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November 01, 2010


nike shox

In the name of God, That is it.God bless you all, and God bless America !

Danube of Thought

iPad, which seems to deplore even the lamest of profanities, always converts "hell" to "he'll" unless the scrivener is on high alert. This scrivener is not, at the moment...


I'm getting antsy too. bgates, hit and run, MayBee and all other wayward JOMers need to report ASAP.


Now that we've praised Dorothy, let's venture to the other end of the spectrum

CH, that was highly entertaining. The sad thing is that even though I'm sure the commenters are truthful, I can't ally myself with them, as I suspect most of them are just as unprofessional in their own ways. This is the same crowd that went ballistic over the idea of Breitbart appearing on the air with them election night, no? To hell (or is it he'll) with all of them I say.


Just think what an exhausting three days this is in San Francisco. The Giants win the world series, Halloween, and pot is legalized all in 36 hours.


Just think what an exhausting three days this is in San Francisco. The Giants win the world series, Halloween, and pot is legalized all in 36 hours.

Well, bully for them. I hope they're all too hung over and/or stoned to vote tomorrow.


--I'm getting antsy too. bgates, hit and run, MayBee and all other wayward JOMers need to report ASAP.--

Don't know about the others but bgates said he was entertaining a friend with the shuttle launch. Since it was delayed who knows when he'll be back.


Oh, thanks Ignatz, that's good to know.

Captain Hate

The sad thing is that even though I'm sure the commenters are truthful, I can't ally myself with them, as I suspect most of them are just as unprofessional in their own ways. This is the same crowd that went ballistic over the idea of Breitbart appearing on the air with them election night, no? To hell (or is it he'll) with all of them I say.

I think you have it right, jimmy; just a slap fight among the catamites. Although the spitefulness is pretty amusing.

Frau Stimmzettel

I just thought while looking a photo of John Boehner that it will be almost impossible to make a recognizable caricature of him. Remember all the hideous ones of Gingrich which were *everywhere*? Take that Alinsky.

Goodnight, all, especially cc who needs to rest and watch that her Slurpee cup does not slip from her hands as she recuperates on the sofa, couch, davenport, divan or daybed.


Well there was that Zombie one, that Newsweek conjured up, seemingly, I know 'never heard of
it, better check the cables. All in all,he is
a harder target,

Danube of Thought

I met up with MayBee at Tapper and told her how we missed her and wanted her back. She acknowledged with grace, but made no representations or warranties.


Mind blowing conversation in the car on the way back from the polling place where the daughter is working:

Me: We need to stop at Walmart and get some snack stuff and lunch stuff for you for tomorrow. Any idea what you want?

She: I want a Subway sandwich to take and some chips and drinks. OH and some pudding and some Whoppers to dip in it for a snacks.

Me: Pudding and Whoppers?

She: Yea. Cause I don't have balls that I can dip in my pudding.

Me: :veers back onto the highway:

Me: Uhhhh...What???

She: Well Ace says to dip our balls in pudding and it's the next best thing I can think of... Plus, it'll be really funny to be eating it and wondering if anyone there gets it.

WOW. Just about blew my mind. But then she is a political junkie so I shoulda known that she would read his site. FTR she reads here some, too, but says it's too 'serious' over here. "Ace makes politics fun."


DoT: Settings, General, Keyboard, Auto-correction: If on, turn off. Drove me mad, too.

Ralph L

I've seen MayBee at Althouse quite a bit lately.

Supra Vega Shoes

When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.


I am always so impressed when these Professional Reporters from big time cities like DC come out to Alaska to really get the story about us rustic folks for you readers back home. Here's Dave Catanese of Politico answering the questions you really want answered:

"1) What are Alaskans like? Alaskans are much like people everywhere else...

2) Give us an example of one Alaskan meal: Stuffed Halibut.

3) Can you see Russia from the front of your hotel? ...I did trek north 40 miles or so to see if I could see Russia from Sarah Palin‘s house in Wasilla...

More after the jump…"

That's right, there is ">http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowldc/from-the-road-politico-reporter-gets-stopped-by-wasilla-police-for-being-‘suspicious’_b24242"> more after the jump, especially if you want to read even more juvenile cliche's from this fatuous babbler who, after purchasing a "Chai Tea Latte", can't even figure out how to plug in his computer at a Wasilla Starbucks without turning it into an incident of Civil Disobedience reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau.

Personally i think Pup took a shit in the woods today that was more insightful than this guy's blather, but that may just be my lack of beer talking. To the polls!


UPDATE: Boehner gets results.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a president in the White House who referred to Americans who disagree with him as ‘our enemies.’ Think about that. He actually used that word. When Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush used the word ‘enemy,’ they reserved it for global terrorists and foreign dictators — enemies of the United States. Enemies of freedom. Enemies of our country.

“Today, sadly, we have president who uses the word ‘enemy’ for fellow Americans — fellow citizens. He uses it for people who disagree with his agenda of bigger government — people speaking out for a smaller, more accountable government that respects freedom and allows small businesses to create jobs. Mr. President, there's a word for people who have the audacity to speak up in defense of freedom, the Constitution, and the values of limited government that made our country great. We don't call them ‘enemies.’ We call them ‘patriots.’”


"Now the Republicans are saying that I'm calling them enemies," Obama said. "What I'm saying is you're an opponent of this particular provision, comprehensive immigration reform, which is something very different."

I didn't get all of Ace's references to pudding. Now, well,



Anyone want some levity on this auspicious day?

LUN is what happened at the SC rally when attendees were confronted with an "Obama= Keynesian" sign.

Gosh I wish one of them had been so condescending in a Harvard T-shirt.


Today we can begin to restore the fiscal prudence that has been lacking during the past two years of an unchecked and unbalanced congress. Incumbent congressmen such as Jim Himes are responsible for profligate spending and bureaucratic overreach that fetters our economy, leaving us with low growth and high unemployment. We can tell Washington, D.C. that we have had enough by electing reformers such as challenger Dan Debicella.


Polls are Open, rise and shine and VOTE!!!!!

Captain Hate

FTR she reads here some, too, but says it's too 'serious' over here. "Ace makes politics fun."

Does she post @ AoS? Do you?

I'll vote later today and report in.


Here we go. As Vince Neil said at '83 US festival, Let today be teh day the new wave of progressivism died.


When Obama promised that his election would improve how the world views America, he didn't realize that it would take exactly two years to do so.

GOP Rocks

We have this election in the bag. No need to vote. I'm going to spend the time shopping for party supplies instead!








Rick Ballard

Jim Ryan Gets Results!

Nice start to the day.


Just voted for O'Donnel.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

God bless Jim Ryan...his rally cry, "ONWARD!!"

Janet the tea-vangelist!

These 2 videos at Hot Air are funny.. both short looks at the Restore Sanity rally. That Steven Crowder does a good job (2nd video).


Friends, please feel free to post any references to the lamentations of their women. I see from politifeeds that we have a couple already:

HuffPo: Pressure Builds On Obama To Shake Up Inner Circle

FireDogLake: Ah, it finally is here... uh, hooray?


Good morning all! The day is finally here! I thought we'd never make it.

Go Jim Ryan! Onward, indeed!


Sudden wet and cold weather here in Austin...very promising for keeping progs in their lairs...I know it's a long shot but I hope Donna Campbell can beat Lloyd Doggett. Now that would be a wave indeed, if it can reach all the way to this blue outpost.


Good Morning. Just finished reading Jay Cost. He has a warning reminder: Ignore all exit polls that are leaked early. (i.e., President John F. Kerry).


While we await Obama's interview with Ryan Seacrest this a.m., there's this news:
(Reuters) - Yemen freed on Sunday a female suspect detained in connection with explosive packages sent from Yemen and bound for the United States on condition that she appears when summoned for questioning, a relative said. Asked if the woman had been released, a family member who refused to be identified, replied: "Yes."


Yes, ignore exit polls.

When my prog brother emailed those 2004 exits favoring Kerry to me and my dad in the morning, I was so tempted to write back "those are the best numbers you'll see all day," but I didn't want to be mean.


Mak,ala,aka JOMOs:

According to the Florida Dept. of Elections, over 1 million early voters - 48% Republican, 40% Democrats and 12% no affiliation. Benefit of doubt = no affiliation goes half for Dems (actually more like 10%) that means 54% Republican so far.

In other news, Dorothy Rabinowitz calls Obama an "Illusion" like a mirage in the desert's distance. Then when you get there, your lips chapped, your body weakened from dehydration, there is no relief - only the illusion of relief. LUN

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Hey guys, Happy throw the bums out Day!
My niece just texted from North Philly. She went to vote and got harassed from Blacks in front of the polls, and when they saw she was a republican from blacks inside the polls, and then again on her way out.

It should be an interesting day.



They got permission from Uncle Eric.


Interesting rumor at LUN

Chi Boy

Just voted downtown Chicago. Light turnout compared to last year. 2008 had lines at this time. Today was able to walk in and vote right away. 2 of 4 poll judges were GOP. Plugged nose, voted for Kirk (better than the banker to the mob).

Chi Boy

"Light turnout compared to last year."

Meant last time (2008), not last year.


Yes, we talked about that article last night, Su.

Jane, you should get her to write that up and file a complaint with the civil rights division and send it to a blog for publication.

On FR people are starting to report election day stff in their area..Florida reporters are indivating their polling places are jammed like never before.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

That link from Betsy's page just says it all.


I want to see Elliot's predictions for the day. Truly, I did not credit his abilities fully when he gave his last one.


Wife just got back from voting. Poll workers report the voting is " steady but manageable". I think that's a very good sign. Interesting local race. Dim state senator Wes shoemeyer has been running ads on his getting that Amtrak statio in place( which nobody rides and receives millions from the state) and this other project passed and basically touting how great he us at bringing home the bacon. He's popular, but I think he's misread the public mood and stepped in it.

Jack is Back!

How did Jack is Back! become Su? That was weird.

Tomorrow we have another shuttle launch scheduled. They vector out right over our clubhouse and you can see the whole thing from our second floor terrace. Sometime around 4pm, so the JIB, jr. will be able to watch right after school.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Yeah, ol' "Giants in 5" Elliott is pretty good!

Janet the tea-vangelist!

How did Jack is Back! become Su? That was weird.

Hahahah...liberal shenanigans with typepad.



That is hilarious.


Watching the game last night, during a commercial for Glee, which I've never watched, the character whose name is apparently "Sue" did some really mean things. At the end of the commercial it said "don't be a Sue, do something good". I was offended. ::grin::

Captain Hate

Here's an election day victory: Mrs H's votes and mine generally cancel each other out; she's a well intentioned lib who is just too enamoured of the MFM idiots on NBC (what can I say; love is blind). Anyway before voting, if one of us (usually me) feels *really* strongly about a race that the other is relatively ambivalent on, one will ask the other to vote a certain way. A couple days ago I asked her to vote for Kasich over the Twitch; to which she responded that she'd think about it but promised nothing. She returned from the polls and told me she'd indeed voted for Kasich.

Suck it Strickland.


Pajamas Media Blog is liveblogging:

"I’m enjoying watching Morning Joe at the moment. Joe Klein lamented the fact that the Democrats passed a bunch of bills and then ran away from them. Joe Scarborough pointed out that the polls on those bills weren’t exactly healthy, and reminded Klein that his own magazine is worth a dollar, which is more than Klein’s advice was worth."



My husband and I planned a trip to Florida to coincide with the shuttle launch in September. He wanted to see it and to get me on board, promised me a 5 star in Miami Beach and Key West. They canceled the launch for September. I got my 5 star in Miami Beach and Key West.

Captain Hate

Joe Scarborough pointed out that the polls on those bills weren’t exactly healthy, and reminded Klein that his own magazine is worth a dollar, which is more than Klein’s advice was worth.

Scarborough usually doesn't say anything that isn't calculated to get his mitts on Mika's sweater puppies.


Back from the polls--no CNN trucks this year, turnout is very light. I was #56 @ 8:20. There were twice that many in line in 2008. It felt like an off-year primary.


The teacher on that show spells his name wrong. I boycott it on principle.

Rob Crawford

Voted. Polls had been open an hour and a half by then, and the scanner said it had received 80 ballots. There wasn't a line, but there was always someone at the desk getting a ballot, so it was a steady stream.

Half the "elections" on the ballot were uncontested judges (wonder if I could... nah...). Voted against the two tax levies.

Interesting thing: there had been some particularly annoying and amateurish commercials for a candidate who never identified his affiliation; I assumed based on the quality and lack of identification that it was a third-party candidate or unaligned candidate with enough personal money to run his own ads. NOPE! He was the Democrat. Apparently no one in the party saw fit to slip him ANY money, and he considered his party affiliation to be the kiss of death!

Considering he was running against the barely tolerable Jean Schmidt, who nearly lost to a certifiable lunatic/Kossite just a few years ago, I'm thinking we're gonna do OK.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

I still haven't gone yet (going with my neighbor in a bit), but decided not to wear my Slurpee T to vote. I don't want to call attention to which vote should be voided if there is cheating going on. I'll wear it the rest of the day when I'm out & about.

Captain Hate

Rob, Kucinich was running a barrage of kumurshuls last night in which he was stressing that he's not aligned with either party. The little quisling realizes the Donk ship is sinking and is grasping at anything.

Rob Crawford

Thing is, CH, everyone knows Kucinich is aligned with the Alien Invaders.


Polls open at 7 here, I just voted at 8:30. I was number 92, which isn't bad for my smallish ward. Certainly the turnout was nothing like 2008, where we were easily lined up deeper than 92 before the polls opened. I was a little surprised at not having to wait at all, though. But perhaps that's good. My ward is solidly blue - the signs for Feingold easily outnumber those for Ron Johnson by 10 to 1. I noticed my neighbor got roused to put a sign on his lawn yesterday: Feingold 2004. (yes, you read that right)

Captain Hate

Actually Rob, I always assumed that his quisling family exited Croatia one step ahead of the lynch mob for ratting out their neighbors to either the Nazis or commies, depending on when exactly they left.



Republicans vote on Tuesday, November 2nd, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM, and Democrats vote on Wednesday, November 3rd, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Captain Hate

PD, I'm still impressed that the citizens of Detroit tossed Kwame's mother in the primary, showing a better reaction to corruption than I'm afraid Cleveland will show.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Amy and I voted about 9:00 AM - which we always do. The polls were busier than I have ever seen and full of old people - which makes sense because who else can vote at 9:00. Then we went to the liquor store.


Liquor stores are open at 9:00 AM?


I voted a bit after 7:00 AM EST in Indiana.

Quite a few voters but not a single hippie among them. Last time they were everywhere.

A bad sign for Dems?


--"How did Jack is Back! become Su? That was weird."--

I new this was going to happen. I did not think it would take place until after the polls closed.

">http://articles.latimes.com/2002/jun/12/nation/na-clinton12"> “W”

After the loosing dems remove all the relevant keys from the keyboard, all one could type is "Su".


Will be voting in CT-3 Cong Dist at 500 PM tonight hoping to send bogus rent seeking Jim Himes back to the subsidy seeking banking world--unlikely, but HOPE AND CHANGE.

Pofarmer, you really are out in God's Country. My son is a Soph at St Lou Univ. and I thought that was the midwest.


Looking for hippies at 7:00 AM? They wake up at noon.


Voted at about 8:30 am, no line when I walked up to the desk, but maybe 3-4 people came in right behind me. I am in prog-ville, but I did see Donna Campbell signs outside the polling place and I almost never see any GOP signs there on Election Day.

The US Flag was not flying on the flagpole outside the polling place. I am emailing the principal (it's my daughter's school) about that today. I think they aren't flying it in general which really chaps me. At least make an exception for Election Day and national holidays.

I am so envious of my dad - he gets to vote for Allen West and Marco Rubio today. And Scott of course. My mom will no doubt vote for Klein, Crist and Sink and cancel out his vote. Phhhbbbttt.

Danube of Thought

Thanks for that, PD.

And thank all of those who reminded us of the 2004 exit polling. Remember Bob Shrum's "May I be the first to call you Mr. President?"

And Susan Estrich spent several hours looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, slowly morphing into the cat that swallowed the Golytely.

Sandy Daze

2 November 2010

Missus Daze and I voted ~ 0915 at our VA-2 local precinct, voters 142 & 143. The poll was manned by blue-hairs and mainly when we voted, it was blue hairs, with many working folks already having come through (polls open at 0600 close at 1900).

Lots of local contests for city council and school board, and three amendments (Y,Y, N) to the VA constitution. This is a very Red district (lots of military retirees).

I have no doubt that Rep Nye (D) goes down in flames.

LOTS of robo calls the last few days, even one from Gov McDonnell for a young black woman running for city council (!). She got our votes.

Say it proud, say it LOUD, say it with me: I am an enemy! Hear me!

God, it felt great to vote today!

Jane - splicing the mainbrace, already ? p.s. Maddie misses you terribly.

Take good care,


P.S. I got my Slurpee and I think it was the grossest flavor available (Crystal Light Peach Mango). I didn't see that there were two machines (with better flavors in the other one) until it was too late. I don't care, that means it'll just last that much longer.

Rob Crawford

Hmmmm.... important question for this evening: Slurpee (if I can find any around here) or rum and Coke?

Kalloo, Kallay.

Canaries, yes, but I can't get my cats to even sniff at Go-Lytely, let alone swallow any of it.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

After the loosing dems remove all the relevant keys from the keyboard, all one could type is "Su".

Too funny Threadkiller! From your link -
"''clearly were intentional,'' and intentional damage would constitute a criminal act under federal law. No prosecutions are planned, though."

No prosecutions are planned....that's always the case with Dems.. Laws don't apply.

Mmmmm, mmmm, good.

Smoothie, slurpee, lhassi.


You could use a Slurpee cup for the rum and coke, Rob.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Liquor stores are open at 9:00 AM?

Yeah and we have a big ballot initiative to roll back the 2nd tax on alcohol. So I immediately declared a 50% discount for voting for that. For some reason they did not take me up on it.


Good Morning America, JOM!


November, 2 2010


Hey, Rob - just get an empty cup (they come in several sizes from small to large) fill with a couple of ice cubes and your cocktail of choice. That is my plan.


Slurpee (if I can find any around here) or rum and Coke?

At my 7-11 they have Coke Slurpees, so you could do both! But if not, get the cup and mix your rum and Coke in it...


"Kucinich was running a barrage of kumurshuls last night in which he was stressing that he's not aligned with either party."

Here is what his supposedly official web site says:
"Official web site for Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D - OH).

Wonder what he thinks the D next to his name stands for (Dumb would be my guess)
How do they get by with such BS?

IMO, If all the liars were disqualified there would not be a Democrat on a ballot anywhere. Why do people vote for a political party where every one of them lies?

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Our polls were crowded here in Arlington...very blue. I wrote in daddy for our school board cause only a dem & a green were running. So our Alaska rabble rouser gets one vote for sure.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


I miss Maddie too - how is she doing?

Danube of Thought

What wouldn't I give to spend this evening with Jane, Hit, Clarice, CCal, bgates, RickB, TCollins, TK, RobC, Porch, PD and all the rest of you (forgive me for leaving out so many great posters--just rattling off some from the top of my head).

And we could all welcome Bunkerbuster for some trenchant analysis.


Typepad, still sucks.

Went to vote a little after 8. I was number 111, and there were 123 signed in when I left. Poll workers said normal for a midterm morning would be around 20.

Sandy Daze

2 November 2010


Maddie is doing well, learning about aviation as local CAP (Civil Aeronautics Programs) cadet, studying Oedipus Rex (just finished the Odyssey), and still playing hockey. Will encourage her to give you a call tonight if you are not three sheets to the wind !

I am an Enemy of the WDC cabal. Can you hear me now? Soon, you will hear from all of us (to paraphrase W, in a different time and place, but to no less an enemy).

Take good care,


Dennis Miller has come up with the slogan of the day:

Payback is a Joy Behar

love it.


Right back atcha DoT. I am having a conservative girlfriend or two over to watch returns mid-evening but otherwise I will have a laster-like focus on JOM.

Pofarmer, are you in a blue or red district?

Jack is Back!

Rob Crawford,

Are you in southern Ohio? I thought that was red, red, red?


DoT: I agree - but dangnabit, we can still all share the evening here together, sipping our Slurpee cocktails, hootin, hollerin, and high fivin as the returns come in.

And, hey everyone - JLo at NRO interviewed Jay Cost and he says the surprise upset tonight will be Kucinich losing. Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Janet the tea-vangelist!

An example of the great ideas of elite planners - forced abortion in China..

IMO the radical environmentalists would love this idea.


"And we could all welcome Bunkerbuster for some trenchant analysis."

Like ABC welcomed Breitbart?


Wow, that is one hell of a prediction from the normally cautious Cost.

Rob Crawford

Are you in southern Ohio? I thought that was red, red, red?

Southwest, and it is. I think that may have something to do with the lack of lines.

(If you're wondering about the challenge to Schmidt, that was largely because of the Kossite money flooding her competitor, a handful of stupid remarks she made, and the singularly bad year all-around for Democrats.)

Rob Crawford

Bah. "bad year all-around for Republicans".

Bah. Need sleep. And lunch.

hit and run

Apparently I was wrong to expect a "Tuesday After the First Monday in November of an Even Numbered Year Open Thread" from TM.

[TheVIMH: But the Day is Young!]
Not if you're not a hippy. Or live in Alaska.

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