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November 05, 2010


Rob Crawford

The day before election day she was publicly stating the Democrats would keep control of the House. She's either delusional, and has no idea how unpopular she is, or she just doesn't care, so long as the brainless drones in her district keep re-electing her.


Given the extreme left-loony nature of the Dems left in the House, I think she has better than even chance of getting the minority Leader post.

Most of the Dem so-called moderates lost on Nov 2, leaving the CBC and the coastal loons in place.


Exactly, sam, we know have a more liberal Dim caucus than we did before. Anything is possible.

Can we negotiate a lead parachute for her?

I keep getting this comic picture in my head, of Boehner trying to take the gavel, and Nancy holding onto it, and little tug of war at the speakers podium.

Nancy Pelosi

You have to elect me minority leader to find out what kind of idiotic things I'm going to say on TV.


She is very stupid woman who lives in a bubble, but she knows precinct type politics and TM is right--she's angling for bennies for her posse.


I am beginning to suspect that Schuler's threat to run against her for minority leader is his way to set up a party switch. He ran as an anti-Pelosi Dem, and it will be very hard for him next cycle if he has to run again as a Dem with her in any leadership role.

hit and run

Fun comment just left on an old post at my blog regarding PUK:

Pete once told me that teaching people music who have no rhythm is like pushing the QE2 through a sea of mars bars. He was my guitar teacher for 10 years, gonna miss the guy, always made me laugh

That's not Quantitative Easing he was talking about...

Danube of Thought

I think she'll retire altogether after she cuts the best deal she can for her vegetables.

BB Key

It runs in the family.

After her father (Big Tommy D'Allesandro) was defeated as mayor of Baltimore he refused to leave the political stage... Big Tommy was finally given a patronage job in DC by LBJ, this was a big embarrassment to young Nancy


I hope she hangs in there.


I think it would be absolutely fantastic for Obama, Pelosi and Reid to remain the face of the Dem party as we head toward 2012.

Texas Mom 2010

If she stays in any leadership role, she will be the gift that keeps on giving! I suspect that she will leave before she has to give up the gavel, but wouldn't it be FUN if she stayed through 2012.


I hope she hangs in there

Me too, especially in these lean times. Why pay for the gym when we've got Sweatin'
with the Socialists


She's like Alien Queen, hanging on in the airlock isn't she


Or like Glenn Close rising from the bath water, Narciso.


Heh. I don't guess Barry and Nancy will be looking forward to the next SOTU as much as the last one, huh?

Jim Ryan

Is SCOTUS probably going to decide the Constitutionality of Obamacare before the 2012 election? Anyone know?


Pelosi's Progressive Caucus homies fared well, losing only 3 of their 78 members, and the article says more Dems will be joining.

Captain Hate

Mark Levin talked last night about how great it would be to have the 3 Stooges remain in place; and particularly how insane it must make egomaniacs Shemp Schumer and Curly Joe Durbin.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Yeah they should get more progressive. That's the ticket!


I hope she hangs in there.

I hope she hangs.


The beauty of it is that the caucus as a whole has no choice but to become more progressive, because its "moderate" wing just got sheared off on Tuesday. Gonna be interesting.

JM Hanes


The Daily Show had a funny riff on Pelosi's last stand, in which she cut off her arm and replaced it with an articulating gavel.


I'm not so sure Pelosi's got any leverage left to plumb. She may get some deference for her accomplishments, but Steny Hoyer has been standing in line for her job, since the day he knocked off the Speaker's pet, John Murtha, for Majority Leader. After 4 years of bad cop/good, it's the good cop's turn. They both know it.

If anybody understands the new dynamics, it's Pelosi, and I'd be astonished if she even ran for another term in 2012. Losing her jets, her corner office, the bowing and scraping, etc. may hurt almost as much as losing the power of the gavel itself. She's made all the history she's ever going to as Speaker; why stick around while her legacy is dismantled?

I R A Darth Aggie

'Nancy Pelosi - Stalker or Zombie?'

Why does it have to be a binary choice? how about Stalker Zombie?


When is the next SOTU scheduled?

Nancy Pelosi

I'm brushing this speech up for Fall 2011:

"...difficult decision. But when we see a pattern of unsteadiness at the helm, we know that a change in leadership is necessary. And that is why today I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States...."

Tom Maguire

Why does it have to be a binary choice? how about Stalker Zombie?

Good point! Normally I deplore these false choices.

Jack is Back!

Regarding Pelosi, progressives, liberals, socialists and other parts of the Democrat body delecti - don't forget the popcorn! LUN

Rick Ballard

"Gonna be interesting."

It's going to be extraordinarily interesting when the proglodyte pustules are not able to fill their beggars' cups with OPM. Mel believes Chicago will go first but I lean towards NYC. Chicago has been more profligate but the revenue drop for NYC is going to accelerate very sharply - even faster than the rise in layoffs on Wall Street.


It's a lot simpler than all that. Steny will be minority leader, because he's got a good harcut and he can string a sentence together-- Boehner Bad, Barry O Good, God Bless America" but all of the Dem caucus members and ranking committee members will be from the 140 safe liberal seats. the Blue Dogs are dead, long-live the progressives. Steny will be the powerless 'moderate' face for the left-wing party. Nancy will be in SF/LA/Hamptons on a botox IV.


Very interesting link, JiB, but I'm not sure I get what they're arguing about. Lawrence proudly said, "I'm a socialist"..."Liberals are 20%" [of the electorate] and "Without the Blue Dogs, we don't get Barney Frank [and other socialists] as chairmen".. Is GG arguing with any of those truisms?


Dem caucus Leaders in above comment


Rick Ballard--

The NYC/NYS 'crats will be fun to watch as they shriek at Wall Street and other producers to make more money dammit!! Next will be Gov. Jerry Brown and Quinn demanding a Federal bailout and the Repub House passing an amendment to Fed Bankruptcy law permitting state bankruptcy so they can discharge public union contracts and pension debts. The resulting shrieks will sound like Aliens II. Alas, a lot of the collateral damage will hit my business, but, it's for a good cause.


I don't even see the point of this, which I found off a John Weidner thread, in the LUN

Reg Stephens

Ah, my morning pelosi! Gonna be a great day.


Pelosi is very rich,JMH, and has a lot of rich dopes who love her who'll contribute to whomever she asks them to. It's what she did for the DNC here before she ran for Congress.
Politics is like the art world--money sets the standards too often. If the rich dopes pay millions for Warhol, he;s the one/


Re bailing out CA, panel on FOX Business yesterday afternoon agreed the bailing out is well underway via the Build America Bonds Program put in Porkulus.


--"She's made all the history she's ever going to as Speaker; why stick around while her legacy is dismantled?"--

She will remain to create a new legacy.
">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_Newsom"> Gavin Newsom

Newsom's father had ties to several other local politicians.[9] Newsom's aunt was married to the brother-in-law of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.[10] Newsom's father was also a friend of Jerry Brown.[10].
Zombie Stalker

I know people who maintain that both Obama & Biden will be assassinated while Pelosi is till Speaker . . .


Pelosi just announced she WILL run for leadership....


Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Pelosi has decided to run for House minority leader.

I can not believe it. Talk about out of touch.


Above just reported via Megyn on Fox.

Rick Ballard

Great news - I hated to see the Three Stooges break up after only a two year run.



she'll win of course, and that will give about 10-20 Dems the excuse they need to caucus with the Repubs. That will be quite a sight when they cross the aisle. One way traffic of course.


In the sea of red on the map there is a blue pimple in Utah. ((Rep. Jim Matheson ekes out 6th term victory in Utah's 2nd congressional district.)) LUN

He had $1.6m and Morgan Philpot raised $200k and yet only lost by 51-49 percent.

Matheson has come out against Pelosi as minority leader. Is he scared? Will he switch parties or retire before 2012?


And his families business were tied with Getty, and he ran as an antidrilling Lt. Gov
while owning stock in TransOcean, TK

Slurpies for everyone, talk about not getting
the point of the exercise


Election returns for our county were made available, in summary, 15 hours, 38 minutes after the polls closed.

The Republican and the Democrat who are co-chairs of the Board of Elections EACH make $73,000 a year.

Can you say patronage for party stalwarts? Can you say a pox on both their houses?


Bloomberg yesterday:
Hoyer, if he emerges as minority leader, would be better suited “by ideology and sentiment” to strike a more conciliatory tone, said [Dem strategist Doug] Schoen, who advised President Bill Clinton when he ran for re-election in 1996.

That quote might have killed Steney's bid. With no obvius heir apparent, Pelosi staying might be the only way to avert all out war among the various House Dem factions. Given their importance in 2012, the CBC could rightfully demand James Clyburn, the #3 now, be the new Speaker.

Charlie Martin

Were't the Pelosians bad guys on Star Trek once?


Good grief! Is she also in on the mambo to Mumbai--I figure shots of her,Reid and the Obami riding gilt decorated elephants will cinch the American hatred of these clowns,

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I just want them to take her plane.

Annoying Old Guy

Can anyone here deny that Pelosi is, in fact, a near perfect representative of the proglodytes? You may not be able to imagine the Democratic Party caucus in the House keeping her as leader, but I can't imagine them not. She is their archetype and if they were aware enough to notice how that's not selling on the American Street, they wouldn't be proglodytes. I would also presume they consider themselves invulnerable at this point, if they survived this wave.

Rob Crawford

Were't the Pelosians bad guys on Star Trek once?

Were the aliens who didn't know how to build or maintain the spaceships they were in the Pelosians?


She doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping the Fin-reg and Healthcare monstrosities from getting a well deserved haircut. As to the dem men in the House they are whipped by the wicked witch of the west.
Hoyer is a wuss if he doesn't challenge her. we should have voted out these rump losers.

JM Hanes

I missed that one in a really big way. Can't you just hear the New Year's Eve retrospectives?

2010: Attack of the Undead!

All those folks who were forced to renounce Pelosi or lose their seats must be thrilled. If there are any of them left, of course.

Uncle BigBad

Me too, Jane.

The greatest joy for me in the whole campaign has been Nancy's loss of Air Force 3.

I just hope Boehner has the grace to refuse it.


If you think the progs learned anything from this election, think again. Read Katrina Vanden Heuvel's op-ed in Todays WSJ (I'd link it but it's subscriber-only on line and I read it on dead tree...but I really do know how to link!) Not the slightest inkling that anything about the policies was the problem except that they weren't insane enough.


Olberdouche suspended from MessNBC for his political contributions to candidates that he had on his show. Without PAY.

What a great week.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I just hope Boehner has the grace to refuse it.

He better.


AF General at Andrews: "Ms. Pelosi, you are no longer eligible for the 737. I'm very sorry.

Pelosi: "but!"

AF General: "Ms. Pelosi, may we can you a taxi to Reagan or Dulles?

Pelosi: "but!!!"

AF General: "Ms. Pelosi, the Air Police are armed with live ammuntion, and if you come any closer...."


call, you a taxi...call...dammit


AF General: ... call you a taxi...

Pelosi: Call me a taxi?

AF General: You are a taxi.

Danube of Thought

The Olbermann news is just exquisite. Unethical!

Captain Hate

Boatbuilder, whenever I open my WSJ and find a Katranny piece it's like a MoDo that drops acid instead of alcohol and blow.




I think she's still doing penance for her father's part in finding Diem, which she chalks up as being responsible for the Vietnam

hit and run

Surely someone will soon write up an Olbermann-style Speshul Comment to commemorate the event.

Hopefully bgates.


He could call it The Final Countdown.

Captain Hate

narc she could always donate the assets from that garbage rag to charity if she's *really* feeling bad about it


I say JOM puts in a pitch to take over KEEEEEFFF's slot/

hit and run

I say Fox should offer Olbermann $5M.


Word on the street says Olbermann will flip to Fox if it can guarantee him $5M plus 24 hours on the Times Square Jumbotron giving the "big bird" to MSNBC.

JM Hanes

Politico's head shot of Olbermann is amusing -- as is the $2,400 he spent to defeat Rand Paul. He did a little better on former MEChA Man, Raul Grijalva, and Gabrielle Giffords who are still sqeaking out their victories as we speak. You'll never guess where they're from:

Olbermann Picks

Interesting choices, no?


Comcast would like Dolbermann to quit so they would not have to pay rest of contract. Is Dolbermann too stupid to know they are provoking him?

JM Hanes

We should all start tuning in to Countdown, so its ratings don't drop without him.


"Lean forward and fall on your face"?

Annoying Old Guy

"Fall on your face, you must be having fun"


More Good News

Allen West gonna shakeup the Congressional Black Caucus

Oh man this is exactly why I love Allen West. He is the embodiment of NO FEAR! Not only did he hang up on Rick Klein after he waited 3 days to call and concede, but the says he is going to find out when they meet and join the Congressional Black Caucus. He said he’s not going to ask permission or anything, he’s just gonna do it because he believes he has the right qualifications. Ha!

I am SO GLAD Allen West is in Congress!!


That's beautiful Ann, GO WEST


The year: 1605. The place: England. A band of provincial religious fanatics plot to destroy the legislature of their own country, and hope to murder the ruler of their own nation. The plan was thwarted, and the successful defense of the nation celebrated each year on the anniversary of the date of the arrest of the conspirators: Guy Fawkes Night. November 5.

On this, the 405th observance of Guy Fawkes Night, it is instructive to contrast the foiled plot in Great Britain, which led to that nation's 350-year run as the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, and the possibly successful plot of our own provincial religious fanatics who seek to bring America's government to utter ruin, and America with it.

It has long been the project, nay the very raison d'etre, of this program to uncover the hideous plot against the Republic by our own latter-day Guys Fawke. Our enemies attempt to dismiss this work with appeals to the arcana of "Q" or "Nielsen" ratings, or with schoolyard gibes of "egotist" - yet these selfsame taunts prove our success, for why attack that which is not a threat?

While we have been unswerving in our dedication to our goal, we have never pretended to be equal to it alone. We have courted allies in this great and noble work. Some of these have come from the small but doughty ranks of the Progressive Caucus of the United States Congress. Another ally has been - had been - our employer, MSNBC.

This last has recently pronounced itself shocked, shocked, that our commitment to the protection of America has at times extended beyond the workday to the extension of paltry sums of monies to our fellow defenders of the nation. (A mere pittance, though as much as I could afford, not being the recipient of what I might style the "Courician" levels of recompense of some others of comparable stature.) On this most shallow of pretenses, I have been deprived of my livelihood, the platform from which I have for several years informed America, my gym membership, and my parking space.

Thus driven to extremis, I appear before you now to sound a clarion call in search of principled allies who can return me to national prominence to continue the work which no reasonable amount of modesty can prohibit me from describing as "essential". Time is short; the critical Presidential election is less than two years away, the Republican majority in the more vulgar house will be seated in eight weeks, and my co-op board has announced a no-tolerance policy on late payments. On top of which, my present return to my familiar channel is a result not of a rapprochement with the network, but of a bribe to a night watchman followed by barricading myself in the studio.

Even now, the turncoats and Quislings of "MS-Tea-Par-Tee" are attempting to break into my studio to cast me into the outer darkness. My resume speaks for itself, though of course clips are available on request; my obvious preference is to continue as political analyst and commentator nonpareil, though I also have considerable experience injecting a note of levity into the world of sport. As always, I can be reached at-

-just a minute, fellows-

-this is Keith Olbermann, saying-

-watch the hair!-

[We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by for an encore presentation of "Hardball"....]


Very nice, bgates! Countdown is counted out.


That was masterful, bgates, even better than Keefums could come up with on his best moment


Brilliant, bgates.



Kaboom, Kaboom, KABOOM!!! (That's the sound of Ann's fireworks exploding!)

Nice job bgates. You have been much missed around here, and may I say one heck of a lousy job launching the Space Shuttle:)

I am loving that a second guy, (Hayes) was also caught donating to the Dem's since their boss at NBC famously said something like "show me 1 example here at NBC of us doing whatever we're disingenuously and hypocritically accusing FOX of doing".

And I also loved Lawrence O'Donnell proudly announcing he was a Socialist yesterday when hollering at Progressive Cabana boy Glenn Greenwald.

Its wonderful Schadenfreude when the only stories I give a darn about anymore from particular networks are the ones that are about their demise.



Carol Herman

You're trying to explain surreal art?

First of all, according to Pelosi, Hoyer LOST 20 Blue Dogs! So, basically, he has no support. While Nancy still has her fancy office! So, I think she's gonna be tough to evict.

Among the surreal elements ahead? She could tell Boehner to "just put his things in the hallway."

She could say "she's decorated HER space in a way that's so feminine, it would cost a small fortune to move her out." Boehner could cry. But unlike Newt, he doesn't have a Laminated Contract With America" to pull from his breast pocket.

And, Pelosi is NOT alone! The "powers where Obama comes from" sits with Pelosi, and Harry Reid. (What Harry Reid lost? Tourists for Las Vegas, that are mighty angry. And, IF you can't hold an honest election, how exactly can you sell those spots at gambling tables, hm?)

The 2012 ticket for the democraps, are pretty much set. It's the republicans who "could" lose? And, who could certainly have a bunch of angry Tea Party people stuck outside. As the elites all re-group.

Oh,and Pelosi got the morning after attention. What will Obama bring back? Curry recipes?

What will the Tea Party do when "powers" in DC, tell them they are "oh, so junior." ???

And, what happens when Sarah Palin socks out another book, maybe, calling it CORRUPT BASTARDS. And, takes another bus tour?

Meanwhile, I think, ahead, Eric Cantor fades. Other horses will come around the bend. But Paul Revere is not on horseback. To see Paul Revere, ahead, look for the bus tour.

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