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December 14, 2010



Disappoiting to Yankee fans, but my feeling is the Yanks would have had to give him a seven year contract, meaning that in the year 2018 he'd be a useless benchwarmer. The proof of the pudding, yada yada


Well, we here in Philly are stunned. And amazed and thrilled! And my daughter can now wear the Cliff Lee jersey I got her for Christmas two years ago -- bought before he was traded, received afterward!


We here in Atlanta find this development to be unhelpful.


Don't despair, TM - with a week left in the lame duck, there's still time for Congress to void the contract and order Lee to report to New York. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress can't decide jobs for people.


How about getting some clutch hitting now??


Can the Sherman Anti-Trust Act be invoked to break up the Phillies rotation? This is a crime against the city of Atlanta and the entire Southeast (other than the half-dozen Marlins fans rumored to be somewhere around Miami).


Can the Sherman Anti-Trust Act be invoked

Yankees Hardest Hit....


Are you kidding me? Well, he didn't win a WS game for the Rangers so good riddance. pfftt.



OK. That's funny.

Melinda Romanoff

I see no threat to the Cubs losing streak here.

Captain Hate

Congrats to Phillie fans. Charlie Manuel's continued employment in front of one of the most demandingly toxic fanbase ever is an ongoing source of amusement. I thought Cliff was very comfortable there and turning down more guaranteed money from the Yankees is evidence of that.

Danube of Thought

The current Yankee rotation stinks badly. If they don't get some major help the Sox will clean their plow this year.

Dave (in MA)

Mini Steinbrenner head asplode

More than hoarse country.  Cherchez les mares.

So maybe his wife likes the horse country.

Donavon Pfeiffer Jr

As a Red Sox fan I offer the following: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Yankees Hardest Hit....--

Genius at work.


On the bright side, TM, you don't have to worry about the Jets. Stick a fork in them, they're done!


Gotta wonder about the Yankee fans' hospitality to Mrs. Lee, and how that affected the decision.


Wonder all you want. I think Lee knows deep down inside he does not have what it takes to be a Yankee.


Lee never even considered going to NY, I guess. He told the Rangers he would come back to Texas if they guaranteed him 7 years. Rangers said no. Phillies were his 2nd choice. Not NY.


Apparently the heat here in Texas might have made him a little uneasy, too. I have no idea why. It doesn't get that hot. ::wink::


I noticed this weekend that all of the sporting goods stores in the DFW metroplex had Cliff Lee shirts for sale. Wonder how that is working out for them?

Jack is Back!

How much extra state income tax will he now have to pay? Must have been worth it.



I'm not sure how that works. Arkansas has a state income tax and it is my understanding he was/is going to maintain his home there.


Professional players pay income taxes in whichever state they are playing in that weekend or day. At least that is my understanding.

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