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November 10, 2010



"Of the 4 candidates in the '08 election, Sarah was far and away the best pick for POTUS."

A simple obvious point that refudiates most of the hand wringing IMO.


bgates: And, don't forget Mitch Daniels also rides a Harley, instead of a unisex bicycle. pheh.

From Sowienoch


Threadkiller will need to work on this:
"Sixtus was a Dutch sea captain who came to the U.S. at the start of World War II, “when Holland was overrun. He was at sea, and they couldn’t go back to Rotterdam, so they went to New York.”


The AF/Gpk poll says that she is polarizing because her positive/negative among adults
is 46/49


Well - we really do need to take a look at the Deficit Commission's draft . . .

Krugman hates it. Pelosi calls it "unacceptable." Sounds like it might have some good points in it after all?

JM Hanes

'I'd rather discuss Republican strategy on the Hill right now. I think it's two early to divine the Rep nominee."

During the elections, I would have said -- well, actually did say -- that winning the Senate is always better than losing, but I've begun to change my mind in light of the results.

Republicans would never have gotten anything transformative past the presidential veto pen, in any case. As it turned out, McConnell acquired a big enough caucus to stop key presidential nominees without having to worry about the twins from Maine, Lindsay Graham or John McCain -- or all four put together. Reid's majority is going to have to decide just how many recess appointments they can afford to let Obama make before they read him the riot act.

Meanwhile, the Dems having been crowing about their Victory in the Senate at the top of their lungs -- they could almost be setting themselves up to share in the blame, if things don't improve by 2012, eh? And I'd sure rather have Harry Reid fighting to keep earmarks on the table, than Mitch McConnell out front doing it. Spamming him on that issue for a couple of years, along with a more conservative caucus, might have a salutary effect.

Over in the House, two years of hearings could be devastating, if Chairmen keep a tight rein on grandstanding and use their subpoena powers wisely. If Boehner just keeps passing the kind of accessible, pamphlet sized, bills that he's been talking about, the Republican platform will have practically written itself before the full fledged 2012 campaign season even gets off the ground.


Hamsher in her inimical style, calls it the Catfood commission, I saw that on the Memeorandum, no exaggeration there

Jack is Back!

The debt commission report is not what the Bami, Uncle Joe and the Dems wanted to see. Across the board tax cuts, 10% reduction in Federal payroll, reductions in all agencies, etc. Lots of issues to keep K street busy for 2 more years. I was hoping to see capping Congressional staff at 1,000 for committees and 2,000 for members as well as a limit of 250 for the WH. But that is fantasy in DC.

OT: Boehner just won over the T-Party temporarily by announcing he has considered his safety and will still continue to fly commercial and return Gulfstream to the Air Force.

Carol Herman

HA! But if Dubya resuscitates his image, then Jeb is just around the corner! What better way to kill the Tea Party dead, than to send in a Bush family member?

Oh, yeah. The best laid plans of mice and men ... often go awry. So, why not, here?


Rob Crawford, your 12:24 was great. I had to go back and reread it, because your mention of the Legal Insurrection post sent me over there. For some reason, the Google ID people have issued me a really weird symbol as a commenter there, but I support your thoughts there also.


rse, thanks so much. I will totally give you the heads up on Smith's next time.

Rick Ballard

Co-Chairs' Proposal

It's in executive summary, flip chart style. It's interesting but it could go farther.


JMH, I agree with all that.. Let's focus in hard on the here and now for a while and see what we can accomplish before we worry about the 2012 nominee..It will take shrewd strategists and discipline to accomplish our ends..no need to bust that all up with grandiose plans and internecine scrambling for position.


This may brighten up things heading into 2012.
<Allen">http://weaselzippers.us/2010/11/10/its-on-allen-wests-newly-named-chief-of-staff-calls-nancy-pelosi-garbage/">Allen West's SOS calls Nancy Pelosi________. This should liven up the House.


"before we worry about the 2012 nominee"

Well technically the discussion has mosly been about should Sarah stay home and sit this one out, not should she be the nominee.



can you give a summary of the debt commission details. Remember people this is BHO's OWN COMMISSION. BHO has to decide now that he has the spending cut news, does he triangulate like crazy and agree to the cuts and do a deal with the House repubs in order to get his sorry ass re-elected, or does he give in to his inner Alinsky Communist self and write off the Commission like nancy wancy. If he does the latter, 20 Dems will abstain from the Nancy for Dem leader vote and then switch to the Repubs, and BHO is dooomed in 2012. Will he do that?

Natural born stinker.

Jane Hamsher's dog's breath smells like cat food.

Melinda Romanoff


Gov. Perry used the Rob Ford election strategy. Give the MFM nothing.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Reid's majority is going to have to decide just how many recess appointments they can afford to let Obama make before they read him the riot act.

JM Hanes, Why would making people (politicians or citizens) mad stop Obama at this point? Look at who he has put in his administration...he has no shame. The Dems are very good at pushing through all that they can...no matter the fall out. The Republicans chip away at it a little bit, but we are always moving left.
The Dems are 2 steps forward, 1 step back. They eventually get where they want to go.

Melinda Romanoff


Baskin-Robbins defense will be taken.

Taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste.

And leave.


Centralcal @4:46PM

I think Perry's example is a good one, and I think that your last point, "More on our side need to carefully evaluate each and every media connection they make" is one that we need to emphasize to all of those on "our side."

It's good easy for the Republican establishment to stay inside the Beltway Bubble and think that the MSM still defines "reality." Look at how quickly Boehner jumped on the band wagon to condemn "extremists" in the Tea Parties when the CBC claimed that the "n Word" was CHANTED at them in DC; yet the data shows it was a false claim.

I'm not suggesting that they're powerless, but we need to push our politicians to keep re-evaluating the "balance of power."

Rick Ballard


I can't effectively summarize it. It's 50 pages in bullet points. I do not see anything at first pass that is totally objectionable and a lot that is very reasonable. I don't see why legislation can't be prepared and presented for debate fairly rapidly. I look forward to hearing Ryan's take.

Rob Crawford

Rick -- "some pundits" are declaring it dead because of the spending cuts and the removal of the mortgage interest deduction.

I call BS on this, BTW. We've seen riots in Greece, France, and Britain as they've made "cuts" they had no choice but to make. I think Americans are pragmatic enough to accept a little pain now to avoid that type of idiocy later.



Our Ballot count process out here is ongoing. Here's a link to the ADN ">http://community.adn.com/adn/node/154249"> Write-in counting begins but I am sure we have all probably clicked on 20 or 30 similar stories on this goat-rope over the last week.

A thing that makes me mad about all this, is that never is the actual easy to read Alaskan Law, exactly describing how to count these ballots, actually posted in its entirety in these many stories. Always it is briefly mentioned, vaguely alluded to, etc, but I cannot recall having read the thing posted in full. What this does is leave the reader with an incomplete understanding of the Law, and therefore allows the news media and the Miller opponents to capitalize on that incomplete understanding, by tarring Miller as a whiner or a cry-baby.

For instance, in today's ADN story linked above, we get the following: "Here's what the law says (11):

"A vote for a write-in candidate, other than a write-in vote for governor and lieutenant governor, shall be counted if the oval is filled in for that candidate and if the name, as it appears on the write-in declaration of candidacy, of the candidate or the last name of the candidate is written in the space provided."

So far not bad. That's MOST of it, but that's not ALL of it. What follows, just a tiny bit further down in the Statute is this part: (12-B)

"(12-B) The rules set out in this section are MANDATORY and there are no exceptions to them. A ballot MAY NOT BE COUNTED unless marked in compliance with these rules."

That's the part that is always missing. That's the part that has Joe Miller bringing the Law Suit. Per today's ADN:

"Joe Miller has filed suit in federal court trying to get the state to stop counting ballots with what the Division of Elections calls “minor misspellings” of Lisa Murkowski’s name. Miller argues state law is clear that misspellings shouldn’t be counted and that the state shouldn’t be weighing “voter intent.”

Exactly correct according to State Law.

Yet from the ADN, here's our Lt Governor today (the guy in charge of running the Election properly in accordance with the Law:

"Campbell, speaking to reporters in Juneau today, said he was unconvinced.

“I have been consistent from the beginning in stating that minor misspellings of a candidate’s name will be counted. That continues to be my position today and we are proceeding with the ballot count under that direction,” Campbell said. “We have a number of instances where the Alaska courts have weighed in on this issue in favor of not disenfranchising voters.”

Where the hell does that jibe with (12-B) "The rules set out in this section are mandatory and there are no exceptions to them. A ballot may not be counted unless marked in compliance with these rules."

Answer is: it doesn't.

And from today's same ADN story, here is Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai, (the person beneath the Lt Governor tasked with carrying out the Election Properly:

"Here's what Fenumiai told me:

"If I can pronounce the name by the way it's spelled, that's the standard I'm using."

Again, that standard she is using is yanked right out of her ass, and is absolutely if flagrant contradiction and disregard of (12-B): "The rules set out in this section are mandatory and there are no exceptions to them. A ballot MAY NOT be counted UNLESS marked in compliance with these rules."

That's the injustice that is going on. This is being manipulated into a story where the egregious and flagrant disregard of the Law (especially (12-B), is being ignored and not mentioned by the media, all in an effort to make it seem as if Miller is trying to pettily disenfranchise voters, and that the champions of "the people" are this corrupt Lt Governor and his Election crony who refuse to abide by the Law as written, and who are just changing the rules as they go.

Do you Lawyer folks view this as I'm viewing this, or am I somehow missing something?


The Republicans should also adopt a "long-term" strategy to help with their immediate tactical decisions. I'm talk about things like running a long-term, but low key, "information campaign" point out things like the extent to which the Democrats have been blocking energy production in the U.S. for the past 30+ years. Something like a billboard on major commuter routes, and perhaps one ad a week on Monday night football.

Another effective one would be the graph of how much debt has been increased under the Democratic Congress--- that will become even more effective IF the Republicans actually do start cutting spending.

A long-term low key approach has the purpose of "defining the battleground." As long as it's "just the facts" it becomes almost impossible for the opposition to discredit by some clever rebuttal.

The thing is that you need to make such points over the long term and while there's not the prospect of an immediate election. That way there's time to define and win the debate.


I do not see anything at first pass that is totally objectionable and a lot that is very reasonable

While I haven't studied the details either, my first take is that it is far too cautious on the non-defense spending side. The fact that half the spending cuts are in defense tells you all you need to know. I also have not yet seen what it does about the Bush tax cuts, but if it allows them to expire, that's a problem.

Rick Ballard


The mortgage interest deduction reduction applies to 2nd homes and mortgages over $500K. It's a red herring - an attempt to overcome by initial exaggeration. I didn't see any proposed spending cuts that caused me any agita. I'm still going through "be still, my heart" wrt the proposed reductions in the federal workforce.


In general I think that the Right has allowed the Left to "define the debate" for far too long. That's basically what politically correct speech is about.

The Left started by crying, "that's McCarthyism," and then followed with "you can't question my patriotism."

I'd caught myself falling into the latter trap and would start statement with disclaimers like "I'm not questioning Teddy's patriotism." Now I just say, "bull***t, YOU don't get to define the terms of the debate. I'll challenge anything and feel like and then you can defend your position."

Allowing politically correct speech to become the norm has significantly biased the debate.

We need to be the ones defining the issues to be debated.

Rob Crawford

The mortgage interest deduction reduction applies to 2nd homes and mortgages over $500K. It's a red herring - an attempt to overcome by initial exaggeration.


Well, I really should practice what I preach about primary sources...

Simpsonite Luggage

Brad DeLong chimes in on the 'Commish';

"Yes, the Entitlement Commission Was an Unforced Error by the Obama Administration

At the time I asked why you would take a budget arsonist like Alan Simpson and give him a Fire Chief hat. I never got a good answer.

Now they are throwing people out of their press conference:

Catfood Commission Presser: Update: Alex Lawson was thrown out of the press conference because he’s not “press”...

Yes, a hideous unforced error:

Commission Co-Chair Proposal:

Cap revenue at or below 21% of GDP...

It probably means nothing--it all depends on what "revenue" means. But if it means something it is going to be a disaster as health care costs rise. You cannot implement PPACA's health-insurance exchanges without a subsidy pool. And if the money to pay for that subsidy pool has to fit under a 21% of GDP revenue cap, it simply does not work.

[P]rojections assume health care spending growth is kept to GDP+1%...

Oh my God! Ration city, here we come!

What clowns vetted this thing?

A 23% top marginal tax rate?

Hoo boy!"

'Nuff said.


Great idea Wicakte...on small step at a time. But I'd be careful on the "spending" increase highlights. We had a lot of Republicans run wild with pork and earmarks prior to the 2008 elections. That didn't help...

Rick Ballard


The defense cuts are on page 19. 28% is in application of O/H savings already promised by Gates and 20% is in procurement. The devil is in the procurement details but, again, this is a presentation argument to "satisfy" the prog commies.


So far only 7,638 of 92,500.

of those, 6800 for murky so far. 800 tossed out as definitely non lisa

another 680 potentially thrown out.

talking heads are doing quick back of the envelope math as i type.

doing the math if it continues = she will lose @7,000 votes during the count and will beat joe by about 4-5000 votes.

i think the talking head babbling now on talk radio is wrong, but he is saying that if the percentages hold, as given above, and the name is required to be exactly spelled correctly as per the written Law, she may still lose. but if the law is discarded and misspellings are allowed as per the Lt Governor and Gail whats her name, Lisa wins.

some guy named Sid Hill, has 5 write in votes. he is kicking my ass. miller has 1 write in.


Interesting, daddy. Jim Geraghty had a chart done by someone on the Miller side that showed a hypothetical of how Miller could narrowly pull it out. Did you see that?

Wicakte - the only way to effectively fight and win against liberalism is to equally fight against their media.

Rick Ballard

Don't forget that the GOP House is going to be responsible for the level of spending cuts. I'd like to see the ax swung on the non-defense side a lot more but I'm very pleased to have a document from The President's Own Bi-Partisan Committee to use as a chopping block.

Simpsonite Luggage

Krugman weighs in;

" OK, let’s say goodbye to the deficit commission. If you’re sincerely worried about the US fiscal future — and there’s good reason to be — you don’t propose a plan that involves large cuts in income taxes. Even if those cuts are offset by supposed elimination of tax breaks elsewhere, balancing the budget is hard enough without giving out a lot of goodies — goodies that fairly obviously, even without having the details, would go largely to the very affluent.

I mean, what’s this about? There is no — zero — evidence that income taxes at current rates are an important drag on growth.

Oh, and they’re talking about raising the retirement age, because people live longer — except that the people who really depend on Social Security, those in the bottom half of the distribution, aren’t living much longer. So you’re going to tell janitors to work until they’re 70 because lawyers are living longer than ever."


AP: Bad news Democrats - 2012 could be worse than 2010

Not to mention...

Zombie: Gerrymandering 101


daddy, consider the very impartial observer they have in Juneau, in the LUN

Simpsonite Luggage

Looks like the Pentagon is gonna have to give up the $500 dollar crescent wrenches.

(Damn! No more shadow operations.)


Well..maybe they could just change the FAR and DAR to allow buying the wrenches from Sears rather than letting a contract to a defense contractor not set up to make the durn things to begin with....that would help a lot...

Rick Ballard


There are several options on the tax aspect. The primary does eliminate the mortgage interest rate deduction, the Wyden-Gregg Option is the 2nd home/$500K option. Tax reform starts on page 21. Capital gains and special rates for dividends are also eliminated.

Sorry for the error.

Captain Hate

goodies that fairly obviously, even without having the details, would go largely to the very affluent.

Why should Paulie Peanuts be worried about details with the narrative already in place.


Kerry, who is chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, traveled to Khartoum and Addis Ababa to deliver a White House offer for better relations in exchange for concrete steps towards peace in Sudan

Yeah, sure. We all know he is looking for the meteor with the kryptonite in it. Why else Addis Ababa ?

Captain Hate

Kerry, who is chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, traveled to Khartoum

Peace in our time; Don't you Khartoumites KNOW WHO I AM?


Re: Specter @6:36PM

"But I'd be careful on the "spending" increase highlights. We had a lot of Republicans run wild with pork and earmarks prior to the 2008 elections. That didn't help..."

Your right about that, but IF they don't correct that this time around, we, and they, are done. Making that part of the "background" issue will also put some pressure on them to help keep it a favorable image for them.

There's no easy answer, but I think we've really got to start defining the debate parameters. If we wait until just before the election, we face two problems: 1) clever rebuttals by the other side can appear to answer the question, and there's not time to respond, & 2) If we wait until the election it sounds more like we're just being defensive (or offensive, as the case may be), and I think most of us take clearly political ads with more than a grain of salt.

There are probably better graphics than the ones I've suggested, but I'd be pleased to see even my ideas implemented on a long term, low key basis. It almost becomes subliminal advertising.

The issue is, I think, that we need to redefine the "conventional wisdom" so that everyone understands the issues.

Captain Hate

Wouldn't it be great if they deep six all earmarks and the entitlement loads that voted for Leeza Cultjamski end up with less than a bag of pork rinds?


Daddy, any union people doing the counting?

SEIU Members counting ballots in contested house race.


wouldn't it be great if the feds quit blocking all energy production in Alaska so the folks up there could support themselves off the oil and gas revenue?


Joe Miller on the radio,

Says if it stays about 11% being thrown out which it is now, he thinks they may pull it out.

He says that he filed in Federal Court which he believes pushed it back to making the ultimate authority what the Law is, is exactly what was passed by our Legislature and what I have posted above---not the Lt Governor's ambiguous "Voter Intent." He believes that will then cause it to go on up to the Supreme Supreme's in DC like Bush/Gore.

I do not know. I will post the podcast much later tonight.

FWIW, some rabble-rousing caller called in to Fagan immediately after posting his comment here at JOM at 06:10 above, and as a result, in just a few minutes, Host Fagan, after having received an e-mail with the actual Law in front of him, started screaming bloody murder and asking callers to call the ADN and demand they print the Law in full, particularly the last section (12-B) "The rules set out in this section are mandatory and there are no exceptions to them. A ballot MAY NOT be counted UNLESS marked in compliance with these rules." I may not win any votes, but I may wind up getting Fagan fired twice:) Actually its not too hard spooling him up.

Now Lt Governor has said he is okay with 2 letters misspelled, not certain if more than 2, He says the Law doesn't say correctly spelled, it says last name, and with all the languages we have up here, folks not proficient in English may not be able to spell so to not count them would be disenfranchising them. Will get the real quotes later.

MIller made the great point also about why then did Murcowskkeee pull her very first Spelling Bee ad in which her campaign screwed up and misspelled her last name, if in fact it did not matter how the name was spelled. It would appear she pulled the ad because she was aware that per the Law, Murcowskee had to be spelled correctly to count.

Anyhow, Sid Hill, the Senate Candidate kicking my ass by 5 votes is the guy at the State Fair who got arrested and handcuffed by the Security guards. Darn it all, being beaten like a stepchild by a Lyndon Laruchie. Shameful. Ughh!

Jim Ryan

Daddy, what about the military ballots? Have those been received in Alaska yet?

Frau Sowienoch

"He vows to cut off the gravy train that saw, among other things, a retiring counsellor throwing himself a 5-figure farewell party during a recession. With taxpayer money."
Can we see this?:
Orange Man vows to cut off the gravy train that say, among other things, a retiring Madam Speaker throwing herself a 5-zillion figure farewell party during a recession. With taxpayer money.

Rick Ballard


All earmarks are eliminated by the Bi-Partisan Proposal (page 20). Pain and suffering and punitive damages are capped for medical malpractice as well (page 32).

There is really quite a bit of third rail stuff involved. It should make for quite a bit of strenuous debate, full of enough bathos and pathos to bring a smile to the lips of all, as examples of irreparable harm to transgendered minority children of single mothers are dragged across the stage.

Captain Hate

All earmarks are eliminated by the Bi-Partisan Proposal (page 20). Pain and suffering and punitive damages are capped for medical malpractice as well (page 32).

::Hammertime:: No wonder Paulie hates it. Wait a second; this is Bammy's Bi-Partisan Committee? There must be some horribly offsetting garbage in the intervening 12 pages.

Jim Ryan

Thanks to Obamacare no one will inadvertently get fat from candy and potato chips. If you have a vending machine business with 20 or more machines, you'll have to post the calories of all the products on each machine. Sorry for the inconvenience, the expense and the paternalism.

Frau Sowienoch

Action In Your Face: If the SEIU person had left the shirt at home, we would not be any wiser to the assistance given the Democrats.


Great questions Jim and others.

I think the Military Votes are still outstanding but I can't swear to it.

It is frustrating that such fundamental stuff like Military Ballots etc, which JOMer's immediately recognize as essential need to know information, is information that is so hard to find from reading the ADN or watching the local news. Let me keep looking.


If you have a link to that Jim Geharty story on how Joe could win, please link if possible. Thanks.


the people who really depend on Social Security, those in the bottom half of the distribution, aren’t living much longer. So you’re going to tell janitors to work until they’re 70 because lawyers are living longer than ever.

Lot of mischief in that 'much'. According to Krugman's paper, Americans in the bottom decile of socioeconomic status had a life expectancy of 74.7 years, ten years ago. Anyway, janitors can work as long as they think they need to. If it were up to me, they'd even have the benefit of the large sum of money that's been sucked out of their pockets their whole working lives under the pretext of "funding their social security account". If they did a reasonable job investing that, they could retire well before 70. But it's not up to me.


Ten minutes ago:

">http://www.adn.com/2010/11/10/1547438/judge-denies-injunction-for-alaska.html"> Judge denies injunction for write-in vote count

Janet the tea-vangelist!

daddy, You got one vote for the Arlington School Board, so Sid Hill is only kicking your ass by 4.


I seriously doubt the wonderworker anticipated this would be the Commission's position.

I understand Trumka, Durbin and others on the commission are fighting against these provisions which are those of Bowles and Simpson, the co-chairs.

Now we have a plan to work on--and we needed keep playing games like who should be the 2012 presidential nominee.

This is so delicious.


Apparently, if I understand it correctly, the ruling that I posted and linked above in my 08:19 was already anticipated by Miller so it is OBE. But of interest is that the Judge previously assigned to the above case, recused himself because he has a ">http://www.adn.com/2010/11/10/1547601/judge-with-negative-opinion-of.html"> "negative opinion" of Miller.



Janet the tea-vangelist!

This is a Jim Geraghty article on Joe Miller.


"would not be any wiser to the assistance given the Democrats."

That is why I maintain you can not have union Public employees. There is no way to insure a fair count with them. If the federal workforce can somehow be reduced before 2012 and there is no relief from union employees running the elections. I would suspect that the pressure the unions put on those employees that remain would be tremendously increased.

Rick Ballard


I can't imagine why President Clinton's last Chief of Staff would release this on a Wednesday while President Obama was overseas and unable to generate a coherent response. Can you?


Gosh, Rick, I wish I knew the answer to that one.

Old Lurker

You're slipping Rick. You imply Obama could generate a coherent response if not overseas?


It's had to say what Obama's strongest feature is--I'd say his attention to detail.


Here's the law authorizing federal employee labor unions:

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA)

Title VII is the section that specifically permits federal employees to unionize.


**haRd** (forgive me..I am orse than ever and plead back disc problems as my excuse)

Old Lurker

Yes Clarice...attention to detail AND hard work.

Sorry about your back.


Hey guys, I'm home from the first meeting of the Sturbridge Tea party, post rally. I am proud to announce we had people from 5 towns there. I was shocked. Our agenda is local elections and a state referendum to require voted ID. On the way out one attendee handed me $100 donation.

So all you T-shirt wearers can do so with pride!

Jim Ryan

Does any Democrat have the brains and guts to step in as a New Democrat and primary Obama on a platform of fiscal responsibility, no to Cap and Trade, and replacing ObamaCare with something more sensible? All he'd have to do was talk multi-culty, lavish praise on the welfare net, throw in some anti-religious right rhetoric, and act like a foreign policy hawk.

Jim Ryan

Good for you, Jane! This is only the infancy of the Tea Party. Alas, we have another decade of work to do if we're lucky.



Is Sid his legal name? You might have a chance.


Petraeus is a good test. Sixtus had two ways of losing his Netherlands citizenship prior to the birth of David. The lack of a parent's foreign citizenship saves the child from dual citizenship status, that can only occur at birth, and possibly costing the child their "natural born" status.

">http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=facd6db8d7e37210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=dd7ffe9dd4aa3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60aRCRD"> 1. He naturalized absolving him of his allegiance to his country of origin.

""I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;..."

">http://arno.unimaas.nl/show.cgi?fid=1679"> 2. He engaged in voluntary state or military service abroad without royal consent.

But does this ">http://dc.the-netherlands.org/News/Speeches/Remarks_by_General_David_H_Petraeus_at_the_Netherland_American_Foundation_Awards_Dinner"> count?

"As a young Merchant Mariner in the spring of 1940, my dad was at sea when the Nazis occupied Holland at the outset of the Second World War. Unable to return to Rotterdam, his ship instead sailed into New York Harbor. There, after realizing that they could not return home, he and most of his shipmates volunteered to sign on with the US Merchant Marines."

Thanks, OL.. I'm sure it will work itself out with time.

Great news, Jane.
Ext--all they have to do is take away their right to strike. Who cares if they organize so long as they cannot threaten to shut down the government.? (Well, maybe you ought to ban them from using dues to make political contributions.)


Neena Haridas, editor, Marie Claire, says, “Michelle tried to follow the 1950s’ dressing theme, which is now in (but[t]) some of her outfits were quite hideous.
The international press says Michelle’s look was a “conscious attempt to seem approachable”, but designers point out a stark contrast between how she dressed on a visit to Paris in June last year. Designer Anupama Dayal says, “She looked elegant, yet sexy in sharply tailored, dresses in Paris. Over here, her slightly billowy skirt seemed to form a paunch on her stomach.”



Rick Ballard


Good point. I'm just enjoying watching a bit of Revenge of the Blue Dogs. It's not a bad start.


Funny, how the fashionista running dogs' views of how chic MO is seem to track the political fortunes of her husband. Not that I'd ever say they were lying thru their teeth sycophants.

Old Lurker

First blush is they did a better job than I expected. I was expecting a blatant pitch for a VAT.


For Ann:

More from MOTUS...

Jamal Shaikh , editor, Men’s Health, says, “The long gown that she wore to the state banquet made her look like a giant mermaid. It wasn’t exactly flattering for her frame.”

Well I’ll be damned - fish scales! I would have sworn that was reptilian skin.

/for some reason I can't get the pic to post into my photobucket. If someone could post the cthulhu-ganger pic... thx


Not that I'd ever say they were lying thru their teeth sycophants.

And that, Clarice, is why you are a true lady and would have just said "Bless their hearts."


Following up on the discussion of Barry's best quality, Stephanie raises an interesting question: who's the most personable of everyone in Barry's circle? Mme Michelle? Uncle Joe? Himself? Herr Doktor Professor Ayers?


Stephanie: thank you for posting that here at JOM. I would only argue one point, however - SOME of her outfits were quite hideous. Sheesh - MOST instead of some - whether at home or abroad.

Danube of Thought

My initial reaction--based on a one-minute reading of the summary of this thing--is that Obama has hand-rolled a Monte Cristo no. 2 of an exploding cigar for himself.

Is it possible that enactment of this draft (together with repeal of Obamacare) could be the GOP platform for 2012?

Own goal...


Exactly, Bless their hearts-including Robin Givhans's and the entire WaPo Style Section, Vanity Fair, vogue, Wintour,et al.

by encouraging her to continue along this path you have brought her to the end of the road--laughed at in Delhi.


Hey, Michelle. There's a shampoo for that.



DoT--Isn;t it wonderful? I cannot believe this. (Rush will be flabbergasted..He was sure it was just going to be a call for a VAT and more taxes)

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Here is Stephanie's 9:23. Oh NO!!! It is big, but I think the main part will show..


Is it possible that enactment of this draft (together with repeal of Obamacare) could be the GOP platform for 2012?

Own goal...

The entire presidency and supporting staff (Pelosi etal) is an own goal. Most of the legislation written or supported by this regime has descended into an unintentional parody of the left and its ideology.

Once upon a time you would be called "extreme" and the label would stick for saying that the progressives would like to do X or Y. Now they are doing X and Y and when an outlandish Z is attributed to them, it is no longer discounted as improbable no matter how outrageous it is. Once the scales fall from the eyes, the results require so much mental floss to be applied via the MSM that the plaque is overtaking the illusion and the rot is exposed.

And they call us toothless hicks.


Oh, gawd. I am laughing so hard, I don't think I can post a picture.


Cripes suzette has some pics that are unbelievable. Carla Bruni must be wetting her pants form laughing so hard.


Here we go.....

Sincerely MO

Frau Ischiasnerv

Will someone have the guts to defang the federal employees?

"Thanks, OL.. I'm sure it (the back) will work itself out with time."

Oy gevalt! Being on opposite coasts,wouldn't you think that our dueling sciatica attacks would cancel each other? I dread my 2 1/2-day trip next week. In addition to hours of sitting, there will be all the dead orchards on I-5 thanks to the CA (Dem) public servants.



Finishing Touches


A favorite...


I'll stop... promise.


Michelle, all by herself, has brought back hobo-chic. Not the Lower East Side/Venice Beach version, but real hobo chic.

How the fashionistas keep a straight face is a lesson in sycophantism. I dunno, though. When I run out to Walmart on those rare occasions, I often see a similar savoir faire and elan. A model was recently spotted wearing Michelle's rumored outfit for the G 20 meeting this weekend.



What's he laughing about, and why does she look like she's at Madame Tussaud's in that picture


Sorry Frau..


Yikes Ann! After a quick glance at that silver monstrosity MO is wearing I feared she was wearing a gigantic codpiece!

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