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November 11, 2010



He'd giving Don quixote a run for the money.


Obama gets ready to throw in the towel on extending the Bsh tax cuts.


Danube of Thought

Minus 20 at Raz today.

Danube of Thought

So--he's going to extend for two years the failed policy of the past that got us into the ditch in the first place.

Works for me.


With the cash we've saved, we could call a tow truck and get the damned car out.

Rick Ballard

The President has obviously spent time trying to examine his principles and, finding none, taken what he perceives to be the path of least resistance. President Doormat is to be congratulated for his perspicacity and commended, once again, for the razor sharp creases on the trousers of his empty suit.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

With the cash we've saved, we could call a tow truck and get the damned car out.



-20 woo woo

bio mom

Denial about this now posted at Drudge.


So typical of Obama to deny the obvious solution to create more drama and then appear to magnanimously agree to the right decision at the bitter end or Dec.31st.


Wouldn't you like to have a weekly poker game with Mr. President?


remember, he has at least 45 more days to dither. Isn't that one of the key psychological components of the man's presidency to date?

Captain Hate

Well Matt, wasn't that dithering part and parcel of the MFM's construct of how "thoughtful" he was? Speaking of which, at least Reporting for Doody made it back without surrendering to Sudan. I've never been so proud of the Winter Soldier.


His pal Joe Wilson is involved in a corporation which just got development rights to a variety of materials in the sudan, including uranium.


Here--via topsecret:
Jarch, Inc. - that Joe Wilson is a principle in trying to obtain oil leases in Sudan since approx. early 2002 and now finally obtaining rights to "Through the deal Jarch leased approximately 400,000 hectares (4,000 square km), an area the size of Dubai, of prime farmland that Matip controls with options to acquire more." -- interesting they struck up that "farm" land grab deal because it works as a convenient cover/protection from legally doing biz with them (state sponsor of terror sanctions) -

"As well as being able to grow cereals, oil seeds, vegetables and flowers, Jarch, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands has the sole oil and uranium exploratory and exploitation rights to the area."



Yay! Free Slurpees for everyone! Pass the good word!

Mark Folkestad

Clarice, I've got to read the full article on Jarch's deal. My cousin is part of a consortium trying to exploit oil for the benefit of the rebel government of southern Sudan, and he has never heard of this outfit.


Why don't we just get rid of the 22nd Amendment and re-elect George W. Bush, so we can all go on in good faith blaming him for everything that is bad in the world.

Come to think of it .. had Obama done anything that he can be blamed for ?


Danube of Thought, you are an idiot. The tax cuts are the "failed policies" that got us in this mess? Why don't you do some research? The cuts for the "rich" are $68 B per year. Our deficit is $1.3 TRILLION. The problem is the spending. By the way, that tax money is confiscated from citizens. We work into May just to pay the burden of local, state, and federal taxes imposed on us by a wasteful, abusive government.

Old Lurker

Chill JRK.

You don't know DoT and you sure don't appreciate his snark.


Shoot--when I was a kid I had to work until June to pay my taxes. Plus, I walked to school barefoot...in the snow....up hill....

tommy mc donnell

the obama tax cuts. are you crazy? they are not talking about tax cuts they are talking about whether to raise taxes or not. get it straight.


I still do Glasater!


Heh Jane:)


Wasn't Scary Larry, involved with Jarch, in some security consultancy

Dave (in MA)


On. Oct. 30, three days before the election, The Associated Press asked Patrick if he had heard about http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?BRD=1302&dept_id=181984&newsid=20450574&PAG=461&rfi=9>pending layoffs at Raytheon, which is based in Waltham, Mass., and recently was awarded a $47 million Army contract.

"No, no. That's just a rumor," the governor said...

When he was asked if he requested the company delay any terminations, he bristled and responded: "Come on. They've been adding jobs."

The November surprise! party, and Raytheon, Genzyme, Biogen and Charles River Labs all jumped up when the lights came back on.


Yes I was right, although this news is a little old, in the LUN


Dave, did you see the thing where we have spent $37 m this year on illegal immigrant health care - something Patrick refused to divulge before the election despite repeated requests.

Is it possible to impeach a governor?

Dave (in MA)

Illegal immigrant subsidize health care.
Illegal immigrant (Auntie Zeituni) low-cost housing.
Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.
Illegal immigrant tuition at the same rate as in-state residents.
Sanctuary cities.
What a state.


aLL THAT and Deval gets re-elected in a landslide

CFD Trading Strategies

Maybe Obama has his own reasons. There is no problem with the policy, maybe the manner of imposing it and the people that imposing this are not that effective. Let us give it another try, who knows this will be able to help us boost our economy despite of the crisis.


Wasn't Scary Larry, involved with Jarch, in some security consultancy


Yes. He was made chief of security for Jarch or something.


What does she mean by that?She said she has been going through alot lately.


Mark Folkestad
What have you learned?

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