchase Treasury notes then I can buy many more of them with my unlimited printing press and their price will rise. I am absolutely positive that this arrangement will be of mutual benefit to both of us. I can offer you generous interest rate of EIGHT TENTHS OF A PERCENT after taxes.

I want you to immediately inform me of your willingness in assisting and co-operating with us, so that I can send you full details of this transaction and let us make arrangement for a meeting and discuss at length on how to transfer this funds.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr (Mr) Benjamin Bernanke

N/B: Please contact Mr Timothy Geithner on this e-mail address for further briefing and modalities”


It's easy.

NK, you can create a L!ink U!nder N!ame by placing the links URL in the third blank in the identifying box of the posting comments space.


"Death by a thousand cuts" doesn't cut it. Obamacare outlaws health insurance by removing the particular corner of the Rule of Law which allows health insurance to exist. If you kill off all of the new things created by the bill without restoring the laws which enforce the contracts which allow health insurance to exist, then when you are done we don't return to the status quo ex ante. Instead we are in the uncharted territory of having invented all of this health care knowledge and technology which we now have no way to use because we can't pay for it. And our citizenry, except for a handful of the super-rich, is in the position of rank terror that if they or a family member become seriously sick then there is no way that they can receive medical care. And most of the jobs, buildings, machinery, etc. will be lost.

"Death by a thousand cuts of Obamacare" most surely equals "NHS-style government-run, tax-funded healthcare system."

Because if it comes down to a choice between no medical care for anyone, and death panels, we'll all take death panels.


Heh, Chubby. Jimmy, I loved the QE2 utube. Hit, what can I say about my favorite guy?

And yet, even more fun s the useful idiots meet the real world.

http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/11/12/gaza.aid.ship/index.html?hpt=Sbin>Useful Idiots at sea

Frau Krankenschwester Diesel

cathyf - well-reasoned. Do I dare hope the cornerstone of laws is still lying around somewhere? Although generally healthy, I have a low number in the death panel lottery.



Re: Useful Idiots At Sea.

Ain't that the truth.

The Nobel Committee must be tearing their hair out over this one.

Usually they give The Nobel Peace Prize, (when they can't find an Affirmative Action hire) to some touchy-feely Pro-Palestinian Charity group such as these "Road To Hope" morons.

Yet on the other hand, Oslo always feels compelled to award The Nobel Peace Prize to hi-jackers of Cruise ships, ala Yasser Arafat.

Well what the heck do they do now?

The touchy feely's have been Hi-Jacked on a cruise ship by the Pro=Palestinian Libyan's. Whats a Nobel committee member to do? Ay Yi Yi!

I think the call so far has to go to the Touchy-Feely's. They tried to help, and "Politically Correct Good Intentions" has to favor the vote so far. But if the HiJacker's can manage to murder an innocent, especially one thats Jewish and in a wheel chair, and then toss him overboard, then I think the Nobel Peace Prize has to go to the Hi-Jackers. Don't you agree? Or instead maybe they'll wash their hands of the whole business and just give it Sean Penn for Haiti.

Anyway, at least we Yank's can be happy that Hillary is sending $150 Million to the "besieged" Gazan's while this drama on the High seas plays out.

Didn't get this one from the White House.

Anybody see David Brooks' 'National Greatness Agenda' in the NYT yesterday?


I posted a comment to Medred's despicable anti Military column, simply listing the name and ranks of all 32 US Presidents who were Military Vets. Nothing else.

As a result of that obviously offensive post, I am negative 1 in "recommended." Hee Hee Hee:)


daddy, it is a dreadful dilemma. Kinds of like picking between the nobel Saracens and the neurotic Childrens Crusaders.

Jim Ryan

National Greatness! That would be great!

Socialist in Name Only

I question the timing.

It seems to me that chastising China for manipulating their currency in concert with our own machinations is an indication his
'Team of Rivals' (Geitner, Bernanke et al)
are actually soul-mates.

Can anyone upset the golden apple cart of Goldman Sachs and scatter the New Illuminati
to the Four Winds like Nebuchanezzer?

Jim Ryan

Here's Kim's link.

How can you love your country if you hate the other half of it? ....Do you really love your tax deduction more than America’s future greatness?

Socialist in Name Only

"It will have to restore the social norms that prevailed through much of American history: when narcissism and hyperpartisanship was mitigated by loyalties larger than tribe and self; when competition between the parties was limited and constructive, not total and fratricidal"

Brooks assiduously avoids the extension of Bush which adds 700 Billion, but he has his conservative readership to preserve along with his Bond value, so he is conflicted, just as are the rest of us.

I am afraid the problem goes much deeper than the elected, as the electorate is a bunch of whiny NIMBY's who want to throw any politician out who dares to tell them they can't have their cake and eat it too.


Re that video: Interesting that Bernanke's popularity has gone up in smoke much like Obama's. The emperors have no clothes. People eventually catch on after being given the same phony lines again and again.


the electorate is a bunch of whiny NIMBY's

What'chya drinking tonight, cleo?

Or down in the dumps for all.

Thanks, Jim. I'm hoping Brooks is actually smelling something real. The world needs our 'City on a Hill'.


Dear Mr. Bernanke;

MY nAme is OBiTho FuLoMbwEbwe, anD I rePReseNt tHe EsTaTe oF tHe LaTe cHiEf DIrEctOr Of tHe NAtIoNal BaNk of NiGeRia, whO wAs, AlAs aNd alAcK, taKen fRom Us In tHe teRRiblE kiLLing of aN AutOmoBile aCCident wITh muCh bLooDsheD aNd MaSsaCreIng theSe mAny wEeks aGo.

HiS eStAte hAs eNtRusTed mE, OBItho FuLOmbwEbwe, a clOSe cOlleAge aNd coNFiDanTe oF tHe CHIef DiReCtOr wHIch iS mOsT qUizZiCallY cOiNcidenTal, wIth a SUm oF eXAcTly sIx hUndrEd BiLion dollUrs US CasH moNeY, whIcH alAs, iS nOw dEpOsitEd iN the NaTioNal BaNk oF IrAq, whEre My gOod fRIend AbDulAzIz al- BAgHdaDi iS hOldIng CusTody Of sucH sUm uNdEr My dIrecTion.

i woUlD bE haPPy tO maKe an arRaNgEmEnt fOr shArIng tHis sUm iF you woULld Be asSisTing me In mY efFoRts to hAve tHEse fUnds diSlodGed aNd pAyIng a sMall baNking fEe of $150 mILlion to My oThEr mosT eXceLlenT fReiNd HaShem al-NAzari aT the NaTiOnaL BAnk oF PAleStinE.

TrUstiNg in YoUr UtmOst coNfiDence aNd disErcReTion iN the sErioUSly puRsUing Of thIs mOst priVaTe aNd sEnSiTive maTter, I Am rEmaIning yoUr vEry fAithfuL coNfiDanTe frIend aNd hUmBle ServAnt.

(editors note: why does this sound so close to the way our government is now running?)

Maybe PolyisTCOandbanned.

Omigod, bgates is wrong. Is it the first time, or just the first I've noticed?


David Brooks is a cancer.

How can you love your country if you hate the other half of it?

By holding a sincere belief that your country's greatness comes from certain principles, when half the country has decided those principles are virtually indistinguishable from fascism.

Do you really love your tax deduction more than America’s future greatness?

What is mere private property compared to the greatness of the State?

Socialist in Name Only

"What is mere private property compared to the greatness of the State?"

bgates. Even when he (assuming gender) is right, he's wrong.

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