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November 25, 2010



I intend to drink heartily and eat sensibly.

Old Lurker

Me too CC!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Danube of Thought

I intend to drink sensibly and eat moderately, but will do neither. But it's the intent that counts.

Jack is Back!

Mak,ala,aka JOMOs

Be bop a lulu (that's JOMO for Happy Thanksgiving!)


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Eat more Turkey...feel Perky!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rick Ballard

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember to be thankful for all of Tom's effort.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I plan to dine 'til full, and drink to medicinal levels.

After which, the spouse will drive our chariot, and yours truly seated in business "class".


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow JOMsters.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

On the Southern Poverty Law Center calling certain conservative groups "hate groups"...one of the comments at Daily Caller calls them "The Northern Not So Poor Law Center?" Hah!


Greetings Elliott! Happy Thanksgiving back at you . . . a little curious - what will you be dining on across the pond? :)


I forget. Is it supposed to be moderation in excess or excess in moderation? Today I expect to exercise the latter.

Happy Thanksgiving TM, and all the little TMlets and big TMs, too. I am thankful you seeded the community that grew at JOM.


If you don't start your day with a drink, you can't say you drank all day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Well, something to be thankful for--the Fat Lady is singing for Sarah Palin. She's been traipsing across the land with her Israel flag pin--yeah, yeah, there's some other country's flag on the pin, too--but fat lot of good that's doing her now: even the Neocons are trashing her. Personal note: I've never watched DWTS, so imagine how appalled I was at its unrelenting vulgarity when I saw the video clip featuring Sarah and her trashy family.

Mona Charen at NRO:

Why Sarah Palin Shouldn’t Run
Give her a TV show, not the presidency.

By telling Barbara Walters that she thinks she can defeat President Obama, Sarah Palin has dimmed hopes cherished by sensible Republicans that she might decide against a run for the White House in 2012. Here are just some of the reasons she should not run.


After the 2008 campaign revealed her substantive weaknesses, Palin was advised by those who admired her natural gifts to bone up on policy and devote herself to governing Alaska successfully. Instead, she quit her job as governor after two and a half years, published a book (another is due next week), and seemed to chase money and empty celebrity. Now, rather than being able to highlight the accomplishments of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, we get Sarah Palin’s Alaska, another cheesy entrant in the reality-show genre. She’d so much rather be out dog sledding than in some “dull political office,” she tells the audience. File that.

It’s true. She is wildly popular with a swath of the Republican electorate. And, as a conservative woman politician told me, political consultants (who get paid the big bucks, win or lose) will doubtless descend upon her with game plans showing how she can win in Iowa and then cruise to the nomination. Maybe. But the general election would be a problem, since 53 percent of independent voters view Palin unfavorably along with 81 percent of Democrats, according to a recent Gallup poll.

There is no denying that Sarah Palin has been harshly, sometimes even brutally, treated by the press and the entertainment gaggle. But any prominent Republican must expect and be able to transcend that. Palin compares herself to Reagan. But Reagan didn’t mud-wrestle with the press. Palin seems consumed and obsessed by it, as her rapid Twitter finger attests, and thus she encourages the sniping. She should be presiding over meetings on oil and gas leases in the North Slope, or devising alternatives to Obamacare. Every public spat with Dave Letterman or Politico, or the “lamestream media,” or (God help us) Levi Johnston, diminishes her.

Speaking of television, have you watched “Dancing with the Stars”? Calling the show cheesy would be too generous. Perhaps the former governor should not be blamed for the decisions of her adult daughter. Yet there in the audience we see Sarah and Todd Palin, mugging for the camera and cheering on their unwed-mother daughter as she bumps and grinds to the tune of “Mamma Told Me Not To Come.” Her parents had advised her, the 20-year-old Bristol told an interviewer, that she had to stay “in character” if she expected to win. Being “in character” evidently meant descending to the vulgarity that DWTS peddles on a weekly basis. The mama grizzly was apparently unfazed by, or — equally disturbingly — unaware of, the indignity. And she is supposed to be a conservative culture warrior?


Palin has many strengths. I admire her fortitude and her principles. Her ability to connect with a crowd is something most politicians can only dream of. I will always remember her 2008 convention speech as a rollicking star turn. She would be terrific as a talk-show host — the new Oprah.

But a presidential candidate? Someone to convince critical independent voters that Republicans can govern successfully? Absolutely not.


Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all and a special thanks to all of those serving in the Armed Forces today and those who have served in the past. May it be a very special day for all of those who support those who serve our country.


And Matt Labash at Weekly Standard piles on:

From governor to TV star.

Just how Sarah is Sarah Palin’s Alaska, her new hit reality show on the TLC network? It’s soooo flippin’ Sarah, as Sarah would say. And it’s soooo Alaska, which Palin pronounces “A-LASK-ahhhh.” She repeats this on the show over and over again, as though we might forget where she’s from otherwise. She says it in that chirpy honk that, to her legions of fans, represents the music of Mom, apple pie, and flyover country. To her legions of enemies, it is the sound of gum smacking and syntax breaking. As Palin intones in the show’s opening, “A-LASK-ahhhh—I love this state like I love my family.” Except that she didn’t give her family up after governing it for two-and-a-half years, so that she could get a Fox News contract, and make 100 grand per speech, and write two books in a year, and drag her entire family onto a tacky reality show.



Happy Thanksgiving to all. Anyone making anything interesting today? My job is stuffing this year (dressing, actually), and I think I'm going with a sausage/apple/chestnut combo, unless I find a better recipe. Not exactly "interesting," though.


The Germans are calling out Bushie (one of the "Bluebloods" Sarah talks about, or the son of Bluebloods):

Berlin Efforts to Prevent Iraq Invasion

Classified Papers Prove German Warnings to Bush

A classified document obtained by SPIEGEL shows notes from a meeting between a top German diplomat and Condoleezza Rice just weeks before the Iraq invasion. It indicates steps by the German government to prevent the war and undermines claims in George W. Bush's memoir that Gerhard Schröder indicated he would support the president should the US go to war.

Gerhard Schröder and Joschka Fischer made every effort they could. The German chancellor and foreign minister spared no effort with their appeals, whether in public or private, in small groups or with the eyes of the entire world upon them. In the end, though, it was all for naught. Then-United States President George W. Bush wouldn't allow anyone to change his mind. He was dead set on launching a war against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and thereby bringing "freedom," as he put it, to the Middle East. It was a freedom that Bush described as " God's gift to mankind."

Over time, however, this would-be gift from God has grown to become the biggest foreign-policy disaster in US history since the Vietnam War. The war in Iraq and its subsequent occupation has cost more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians and over 4,000 American soldiers their lives. Washington's credibility has been severely damaged, and Iraq will remain a trouble spot for the foreseeable future.

It is facts like these that have helped stoke the outrage since Bush recently published his memoirs, "Decision Points," in which he claims that Schröder -- the very man who won re-election in 2002 in large part based on his opposition to the war -- assured him in January 2002 that Germany would support the United States if it decided to go to war against Iraq. For his part, Schröder was quick to deny Bush's comments, claiming instead that "(t)he former American president is not telling the truth."

SPIEGEL has now obtained a previously secret copy of notes taken from a conversation in February 2003 marked "Classified Information -- For Internal Use Only." At that time, in was just a matter of weeks before US soldiers invaded Iraq. Klaus Scharioth, a Berlin-based state secretary in the German Foreign Ministry, had flown to Washington in the hope of still having a chance of changing the minds of Condoleezza Rice, Bush's national security adviser at the time, and other high-ranking members on the National Security Council.


The crux of the German argument was that the political costs of a war in Iraq would be "higher than (the) political returns." While Rice predicted that Iraq would take advantage of the "opportunities for reconstruction" like the ones Germany enjoyed after 1945, the delegation from Berlin countered that the rapid establishment of a democracy in Baghdad was "not (to be) expected."

The Germans also predicted that the real beneficiary of a war in Iraq would actually be Iran, and that a US-led attack would further complicate efforts to reach a solution in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Likewise, they prophesized that going to war would precipitate a "terrorist backlash." Scharioth stressed that it was important "to win over the hearts and minds of the Muslim elite and youths," according to the notes, and that this was "not to be achieved" by going to war. He also added that doing so would greatly increase the danger of prompting an "influx to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism."


Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Anduril, the turkey is calling you - so stop wrecking the holiday and report to the kitchen.

I too am grateful for all the JOmers and TM and the community I call home.

I'm looking out at the Mountains in NH. NO family fights have broken out yet but it is early still,


Happy thanksgiving, all, even you mark


“He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.”

Winston Churchill


Just back from the local turkey trot. They made five miles extra long this year. Now have the parade on. Anduril, is your clip and paste button worn out by now?


--She's been traipsing across the land with her Israel flag pin....

Ahh, the mist clears as to the recent voluminous and bolded vituperations.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, yes even him, and glory to God in the highest for providing the blessings we thank Him for.

Danube of Thought

This is from Steven Thomma at McClatchy:

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama emerges from a bruising midterm election with uncertain prospects for the next one in 2012, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

Nearly half of his own base -- 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents -- want someone to challenge him for the Democratic nomination, according to the poll. And, assuming he wins renomination, barely more than 1 in 3 voters, or 36 percent, said they'll definitely vote for him, while almost half, 48 percent, said they'll definitely vote against him.

``There's some serious electoral jeopardy and his position is very tenuous,'' said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., which conducted the national post-election poll.

Wonder how Professor Fair would react to that.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

On the other thread Caro says it is 8 BELOW 0 at her house. Good Lord!...I am thankful I don't live there!

Mark Folkestad

Anduril, I even wished you a Happy Thanksgiving in yesterday's thread. After your vile outburst this morning, that wish is retracted.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Democrats Arm Themselves for Thanksgiving from Powerline.

My FB friend Dave Thul writes - "The Pilgrims who started today's holiday tradition knowingly let almost 100 Indian warriors in their small town, sharing everything they had with them. Compare that with the DCCC, who warns you to be on guard today, not against actual enemies, but your fellow Americans."

Mark Folkestad

One participant here mystifies me, since he has such utter disdain for us. He sees himself as sitting alone on a pinnacle of intellectual and moral authority, and yet I see him as a blighted soul. Poor deluded me, I worship a JEW and view Christianity as the Messianic sect of Judaism that became the most successful of all Jewish branches. And I have a natural sympathy for an underdog nation of refugees from extermination attempts who only wish to survive, surrounded by loathsome creatures. Now I shall return to celebrating my holiday, which includes thanks for my many good friends here.


God bless President Bush. We give thanks today for all he and his staff and the US military and their Allies did to make the world a safer place.

Jack is Back!


Today I woke to bright sunshine, had my coffee, watched the news and started cooking:

Fresh Turkey with Giblet Gravy
Oyster - Chestnut dressing for stuffing
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Fresh whole Cranberry
Mince Meat Pie with Hard Sauce
Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Start with a Billecart-Salmon Sec Brut Champagne
Clos Pegase Chardonnay
Belle Glos Clark and Telegraph Road Pinot Noir

Supposed to hit 80F today! Dinner at 2:00pm

Enjoy both the food and family and thank the Lord for all that we have including the greatest country known to man despite the duds we have as POTUS and FLOTUS.


--One participant here mystifies me...

Mark, if I understand his idiosyncratic beliefs correctly, he views the entire Old Testament as essentially a myth and consequently Judaism as illegitmate and almost wholly unconnected to Christianity historically speaking, except for the part where the Jews demand His sacrifice presumably.
Even so, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, born a Jew as were the twelve apostles, loves him too.

(Another) Barbara

Sun's not up yet in Hawaii, but I am, and thankful to be home intact from my happy trip where I got to meet and play with the delightful Jane, Caro,and the ManTrans. Thank you for adopting me.

I brought Karl Rove's horrible cold home with me, which I'll try to pass on to some deserving libs around town. It feels strategically meaner than your average virus so they may guess its source.

Happy Thanksgiving to all JOMers and thanks again to my new pals who helped make the cruise such a joy. Hauoli Makahiki!


Happy Thanksgiving to All-- for our gracious host,TM; my respectful and kind friends, and even the people filled with hate and envy who post and share their anger...Today is a day to thank our gracious God for our blessings. And the people who can't put that first, today and everyday--they DO need our prayers the most.
My table will have two empty seats this year-a brother lost on 9/11 and a sister lost yesterday. But, I remain thankful for all the good memories and wish for everyone to hold tight to your loved ones, give as much love as possible to each other, because that is all you take with you when you leave this life--if you are filled with envy, hate, and bias--you take nothing.

Share, Love, Live, Laugh--Happy Days always:)

Mark Folkestad

Ignatz, thanks for that take. It is bizarre for someone professing to be a believing Christian to think that Our Lord came out of nowhere, a true deus ex machina. Yes, indeed, Jesus loves him. But we are tasked to defeat hateful and vicious behavior, and leave the blighted souls to Our Lord.

Jack is Back!


Our condolences on your loss of a sister. You will be in our prayers as Master JiB will say grace later in the day. May God rest her soul.


Special blessings to you Glenda - and thank you for the reminder of what is most precious.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

It's 23 degrees here - a virtual day at the beach compared to utah

Mark Folkestad

Glenda, you have my condolences on your loss, and my thanks for your gracious spirit. While I cannot say thanks for certain people, I continue to pray for them to find the grace that Our Lord freely gives to them.

Danube of Thought

Lots of rapid-fire scrolling today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and a special thanks to Tom Maguire for this very special place.

Melinda Romanoff


My deepest condolences on your loss. May your Thanksgiving be for those who have ascended before us.


Remember to be thankful for all of Tom's effort.


This place is matchless.

Old Lurker

Glenda thank you for your wonderful spirit in spite of your loss, and for reminding us what it's all about.


"Let them eat pie!" said the Blue Queen.

Per Jake Tapper tweet: WH dessert menu: Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Cherry Pie, Huckleberry Pie

Oh dear - I don't think Michelle is going to fit in that orange pantsuit ever again.

Old Lurker

And Mark and Iggy have paid now more than enough attention to the Turkey in our midst and we can score that as a family squabble relieving the rest of us from that tradition.

And Mel a special thanks to you for befriending YL and hubby. They arrived last night with great stories of being welcomed by you breaking all the rules I taught the Lurker daughters regarding actually meeting people from blogs in spite of more recent warnings from Sylvia. They are plotting how to lure you and Mrs. Mel to Evanston so they can return the favor.

And Janet at another lull in our ramblings I will return to your lesson from your youth about the value of an alternator in your first car. I have a funny to add to that series.


Glenda, thank you for your wonderful thoughts. Very sorry to hear about your sister.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Billie cart salmon is my very favorite champagne JIB - Geez Glenda, I am so sorry for your lost. I hope it wasn't a shock - or maybe that is better.

Even Mr. Left commented on Michelle's "ghetto booty" last week. I was shocked!


It's easy to take for granted, but I want to give special thanks to bgates for the narcisolator today.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

You really cannnot trust a White House that doesn't serve chocolate.


Absolutely, Jane!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


I sense a diet in Michelle's future.

President Barack Obama may not be on the guest list at next spring's royal wedding, CBS News reports.

Neil Sean, a contributor for the network, says Buckingham Palace insiders tell him that the first lady may be there when Prince William marries Kate Middleton in April.

"The story I'm hearing from insiders is that we don't actually anticipate the president to attend the wedding," Sean said. "But we do think, for that extra type of glamour, the gorgeous Michelle Obama will be making an appearance."

Sean says who the first lady might bring as an alternate guest "remains to be seen." Politico

I wonder what the slobbering reporter considers that extra type of glamour to be?


Jane, just brought the pecan pie with dark chocolate morsels(just because everything is better with chocolate) out of the oven. JUst another clue to the incompetence of the current administration.
M is reading up her driving manual because she turned 15 and 6months today, don't you know it would be a holiday weekend and she is now eligible for her driver's permit.
All JOMers have a wonderful Thanksgiving and no relative manslaughter allowed even if it is justified.

hit and run

Happy Thanksgiving all.

It's a balmy 45 degrees here. Overcast. Perfect Thanksgiving throw-the-football weather.

I do plan on drinking sensibly today and have thus far practiced what I've planned. Only two beers so far at the time of this writing. At that pace I will consume less than a case of beer. Sensible!

mrs hit and run is absolutely amazing. Got everything prepped yesterday/last night so all she had to do was get the turkey in the crock pot this morning and then put various things in the oven at various times today. She's relaxing now -- which I am so very thankful for.

All of you are absolutely amazing. Great friends,truly. I am thankful for each of you. May God richly bless you all the days of your lives.

Glenda,my condolences on your loss. There are a lot of really sweet and special people at JOM. I count you among the sweetest and most special.

I have a lot for which to be thankful. More than I certainly deserve. Grace has been showered on me in such great measure and it is truly humbling to slow down and reflect upon the life that I have,the land in which I live,and the family and friends with whom I'm surrounded.

Time now to go add to the sensibility of my beer intake.


Latest Gallup poll: Barack Obama gets another shellacking from the Tea Party

Further confirmation of the Tea Party’s influence as a long-term force to be reckoned with has come in a new USA Today/Gallup poll, which shows the Tea Party virtually neck and neck with President Obama in terms of voter opinion on who should influence government policy. The poll is yet another humiliation for a presidency already on its knees.
Jack is Back!

Sean says who the first lady might bring as an alternate guest "remains to be seen." Politico

Its a royal wedding. Maybe she'll bring that Nigerian prince they are using to underwrite the deficit.


My condolences on your sister's passing, glenda

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


M is featured in my latest You Too Post (along with "that horrid Clarice".)


Posting from a I phone


Glenda- I'm so sorry to hear about your sister.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Danube of Thought

Fifty-three and sunny here; going up to 62. Coldest day of the year.


Happy Thanksgiving, all!!

As is usual, I am making a smoked turkey -- the chips, a mixture of apple and mesquite, are soaking at the moment. Wife is making three pies: two pumpkin and one apple. Then off down the hill for a big family get-together.

Glenda, I am so sorry about your loss.

We'll be lucky to reach 50 today, and there is a freeze warning for tonight. The citrus trees all have old-fashioned Christmas tree lights in them to keep them warm.


Thanks for Giving me your kindness again and again, JOM'ers--I have always found comfort here!
I think we overdid sweets today, Chocolate "Delight", Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Meringue, Pumpkin Rolls, Pumpkin Crunch, Pumpkin Pie,Pecan Pies, Brownies for the Kiddoes and my favorite--a huge Coconut Cake.
And with my olive complexion, I don't have to worry about evah fitting into an Orange Pantsuit :)!

Danube of Thought

So sorry, Glenda. God rest her soul.


glenda: So glad the chocolate is well represented!!!

Apparently "fitting into" a pantsuit has never occurred to our FLOTUS.

Mark Folkestad

Nine above here in SW Minnesota, with a stiff wind yielding a wind chill of eleven below. I wish I were already settled in milder SE Alaska, but I give thanks for good friends and family here in Minnesota during the remainder of my tenure.


Glenda, sorry to hear about your sister. May God bring comfort.


Something else to be really, really grateful for today, from Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph:

As I’ve noted before, the Tea Party will go down in history as one of the most successful US political movements of modern times, playing a key role in the conservative revolution that swept America in 2012. Barack Obama continues to decline in the polls, while the Tea Party maintains its strength, and continues to build upon it.

About to head off to the family gathering, so everyone eat, drink and be merry. Look forward to seeing who is still here (stuffed and sober) when I return this evening.


"I think we overdid sweets today,"

It wasn't the mincemeat Mother used to make from scratch but I made Mincemeat Cookies with Brandy Icing. About as good as you can get.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Yeah Glenda...I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving sentiment - Share, Love, Live, Laugh--Happy Days always:)

Huckleberry Pie I love the word huckleberry. From the movie Tombstone - Doc Holliday: I'm your huckleberry...
I always wondered what that meant, so one day my husband left a phone message with my young daughter....I found the note on my bed - Huckabberry - the right person for the job.

OL, I look forward to the alternator story. There weren't enough brackets in the world to keep mine attached properly. :(

and last....we are having a *Free Puppy* give away. Jess ate the laptop recharger cord...she is cute, but not that cute. I forgot how hard puppies were. :( :(
(that is a double frown - really bad!)


See you guys on the flip flop. Out the door to the sister in law's.
Glenda, you have my sincerest sympathy.
Thankful for all my friends here, and for TM.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

That movie has lots of good quotes. I love this line too -
"Morgan Earp: Look at all the stars. You look up and you think, "God made all this and He remembered to make a little speck like me." It's kind of flattering, really."

Danube of Thought

"The "Historical Dictionary of American Slang" which is a multivolume work, has about a third of a column of citations documenting this meaning all through the latter 19th century.

"So "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for!"

I loved Val Kilmer in that flick.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Me too DoT.

hit and run

Look forward to seeing who is still here (stuffed and sober) when I return this evening.

Wait. What?

Only those who are sober???


hit and run

Go Lions.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Harummph Hit! Go Pats1


Glenda, my deepest condolences.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you Tom for all that you do to keep Just One Minute running.

hit and run


Hey,nice blog. Checked your comments recently?


My condolences, Glenda,

I finally got to You too, after making my son his breakfast (it's his birthday) treat nutella crepes, baking an apple almond tart for tonight along with 4 fast challahs from Joan Nathan's new book. So I can wish everybody a great day except for someone whose name starts with J and rhymes with pain.

Ok--so things in this blended family are bit unusual, culinary wise. I mean there's not a drop of apricot or current jam with which to paint the tart bottom so I used yuzu preserves. I am sure like everything else about the mixture or cultures it only will come out better.


Old Lurker

Thanks for checking in Clarice.

Say hi to everyone from us.


"--She's been traipsing across the land with her Israel flag pin...."

May God bless all those who traips across the land with Israel flag pins.

The Obama adminstration continues on their way total violation of all American Rights.

" “Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?” IRS agent Tracy Dornette wrote the organization, according to this week’s court filing, as part of its consideration of the organizations application for tax exempt status. “Describe your organization’s religious belief system toward the land of Israel.

The document emerged in the course of a lawsuit filed in August by Z Street, a hawkish group that casts itself as the Zionist answer to the liberal J Street. Z Street claims that a different IRS agent reviewing its application for tax exempt status said the agency is “carefully scrutinizing organizations that are in any way connected with Israel” and that “a special unit” is determining whether its activities “contradict the Administration’s public policies.”

My belief is that the Obama Administration has gone completely out of control.


Glenda, I'm sorry.

I'm reprinting some old material that got buried just before the page break last night:

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for careful typing.

Earlier this week, somebody handed Obama a note that said, "The DPRK is firing artillery at a bunch of Koreans."

Obama would have nuked Pyongyang if that note left out the last 'e'.


thanks for that take

it's so typical of JOMers that they would accept half ass distortions based on what they WANT to believe rather than based on clear and easily accessible facts. i outlined my views the other day in a frank exchange with Appalled and others, but the usual yahoos were offended that Appalled even attempted to gain insight into those views--much easier to lie. which is the point.


it is the calm before the storm here. Serious cookery begins in @ 30 minutes. The house is quiet, as I have once again escaped from having to to visit one of the Disneyland hotels where costumed teenagers serve very expensive carbohydrate based food equivalents at highly inflated prices.

Having just had a radio check from the better half, the people watching is quite interesting, but something else I am thankful to have avoided.

I am thankful to avoid, for a day, the rancor of uninformed opinion, and for the informed opinion I find here so often.

I am thankful for all of the men and women far from home doing their jobs and protecting us and even for the clerk down at the drug store where they sold me an optical mouse this morning.

I am thankful to be alive and well and have a great family and friends and for a thousand other things.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Jack is Back!

Poor Anduril, no one wants to play with him. And that is not right. After all if it wasn't for him I would never have so much respect for Bush, Palin, Israel, and a host of other topics he has brougt to my attention. So, Anduril, consider this an electronic pat on the head. Good boy, now let's go back to the room so we can secure you for the night, lock the door and tell Dr. Andy your off you Prozac again.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


I just bet my family that the Patriots win 45 - 24. They paused the game during dinner - well you know the rest.

I saw Clarice's comment. Tee Hee.

None from you tho.


I just bet my family that the Patriots win 45 - 24.

Who were you betting against?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It is a sunny, balmy 72 degrees in Atlanta. Turkey and stuffing (regular in the main cavity, oyster in the neck) are in the oven. Cranberry sherbet in the freezer. Cranberry relish mixed. Dad's work is done. The rest of the gang is bringing the fixins, and the Champaign is on ice and Pinot at the right temp.

God bless the troops. And God bless the JOM gang.

Old Lurker

Hi Jim Happy TG.

I was thinking about you the other day when someone here posted the Lehigh victory over Lafayette, noting the record held by those two in that series.

Hope you are well.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Thanks OL:

Generally, the team with the worst record wins the Lehigh/Laffayette game. Not this year. And it was on national TV (with the Lafayette feed). Watching this kind of college football reminds me of the old saw, "they are small, but they are slow". Every now and then, though, one of the players make the NFL and actually start.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

This is hilarious...via Instapundit.

I've got a pin on my purse (along with my US/Israel flag pin) that says, "Meatatarian by Choice".



Had to look at that a few times to get it! The DPRK would have had to deal with some fataws too.



So why did Republicans win big in the midterm elections? Occam's razor suggests that voters were unhappy with Democrats for enacting massively unpopular and intrusive legislation while failing to deal effectively with real problems. But some people avoid Occam's razor for fear of cutting themselves, so we end up with some very elaborate, if not downright crazy, explanations. They are also highly entertaining, which is something to be thankful for.
Read the rest if you enjoy their pain, as I do.
Danube of Thought

Their pain is just one of the things for which we can be thankful this day.

And the first a martini is little more than an hour away, with the DVR set to record Bengals v. Jets for watching between the feet later on. Now I know how the Pilgrims felt.


Glenda, you have my condolences on the loss of your sister. I was quite moved by your poignant reflections on Thanksgiving and I marvel at your optimism and resilience.


Happy Thanksgiving to all you buds and buddettes


Happy Thanksgiving my new friends! This has been a great day. I hope only the best for all of you. Thank you TM for not booting me. :-)

Jack is Back!

What a football game! Boys V Saints. Oh boy it can go any way .

hit and run

I saw Clarice's comment. Tee Hee.

None from you tho.

None from me? Really?

Because when I am at youtoo...

#1 written by hit and run

about 8 hours ago

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Don’t forget your birthday in 2008…

I do not fault you for feeling you should moderate my comments as opposed to those who get automatic posting privileges at youtoo.

But I don't think it's too much to expect that you ...you know... moderate my comments....

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