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November 13, 2010



He's a real nowhere man
sitting in his nowhere land,
making all his nowhere plans,
for nobody.

Strange how Peggy didn't quite pick up on that sooner.


More "wrong, wrong and wrong"
all via the Politico:

Anyone following the Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle in Nevada was also probably following the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston on Twitter, where he’d often talk about his rival “newspaper” in scare quotes because of what he considered outrageously Angle-slanted coverage.

Now the Las Vegas Review-Journal has turned over its entire top brass – pubisher, editor and general manager – in a move that Steve Friess argues has everything to do with who won the election last week.

And this: some ditz at the PuffHo is accusing President Bush of plagiarism because his own quotes were used by others in books they wrote before his (i.e., Woodward). The left is insane. Always has been and always will be.


OT but I'm sure of interest:

in today's Washington Post, in response to such puffery, R.E. Pound who identifies himself as someone who served in theCIA from 1976 to 2009 writes in a letter to the editor:
[quote] I was at one point charged with looking into possible damage in one location caused by Valerie Plame's outing. There was non/ [snip]It was ludicrous for her to claim that the exposure forced an end to her career in intelligence."


No, Pegster we are dealing with the consequences of your school girl crush, that's not even close to the same thing


(My post was clipped from a submission to AT and "such puffery" relates to the reviews of "Fair Game".)


It is nice for R.E. Pound to chime in now. Where the hell has he been?

Thomas Collins

I haven't yet been able to bring myself to read Noonan's article in the WSJ. My memory of her as one of the Obama enablers is still too fresh. However, the Notable & Quotable part of today's WSJ contains this gem from Walter Russell Mead:

"Many of our nation's intellectual leaders wonder why the rest of the country isn't more respectful of their claims to be guided by and speak for the cool voice of celestial reason. That so many of them gushed over Barack Obama with all of the profundity of reflection and intellectual distance of tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert should help them understand why their claims of superior wisdom are sometimes met with caustic cynicism."

My only quibble with Mead is that he doesn't give tweeners quite enough credit. The tweeners probably keep their tingling for Justin more under control than members of the credentialled moron class kept theirs under control for Obama.


Well he does appear here, Janet, in the LUN


No, no, no - his central preoccupaton was pinning down his spot on Mt. Rushmore. Health care reform was simply his vehicle to immortality.

So true. Obama has a crush on his image of himself. Great post Mr. Maguire. I used to think Obama was really just an actor...now I think he is just a model. He should have been the model for Ray-Bans, or Florsheim shoes.


I just watched the Morning Joe video clip where he and Mike Barnicle say that seven (at least) "top Democrat" Senators have said that Obama doesn't know what he is doing.

No kidding? Well, do these top Dems know what the hell they are doing, supporting this Empty Suit of a President? Apparently not.


That article is from Dec. 2009...Libby was indicted in Oct. 2005.


rus,Janet, but he didn't retire until last year.


If I played Barak one on one in basketball, I would destroy him. I haven't played in about 15 years.

I'm telling ya' he's the president of Ile Paveau (Wiseguy), and when the bums rush comes it ain't gonna be some secret nefarious organization.

Well, I guess that's contingent on how you define the democratic party.


Here ya go Barack. A new career.


Noonan then: "Whoever is elected Tuesday, his freedom in office will be limited. Mr. Obama is out of money and Mr. McCain is out of army, so what might be assumed to be the worst impulses of each -- big spender, big scrapper -- will be circumscribed by reality."

And she faults Obama for being out of touch with reality?

Jim Ryan

The difference between a speechwriter and a writer is that a writer has something worth saying.

Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Has Noonan ever said anything about her prior supportbof Obama?

Captain Hate

seven (at least) "top Democrat" Senators have said that Obama doesn't know what he is doing.

How could Lurch know that?


Janet--that letter to the editor is dated today. The author retired from the agency in 2009.

Hit makes the Insty neon lights yet again:

BAD NEWS FOR OBAMA IN THE WASHINGTON POST: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012. “We do not come to this conclusion lightly. But it is clear, we believe, that the president has largely lost the consent of the governed.” (Reader Jeff Dobbs emails: “They told me that if I voted for John McCain there would be calls for the president to only serve one term. And they were right!“)


A fellow Wiseguy fan, Donald. btw I think someone dusted off the 'nongenuine economic
destabilization' plan, from the Washington arc

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--He's a real nowhere man
sitting in his nowhere land,
making all his nowhere plans,
for nobody.--

That last part should read;

making all his nowhere plans for every poor, frickin, sucker who walks, talks or still has two saw bucks to rub together

but it kind of spoils the meter.


Ignatz, check your email.


WaPo has a very positive article about Boehner ally Rep. Greg Walden, described by a WA Dem as "A man of complete integrity", whose team is currently rewriting the House rules.

Jim Ryan

Microtrivia: Boehner didn't throw Iott under the bus in re Iott's war reenactment geekery. Cantor did throw him under, however. Iott lost his election.

Boehner 1, Cantor 0.

Jack is Back!

Don't get cocky!

I have been reading and hearing that Boehner is going senority first (i.e. Spencer Bachus is a shoo-in for Financial Services Committee). If this happens I believe he loses credibility with the T-Party. In addition, here in Florida there seems to be a lot of pressure on Rick Scott to accept the $800 million to $2 billion for high speed rail that he has previously opposed. It just seems to me that all this talk of Obama losing his creds and his base and his 2nd term are pre-mature. The T-Party created chaos and a new congress in less than 2 years. Obama and the Dems can turn themselves around if the Republican mainstream loses the force that gave them new life.

Its possible that Boehner puts the new Chairs on a slim diet of less spending, less regulation, more investigations, etc. But I am having my doubts.


A better post-prez opportunity for Mr. Obama.


All kidding aside...I agree JiB. Obama is pretty good at PR - and he has two years (well a year until the campaigning starts) to get it back together.


AP: "Under an arrangement worked out in private, officials said Clyburn would instead receive a new position, title unknown and duties undescribed, explicitly labeled the third-ranking post in leadership."

At least we're not reduced to making up positions to prevent a race war. Boehner has quite a task, and I'm willing to trust his judgment about who goes where at this point.


I really don't think he is good looking enough to be a model, and sort of too fem to be a tractor trailer driver. Maybe this LUN is his alternative career path.


Sorry about the long Anduril like cut and paste job, but I found this comment by Richard Fernandez at his own blog rather disturbing, because of its truth:

Obama is diminished because America is diminished. One thing he has destroyed, perhaps for a very long period of time, is its real prestige. Prestige is based on a kind of fear or awe and not on supposed “affection” which counts for nothing in the hard calculus of the world.

That awe was compounded not just of America’s strength, but to something Ralph Peters once called “The Old Magic”; the idea that somehow America had a kind of greatness, a sort of mojo that raised it above the low places of the world. Obama is proof, or seeming proof, that it does not.

“How could we have elected this man” translates to “how could the US have elected this man?” when viewed from the outside. Americans are palpably foolish after all, must the conclusion. This is in a smaller measure, what Malayans discovered about the British Empire when their armies were being marched from Singapore to build railroads for the Japanese for a handful of rice and knock on the head. Britain was supposed to produce Wellingtons and Nelsons. What Singapore showed was Perceval’s greatness was only the sham greatness of the Raffles Hotel social set. How hollow it was.

When people discover the Old Magic is gone; that the Presidents and the Secretaries of State are human after all they begin to think, “they’ve lost the mandate of heaven”. Gee, these guys are foolish.

Ironically every time conservatives throw a brickbat at the President that sticks it diminishes the prestige further. The truth is, American would prefer an President who was great; who bestrode the world stage. Who embodied the Old Magic. Not Hope and Change from a box of crackerjacks. On the day that the world regards him as a clown is the day America itself shares in his shame. After all, like or not, he was elected to the Oval office.

Paradoxically even Obama’s enemies have an interest in not seeing him make a fool of himself. But it is unclear whether anything can be changed now, if he’s determined to play the jester to the end. It just has to play out, to run to its sad, whimpering end, like a Greek tragedy, in the desperate hope there’ll be enough pieces left to pick up when the party’s over.
end quote h/t Belmont Club


no no no!!

the the perfect career change for Obama is LUN


oh, peter - Richard Fernandez is right. sadly.

A box of cracker jacks - yep, with the plastic little "toy" inside.


it is perfectly logical that people totally mesmerized by grouphate for one person (Bush) would not be able to be rational about another person (Obama)

Jack is Back!


If he didn't want to travel he could be a Keynesian Guide.


((the idea that somehow America had a kind of greatness, a sort of mojo that raised it above the low places of the world. Obama is proof, or seeming proof, that it does not.))

Who cares what the world thinks? Appeal to popularity is a logical fallacy. America is lot bigger than a mistake and even national mistakes are learning experiences which refine future actions for the better.


chubby: Neo-neocon has post up this morning about BDS and the not quite comparable ODS.

Bush Derangement Syndrome v. Obama Derangement Syndrome?




(I think he already is a Keynesian Guide.)


Yes, peter, I say something of the sort in Sunday's CP..How did Obama think that my diminishing the status of the country he led, he would increase his own power and position?


How much of this stuff are we gonna stand for...?

from the article - "Parraz said the United States flag was causing "racial tensions" and school officials were concerned for Cody's safety. They didn't want Cody to "get jumped or hurt."

Just like the TSA stuff. Criminals, terrorists, & thugs threaten us, and we've got to give up our rights & freedoms. How about the criminals, terrorists,& thugs get punished? There's an idea!
Superintendent Parraz should have said, "If anyone touches a hair on that kid's head they will pay. Our community will kick you out of school & prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Any citizens from other countries that are here illegally and are caught intimidating any American citizen will be promptly deported."


Come now, our role, Janet, is to overpay numb-nuts like the superintendent of schools, who see their job as making it easy on themselves...no waves..

Danube of Thought

Thanks for that quote, Peter. Painful but very perceptive.

A case can be made that the diminution of America is something Obama actively sought. There is a great deal in his past (and present) to suggest that to the extent he understands America he doesn't much like it. His explicit putdown of the idea of American exceptionalism was both shocking and telling.

My sense is that the damage he has done is irreparable.



thanks for that link, both the blog and the comments were excellent ...

this is the graf that resonated most with me:

((These same people believe not only that their hatred of Bush is every bit as rational as hatred of Hitler, but many of them also believe that we on this board and others like it have an irrational hatred of Obama. That is one of the reasons that every criticism of Obama is met with charges of “racist,” rather than a focus on the policy arguments being made (the latter are too rational). That is why the more irrational segments of the birther movement are emphasized so much by the left. ))

They are so far gone into personalization (a mindset related to huge posters of dear leaders) that they cannot comprehend impersonally disagreeing on issues.

I suppose their fingerpoint backatus is how we make fun of Obama ... well, yes, I do laugh at jokes about him, but I do not hate the man. In fact I think a few pricks to his ego balloon will do him a lot of good.


I think a few pricks to his ego balloon will do him a lot of good.


Captain Hate

Is Richard Fernandez the same person that's called "Wretchard" (or something like that) on other innertubez sites?

Is Nooner bi-polar? For every time she seems to "get it" she counters with at least two clueless chunks of verbiage. Or is she just the handmaiden of the Repuke oligarchs and, like an airheaded ditz, keeps forgetting on what side her bread is supposed to land?


Is Richard Fernandez the same person that's called "Wretchard"

Yes. No one knew his real name or where he lived for quite some time.

Rick Ballard

How long, broadly speaking, should a country with a banking system incapable of maintaining quickly accessible documentation of basic loan instruments be expected to maintain credibility? How long, again, broadly speaking, should a country which avidly pursues policies raising the cost of energy by devoting resources to building windmills and solar collectors as wards against an illusory CO2 Monster be expected to maintain credibility?

Fernandez is still a little too wrapped in his Ender character and attachment to symbolism. Obama is a fine example demonstrating the gullibility of our pseudo-intellectual 'elite' political class but I would suggest that a forged note or a rusting windmill would be more suitable.

Danube of Thought

From the Belmot Club in 2005:

" People who knew me in the past, as well as my colleagues at Pajamas Media, know perfectly well "who" I am, although I think that information is totally irrelevant. Since the model of anonymity is failing, I'll disclose the boring details. My name is Richard Fernandez, of Filipino birth and Australian citizenship. My interest in history probably began at Harvard, from which I graduated with a Masters in Public Policy. Wretchard is the name of an imaginary cat, the symbol of that entire race of stoic, yet somewhat foolish creatures. Belmont is the name of a suburb I roomed in while at Cambridge, Mass.

Cecil Turner

Noonan's real silliness is in pretending we were all as clueless as she is. Much of the way the last two years turned out is not a surprise. Steven Den Beste (H/T Instapundit) had an election wrap-up that was dead on, in particular this bit:

The main reason this will be a "coming of age" moment is that now Obama and the Democrats have to put up or shut up. Obama got elected by making himself a blank slate, with vapid promises about "hope" and "change" -- but now he actually has to do something. Now he has to reveal his true agenda. And with the Democrats also having a majority in both chambers of Congress, now the Democrats really have to lead. And they're not going to do a very good job of it. It's going to be amusing to watch.
The things candidate Obama promised were clearly impossible or impracticable, and much of the moral outrage the lefties felt was over completely stupid issues (e.g., having a POW camp in wartime). And even if he hadn't been saddled with his own silly campaign promises, he'd have had an unworkable problem herding Dem politico-cats. The fact that he shared many of their silly ideas just made it worse.

As far as ODS goes, I feel little or no emotion toward him, certainly not hate. (Those who try to steal elections by chicanery and disenfranchising overseas servicemen are a different story.) He just keeps coming up with predictably dim socialist policies, which need to be resisted. I wish he'd dug less of a hole; but even that was probably necessary to teach the lesson to the electorate (who still haven't gotten it completely).

"The difference between a speechwriter and a writer is that a writer has something worth saying."

Posted by: Jim Ryan

Too, true. I've often wondered if Peggy Noonan has anything rattling around in her head except catchy little phrases. While her political analysis might thrill the ladies of the Thursday afternoon bridge club, it certainly is not worthy of a column in the Wall Street Journal.


Exactly, cecil..

Danube of Thought

Seems to me that Iran, watching the US invasion of Iraq, saw the US do in a matter of days what Iran could not do in eight years of war: defeat Saddam's army and oust his regime from power. In the ensuing seven years he has been captured, tried and hanged, and Iraq has become a parliamentary democracy.

All of this at a cost in American lives lower than that paid for the conquest of Guadalcanal.

Next Bubu will want to discuss the catastrophic implications for the GOP of the 2010 midterms.


Fer sure the Chinese are amused, Rick. Not only do we embrace the lunacy of windpower, but they supply the windmills.

Just after the election and Fremont, Calif. manufacturer of windmills, the recipient of a half billion in government aid, announced that it is laying off workers and unplanning to expand. There is conjecture that the announcement was delayed so that it wouldn't impact Prop. 23 out there.

Remarkably corrupted we've become.


Was watching closely the body language of the world leaders encountering Obama at the G20 meetings.
The videos I saw showed a coolness toward the president. He had to extend himself to them not vice versa.

Frau Dingsbums

DebinNC - Love the look at who and what:
"Walden is hardly considered a partisan bomb-thrower, but he is a reliable conservative, and he acknowledged that he grew agitated during that debate. In March, he and a handful of Republican colleagues stood over the Capitol balcony holding up signs that spelled "K-I-L-L T-H-E B-I-L-L," stoking a tea party protest."


I am more optimistic about our future. Obama has marginalized himself not America. We still have enough Americans to pursue our dreams and our country is still the envy of the world. We will figure out the economic future despite the best attempts of Obama and the dems to sabotage it. The key phrase has always been on the part of the destoyers "spread the wealth around". That's not the mandate of the majority so that is where we focus our fight. Social justice issues can be handled in a better way by much smarter people than the ones surrounding Obama.



I was talking about Obama not Prince Charles :)

Jack is Back!

Don't know if the tribe has read the interview the Daily Telly had with W but it is certainly worth perusal as a counter personality and understanding of the American psyche compared to The Worse Loser. LUN


That was a very good interview, is that the historian Andrew Roberts


Well, it seems our president has actually achieved his original goal of being a uniter, not a divider.

We are united in not trusting him. We are united in our lack of respect for the man or the office. We are united in our distrust.

At the heart of that descent was the president’s inability to understand how the majority of Americans were thinking. From the day he was sworn in he seemed to have had no practical or intuitive sense of what was on the American mind.
This is a huge indictment, but I'm having trouble deciding who or whom deserves to be first on the indictment list. It's (make your own choice) The President, the Democratic Party or those who voted to make this man POTUS.

I have the solace of knowing that I'm not on the list, no matter.


She is not entirely wrong. She hardly ever is, but...

This rings fairly true.

    The establishment of the GOP hasn’t been good at this. Some of them aren’t philosophically serious. Some don’t know that persuasion is at the heart of things. Some know but aren’t good at it. Some think they’re never given quite the right venue to expand on their views, or questioned in the right way. They should create venues.

Fernandez has a point but Carter did much the same thing and we still recovered. Kick out the idiots in the WH and the world will breathe a sigh of relief (if not cheer out loud) when the US has proper leadership again.

Because even though people gripe about America being the world's policeman etc...everyone but our enemies wants (and relies upon, and is used to) a strong America.


My sense is that the damage he has done is irreparable.

I believe the damage is not irreparable, provided we don't sit back and take the recovery for granted. That's what is great about the Tea Party Movement. It's a movement of people not taking it for granted that America will bounce back, and recognizing that establishment Republicans like the ladies from Maine, Graham, Bennett in Utah, et al, won't get the job done, at least not without a kick and a shove.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

As bad as Obama is as a leader/president, I still don't think he is as bad as Carter. We don't have 18% interest on mortgages, we aren't being told we cannot put up Christmas lights and to put on our sweaters to make it thru the winter without heat. We don't have long lines around the block to purchase gas. We, at least not yet, are not at the point where our military is in complete disarray with low, low morale and equipment falling apart. As a military family during those years, it was a brutal time where we were made to feel like second-class citizens and as a Navy family we were aware of just how serious our lack of readiness had become. I don't know about other branches, but the Navy was literally falling apart due to lack of funds to fix rusting ships or buy replacement parts to keep things running.

Reagan, in very short order, restored that special feeling that is called American pride and we pulled ourselves out of the abyss.

It takes leadership, sometimes cheerleadership, to remind Americans how great they really are and inspire the ordinary American to do extraordinary things or come up with extraordinary solutions.

First Reagan made us feel good about ourselves again and then he set about getting things done. I'm not pushing Palin, but even her enemies have to admit that she has that special ability to make people believe they are important and that they can make a difference and which opens the door for the doers of this world to come up with solutions.

We need a leader/leaders who will take a hard look at just how much money we have available and what are the critical areas that must be funded. Tea Partier or clueless American is not against spending for the necessities any more than we are here at home about buying food, gas, housing before we buy that new HiDef TV or season tickets to our favorite team's games.

One of the things I love about the blogosphere and the Internet, in general, is how anyone can tap into the expertise of those who know a subject well. These experts might never have their expertise tapped otherwise since many, if not most, are not the fancy schmancy so-called credentialed experts. They might be the guy who spent his life on the assembly line or in some important yet not particularly illustrious job. They know their subject inside and out. The Joe the Plumbers of America. Unfortunately, the politically elite give short shrift to anyone of practical experience in favor of their academic theorists. The result is that those with true and practical expertise never speak out because they are constantly reminded that the political elite consider them inferior beings. A practical person plants a garden for the food it will produce that helps reduce their grocery bill. An elite goes to an organic store and buys food called organic so they can lord it over those who cannot afford such luxuries and so they can pretend they are so green and friendly to the environment and into healthy eating. We need to reenergize those who have never been afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to achieve their goals and who have learned by doing what really works and what doesn't and put all these headtripping talkers of theory out to pasture.


was in a restaurant last night, and Larry King was interviewing Michael Moore with the sound turned down.

Moore was waving his arms around and yelling and generally acting the fool as King nodded enthusiastically. The gist, from the ticker across the bottom, is that Obama has to double down now and fight for real reform and that he's a tool of the evil Wall Street capitalists (which is true. Yes, Mr. Obama, you are a tool).

So the crazy left wingers are falling deeper into their dementia from all I am reading and seeing.

As the shadow Secretary of Mental Health, I would immediately establish homes for these poor delusional souls. Is Creedmoor still available?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Mark Twain: "Ain't we got all the fools in this town on our side?... And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?"

Danube of Thought

WaPo is saying KSM will remain in detention without trialnuntil aftervthe 2012 election.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

OT: In updating some advertising on my blog, I discovered something last night that has me excited. I did not realize that I don't need a Kindle to download Kindle books. Kindle books are available to download right to my computer and/or my Blackberry or iPhone. I've wanted a Kindle for a long time, but I didn't have the extra money to buy one. There have been so many books that I've wanted to buy over the past couple of years that I didn't because of either cost or the inability to get to the bookstore because of my back. Last night I downloaded Decision Points for $9.99, which is a huge savings over the cost of the hardcover edition. Now that I have my big computer fixed, I've decided to repurpose the little 10" netbook for strictly reading purposes. It is lightweight, small, and has an incredibly sharp display that makes it perfect for book reading anywhere. Am I the last to discover that you don't need a Kindle to Kindle?


A new slogan:

“Let me help you pack.” That’s what Gov. Chris Christie told one of the state’s top administrators when that administrator commented publicly that he could leave New Jersey and go to another state if his $242,000 total compensation were to be capped under the governor’s proposed rule.

Danube of Thought

After getting an iPad I discovered it has a free Kindle app that lets you dowload books fro Amazon.

The Blue Demons' tenure as a forcet to be reckoned with on the gridiron expired today.


I'm about ready to call it Hitstapundit. From Insty today:

BAD NEWS FOR OBAMA IN THE WASHINGTON POST: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012. “We do not come to this conclusion lightly. But it is clear, we believe, that the president has largely lost the consent of the governed.” (Reader Jeff Dobbs emails: “They told me that if I voted for John McCain there would be calls for the president to only serve one term. And they were right!“)


Sara, no, you are no9t the last person to know the guarded secret of Kindle! What a great thing to know about! Thank you! I'm going to try downloading a book to my laptop this weekend.


I see Navy is playing the whole of Central Michigan today. That should move them to the top of the BCS.

If the Cadets win.


“Let me help you pack.”

That'd be a great Tea Party sign.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

MaryD: It was so easy. Go to the Amazon Kindle Store and you'll see a drop down menu with all the devices that can be used as Kindle readers (each Kindle book for sale has this menu on the sales page for the book). Click on Kindle for PC and download. From the shortcut that installs on the desktop, you can then search and download books to your heart's content, even switch them to other devices through a USB connection.


Not sure if it will stay up, but one of the headline stories at the Chicago Tribune is
"Sleeping Woman Killed in Bed By SUV"

Who knew they were so conniving?


Good catch, Janet. Kind of like all those people killed on 9/11 by Boing 767s.


Boint=Boeing. (Just got up from a nap.)


I give up. Someone should help me pack.

I Won 2 Years Ago

Can't you say something nice?


How can you mention his using for health care and not mention the paining and seeing foreign aid Congress gave away or else? Its just FF no matter how cool an infrmant be; just like legacies weVve seen like Joe and Val sons and daughters wanting that govt money. Its all givng away money to foreiners and should have been obvious


It appears the Murky Cow crowd are are bending the curve on electoral monkey business:

"This author has received an internal campaign report tracking more allegations of impropriety in the Alaska Senate Race between Tea Party favorite, Republican candidate Joe Miller, and write-in candidate, incumbent Lisa Murkowski. The communication reveals three separate complaints made to the Miller campaign:

1.Village Voters: A person has heard of villages using one person to vote or fill in the write-in for several hundred people.
…Do we have the personnel or resources to check handwriting and do they keep each village bundled together? If we were to find out that one person voting has occurred, would they be thrown out? I have asked the person to allow us to use [his/her] name and the name of what villages we should be concerned about. [This person] said that we should be concerned about all villages, especially the ones that only have 300 or less in population…"

The rest of this report is LUN

Danube of Thought

What about the compliments?


Sweet. First Pelosi wimps out and creates a bogus position with undefined title and responsibilities to keep Clyburn in the big house. Now she's being challenged for minority leader.

Two, four, six, eight
Who do we appreciate?


If I see another commercial for Fair Game I'm gonna hurl. WTF.


House Republicans Consider Effort to Revive D.C. Voucher Program


Thanks for that Fernandez post Peter. Sadly excellent.

"When people discover the Old Magic is gone; that the Presidents and the Secretaries of State are human after all they begin to think, “they’ve lost the mandate of heaven”.

That "Losing the Mandate of Heaven" comment certainly resonates with my understanding of the Asian (primarily Chinese) way of viewing Nations. My read of history is that from their long view of 3,000 plus years of Chinese dynasties, that is how the Chinese view the matter. IN addition, I believe they view us as something of a juvenile Nation. With only 230 years under our belt, I think they think we need to have another 500 years or so under our belt as a functioning nation before presuming we've got this "how To Run a Nation" business figured out. They have plenty of Dynasties in their history that arose because of the corruption of the previous regime, did well for the first hundred years or so, then slowly descended into that system of bloated empowered bureaucracies, corrupted officials, and economic decay, which as a result "Lost the Mandate of Heaven" and ushered in the following dynasty to repeat the pattern.

That is way too simplistic obviously, but when at the 230 year mark they observe us with our hubristic, incompetent leadership, our massive governmental corruption and societal dumbing down, our collapsing financial system, our idiotic policies strangling energy and business and the freedoms that made us great in the first place, and our apparent complete ignorance of recent and ancient history, I can't see how else they could currently view us any differently than "Having Lost the Mandate of Heaven." I think they've expected this.

Our job then, it seems to me, is laid out for us. It is to prove them wrong by reaffirming the principles of our Founder's and their foundational documents, and ousting those in power who are so intent on abolishing those principles.


Obama does exactly what he wants to do. The only mistake has been made by the electorate. It started long before 2008. It started when we left news, facts and opinions in the hands of a select few. We let ourselves because easily manipulated. Fortunately inside all of us is an American spirit that finally has woken up. For that I thank Obama. Too bad he knows so little about that spirit.


Sara, you spoke quite well about expertise. I have specialized in Expert Systems for 25 years. I interview experts from insurance to avionics to financial services. They have what I call situational awareness, which has lead them to create rules of thumb to handle a variety of situations. This coupled with common sense and a little creativity is what makes them experts.

The soft sciences and people who rely mainly on statistical models and data mining however only know trends in the data. I had a long debate once about this with an Mortgage actuary about Risk Models. Common sense, that an expert has could see that mortgages in California (and nearby states) were ALL risky because the incredible rise in home values. But the statistical (SAS) models did not look at such data, so the risk was Ignored.

Greenspan himself said that his models "would have predicted the housing crises" if he had 30 years of data rather than 20 years. No common sense, no expertise, just blind reliance on data and models.

We are seeing the same thing from climatologist (soft scientists) and their global warming hysteria.

Obama leans entirely on the statistical bias of these models. Some even think that with such models they can manage the entire economy. First thing I would do is fire them and junk the models and bring in the experts.

Army of Davids

"Waiting for Superman"

Of all our long term problems.....Public education K-12 may be the worst.

Michelle Rhee is a name to know. She tried to take on the teacher's unions in DC.


Old Timer,

Local Talk yesterday (Beigel), said one of his sources was a Repub watcher of the counting process in Juneau. He said that from his specific observation at whatever table he was observing, that all 170- or so write in ballots from 1 particular Native village were all printed in the handwriting of at most 2 individuals.

Doubt anything will come of it. Talk up here is divided on whether Miller should concede immediately as a lost cause, or continue pressing the Lawsuit to get this resolved for the future. Even allowing for all the challenges I believe Lisa has unequivocally won. The media chorus will shortly grow about Joe the whiner for not conceding. We shall see.

FWIW, Miller's new Lawyer up here to oversee the recount process is the guy who did the Willie Horton ad, so he is introduced in almost every news story I have seen as something like "the Lawyer responsible for the infamous racist Willy Horton ad."

Also FWIW, the overall scheme just to reiterate, seems to be the following:

1) Federal Money orgs can't contribute to any particular campaign (I think thats right)

2) The Native Corps get millions of dollars in Federal money for their bidding on Federal projects and winning the project under Legislation to affirmatively award such stuff top Natives.

3) The Natives spend the money on particular candidates (Lisa) saying they are not Federal Corps, but instead are a Native Org, so Fed restrictions don't apply.

Sorry for my imprecision of terms but I believe that is the gist it. If I am wrong I will be happy to be corrected.


I am sorry to hear this news about the unfairness in this election for the senate seat. It was equally bad last time when they falsely prosecuted Ted Stevens. I hope this information about one person signing all those ballots comes to light. This is a travesty of the process and makes a mockery of the election.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Do any of these idiots ever remember that Willie Horton was allowed to leave Mass. on furlough and he promptly went to Maryland, where he raped and tortured a family there? No, they make him a victim of racism. It is sick.


That is way too simplistic obviously,

Doesn't sound too simplistic. Sounds true.


To be fair, Sara, I don't think they made him a victim. The ridiculous claim is that Bush 41 tried to inflame racial fears with the ad about a scary black guy, even though it was really the left's reaction to the ad that made it a racial thing. The ad raised a perfectly legitimate issue, and the Dems responded with the racial smokescreen to divert attention.

The other unfortunate thing is that the name Willie Horton is now more linked with this incident than with the fine Detroit Tiger baseball player from the 1960s and 70s.



I loved Willie Horton the baseball player as a kid. Not much of a fielder, but what a hitter!


Per wiki:

"he first person to mention the Massachusetts furlough program in the 1988 presidential campaign was Al Gore. During a debate at the Felt Forum sponsored by the New York Daily News, Gore took issue with the furlough program. However, he did not specifically mention the Horton incident or even his name, instead asking a general question about the Massachusetts furlough program.[6]"

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Army of Davids, Rhee seems like a real crusader (can we still say that?) and impresses me with her approach and objectives. She has not mentioned social justice, as far as I know. I'm not sure how I feel about her fiance Kevin Johnson, Friend of Barack, who misused government funds given his academy while mayor of Sacramento:

St. HOPE Academy's alleged misuse of AmeriCorps fundsOn
April 9, 2009, Acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence G. Brown announced that St. HOPE Academy had agreed to pay $423,836.50 over ten years in settlement of allegations that it did not appropriately spend AmeriCorps grants and education awards and did not adequately document spending of grants. The settlement amount represented one-half of the $847,673 in AmeriCorps funds received by St. HOPE Academy over three years from 2004 to 2007.[31] Johnson, St. HOPE Academy’s founder and former CEO, agreed to pay $72,836.50 of St. HOPE Academy’s $73,836.50 initial payment. In settlement, St. HOPE Academy acknowledged not adequately documenting a portion of its AmeriCorps grant expenditures, and the Corporation for National and Community Service terminated its September 24, 2008 suspension of St. HOPE Academy and Johnson from receiving federal funds, ending questions about Sacramento’s eligibility to receive federal stimulus funds.(Wiki)

It was never explained to the public why *all* the money was not to be repaid.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Well, Maryland, the bluest of blue states, went Republican in 1988, not because of the ad, but because the entire state was furious that Dukakis let this killer roam free to come to their state.

Danube of Thought

My recollection was that Gore actually rennin ad that mentioned Horton by name, but the leftist clAim was that Bush crossed the line by showing his picture and thus disclosing his race.

Jesse Jackson says repealing Obamacare would be genocide.

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