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November 07, 2010



Good morning everyone.....Votes still being counted and the Republicans may pick up NY CD 1, which had previously been called for the Democrats. Other close races still out there as well. It's not real important if the gain on Tuesday was 60 or 70 seats, but every seat helps some.....


It might not be especially helpful to Boehner but it's detrimental to Pelosi and BO and that will do nicely.


Left a comment on the Saturday thread that last night's troll was reminding us they had been reading our exchange earlier in the week. Maybe they'll post as Bill Peet next.


You have to remember: when Prancy Nancy said she would resign if the democrats lost, she lied

No surprise there

It would be even sweeter if the Democratic Caucus now rejected her for Minority Leader.


Porch, in case you missed it, the editors left off the thanks to you but I placed it in the comments section hoping they'll put it back.
http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/11/clarices_pieces_glib_pasha_get.html>Porch contributes re the duc


Brit take:

One of the most revealing comments of his press conference was the notion that "folks didn't have any complaints about my leadership style when I was running around Iowa for a year" – as if campaigning for the Democratic caucuses has anything to do with running America.

Obama believes he can get by on Being Barack Obama.

Jack is Back!

More to Theo's post. As I am from Southampton and have a home there I continue to follow the news there. I don't vote there and if I did it sure as hell wouldn't be for Tim Bishop who drove the local college we had into the ground as its Chancellor. But this was always going to be about whether the local, working class, blue collar, middle class populace who mows the lawns, installs the Sub-Zero's and cleans the pools were going to be more a political factor than the elite Manhattanites who have moved their vote there turn a traditional red part of New York blue. Well its turning back to its traditional red thanks to those diabolical Diebold machines. LUN


Walter Russell Mead: A President At Bay

Many of our nation’s intellectual leaders wonder why the rest of the country isn’t more respectful of their claims to be guided by and speak for the cool voice of celestial reason. That so many of them gushed over Barack Obama with all of the profundity of reflection and intellectual distance of tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert should help them understand why their claims of superior wisdom are sometimes met with caustic cynicism.
Captain Hate

anduril, I was shaking my head the first time I heard that statement. He really can't get beyond thinking of campaigning as an end in of itself. I think his mindset on that explains the last 2 years.

Danube of Thought

Minus 18 at Raz today.


CH, I left a turd for you on the previous thread.


The First Lady urges the Indian press to ask her husband the tough questions (LUN.)

Here are some:
Why won't you release your transcripts from Occidental,
Columbia and Harvard Law.?
Will you invite the newly Republican House of Representatives to investigate why your campaign turned off all credit card security checks so as to allow hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign money to support your 1008 Presidential campaign?
Does the US have a plan in place if Iran, or some other enemy, launches and Electromagnetic Pulse weapon against the US?
What is the current state of freedom of the press in Venezuela?
I am sure you JOMers could offer some more.


That was rude of me. I left a turd for everyone, on the previous thread.

Captain Hate

Thanks TK; I saw your unfleshed out version yesterday and that might be the case.

Btw, is it just me or does Mara Liasson seem to *really* be parsing her words on FNS in fear of her NPR overlords? Mara used to be pretty reasonable in her leftyism; pretty much rolling her eyes at the unhinged elements of the donks. Now she seems to be in an "ignore the nutjobs and concentrate on the eeeeeeevil Republicans" mode. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

I was thinking earlier of why on Tuesday there weren't as many Scott Brown Senate surprises in de blew states. Rather than blaming COD or Rove et al for it, could it be that Bammycare not being a reality combined with Martha Coakley not being an incumbent (and being an absolutely horrible candidate) had more to do with it? Scott ran specifically on a promise to oppose Bammycare at a time when it seemed Pelousy wouldn't be able to pull the chicanery which she did. Btw, was Scott a tea party candidate or a normal Repub that the TPers rallied around?

Rob Roy

A New Level of Crazy?

— By Kevin Drum
| Sat Nov. 6, 2010 8:27 AM PDT

Over the past two years, as the right has gone increasingly conspiracy-minded over Barack Obama, there always remained one slightly optimistic aspect of the whole spectacle: at least it wasn't as bad as the Clinton years. The birth certificate thing aside, the constant stream of mini-eruptions were generally based on some tiny kernel of truth. They were crazy, but not completely made up. It wasn't quite like the Clinton era, with its Mena airfield and its Christmas card list investigation and the pals buried in Arlington cemetery, all things that seized the conservative imagination but were literally invented out of whole cloth.

But now we seem to be entering a new era. Or revisiting an old era. Or something. Earlier this week, the Drudge/Beck/Rush axis declared that Obama's trip to India was costing the American taxpayers $200 million per day, complete with 5-star rooms for his entire entourage and an escort of 34 navy warships. NBC's Chuck Todd tweeted:

Cannot believe reports about bogus cost of president's trip didn't pass smell test with so many folks. Ridiculous that it got any traction"

Shameless promulgation of half-truths and repetitive, outright bald-faced lies, is the commerce of Tea-Bag degenerates

It's only going to get worse when they remember that governance is a lot harder than saying 'NO'.

Jim Ryan

No, that's about how crazy you and Drum always are.

Jim Ryan

Myth #83: Conservative Republicans have no policy ideas but just say "no." We know this because Barry told us so on TV and he is smart (which is myth #46.)

Jim Ryan

Dang, did y'all hear what Sec Treas said?

We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have every spent before and it does not work... [W]e have just as much unemployment as when we started... And an enormous debt to boot.
Wow. Just have to spend more I guess, right Barry?


On my walk this morning I was thinking about a new level of crazy, too. Here's how it works.

I thought about Bill Clinton--a certifiable narcissist and sociopath, with multiple overt pathologies in his behavior. But crazy as he is and was, he got the message from the voters in 1994 and responded in a way that indicated clearly that, despite his psycho-pathology, he was in touch with reality.

Now look at Obama's statement, as quoted above. Is that not a new level of crazy, in that there seems to be a fundamental disconnect between his ratiocination and the reality it purports to deal with? He reasons and rationalizes, but fails to relate his thought processes to actual reality. Any facts which threaten to intrude on his inner construct of reality are dismissed out of hand.

That's a new level of crazy.

Army of Davids

"Waiting for Superman"

A brutal documentary on our K-12 schools and the teacher's unions.

Highly recommend.

Captain Hate

As usual, Toonces and his minions have the ability to refute the statements of the cost of the trip if they're false, but choose instead to dispatch their catamites such as Drum and Rob Roy to add nothing but disinformation.


Some lefty ideas that GOPers and conservatives in general would do will to grapple with. And by "grapple with" I mean--suggest solutions for:

Even Alan Greenspan is confirming what William Black, James Galbraith, Joseph Stiglitz, George Akerlof and many other economists and financial experts have been saying for a long time: the economy cannot recover if fraud is not prosecuted and if the big banks know that government will bail them out every time they get in trouble.

Specifically, Greenspan said today in a panel discussion at a Fed conference in Jekyll Island, Georgia (where the plans to form the Fed were originally hatched):

Banks operated with less capital because of an assumption they would be rescued by the government, he said. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. wouldn’t have failed with adequate capital, he said. “Rampant fraud” was also an issue, he said.

Lack of Trust

“Fraud creates very considerable instability in competitive markets,” Greenspan said. “If you cannot trust your counterparties, it would not work.”

Greenspan is right.

As leading economist Anna Schwartz, co-author of the leading book on the Great Depression with Milton Friedman, told the Wall Street journal in 2008:

“The Fed … has gone about as if the problem is a shortage of liquidity. That is not the basic problem. The basic problem for the markets is that [uncertainty] that the balance sheets of financial firms are credible.”

So even though the Fed has flooded the credit markets with cash, spreads haven’t budged because banks don’t know who is still solvent and who is not. This uncertainty, says Ms. Schwartz, is “the basic problem in the credit market. Lending freezes up when lenders are uncertain that would-be borrowers have the resources to repay them. So to assume that the whole problem is inadequate liquidity bypasses the real issue.”


Today, the banks have a problem on the asset side of their ledgers — “all these exotic securities that the market does not know how to value.”

“Why are they ‘toxic’?” Ms. Schwartz asks. “They’re toxic because you cannot sell them, you don’t know what they’re worth, your balance sheet is not credible and the whole market freezes up. We don’t know whom to lend to because we don’t know who is sound. So if you could get rid of them, that would be an improvement.”/

Captain Hate

Yes anduril; they both grew up in dysfunctional households with slutty mothers. Clinton reacted by wanting to be loved, although he defined "love" in pathological ways. Bammy hates everybody for his unhappy childhood and wants to punish us for his being rejected by both parents.

Rob Crawford

Guys, "Rob Roy" is just another pseudonym for the usual nutjob, 'cleo.

Jim Ryan

That's all the left's got now: little tiny mistakes made by conservatives. The philosophy and policy debate is definitely something the left needs to avoid. So, what's left? O'Donnell tried Wicca when she was in high school! Hannity believed unsubstantiated reports of the cost of the India trip!

That's all that's left. What else is a regional minority party going to do?


So at least seeking love (albeit pathologically) is more likely to help you maintain some interactive contact with reality, whereas seeking to punish reality destroys an interactive relationship.

CornCob Rob


Your tireless efforts to curry favor with the local anarchists leaves them the way you found them; myopic.

Cease sucking on their kneecaps and recover your self-respect. You will never gain theirs.

Danube of Thought

When the left gets routed, it's always because (a) their message didn't get through, or (b) the conservatives lied and the voters, unlike the leftists, couldn't see through the lies, or (c) both.

In short, there can never be an instance where the electorate fully understands the left's agenda and rejects it out of hand. Since Tuesday they've been scratching their heads, wondering how the people could have been so ignorant of their Wonderfulness. Rethinking the folly of their prescriptions is simply not an option.

Jim Ryan

Cleo, why don't you go find some people who are grieving the loss of a loved one and then desecrate their memories of him? That's what you like to do, remember, Cleo? Don't forget to take some of your downers and have a few belts first, so that you can stand yourself.

Rob Crawford

Sensitive, 'cleo?

Since it's so easy to identity you, why don't you stick to a single name? Is it shame or fear that causes the constant name changing?

Given your positions, I can understand the shame, but, really, you have nothing to fear from any of us.


Sunday Shows were great today - Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Darryl Issa, Chris Christie. I swooned and swooned.


Did you guys see Motus' pix on Drudge? My gawd that woman has horrid taste.

CornCob Rob

"Since it's so easy to identity you, why don't you stick to a single name? Is it shame or fear that causes the constant name changing?"

Many here play the name game. It's more interesting that way. doncha' see?

Rob Crawford

While I'm flattered that you fantasize about me, 'cleo, it's never going to happen. I'm simply not interested in men in general, and you, frankly, disgust me.

Captain Hate

anduril, yeah I think that captures it. Slick could be convinced that not vetoing welfare reform was in his interest because it's what the nation really wanted. Bammy views the bloated health care bill as his legacy (and a rationale that he's "better" than the Clintoons, LBJ and FDR) and will fight hard to prevent even minor tweaks to it.


Many play the quote game too.

Here is Chuck Todd-ler when he is not comparing tweeter size with Drudge.

">http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2010/08/09/todd-quotes-lazarus-poem-if-its-law"> Todd Quotes Emma Lazarus Poem As If It's The Law

Todd was debating former GOP congressman Ernest Istook on the proposal some Republicans have floated to recast or clarify the 14th Amendment so as not to grant automatic citizenship to children born in the United States to illegal immigrants.

ERNEST ISTOOK: The Supreme Court precedent on this, which was in 1898, was the case of Wong Kim Ark. And in that case, he was the child of parents who were here legally, and lawfully. The Supreme Court has not ruled on the case of children of parents who are here illegally.

CHUCK TODD: But here's the issue you have. Let me read you--and it's a very familiar phrase to a lot of folks--that greets people when they came to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It says: "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shores. Send these the homeless tempest [tossed] to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." There was no mention of whether these folks had to be legal citizens.

Istook took it easy on Todd. Instead of chuckling at Chuck, he mild-manneredly observed "my grandparents came through Ellis Island. My father's parents were immigrants from Hungary. So I know the Emma Lazarus poem that you were quoting. But that's not the same as quoting the provisions of the Constitution."

"Shameless promulgation of half-truths and repetitive, outright bald-faced lies, is the commerce of Chuck.

CornCob Rob

"While I'm flattered that you fantasize about me"

Jeebus. It's a grand mal delusion, eclipsing any of your previous malfunctions.

It is now possible for you to boast of your achievements with some honesty,

Danube of Thought

Restoring America's image in the Mahometan world:

Muslims from across India have downplayed the hype surrounding US President Barack Obama's visit this week, saying they did not expect him to do anything to improve the condition of Muslims in India or abroad. Members of the minority community in India that constitute roughly 12 percent of its 1.2 billion people, said Obama had said and promised much, but delivered little.

Members of the minority community in India that constitute roughly 12 percent of its 1.2 billion people, said Obama had said and promised much, but delivered little.

Gee, that has a familiar ring to it.


All about celebrating religions, as long as it's not Christianity - Obama boogies LUN
from the LUNed article & video

'New Delhi, India (CNN) -- U.S. President Barack Obama started his second day in India on a lighter note: pulling a few dance moves and celebrating a major religious festival with local students.'


For Ann (this might be too big). Fashion icon hopscotches!!! from jwf

Captain Hate

In defense of Bammy (a phrase I don't plan on using often) most music in India is very infectuous and a lot of fun to dance to.


This is a nice clear picture of the first ladies toes....wasn't there some speculation about her having an extra toe? Hahahah...there is a "big" word for that condition, but I don't know it. masdigitium??? I can't remember.


That is true Captain. I'm just jokin around. I'm posting from a little netbook in the car on our way home from Blacksburg, VA. This tech stuff is like magic....I understand none of it, but love it.

Jack is Back!


Who'd have guess - a Ravi Shankar fan - sitting by the shore of Lake Erie with his Sitar on his lap:)

Jack is Back!

And Janet,

How the hell you can sit in car driving up I-81 with a netbook and being able to post a picture like that? Tell me please you are at a truck stop with wifi!


My husband is driving...& he got me a 3G modem that we buy "time" on for our netbood.
(I had to ask him what this little plug-in thing was called...hence the tech sounding 3G modem).

Captain Hate

JiB, my stay in New Delhi for my elder Hatette's wedding was one of the most fun times of my life. As father of the bride, I was treated like royalty and, as a guest, did my best to reciprocate as an ambassador of good will; it must've worked because I got invited to and attended a lot of outside parties. And the bhangra music that is played at social events almost defies description: A power pop mixture of traditional Indian instruments (sitars, tablas, etc) along with standard rock instrumentation with a weirdly fragmented Bo Diddley e to the x beat. And that still doesn't begin to capture it. Let me put it this way: It certainly beats listening to somebody playing "Hot Hot Hot".


It's too bad they don't make poets like Emma Lazarus anymore.
Now (well,
for the last hundred years)
so many
so-called poets
try to pretend
poem just
by writing it out like

General Love

"Did you guys see Motus' pix on Drudge? My gawd that woman has horrid taste.

Maybe in dresses, but I bet she has fine taste in' panties.

Melinda Romanoff


I took a floor model ASUS netbook for around $275 and a USB "airstick".

I love it.


Maybe the Obama's will come celebrate La Posada de Kingsville this year before Christmas...a parade, church services, plays of the Christmas story, and lots of other food events & local gatherings. LUN

Any interest in meeting Americans????? Here's your chance President Obama.

Army of Davids

Democrats and Public Sector Unions.

From the government and here to help themselves to your money.

"Waiting for Superman"


Yeah Mel...My husband bought this netbook down in Texas when our laptop broke. It is great for traveling. Not too small, so I can read the screen & use the keyboard.
We tend to "over investigate" tech purchases (by the time we decide, the next new thing is out!)...but this we just bought & it is working great. A Toshiba.


Pic of Laura Bush visiting Mother Teresa's home for disabled children in India, demonstrating a difference in style with Michelle. MO loves being the center of attention, and Laura loves seeing others shine.

Gabriel Sutherland

Is Obama the first American President that was not raised by his father?

It's getting pretty darned scary how narcissistic he truly is.

I don't think he's runs for a second term. The devastation to the Democratic Party would be catastrophic. The 24 seats Dems have to defend in 2012 could yield a super majority of Republicans in the Senate for an incoming GOP President.

It won't really matter what POTUS does to the economy in the new congress. He cannot ruin anymore than he's already ruined. QE2 will give banks liquidity they need to compete for profits overseas. Perhaps one breakthrough in the next congress will be a relaxation of the tax on US enterprises that earn profits overseas. Clearly those profits coming home would help the US economy, but they'd also create a shitstorm for the Fed and in it's "inflate until December 2012" juggernaut.

Talking to progressives in my circle they are approaching the healing stage. They're almost at total breakdown where they just cry when talking about what could have been. Talk of moving to Canada has returned. They really aren't coming to grips with the fact that conservatives are the majority in the United States even though it has been that way philosphically for decades, but only now is becoming the voting norm.


It looks like the Democrats have upset the Hillbuzz.org guys. Stop by and see what you think.



Here is Deb's picture...lovely.


Thanks, clarice and rse! I responded in the last thread. Clarice, I love the Pieces and am glad I was able to help. rse, I am putting "Many Moons" on the library list.

I think we got Rob Roy instead of Bill Peet - glad the latter's name was not sullied.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the huge wins at the state level on Tuesday were due at least in part to straight Republican ticket voting.


My all-time favorite Indian music -- nay, my all time favorite music: Ravi Shankar, Live at Monterrey Pop.

In Dhun (Dadra And Fast Teental, he plays his Sitar not only against the Tabla, but against your mind.

The other pieces cleanse the clutter of the mind and help on shift mental gears -- we tend, in hubris, to forget how.

I was 21 when I first was swept away by it, and still am 40 years later.


"I had to ask him what this little plug-in thing was called...hence the tech sounding 3G modem)."

Janet, if I wandered in to a computer shop and asked for a 3G Modem, would that be all I need to tell the clerk to get what you have?


Clinton didn't really have a father figure either, did he? Just a drunken, abusive, stepfather. Bill's not exactly self-effacing either, even as politicians go.

There had to be others, given life expectancy in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Captain Hate

Is Obama the first American President that was not raised by his father?

Slick was raised by his step-daddy, no? I remember Clenis telling some whopper about his step-dad bouncing Virginia off the walls, probably after catching her whoring around, where Bent Willy claimed he stood up to his drunken rage; more likely he was watching from the closet and taking notes on how to treat women.


Updates on 10 House Races


--"Is Obama the first American President that was not raised by his father?"--

Not sure. He is the second dual citizen President. Chester Arthur was the first.


For different reason, I can't fault Obama for the fact that his father didn't raise him, I do find it curious how he seems to have slighted his mother and grandmother's contribution

Something else that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the "Mouth of Monmouth"
Captain, in the LUN


682 State legislative seats gained by Republicans on Tuesday. That greatly exceeds the numbers lost in 74 after Watergate, which was 625.

So its quite fair to describe Zero as being the Democrats Watergate. He has turned the Democrat Party into a smoking hole in the ground nearly everywhere except parts of New England and the land of fruits and nuts...


Janet, if I wandered in to a computer shop and asked for a 3G Modem, would that be all I need to tell the clerk to get what you have?

Pagar, The Toshiba netbook is the mini-laptop, & the 3G modem is the plug-in thing that allows me to have internet access anywhere. We got a Verizon one cause the coverage is so good, but my husband says there are cheaper ones. We go online & buy "time".

Jack is Back!

3G Modems are more readily available at your local carrier or ATT store.

Rick Ballard

"were due at least in part to straight Republican ticket voting"

Yep. By independents. The stench from the Obaconomy and HCR albatrosses hanging on every elected Dems neck drove indies over. This piece indicates why they may stay on the right side of the fence for a bit.

Encouraging - but remember that this electorate believes that the CO2 Monster exists and can be propitiated by building windmills (at great expense and with absolutely minimal practical utility). That's something to consider before scribbling about "educating" the electorate regarding principles.


Good Morning,

Bah to Melinda's Jazz links.
Humbug to Porchlight's R & B hubby.
Yawn to Captain Hate's Dylan-o-mania. (pre or post Motorcycle accident.)

This is where it's happenin' folks. Music with real ">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/8114694/Stars-song-captured-by-scientists.html"> Star Power!

Can't wait till I hear the White Dwarf's.


What a lovely photo. Laura Bush is wonderful.


You have not lived until you have heard Duke Tumatoe and the Allstar Frogs play some blues. Still hang around in Indiana college town circuit I am told. Google it.

Captain Hate

Ugh narc; I expect Tammy Bruce will have something pointed to say about that tomorrow. NRO strikes me as a hive which hatched Cwissy Buckley and the Frums of the world, so they gleefully report all slaps to those parvenue TPers. I'm a CC fan but I don't know how he thinks anything positive can result from his statement. Yeah Chris, it really sucks when voters decide they like somebody more than the one you like.


Hannity believed unsubstantiated reports of the cost of the India trip!

You can get indignant refudiations of the $200M figure (OMG Iraq war costs $190M/day LOL) from the same people who insist that the only reason Obama tripled the deficit to $1.4 trillion was that he honestly accounted for the war.

Explaining the inconsistency between those arguments is left as an exercise for the troll.


Some background on Duke Tumatoe if anyone is interested:

Bill Fiorio (born 1947), a.k.a. Duke Tumatoe, was one of the original members of the band REO Speedwagon.[1] He has developed a presence as a blues performer and entertainer in the Midwest. He was one of the first performers to use a wireless mic and guitar pick-up which allowed him to roam through the crowds during earlier signature tune [I may be a Tumatoe but I can get] "Red Pepper Hot". Tumatoe opened for several blues and rock musicians including Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, George Thorogood, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Doobie Brothers and John Fogerty. Fogerty was so taken with Tumatoe's performance, he produced the 1988 live album, I Like My Job.


I know it's hard to see how this is the same house that Buckley, Kendall and Bozell helped
build, it's more like 'let's get cozy with the Eschaton"

Doc Hayward, describes the predicament we find ourselves in the LUN


"3G Modems" Thanks Janet and JIB!

Captain Hate

Outstanding article by Doc Hayward, narc


Trying this again, sorry if it double posts:

Our genius President again. Shouldn't it be either "draw inspiration from" or "find inspiration in"?

Captain Hate

daddy, you're such a star-f*cker

Jack is Back!


It can be expensive. Probably hit you with a monthly minimum and a multi-year contract. Good to have if you are alway or mostly mobile without a wifi source to log into (either fee or free). 3G is what you have on your iPhone, iPad and/or Kindle/Nook including the wifi option but it is from local telcoms carrier.

Danube of Thought

And the same people who told us if you like your current plan you can keep it.


Hi, GABE! Glad to see you here again/


Michelle is super smart too. Looks like a bit of a cross-out as "Ghandi" was thought better of and she realized she could just copy the spelling from her husband's comment above.

Captain Hate

Eh Porch, in Moochelle's defense I know I've sometimes had writer's cramp or some other problem that's led me to scratch out things I've written despite my best intentions. Regarding Bammy, if the verb is conjugated correctly, everything else is just gravy...


Rand Paul:

And I told you where the compromise is. The compromise is, Republicans never say they’ll cut anything out of military. What I say is, national defense is the most important thing we do in Washington, but there’s still waste in the military budget. You have to make it smaller, but you also then need to address, how many wars are we going to be involved in? Are we going to be involved in every war all the time?


Sure, Cap'n. But Michelle is a Super Smart Princeton-Educated High Powered Attorney and the FLOTUS so I expect better of her. Regardless of the penmanship, the comment itself isn't even above Malia's level.

Jack is Back!


Did you notice that they used the European/Asian form of dating their signatures! 6-11-10 but Bambi did after he or someone told him and he crossed out the American for of dating. When you consider his Totus issues and how he stumbles without it plus these seemily innocuous errors/corrections its almost as if his entourage also includes 3 shifts of puppet masters.


And Obama spelled "privilege" wrong. LOL.


This is the guy I still wanna see running for president--hint: they guy I want is not David Gregory. He can think on his feet and stick to his point through interruptions, and doesn't get confused by attempts to distract him. He dominates Gregory but maintains his good humor.

Jim Ryan

Oh, my. Did she really say "This visit will be one that I will..." and that Gandhi's teaching "must be shared with..."

A mind almost as disorganized as Tom Perriello's. Someone send her a Richard Mitchell book or two.


JiB, w/o a doubt, the handlers are right there all the time.


Yeah, I really liked the "must" - classic MOO imperious tone ("Barack will never allow you....").

Rick Ballard

It's like watching Being There in an endless loop. There will be growth in the spring... summarizes the intellectual depth which the oligarchs deem so fascinating.



The CO2 problem will get worse next year when the Common Core science standards come out as they redefine what constitutes "science" to support recording the results of activities. The research base turns out to be a UVa prof who interviewed practicing scientists and asked them about their childhood memories from when they decided to be a scientist.

Nothing like radically redesigning science instruction for the world's only superpower based on a paper called "Eyeballs in the Fridge".

A lot of the activities will be designed around global warming and world hunger.

Like the other Common Core national standards, they are designed to impose Dewey's vision of the school throughout the country. Sneaky collateral documents. There are regular references to "just enough" content so that students will know enough to be aggrieved and want reform but not enough to be analytical.

Although Common Core is being sold around the need for consistent academic standards across the state, the actual implementation documents put the emphasis on social and emotional needs of students first.

Basically it's all an expensive scam to get around our federal system and create Dewey's vision of the perfect socialist.

The best comment I've read is that Common Core is ultimately about getting the US and really UK and Australia too to give up all their comparative advantages in education, energy, and the environment.

Now you know why the media keeps making a big deal about keeping or eliminating the Dept of Ed. Its funding is putting in place a system where its products will need the state to look after them as the school's will no longer foster marketable knowledge or skills.

Captain Hate

Christie tools Gregory but he could've done even better. As has been discussed here before, this garbage static analysis in which tax cuts always cost money (and the Gregorys of the world always frame it in costing "us" money when in reality it stays in the pockets of the citizens who earned it) has to be ridiculed; a growing economy increases tax revenues and to ignore that is dishonest accounting. Somebody should point that out on MTP and watch Gregory melt down in stuttering disbelief.

Jack is Back!

I have been watching a few games on NFL Sunday Ticket especially the Lions v. Jets which is closer than expected but I think I am switching to the Pats v. Browns. I think that is why CH is not amongst us at this time. This could be the upset of upsets if they can pull it off. But the game that is really interesting is the Bucs against the Falcons. You have a team that won once last year going to first place in their division. Go Bucs!

Danube of Thought

I don't see where O crossed anything out.

I thought Issa, Ryan and Cantor were excellent on FN Sunday today.


((It can be expensive. Probably hit you with a monthly minimum and a multi-year contract.))

Pagar, That is true, but we just got a pre-paid one - no contracts. There is an upfront cost for the modem, & then we just buy time for a day or week. (like pre-paid phone cards).


And Obama spelled "privilege" wrong.

I eagerly await the media jumping all over this as they did with Quayle's "tomatoe."

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