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November 14, 2010



Well, there's the Hutus and the Tsutsi tribes in Kenya. So, are they calling Obama a half-breed? A Tutu!


"Tutu tootsie, goodbye!"


He would look ridiculous in boxing gloves.


Michael Moore? I was sure this was about three for three Hit..Oh, well, doughnut boy, is good, TM.


pink tutu


Michael Moore, with Bill Maher

That either of these two are on TV giving out opinions & advice shows how screwed up our media has become.

Danube of Thought

Whenever I hear anything about either Michael Moore or Jimmy Carter, I just picture the two of them seating together in Carter's box at the 2004 convention.


Michael Moore deserves to be a South Park character and nothing more. He is a bad cartoon, sort of like those weird European ones that get nominated for the animation Oscar that no ever watches, including the judges.

Dave (in MA)

With the ballerina having gone off to apply for the top job in the Daley machine, maybe he will take off the tutu.

Janet the tea-vangelist!


Janet the tea-vangelist!

Thanks for all the posting info Extraneus....I'm always lurking & taking notes.


LOL DebinNC:)


One thing you can say about MM, when he is talking about "the little guy" he sure as hell ain't talkin' about himself!

Form ADV

Pink is my favorite color. It is hot.

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