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December 24, 2010


Jack is Back!

Of course they do. Only a few months left to salvage "their" presidency. Look this guy is the antithesis of Midas. As he arrives in Kailua for his upmteenth vacation, they close his closest beach due to raw sewage overflow. Then some guy with too many parking tickets tries to outrun Garrett and DanO and ends up speeding into the first secret service checkpoint at Kailua. This stuff just follows him everywhere - like his syntax and incomprehension.

Mr. Beau Shambles indeed.


All you need to know about where the Happy BS comes from is here.
In the comments

" Tim Goswell says:
December 23, 2010 at 11:33 am
I recall several of the blogs, Mish and Karl Denninger, and one or two others pointing out the obvious conflict that Frederic Mishkin had been paid $124,000 to write a glowing report on Iceland just before it collapsed, yet his report made no mention of having been paid to write it.

And he was a former Fed governor, the kind of person they love to invite as a guest for 2 or 3 hours in the morning on CNBC. But unlike Charles Ferguson, the pathetic corporate shills and government stenographers who work for CNBC would never dream of asking Mishkin any question that’s even remotely difficult. What they like to do instead is let him talk while they emphatically agree with every single word.

Just in case anyone is still wondering or still in any doubt as far as what kind of corrupt scum are running our financial system.


There should have been quote marks at the end of my 08:39 post. All words past the "Tim Goswell says" are the word of Tim Goswell.


Charles Krauthammer's renewed love affair for Obama continues. I never understood the special reverence given to him. He has been so wrong on many big things: Maliki, the town hall protests and VAT tax. I don't think he does anything different than anyone else who posts comments. He reads the news and maybe some blogs and then gives his opinion. He is not a reporter, he does not leave the DC bubble and he does not seemed particularly plugged in.


You can each vote once each day until the 31st.

Mikey, I agree he's sometimes wrong)after all he writes once a week), but he is far brighter than almost any other regular columnist.


Vote for one of Our Great Ones.

Come on JOMers, this is ridiculous, I read hrs a day of supposedly conservative internet stuff and (to the best of my memory) have never heard of the person with the most votes.


To actually vote in support of our Deserving JOMer, you need to go Here. I just voted and our candidate's vote count doubled. Vote now and vote every day till the 31st.


Clarice, He is bright, no doubt, but I really don't know if he is far brighter? I also think he is very Washington, influenced by its machinations and a little out of touch with the rest of the country. Is extending the tax rates for another 2 years really a stimulus like CK truly believes, as the President believes like the CBO projects? As a NJ resident my property taxes stayed the same for the 1st time since 2001. I dont see that as a personal stimulus.

He saw the raucous of the town hall protests as being detrimental to the tea party movement because he believed that media coverage was going to be a negative influence. He saw it through the eyes of the Washington media lens.

I really like his columns, dont get me wrong. I just think his influence on the debate is a little over the top. He gets quoted everywhere.


How soon after New Years Day will the party pirhanas bare their intentions to mount a Democratic challenger to the Incumbent? And how soon into 2011 will El Parse-dente declare his intentions to retire from his post and go onto the eternal stumping ground of $50,000 speaking engagements in support of marxist pecadilloes and environmental windmill campaigns?

How soon into 2011 will the Tea Party driven state legislatures begin to push exposure of election records within their states which show how then candidate for president Obama was not properly vetted as a candidate? And the legitimacy of his entire presidency and its legislative "achievements" are all called into question *at the grassroots level* across America?

How will Democratic presidential candidates respond to the voters who want to know if these candidates did or did not support Obama as candidate and then-president? What could they possibly say to voters to convince them that they did not?

What will become of the former chair of the DNC Ho-Ho Dean, Speaker Pelosi, Bending Reid, and all the others who aided and abetted then candidate Obama? Orange jumpsuits for mass voter fraud? Treason?

What will become of George Soros? Can he get away with his shenanigans with MoveOn.org Media Matters etc? Can a Republican House investigate the ties between Soros and the President?

What will become of the Presidential Czars?

I am looking forward to the New Year. As one who chooses to live small, I look forward to reading about the payback to all of those in our government and outside of it who committed hubris in 2010.

Naughty naughty. The One Worlders overreach again.


"if he is far brighter?"

Based on ability to analyze and explain ... yes.

Of course his personal temperment often takes a different direction than mine. The analysis is worthwhile even when I draw a different conclusion.

bio mom

I agree with Mikey about Krauthammer. I do not understand the adulation. NRO treats him like a god, quoting him daily, highlighting his opinions above all others (who else do they do that for who is not one of their regulars?) Just another beltway pundit. And his recent Comeback Kid nonsense about Obama is fueling the lefties. They quote him endlessly. Very irritating.

Army of Davids

Housing bust in Spain.

Looks like it's largely do to EuroLand central planning. Spain mortgages given out at 3 to 5% (benchmarked to German bunds). Should have been lending in the 10%+ range in alignment w/ Spanish economy.

As Spanish and German credit (and 10 year bonds) de-couple this will make the housing bust that much worse.

Spain is a huge mess. It has Lehman potential and isn't just "too big to fail".....could be "too big to bail"....China, IMF, US, ECB to the rescue?

Watch Italy also.

Thomas Collins

Just voted for Our Diva Clarice!


Excerpts from an interview with Assange in Al Jazeera:

An Arabic newspaper called Al Haqeeq conducted an interview with one of your former colleagues who said you have a deal with Israel not to publish these secret files.

This is not true. We have been accused as agents of Iran and CIA by this former colleague who was working for Germany in the past and was dismissed from his job after we published American military documents related to Germany.

We were the biggest institution receiving official funding from the US but after we released a video tape about killing people in cold blood in Iraq in 2007, the funding stopped and we had to depend on individuals for finance.

When will you publish the files related to Israel on your website?

We will publish 3700 files and the source is the American embassy in Tel Aviv. Prime Minister Netanyahu was traveling to Paris to talk to the US ambassador there. You will see more information about that in six months.

Do these Israeli files speak about the July 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon?

Yes there is some information about that and these files were classified as top secret.

Is there any relation with these files and the assassination of Hamas military leader Al Mabhoh in Dubai?

Yes there are some indication to this and may be some special reports published by newspapers. Mossad agents used Australian, British and European passports to travel to Dubai and there are diplomatic files about that.

Are there any security service companies providing information to international airports and monitoring passengers even in the Arab countries?

There are some files about American and Israeli security companies that tried to intervene in certain areas. For example, in Brazil, the American embassy put some Israeli security companies during the Olympic Games.

Are there any files about agencies providing intelligence information about famous personalities in the Arab world?

I am not sure about that but there are files about Hezbollah in Lebanon. In one of these files Lebanon government complained against cables passing near the French embassy. American are always very much worried about the telecommunications network.

Are there any files about Israeli agents in the Arab world including some Arab royal palaces.

Most of the files related to Mossad are classified as top secret but there may be some files related to the role of Mossad in killing Lebanese military leader in Damascus by sniper bullets.

There 2,500 files related to Mossad and I have read only 1000. So I don’t know about everythiong, I need more journalists including Arabs to read and analyse and put everything in the context for the benefit of the readers.

We have 17,000 files where the word Qatar has been mentioned, the source of 3,000 of these files is the American embassy in Doha.

What is the most interesting file about Qatar that was not published?

There is a lot to be read. The name of Waddah Khanfar has been mentioned in 504 files. Some of these files have been published by The Guardian.

How do the Americans view Al Jazeera in these files?

There were some meetings between people from Al Jazeera and the US embassy where the latter suggested coverage of certain things in a certain way.

There are files about a TV channel in Dubai which the Americans said can be used against Al Jazeera and when this channel tried to move in the American direction, people stopped watching it.

The Americans despite having a base here were angry about the presence of an Iranian bank in Qatar but Qatar said it would not close it but would not open new banks. Despite that this bank established many more branches in Doha. Qatar is trying to create a balance between the Arab world and the America.

The Americans appreciate having their largest base in Doha but Qatar does not agree with all American requirements and Al Jazeera is a good example for that.

Danube of Thought

Just for starters, Bear, I can tell you not to hold your breath waiting for a Dem challenger to Obama, or for him to declare himself a one-termer.


I read hrs a day of supposedly conservative internet stuff and (to the best of my memory) have never heard of the person with the most votes.

She posts occasionally in the Green Room at HotAir, Pagar, and is to my mind not particularly impressive. Nothing like our Clarice.

Vote for Clarice!

Danube of Thought

Joyful at learning that ABC's Sunday program is down 46% in one year of Christiane Amanpour's stewardship.

Danube of Thought

Looks like Clarice is now running second to someone I never heard of.


I voted for Clarice, too. Thanks for the link Pagar and Porch.

Not surprising news, DoT, about the gawd awful Christiane. May her downward spiral continue! lol.


Thank you all. My agents will be around with a little something in envelopes for you.

I think Michelle Malkin is number one, No?

Krauthammer has a column today which is very scary about Obama returning from the dead.

Well, I hope he's wrong.

I do not see how a responsible opposition could refuse to vote for ectending the tax breaks. Failure to do so would have tanked the markets and shot a slowly recovering economy in the foot.

As for START, they just didn't have the votes to stop it after Graham and McCain pulled their coy sister act..Blame those two for its passage. I do.


DoT, thanks for the Amanpour news. I really despise her and am glad the network's getting burned for hiring her.

Danube of Thought

When I checked a few minutes ago Clarice was ahead of Michelle Malkin.

Poor Bubu will be dismayed by the sales news concerning W's memoirs (as I recall, he recently intoned that it had dropped out of sight--au bloody contraire, mon ami).


How many times to JOMers get to be dead wrong before they stop taking their prognostications seriously?
Throughout 2010 there hasn't been a day that economic doom wasn't vociferously proclaimed here, yet it never arrived. The BP oil spill was pegged as Obama's Katrina and the withdrawal from Iraq was supposed to "signal" a terrorist victory.
Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again.
Safe to assume your 2011 predictions will follow the trend -- including those about Obama's political demise.
He's polling higher than Reagan was at the same point in his political career and there is absolutely no reason to believe the trajectory will be significantly different than Reagan's was going into his second term...


Actually, I'm glad they hired Amanpour. She's just awful! A perfect example of how the typical Lefty acts in the real world.


bunkerbuster- I'm sorry, but I don't believe you actually read most of what is written here. Yesterday you referred to Porch as a male. There is no way you pay attention here.


ps. We get to be wrong as often as Krugman.


Ahhhhmaahhhhnnnpooooor is the worst. The worst. I wish her every continued failure in the New Year.


Specially considering the reference in Day by Day; was that this year?

hit and run

My vote for Clarice counted for more than anyone elses. Because she's my favorite.

That and we have seven laptops in the house.

But mostly because she's my favorite.

(could the format of those poll results be any more unsightly?)


lol Hit.

narciso, I think it was last year - I remember a year-end donation drive for DBD afterwards. Which reminds me, I should go hit the tip jar again...

Thomas Collins

Merry Christmas, bunkerbuster. It appears we have different understandings concerning just about everything, but I wanted to wish you and yours a joyous Christmas season.


Thanks Porchlight, I never check Hotair unless some one here links a certain article than I might check that link, but I marked Hotair off of my daily list a long time ago. IMO It's like reading JOM on IE without the Narcisolater. Which I just did, and got the wasted words of B____---------spread all over my screen again.


Obama's plan to unnecessarily increase the cost of energy fits perfectly with Krauthammer's Ruling Class desire to keep the Country Class away and out of sight of Krauthammer's "30% highly educated WHITES'.

With Obma in charge, Krauthammer no longer must advocate gas tax increases to CONTROL individual consumption thus saving the Krauthammer's "30% highly educated WHITES" the misery of having to look at the impoverished people the Ruling Class created.

Unfortunately Krauthammer's community of supreme "30% highly educated WHITES" bigoted racists leaves them incapable of undertanding the brilliant wisdom offered by Country Class icon Dr Sowell.

Now we all know why The Pigs are celebrating their Comabck Kid.

hit and run

Specially considering the reference in Day by Day

Heh,I was going to mention that too.

Va va va voom!

That and I've met Porch in person.

(did I mention va va va voom!)

BTW,Porch,I'll be emailing soon. I don't control the schedule around here (I don't control anything around here),but will try and figure out when they'll let me out on parole.



Yeah, HotAir is pretty lame in many ways, but I find it useful as a way of tracking "hot" news and what the base appears to be thinking on various issues.

Danube of Thought

Bubu, remember your comment about GOP presidents writing memoirs that immediately drop out of sight? Are you aware that W has sold 2M copies in less than two months, about what Clinton's has sold in six years?

Comment? Bubu? Anyone?


Awesome, Hit. I don't control the schedule either so hopefully our furloughs will coincide.


Which way do you want it Bubu--is Iraq a success or a failure? Are the Bush Tax cuts good for the economy or bad for the economy? Was the BP spill good or bad for Obama politically? Is the current unemployment rate evidence of economic good times? Is Gitmo closed yet? Why not?


--Throughout 2010 there hasn't been a day that economic doom wasn't vociferously proclaimed here, yet it never arrived.--

Never arrived? It never left, unless you consider 10% unemployment, record foreclosures and bankruptcies and GDP growth only inflated above zero by government transfer payments a booming economy.
But like TC I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you receive everything you wish for personally. Politcally, alas, is another story.


Thank you ,hit . Did I tell you you were named SCAM's election director? Yes, indeed. You are the guy who handles the annual meeting votes, mails out the proxies and manages the stockholder correspondence on elections.

Couldn't have selected a finer director if I had tried.

Rob Crawford

And his recent Comeback Kid nonsense about Obama is fueling the lefties. They quote him endlessly. Very irritating.

Krauthammer's increasing the number of people who quote him and link to his pieces online. Wanna bet he's got a contract or two up for negotiation soon?

Danube of Thought

Throughout 2010 there hasn't been a day that economic doom wasn't vociferously proclaimed here

You mean like proclamations of unemployment over 9.5%? Like sub-3% GDP growth?

The BP oil spill was pegged as Obama's Katrina

You mean by the pollsters who found that the public gave Bush higher marks for Katrina than they gave Obama for his response to BP?

there is absolutely no reason to believe the trajectory will be significantly different than Reagan's was going into his second term...

Except for that nasty little unemployment number, which dropped to 7% by the end of Reagan's first term. obama's job-killing initiatives have ensure that that won't happen.

But let us make note: Bubu now tells us that Obama is on trajectory to carry 49 states in 2012. We shall see...


I really promised I wouldn't engage in any low down campaign tactics, but really guys, Casey Fiano's getting all the Hot Air votes.Do you really want those turkeys to beat JOM?

hit and run

Awesome. Thank you for the appointment,Clarice!

I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office with the integrity for which it calls.


It's DWTS deux, Clarice as far as I am concerned

Danube of Thought

I see Clarice is now neck and neck with that broad. And curses--they caught me trying to vote a second time. All I was doing was voting the wife's proxy...


I voted for Clarice. And I think if a person clears out "cookies" in the cache after each vote -- we could cinch this thing for her.
Problem is you have to fill in all that "stuff" over and over again...


I knew I could count on my peeps.Even without promises of free everything forever which I am offering anyway. We can pay for my promises out of the Hot Air posters' wallets.


Well that serves them right, but never letting me 'play their reindeer games' I've never gotten a login that holds on that site.


That and we have seven laptops in the house.

There's an idea. We have ten computers up and running here. I'll vote early and vote often!

Jack is Back!

I just voted for Clarice and at 10 til noon she was tied with 29% (25 votes) with someone I have never heard of but has obviously snuck in the poll. I am going to do a Daley and vote often as I can as long as I can use every computer in the library.

When I voted they gave me this button to wear.

Cecil Turner

obama's job-killing initiatives have ensure that that won't happen.

Exactly the main point. He likes to pretend this is something he inherited, but the unemployment number is all his, and directly a result of the business-unfriendly redistributionist policies of this Administration. I also loved the Times's gushing over all the Dem tack-ons in the legislation, but ignoring the main event: extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Army of Davids

Does FCC net neutrality = "fairness doctrine"?

I don't pretend to understand the full issues of regulation of the internet.

But as someone who doesn't have a lot of trust in the FCC, this administration and government in general.. 3 worries jump out at me.

1) infringement on free speech.
2) picking winners and losers by regulatory fiat.
3) regulatory competence issues and unintended consequences.


"..the Times talking up the economy."
And everyone else.
I guess it is possible that there is good econ news out there but the happy talk is so pervasive (and based on such scant evidence) that it feels like pumping.


Clarice is now leading and I am going to claim full credit, ( totally unwarranted of course ), for putting her over the top. I learned that technique from Cleo, and apparently if you proclaim it loudly and often it becomes truth! Who Knew? LOL

Merry Christmas to all here. Got the whole family in for Christmas, lurking will be spotty.


Three votes in from here. Sadly most of my computers are on a subnet that register as having the same IP address. So the polls busts me! A couple more to go...


--Thank you all. My agents will be around with a little something in envelopes for you.--

No need, master. Just give us our marching orders and we, your loyal minions, must obey.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I voted for Clarice and put her over the top!

Thomas Collins

I just sent an email to my family urging them to vote for Clarice on as many computers as possible, and to tell their friends. It's my admittedly small contribution to the JOM CyberGrassRoots Initiative for our Diva!


When I voted they gave me this button to wear.

They obviously figured you were queer. That's the kind of thing that goes on in voting booths only in certain districts in certain parts of the country.


You guys are cute..remember it goes until Dec 31..andIf we need more money than is in the Hot Air posters' pockets, well, there are more pockets to pick(er, redistribution to do).

Rick Ballard

"(and based on such scant evidence)"

Gee, Jim, it's almost as if you think that not removing additional money from taxpayers won't add a damned dime to the economy. I'll bet you don't even believe that the $120 billion in SS tax cuts and $70 billion in additional unemployment is enough to cover the $305 billion drop in income subject to SS taxes contributions which occurred during 2010.


isn't the whole voting thing just passe' now? After all, our betters do know what is best for us, as the current Administration regularly reminds us.

As a nice frisson, a family member took Amtrak down from San Francisco yesterday. It took 18 hours and he arrive home at 4:00am after the trip from hell.Just one more government agency. I can't wait to see how well they do with health care.

I shall wish you all the best as I go on my merry way, wrapping gifts, wassailing, and generally being in the spirit of the Holiday. Merry Christmas to all....


TBS is playing 24 hrs of A Christmas Story beginning at 8 p.m. tonight. Joy!

Jack is Back!


Do us a favor and just go and crawl back under your rock.

But I did get you a Christmas present, below.

hit and run

From Christmas Eve two years ago:


http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=9j7kjU3F4uA&feature=channel_page>Please listen.

Posted by: PeterUK | December 24, 2008 at 12:13 PM


GOP memo for New START makes a lot of sense to me. Let Washington media and CK proclaim Ibama a player again. The details matter.


Captain Hate

Krauthammer == 2010 version of Noonan.

Merry Christmas to all JOMers; the Hatettes have arrived and I found out I should be a granddad in 2011.


wow, apt. There's no better news than that.

hit and run


What great news Captain!!!

Captain Hate

Troo 'dat, C; especially because it's the married one!::woot::

Thomas Collins

Checking out the Browns jerseys for infants, CH?

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


That's absolutely fantabulous christmas joy!!! Congrats!


A third generation hater! What fantabulous news! xoxoxo

Captain Hate

Thanks guys; TC, I'm wondering if a Colt McCoy or Peyton Hillis would be better. A LeBron diaper might work.....


--Troo 'dat, C; especially because it's the married one!::woot::--

That is especially good news CH, in this day and age. Congrats.

--Checking out the Browns jerseys for infants, CH?--

Might wait til he's past his formative years. Don't want to get an inferiority complex started. :)

Captain Hate

No Maybee it will be at least a fourth generation because Father Hate taught me well regarding conservative values plua being a smartass. Beyond that I can't say because I never knew my paternal grandfather and my maternal one was completely insane (I'm not kidding about that although feel free to speculate how many generations are skipped before the lunacy takes hold again...)

Captain Hate

plua == plus

hit and run

Clarice leading 40 - 34

And that's before I've employed the other 6 laptops in the house,fwiw.

The other candidates are now starting to put up posts on their respective blogs noting the contest and urging votes.

Will AT do the same in its blog?


Vote for Clarice! Clarice has been one of the most productive bloggers in decades!

Captain Hate

I just voted for Clarice but I was confused: Where was AllahPansy?


Merry Christmas, Grampa Hate!

hit and run

I absolutely love love love phoradendron. So does mrs hit and run!

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Congrats Capn' that's the best Christmas news evAH! Oh and Allah is a guy,


I don't know you might write the editor and suggest that--two AT bloggers are in the running.
MayBee "productive"? Gosh, I really think I can't keep up with the youngsters.



Thank you for that link re: the START Treaty.


If you think news from Europe is bolstering Obama's BS, Katherine over at Legal Insurrection has just landed in Paris and reports the economic news is bad.

"Apparently, the French government's "AAA" credit is actually worse than Panama, even though Panama is rated BBB-. CDS, insurance contracts against bond default, cost over one percent of interest, their highest level so far."

I have no idea why she picked Panama, but
Here is Bloomberg's Article.

IMO, any BS coming out from the leftists that things are looking up should be treated with the same disbelief as the email that just showed up in my junk email saying that I had won a million pounds from the bank of Africa or some such place.

Thomas Collins

I am happy to report that Clarice has received at least one vote from a person who had a Martha Coakley sign in her yard. Clarice is getting support across the ideological spectrum!


Clarice, You got my vote. I hope you are natural born. ;-)

Congrats CH!

hit and run

I'd like to apologize for the length of this quote. But I won't. That's how I roll
--stuff Jim Ryan (almost) said

I won't apologize for wanting to salute every last one of you,either.

"From the centre of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe, and this same branch of mistletoe instantaneously gave rise to a scene of general and most delightful struggling and confusion; in the midst of which, Mr. Pickwick, with a gallantry that would have done honour to a descendant of Lady Tollimglower herself, took the old lady by the hand, led her beneath the mystic branch, and saluted her in all courtesy and decorum. The old lady submitted to this piece of practical politeness with all the dignity which befitted so important and serious a solemnity, but the younger ladies, not being so thoroughly imbued with a superstitous veneration for the custom : or imagining that the value of a salute is very much enhanced if it cost a little trouble to obtain it : screamed and struggled, and ran into corners, and threatened and remonstrated, and did everything but leave the room, until some of the less adventurous gentlemen were on the point of desisting, when they all at once found it useless to resist any longer, and submitted to be kissed with a good grace. Mr. Winkle kissed the young lady with the black eyes, and Mr. Snodgrass kissed Emily, and Mr. Weller, not being particular about the form of being under the mistletoe, kissed Emma and the other female servants, just as he caught them. As to the poor relations, they kissed everybody, not even excepting the plainer portion of the young-lady visitors, who, in their excessive confusion, ran right under the mistletoe as soon as it was hung up, without knowing it! Wardle stood with his back to the fire, surveying the whole scene, with the utmost satsifaction; and the fat boy took the opportunity of appropriating to his own use, and summarily devouring, a particularly fine mince-pie, that had been carefully put by, for somebody else.

"Now, the screaming had subsided, and faces were in a glow, and curls in a tangle, and Mr. Pickwick, after kissing the old lady as before mentioned, was standing under the mistletoe, looking with a very pleased countenance on all that was passing around him, when the young lady with the black eyes, after a little whispering with the other young ladies, made a sudden dart forward, and putting her arm round Mr. Pickwick's neck, saluted him affectionately on the left cheek; and before Mr. Pickwick distinctly knew what was the matter, he was surrounded by the whole body, and kissed by every one of them.

"It was a pleasant thing to see Mr. Pickwick in the centre of the group, now pulled this way, and then that, and first kissed on the chin, and then on the nose, and then on the spectacles : and to hear the peals of laughter which were raised on every side;
--stuff Dickens wrote

Captain Hate

Oh and Allah is a guy,

Hmmmm; ok Jane, if you say so...

Btw I wasn't conflicted on voting for Clarice over conservative doll baby Tammy Bruce (who will be filling in for Laura Ingraham monday and tuesday ::woot::) because I don't consider her primarily a blogger.

hit and run

Oh and Allah is a guy,

Grampa Hate:
Hmmmm; ok Jane, if you say so...


Old Lurker

"--Troo 'dat, C; especially because it's the married one!::woot::--"

Wait...what? I thought you could only do that if you're married! So now I have to worry about YL's younger sister? No!

Seriously...congrats Cap'n. Mrs. L will be very jealous, but all the Lurkers wish you well.

Captain Hate

Thanks OL, hit and everybody else; tell Mrs L that Mrs H is acting so goofy that I don't know if I can survive 8+ months of this.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Allah is not a guy??? Seriously?

Captain Hate

LUN for if you just can't find an appropriate Christmas present for somebody special in your life.

Captain Hate

Jane, we're just taking some liberties with Michelle M's pet beta-male.


You're welcome, Barbara.

Here is how Couric should be dealt with:



Congrats Captain!...to you & Mrs. Hate. What a blessing. I just got a notepad that reminds me "The first 40 years of parenthood are always the hardest".

Maybe I'll go visit the library.

Cassy came on as a poster at Wizbang while I was over there when I couldn't post here and she is top notch. I'm gonna vote everyday for Clarice though, even though the Anchoress once gave me a link during the Libby Trial.

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