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November 14, 2010



Narciso, You always find the best links, Thanks.

Sadder and wiser man he rose the morrow morn.  Or is it the sadder budweiser boy for me, for me?

Anchoresses Aweigh!



I think it was the same person, at least it is a similiar style:

from the Noonan thread:

How can you mention his using for health care and not mention the paining and seeing foreign aid Congress gave away or else? Its just FF no matter how cool an infrmant be; just like legacies weVve seen like Joe and Val sons and daughters wanting that govt money. Its all givng away money to foreiners and should have been obvious

Posted by: eort

Search link


It didn't take that long, once I saw the name, to google it where I found that interview on Pound, from last December, in the Lubbock paper, I remembered NAMEBASE, one of those databases that collected all this data


narciso, you are a wonder.

Frau Hochzeitstag

I wading into Arianna's mosh pit and saw that "Richard Armitage" is still there. I guess no one knows what to make of it. According to one comment, though, I found out that Joe Wilson was also CIA.
I left a long note about Joe's missing 4-5 days on his outbound trip to Niger and gave a link to Stan Crock's article. It ain't up yet. Maybe the keeper of the gate is on a break *or* I didn't make the cut, either. It ain't pretty over there.

Frau Hochzeitstag

I wading, you wading, he, she, it wading, etc.
I waded...


You're being charitable, Frau, it's like the bar scene in the original Star Wars, and they
think they are informed, they haven't a clue
and wouldn't know where to buy one.


Way, way back when trying to figure out who "UGO" was (Unnamed Government Agent (Armitage) that first leaked Plames name) Clarice had suggested that the whole "Who leaked Plame" sounded like a Who's on First routine: I took the liberties on April Fools, 2006.

"With apologies to Clarice, but she brung it up:

Who's on first?
Precisely what?
No, What's on second, Who's on first.
Who's on first?
You said it.
Said what?
No, What's on second base, Who's on first.
Who's on first base?
Now you've got it.
Got what?
No, What's on second base, Who's on first.
Grrrr! Lookit', all I wanna' know is the name of that guv'ment guy who first leaked all that top secret stuff to them reporters?
The despicable weasel what leaked that Plame was covert and she sent Joe to Niger for Yellowcake?
'Dat sunofabitch damaging national security about which this whole Special Prosecutor Investigation was designed so as to ferret his ass out and put the bastard behind bars?
Dammit' all, if this whole business ain't about that, then it's about what?
On second base.
On second base.
Who's on second base?
No no no, What's on second, Who's on first.
Arggggh, So okay Mr Know It All, if Who's on first and What's on second, 'den who 'da hell is on third base?
I Don't Know.
You don't know?
I Don't Know.
Why don't ya' know?
Well it used to be Andrea Mitchell back when she and every other reporter on the east coast knew Plame was CIA, but since Judy Miller got benched for 6 months and sent down to Triple A, and the subpoenas started whippin' round the infield, Andrea suddenly developed amnesia and went on the disabled list, and got replaced by I Don't Know.
Geezus Kay-riste, this whole thing sounds like it's from way, way out in left field.
Oh no, way out in left fields easy. That's Kristof, Cooper, David Korn, Chrissy Matthews, and "Say it ain't so Joe" Wilson.
"Say it ain't so Joe", Ha, I've heard that too.
Center field.
Center field?
I've Heard That Too.
You've heard what too?
I've Heard That Too is in center field.
Who is in center field?
No no no, Who's on first.
I can't stand it, I can't stand it. You're tellin' me Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third, I Heard That Too's playing center, and Joe say it ain't so, or words to that effect, are way out in left field.
Almost exactly correct, except that Words To That Effect is playing in right field.
On second base.
Ughh, I think I'm gettin' nauseous. Who's got the rest of the line-up?
It's on some secret roster in Lawrence O'Donnell's pocket, those 21 other guys Fitz was gonna' indict before last Christmas.
Did you see the list?
Well yeah, but I didn't have my reading glasses with me, so though I couldn't actually make out the names, I was able to tell 7 different reporters that the signatures were forgeries.
On second base.
Screw second base, can I see that roster?
Only at Dick Chaney's 'Behest'.
At Dick Chaney's Behest! You're frickin' driving me nuts. So you're tellin' me that on first base is some guy who's supposedly conspired to break the law, leaked some super sensative info that damaged National Security, deep-throated secret agent What's-her-name to Woodward and Novak, yet Fitz don't even give a crap about prosecutin' his rear end? Criminy. Who the hell is Fitz's boss?
Nobody Knows.
Nobody knows?
Yeah, behind home plate, calling balls and strikes, Nobody Knows.
Nobody know's what?
No, What's on second.
Who's on second?
No, What's on second, Who's on first.
Ughh, my head hurts.
No, its UGO, not Ughh.
UGO?, Ugo who?
Precisely what?
No, What's on second...
E'nuff, e'nuff, I get it, I get it. What's on second, Who's on first, the whole frickin' New York Times editorial board is way the fark out in left field. Ughh, UGO, Arggggh! Let's go get us a drink.
I got a better idea, let's go get breakfast. There's a great little place I know, Val and Joe's.
Is it any good?
Good, it's terrific! Val's almost as good whippin' up omelet's as she is at target practice with an AK-47.
Sounds great. Where'd she learn to cook?
Shhh, special CIA recipe. Don't tell anybody.
Okay, I'll keep mum. Anything else?
Yeah, when they offer you a beverage...
Uh huh?
Don't drink the Koolaid.
Posted by: Daddy | April 01, 2006 at 09:22 AM

Frau Hochzeitstag

daddy, the Koolaid is free and flowing at the Huffington dive. On the other hand, Sarah Palin in Alaska was certainly wonderful. Beats San Francisco any time.



Just paid a visit to HuffPo but can't find any particular link that seems to be any crazier than all the rest. George Soros is sure getting his money's worth at that nuthouse.


Some more details, that gave the lie to the idea that she had been covert, starting at 107
in the LUN


Seixon at 8:30! So happy to see you here!!

I was sooo impressed by your work on the Oil-for-Food UN/Saddam scandal and actually getting data to Congress on what's that UK commie's name and his Maryam Appeal money embezzlement. (Croney of Wilson as I recall.)

IIRC, your life was actually threatened by Plame friends, ex-CIA whiners in the VIPS group, sometime around Feb 2007? (I call them whiners because they were largely derelict in their duties of protecting the US against terrorism.) Can you refresh me on why you were a threat to them?



Have I told you how much I love you lately?

And how much I could see crypto?


It's great that we all did our research as it was happening, the work's done, now we can sit back and conduct the orchestra, so to speak. Kim, please regale us with your script. Maybe Jack could use it. It would probably be a great full-length movie.

Early on Fitz had a team of investigators in the CIA. Somewhere along the line he backed off. Suborned, threatened, who knows. But there should be a new investigation by an untainted, protected and strong prosecutor into Plame, Wilson, the VIPS group and any other co-conspirators with regard to possible personal financial benefit from the trade in uranium, gold and any other terrorist-type armaments and currency. Their attack on Pres. Bush for his mention of WMD in the State of the Union speech went way beyond political bias. I smelled it then and I still do.


I'd sure like a clear picture of how the intelligence on WMD was tainted or got so wrong--I would...


Back in July 05, this was my conclusion and still is today. (For Tea Partiers who are new to Plamegate, click here for more data and the 5 links within mine.)


Killing… a story - Hiding the Uranium-to-Terrorists Trail

When the pot calls the kettle black, investigate the pot.

When an MSM exec accuses US soldiers of deliberately killing journalists, I look to see if that exec (Eason Jordan) was involved with the killing of a journalist (Daniel Pearl).

When a CIA-cabal and Wilson, in collusion with key MSM points, accuse the US govt of outing an agent and falsifying intelligence, I look to see if that same crowd was involved with fatally outing Daniel Pearl (who was onto the Al Qaeda nuclear trail as a WSJ journalist in Pakistan and Syria) and falsifying Niger uranium transaction intelligence to hide the trail of uranium to terrorists and discredit any other valid intelligence.

Feb 02 – the beheading of Daniel Pearl
Feb 02 – Wilson's trip to Niger and the forged docs

Plugging "leaks" (i.e. valid information which threatens those in collusion with terrorists) at both ends of the uranium and technology transfer-to-terrorists trail.

"How Osama Bought Bomb" and my question was: who else helped him and how?

The best way to handle an operation is to expose it.

At a level higher than aesthetics, if one sees it clearly in all its details, one can prevent an American Hiroshima from happening, and still have a playing field left for better games.


I get mad when a good agent is killed.



I’ll bet there is still someone who was in the Kerry For President camp that overheard the conversation/negotiation between Wilson and whoever he was dealing with concerning an ambassadorship to France if he could cause enough trouble for Bush.


Hey, TM.
When did Bob Woodward change his name to Bon Woodward ?

Valerie Plame introduces her husband during an interagency meeting to discuss his upcoming trip to Africa--nobody mentioned her status was covert--an INR representative took notes
It's not just that "nobody mentioned that her status was covert" it's that her presence at the meeting told the meeting attendees that she was NOT covert. If a REAL covert agent had recommended a family member for an operation, and there was a coordinating meeting with another agency, then the covert family member would stay completely out of any documents and completely away from any meeting. The first principal of classified information is that it is only divulged to people who need the information for a work-related purpose. There was no reason that Plame needed to be at the meeting; another analyst from the group could have gone. If there was some reason that a covert family agent needs to be at such a meeting, then there is no reason to tell the people at the meeting that they are related.

Look, Plame and Wilson don't even have the same last name -- there was no reason that anyone at the meeting needed to know that the CIA employee talking about the operation had any relationship to the former ambassador that they were sending to Niger. If the people in the meeting found out, then it's because Plame and/or Wilson told them. Since the info was not needed, and it was disclosed by official CIA action, then it was not classified from that moment on, even if it had been earlier.


Today, Wilson operates a company that constructs electrical power systems in such places as Africa and Iraq.

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/11/13/2423113/fair-game-examines-the-relationship.html#ixzz15OvNB2Qu


From Topsecretk9 link - "Wilson said it’s hard for him to watch Penn’s performance and see himself.

“The person to ask if I’m recognizable in Sean’s performance is Valerie, and she says yes. Sean’s a real quick study, so it didn’t take much time for him to figure me out. Either that or my quirks are so obvious that it doesn’t take much exposure to catch them — things like hitching up my pants and looking over the top of my glasses.”

As for Watts’ portrayal of his wife, Wilson said, “Naomi did a great job of capturing not only Valerie’s external beauty, but her internal strength.”

Good Lord....

Captain Hate

As for Watts’ portrayal of his wife, Wilson said, “Naomi did a great job of capturing not only Valerie’s external beauty brainless hubris, but her internal strength I'd crush her like a grape if my obese girth was ever hoisted on top of the poor girl.”


Hahahahha..too funny & cruel Captain, cruel!

...and all that was needed to capture the essence of Joe Wilson was for Sean to hitch up his pants.

I blogged the trial at Maine Web Report.

It'smoochual I'm sure, pooch. And George showed up too? What a special thread, of course, every Plame thread is special. I'd like to see a compilation of Peter's remarks on luverly couple.


Good points, everyone. Jwest, yes, Wilson was in Kerry's campaign at the same time as Sandy Berger and his theft of documents.

Glasater, this may partly answer you. The Navy had found uranium in a warehouse in Benin, the port of export of uranium from Niger.

The corrupt faction in and out of the CIA did not want this data to go any further, so they deliberately forged documents (bills of lading), making it look like Italian intel SISMI forged them, to discredit the truth about uranium going to Saddam. Later the UK Telegraph discovered the forged documents came from a person called Rocco (see my link at Wizbang above) of French intel. Remember, at that time France was against the UK/UK/Italy wanting to go to war in Iraq.

The revelation of the forged docs came in a Seymour Hersh article. (Also in my link.)

The plan was to embarrass Pres. Bush and Blair, to pull the rug out from underneath them, when the culprits who made the forgeries then would say: Oh, they're forgeries. Bush, your intel is tainted. A treasonous op from within the CIA/Plame/VIPs against the administration and the American people.

Hope I've summarized it clearly.


Hi, Kim! I remember you were posting at Seixon around Feb 07. Can you summarize the threats on Seixon's life then?


UK/UK/Italy = US/UK/Italy

Interestingly, John Dean showed up at TexasDarlin' during the election and I was able to warn her about him, but not before her own hackles were raised.

I'm sure G has the whole record, still. I remember John Dean being particularly vile, but there was a swarm of evil for a long time.

I remember thinking that any Eurosocialists reading his blog must have been appalled at what American Progressives sounded like.

I spent a lot of time with George and Cie during the year I couldn't post here, but I don't blame him for shutting it down. It was narciso's Star Wars Bar on Steroids.


I don't get it, it was a French government controlled firm, a Sysgy if you will, in a former French colony, working with a nation
also tied with French industrial combines,
like Total Rlf Aquatina,

We had our moments in the Northern Lights.

Donald was a stalwart warrior, too.


BR--if you get back here--thanks for the explanation and sorry to be tardy in reply.
I've got those links from the Plame wars on an older computer and didn't get them transferred over.


Tku, Glasater. And wow, Kim, wow. It's like these people are so desperately hiding something, they're aching to be found out, especially Dean. My definition of an amateur operative, by its very nature it has to be secret, but the amateur wants the limelight.


One night late during Watergate, he was in his lawyers' office copying WH docs, possibly from CIA Hunt's WH safe, right after the Plumbers were caught, but before Nixon knew that he was going to turn against him. Those law offices shared space with the CIA's money management firm. Hmmmm. Then we find out Plame herself was involved with CIA money management. And during Plamegate, he gives the pair legal advice based on his Watergate experience. There's more going on.


Southern Capital & Management Corp., the CIA proprietary responsible for managing the agency's investment portfolio, during Watergate era.

Now, why would the CIA have so much money that it needs an investment portfolio. Could all this excess moolah have come from the takeover of Hughes' assets and others.


He was probably also the real Deepthroat, which would implicate Woodward in a coverup, wouldn't it.

On the internet no one knows you're a

I'm pretty sure it was a different John Dean.

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