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December 16, 2010



That "crisis" thing is a bit tiring. Can't the devil make him do it?

Lord Whorfin

After two years of being completely wrong, is it too much to ask that he might be right this time??


Heh..Is Blazing Saddles a great movie or what? And did you find exactly the right fictional character to describe the CiC?

Rob Crawford

That's simply not fair to Cleavon Little's Sheriff Bart. Bart was competent.

If you must look to a model for Obama in that classic work, might I suggest Governor LePetomaine?

Captain Hate

I'm officially confused on which way to go on this tax bill. I was originally for the compromise and had that bolstered by my commie and RINO senators voting against it. But then I see Jugears McFly making this statement and realizing that merely decreasing taxes while continuing the anti-business thrust of the government seems like a trap to argue in 2 years that tax breaks to "the rich" don't have any positive impact. So blow it up and let the next Congress come up with real tax cuts and also cut spending.


I'm for standing athwart and yelling "Stop!"


I posted this on the other thread...it's just a picture. Funny though -
Save on your electricity bill during the holidays


Perfect if you live next door to Clark Griswald.

Old Lurker

I'm with you Cap'n.

Reps should do their best to block everything left in the Lame Duck except for a clean CR to run things for 30 days.

Ain't gonna happen though.


--if the tax deal doesn’t pass, it’s the end of his presidency--

For the first time in my life I'll be proud of my country if my taxes go up.

Charlie (Colorado)

Oh, baby. You is so talented.

And they is so dumb!

Cecil Turner

I'm getting more concerned that the Senate is going to pass all that crap in the queue (Dream, DADT repeal, etc).

At this point, our best hope is that the Dems in the House modify the tax bill substantially and the GOP Senators rediscover their backbones.


I guess we're all gonna need a shitload of dimes

Dave (in MA)

Brown http://audio.weei.com/m/35954165/sen-scott-brown.htm>on the D&C show:

Callahan: ... on one condition: you vote against this pork spending bill. Brown: Of course I am, Gerry... Callahan: Are you? Brown:... of course I am. Callahan: Really? Brown:... of course I am... Callahan: Excellent! Brown: You can relax...

Or if you prefer, the machine-generated transcript:

"... -- under one condition you vote against this. Pork spending bill I am very -- are you interact script of course I am next to relax and really. Of course they ride back he's back to show I'm Scott Brown is back your voting against this pork -- don't. Scratch area -- go wherever we live there but I've never twelve men and nevertheless. Well I it."

Old Lurker

Me too, Cecil. I do not like what I am hearing.

Rob Crawford

don't. Scratch area

Wiser words, never said.


I feel the same way as Cecil and Old Lurker. We still have too many worthless fools on our side who vote for carp, and more carp.

Captain Hate

When is Scott Brown going to officially become a Democrat?


He wants the gdp/gnp tax for his foreign aid FF like his socialist british pal.The devil make him?Its not his fault,he is victim and you should understand and pay,you O.Its not like relies on it for wealth and power.

Jack is Back!


He is a democrat - how can he not be coming from Mass. He is just a smarter democrat than Coakley. Same with the Maine boobsey sisters. The republicans are not showing much learning either. I think its about time the T-Party folks start arming themselves with real pitchforks and not the virtual kind.

Danube of Thought

Come on, folks. We knew what we were getting with Brown from day one. Not quite Olympia Snowe, but close.

OT, there's a very fine article by one David Bernstein at Volokh on what will be important to the Supremes when they consider Obamacare. (I say "very fine" because I agree with him.)

Captain Hate

JiB, it's hard to be dumber than Coakley, who was Patches Kennedy level stoopid. Yes, I'm counting on Jane and her group to make themselves heard.

Btw, according to Malkin the donks have pulled the tax bill for lack of votes. Suck it Bammy.


Dem rep: Obama told us if the tax deal doesn’t pass, it’s the end of his presidency

I smell a rat. He is daring the opposition because he knows it will make *them* look bad if they oppose it (since the polling favors the bill).

FWIW. I'm always wrong on this stuff. Always.



Our “Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain” Moment by Victor Davis Hanson

A final House vote on President Obama’s tax proposal could be delayed after Democratic leaders were forced to pull a procedural measure off the House floor Thursday.
The end of the world as we know it.

Is it too much to ask one member of the Republican leadership to publicly say--We negotiated in good faith with the president to preserve the favorable tax rates for all Americans put in place by President Bush and maintained through the present, and agreed to a fair and productive compromise. The bill which is now being put forward for passage is not the bill we negotiated, is highly unfavorable to the American taxpayer, and contains excessive earmarks and additions which will significantly worsen both our economy and the deficit. We cannot support this bill unless and until the President prevails upon the current democratic congress to restore the bill to that which was negotiated; otherwise, we will take appropriate measures to retore favorable tax rates for all Americans in January 2011 when the new Congress is seated.
Is that really so hard?


Oh, dear. He's got that tired look again. Look at the eyes.

Jim Ryan

Mark Levin's rants against the tax bill have been sufficiently spittle-flecked to persuade me to be against it and support letting the new House do something in the new year.

If I get my way and as a result the stock market crashes right before the new year, I'll be unavailable for comment.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

He is a democrat - how can he not be coming from Mass.

Hey! I'm from Mass!

Dave (in MA)

I think it's crazy to think that we could get anybody more conservative than Brown in the Senate from this moonbat state.


((Dem rep: Obama told us if the tax deal doesn’t pass, it’s the end of his presidency))

Is that an effectual promise he'll resign? His bluff needs to be called.


Obama said the same thing about Healthcare,end of his presidency-who cares if it ends? Fool me once...


"engage in a little crowdsourcing. Sen. Tom Coburn’s office has posted the entire list of earmarks in the Senate’s $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. All 6,715 line items are here — items like a cool million for broadband expansion in Vermont. $400,000 to create a “research park” in Florida. Millions in foreclosure modifications in several states. $200,000 for “streetscaping” in North Castle, NY. $500,000 for “streetscaping” in Indiana. $100,000 for “construction of a trail” in Pennsylvania. $250,000 for a lake trail in Texas. All of this and more, totaling about $8 billion, is in the database linked on this page."

Anyone know what "Millions in foreclosure modifications in several states" is actually saying? I cannot find it on the stuff I have seen on Sen Coburn's site.


This spending bill should end the career of any politician who votes for it.

Danube of Thought

These assholes are really putting on a show for the American people right now, aren't they?

This is collective insanity, pure and simple.


Kind of on topic because of the movie reference in TM's thread -- Blake Edwards has passed.

Nice obit in the NYT's.



Here is a Coburn amendment that got defeated:

Senate Democrats reject elimination of unemployment benefits for millionaires

Looks like the democrats want to give 99 weeks of unemployment benefits to the rich millionaires so they can pay higher taxes or something...?

What happened to screw the rich?


Bernstein initially left out what I thought was the consideration most likely to be at the back of the mind of many SCOTUS members, but he brought it up with an UPDATE:

UPDATE: I left out a crucial factor: If the liberals on the Court, like the dissenters in Lopez, are unable to articular [sic] a limiting principle that would prevent their decision from giving the federal government an essentially plenary police power to regulate virtually all human activity and inactivity, the individual mandate is doomed. The conservative majority simply will not accept a doctrine that suggests that federal power is not one of limited and enumerated powers.

This is what I call the slippery slope argument. Whether the justices decide Obamacare explicitly on this basis, I think it will loom largely in their minds. Can any limiting principle be articulated that will be more than a fig leave? I personally doubt it, and I'll bet every one of the conservative justices doubt it, too--that's one of the lessons of Roe v. Wade.

Frau Viktor/Viktoria

Nice obit, indeed, glasater.
“My entire life has been a search for a funny side to that very tough life out there,” Mr. Edwards once said. “I developed a kind of eye for scenes that made me laugh to take the pain away.”


((All of this and more, totaling about $8 billion, is in the database linked on this page."))

It's the Santa Claus model of goverment. In this model, children don't leave milk and cookies for Santa, they leave the contents of their piggy banks. Also, in this model, more goes into Santa's magically expanding shoulder bag than comes out. To keep the game going, Santa uses a small percentage of his annual loot to buy the kiddies cheap presents so they'll play again next year.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I think the republicans should simply tell the democrats that if they have to repeal the tax increases in January they are going to insert a provision in the bill that makes those who refused to bring it to a vote pay for all the costs of bringing it into the new year.


I like best this from the obit:

"A lifelong depressive, Mr. Edwards told The New York Times in 2001 that at one point his depression was so bad that he became “seriously suicidal.” After deciding that shooting himself would be too messy and drowning too uncertain, he decided to slit his wrists on the beach at Malibu while looking at the ocean. But while he was holding a two-sided razor, his Great Dane started licking his ear, and his retriever, eager for a game of fetch, dropped a ball in his lap. Attempting to get the dog to go away, Mr. Edwards threw the ball, dropped the razor and dislocated his shoulder. “So I think to myself,” he said, “this just isn’t a day to commit suicide.” Trying to retrieve the razor, he stepped on it and ended up in the emergency room."

"Dem rep: Obama told us if the tax deal doesn’t pass, it’s the end of his presidency"

All I want for Christmas......

Frau Viktor/Viktoria

Ann, don't forget *other* 24 parts of Coburn's amendment; were these the main objection?

* a 15 percent cut in the budgets for the White House and congressional offices, saving $3.8 billion over five years
* a three-year pay freeze for members of Congress, saving $6 million over five years
* a 10 percent reduction of the federal workforce, saving $13.2 billion over five years
* a 20 percent reduction in the federal motor vehicle fleet, saving $1.5 billion over five years
* a 10 percent reduction in voluntary additional payments to the United Nations, saving $1.5 billion over five years

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

All I want for Christmas......



I hope that after Blake married Mary Poppins, his mental outlook improved.

Danube of Thought

"Can any limiting principle be articulated that will be more than a fig leave?"

If not, they'll probably start looking for one that will be more than a fig leaf.


"Looks like the democrats want to give 99 weeks of unemployment benefits to the rich millionaires so they can pay higher taxes or something...?"

I think I can understand the Democrat Senator millionaires fear. After all twenty some Democrat senators are up for reelection in 2012. Most of them are probably millionaires, or figure they could be by 2012. Can you imagine voting away a benefit that you might need to keep your kids from starving, just help the Republicans?


DoT, If the mandate stands I'll be interested in an explanation of what all the rest of the Constitution is there for? Wrapping paper?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

I hope that after Blake married Mary Poppins, his mental outlook improved.

Here's another excerpt from the obit that might contradict that notion:

According to a joint interview the couple gave Playboy in 1982, Mr. Edwards, who had never met Ms. Andrews, wowed a party crowd that was speculating on the reason for her phenomenal success. “I can tell you exactly what it is,” he said. “She has lilacs for pubic hair.” Ms. Andrews sent Mr. Edwards a lilac bush shortly after they started dating, and their marriage lasted 41 years.

Mary Poppins? I think not.


LOL!! So Obama suckered the GOP, not vice-versa. I love how quickly and easily identity conservatives come full circle. That's because they're always spinning the news, never adjusting their views to it.
So with one little compromise the president has reopened the bloody gash in America's right-wing. On one side there's the Bush/Reagan establishment, which is at least smart enough to know that the game is talk bad about poor people and minorities and gubmint, and mainline fear of foreigners and Muslims, but keep pumping up government spending, while cutting taxes and just borrow, borrow, borrow from the East Asians.
On the other, you have your very low-information Tea Party types who think capitalism is magic that delivers a utopia and start sentences with how much the love the Constitution, then finish them with all the ways it has to be amended.
I can't say I'm happy with Obama's politics over cutting taxes, but the way this has played out among identity conservatives does show a bit of tactical brilliance on his part...

Danube of Thought

It's really the key, Clarice. Ask any mandate supporter what would keep the congress, pursuant to its Article 1 militia power, from requiring every citizen to buy a gun. I've yet to get a response.


fig leaf :-)


and I'll bet every one of the conservative justices doubt doubts it, too

Rick Ballard

I'd sort of like to see a loss of benefits penalty enacted for failure to exceed average earnings. There is no question that such a failure affects commerce and is detrimental to the general welfare so there can't (per Obamacare arguments) be a Constitutional prohibition against mandating and/or coercing behavior in furtherance of obvious commercial and societal benefit.

Someone with below average earnings is unlikely to be able to pay a sum sufficient to offset the cost of their detrimental behavior so elimination of eligibility for benefits seems a fair solution.


These politicians are sickening. They are playing around & trying to screw each other with OUR money. Cut them off.
Spoiled children fighting over money that isn't even theirs.
I wouldn't let this woman in my front door.


Yes, DoT that seems to stop the conversation--throw in mandating private retirement funds (and phasing out SS) or jailing unmarried parents--the former has the advantage of a specific provision allowing Congress to provide militias but the latter two are as soundly grounded as the effect on interstate commerce of not carrying health insurance.


Is that an effectual promise he'll resign? His bluff needs to be called.

Maybe that's why he had Clinton do the Press Conf...trial balloon...

Old Lurker

Cannot they force me to buy a Chevrolet, and a new one every three years?

And use a Visa card from their bank of the day?

I suppose they can force skim milk on me too.


For anyone who cares, I do a sort of modified grovel here. Just for the record.


Rs are getting f-ing rolled on everything.


CNN's report of the hearing before Judge VInson in Fla today on the 20 state challenge to Obamacare:

"On the issue of requiring the uninsured to buy health insurance, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson seemed receptive to questions about its fairness. "There are lots of alternatives to that," he said, "without imposing on liberties or freedom of choice."
"There are some people who have a different way of dealing with a situation, and that is being taken away from them," he said.
Vinson then asked whether the government also had the power to require individuals to purchase broccoli, because it could improve health and lower medical costs overall.

"If you go by the tenor of the questions he asked, you'd have to think that he would strike down the [individual] mandate, and uphold the Medicaid requirements," said Prof. Randy Barnett of Georgetown Law, who supports the challenges to the law. "But I don't know that you can really fairly judge what a judge is going to do based on the questions he asks in court."


Thanks for sharing that Clarice. Keeping fingers crossed that he is another sane Judge.


He sounded pretty sane in October when he refused to dismiss the cases.


Well Jane and Dave and TC,

My "Republican" Senator may well be as useless as your Massachusetts "Republican" Senator, but at least up here we're a decent enough state to be attacked by some legitimate monsters.

Fer instance, in 1957 we were consequential enough to be attacked by a ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FJ_DCkDGUM"> 200 foot tall Prehistoric Preying Mantis.

And more recently by ">http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0389722/"> Bloodthirsty gangs of vampires.

What about you guys?

1 stupid ">http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/4/2010/06/jaws-jaws-468736_700_467.jpg"> Shark? Is that all you got? Bah humbug.


daddy, I got the stuff for Soylent today. Thanks so much. I just emailed Jane & asked her to let you know that I got it. What a treat for him.


True, daddy, but the vampires are limited to Barrow, it's safe after that, that list of
earmarks is much scarier

Granny Jan

I love it when MO is off promptor. She says the most outrageous things and I didn't even use all of them.

You Tube-We can't leave it up to the parents


It's 34 degrees of global warming in Suzhou, China right now and off for a day in the trenches. Normally it would be in the 50's - 60's.

Going to go meet a bunch of Chinese capitalists. Rode in a Shanghai GM Buick last night that was as good as most of the high end European models, but they still can't quite seem to get it right back in the Motherland.

Maybe we need to send Ratner to China for a few weeks to take the heat from Cuomo off his back. He can come back and kibbitz with Friedman on how great the Chinese are.

In the meantime, Congress is at another all time low as they slowly swirl down the toilet bowl.....You can lead a legislator to knowledge, but you can't make him think.


Just saw a neat slide show taken from google satellites of the new ghost cities in China (real estate bust there, too).

Malkin reports that the Omnibus Bill is dead, Reid couldn't get enough votes.

Update 7:30pm Eastern Harry Reid takes the floor. Invokes the Founding Fathers and asserts “I support the Constitution of the United States.” Segues immediately into a fear-mongering soliloquy about how children and seniors will be harmed if omniporkulus isn’t passed.
But announces that he will relent and work on a short-term continuing resolution to fund government. He doesn’t have the votes.


Excellent, granny !


his inner Cleavon Little

That explains his willingness to negotiate with hostage takers.

"Do what he sayyyyyyys...!"



What was it he said? We don't negotiate with hostage takers unless they threaten the lives of the hostages...
And gosh we all know that never happens.Usually they just are doing it to get our attention cause they misplaced their watches and want to know the time of day.

Granny Jan

Thanks Clarice, I was fascinated by your story on Blake Edwards. It brought to mind Dorothy Parker's rhyme about suicide.


Fox Business channel is reporting that the Omnibus spending porkathon has been pulled from the floor. Since I have seen too many vampire movies, I will believe its dead when I see the stake driven through the heart.

Continuing resolution of no longer than March at last years budget level. Nothing else.


It was sad but very real sounding to me, granny.

I had a college roommate who was always trying suicide unsuccessfully--she'd stick her head in the oven, for example, but then the gas would be shut off for some reason. That sort of thing.

Anywa, I'm glad both of them were unsuccessful at that.

Old Lurker

Not that I'm cynical or anything, but if they caved that fast, wonder what they got in return?


It would seem the iPod failed to impress. Or, as P.G. Wodehouse almost put it, "For in good sooth...it did indeed begin to appear as though our beloved monarch, the son of the sun and the nephew of the moon President had been handed the bitter fruit of the citron."

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

It looks like Harry couldn't get any Republican votes. If that's right, kudos to Mitch and his crew for holding the line. Best news I've heard in a while.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


Best news of the week. I swear if they had gone thru with it, I'd be ready to take to the streets.


Nothing like the sword of damocles hanging over their heads to stiffen their spines. Don't relent, Jane.

Jim Ryan

Dang. Kind of ticked off the omniporkulus went belly up. I believe Perriello had earmarked $50,000 for new tap lines at my local dive.


BTW Wyden (Dem.Ore) is having emergency surgery and will miss all these votes.

Jim Ryan

Elliott, I believe Wodehouse's Wooster said, "The measure was as atrocious as my aunt's chef Anatole's dinners were sumptuous. So, it put a hop in the old step to hear that the blighter had yanked the bally thing at the spur of the mo."


Hi Elliott. Are you going home for Christmas?
Will be thinking of you.

Btw, where it Dot? He will love this:

VIDEO: Senator Kerry to Incoming Senators: “You don’t count.”

Uncle BigBad


That's the news we've all been waiting for!!

Time for me to begin mentally replaying all my favorite Blake Edwards scenes. I think my favorite is the cockroach scene in Victor/Victoria - and maybe the Leslie Anne Warren scene, also in Victor/Victoria.


Tom McClintock sums it up.

">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTPm14p8jDo&feature=player_embedded"> HR 4853 - Tax Relief Compromise

House Chamber, Washington, D.C. December 16, 2010. M. Speaker: I commend the Senate for passing the tax relief measure yesterday, and I hope that the House passes it today. According to the CBO, this bill comprises $136 billion in additional spending and $721 billion in tax relief. That means fifteen percent of this bill is spending – the other 85 percent is tax relief: · No across the board increase in income tax rates next year. · No AMT biting deeper into middle class families. · A Death Tax that’s a third less of what it would otherwise have been -- threatening far fewer family farms and family businesses with extinction. If this relief fails, when the ball drops at Time Square on New Year’s Eve, Americans will have just been walloped by a tax tsunami the likes of which we haven’t seen since Smoot-Hawley. Families and small businesses will be spending the New Year struggling to pay thousands of dollars of new taxes. A family making $50,000 will see at least $3,000 more taken from its paychecks. A small businessperson whose shop makes $300,000 will have to cut another $8,400 – perhaps the difference between a part time and a full time job for an employee. From the Left we’re told that we should raise taxes on the very rich who make over $200,000 because they don’t pay their fair share. According to the IRS, those folks earn 36 percent of all income; they pay 49 percent of all income taxes. A lot of them aren’t people at all -- half of the income earned by small businesses will be hit by these tax increases. These are the job generators that we’re depending upon to end the nightmare of unemployment for millions of American families. To confiscate billions of dollars more from them and expect more jobs to come of it is simply insane. Some of my fellow Conservatives object to the 15 percent of this bill that spends money we don’t have. I agree. But that damage can be corrected through offsetting spending reductions next year. The new Republican House majority can do so without the Senate or the President – simply by refusing to appropriate funds – and it’s committed to doing so. But it cannot rescind the taxes next year without the Senate and the President, who have made their opposition to just such a clean bill abundantly clear. And even if such a retro-active bill could be passed by Spring, these families and businesses won’t get their tax overpayments refunded to them until they file their returns a year later. Massive tax increases under Hoover turned the recession of 1929 into the depression of the 1930’s. Let that not be the epitaph of this Congress.

"Hedley Lamarr Tom McClintock: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Taggart Threadkiller: God darnit Mr. Lamarr McClintock, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore."


Senator Kerry to Incoming Senators: “You don’t count.”

That's probably what Kennedy told him.


The tired eyes are the result of too many losing hands at poker. Damn Republicans.


Are you serious, tk? Krauthammer thinks this wins a second term for Obama? Actually I'm with McClintock..Spare the taxpayers and refuse to fund the spending come January.

BTW 18 million Americans are about to learn that the money the Dems doled out to them is taxable and if they didnt consider it when they set their withholding amounts they might be stuck with a penalty.

They'll be happy to learn that, dontcha think?


--"Are you serious, tk?"--

I think it is still twenty dollars.



Yep, I will be back in America next week. I'm looking forward to it, but, given the record cold here, I'm afraid that should I encounter poor weather back home I will be anointed heir to the Goracle.


Actually, Clarice, I almost always side with Tom McClintock. I agree with him here. Use power as it was intended and you don’t have to worry about compromise.

I have not researched what positions he will be given in the committees. He does not get the notoriety he deserves and I do believe he is silenced by some in the party.


Elliott, how nice. Hope you make it out before the blizzard hits.

Danube of Thought

McClintock is the brightest Republican star in California. Unfortunately, that doesn't allow one much room for advancement.


Careful about McClintock. He got the endorsement of Ron Paul. That is not fatal, but it always gives me pause in that it might be the indication of a Ronulan. We need DADT for Ronulans, so they come out in the open.

Tarzan, Man of the Chimpanzees.

My favorite Blake Edwards scene was not a ten but a two, Bo and Bo-Peep. Oh, wait, that was John Derek.

Melinda Romanoff

Mancini orchestra in the Paris nudist colony, "A Shot In The Dark".

Captain Hate

We need DADT for Ronulans, so they come out in the open.

Two ways to tell a Ronulan:
1. They're very willing to tell you in the most irritating fashion that they're the only people that really understand the Constitution
2. They always refer to their subgenius deity as Dr. Paul; you know, like the MFM does for Mrs Bite-Me (Mrs H had the "Ellen" show on yesterday and there decked out in red was, as helpfully written on the tv screen, Dr. Jill Biden; unfortunately she didn't use the show as a vehicle to come out of the closet. What a Christmas present that would've been for the most obnoxious ass ever to emerge from Scranton).


Blake Edwards scene?

">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA8QrOAghZ0"> Cato

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