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December 04, 2010



Granted at least Zero does do Dork with certain flair. Ya gotta give him that!


At least that AF leather bomber jacket looks well worn. Must be one of his favorite things.


I wonder if at some general gut level, not a star chamber/journolist decision, but rather a collective rats leaving a sinking ship realization the left has decided that President Obama must go.

Or maybe the press is just lazy and making him look competent is just too much work.

hit and run

How about the media http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/12/obama-afghan-trip-security-flap.html>endangering our President?!1?!! The outrage! Fox News's traitorous behavior should be punished!!!

Wait. What?

It was every major news outlet http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/abc-news-breaks-embargo-on-obama-afghanistan-tri_b42300>except Fox that violated the embargo placed on reporting the destination of a presidential visit (especially when it's a secret trip to a war zone) until he's on the ground?

Oh,well,could happen to anyone. Nothing to see here,move along.

Ric Locke

This isn't the first Official White House Photo© that's been of this caliber. Do we have a subversive with a camera, or is it that somebod[y|ies] need[s] to go back for Public Relations 002 (Visual Presentations; required, remedial, no graduation credit)




You think there is a conspiracy somewhere in here that leads back to the Naval Observatory? Stand up Chuck!

Captain Hate

could Obama look more dorky

Put me in the "yes" column for that question.

Glad to see that Rupert Pupkin was so concerned about possible violence at LeBron's return to Cleveland. Besides there being nothing to it (despite the MFM getting the vapors over Dan Gilbert's outspoken and genuine reaction to Gloria's son stabbing him in the back, he's an excellent owner that will take all steps to prevent an ugly incident on his watch) I think the people of Ahia would appreciate some sign of concern of the state's horrible unemployment problem rather than a certain very rich individual's well being.


At least that AF leather bomber jacket looks well worn. Must be one of his favorite things.

Until he learns how to operate an umbrella, the jacket is his only defense against rain.


Since the news provides the cover for the escape, should it be Herald and Barack Escape Bagram?


The photo doesn't make sense. It should be the wizard behind the curtain, not the tin-eared man.

hit and run

It should be the wizard behind the curtain

Hah. I was trying to do an Oz thing on the next thread,substituting a lack of heart,courage and brains for TM's "gutlessness".

But I gave up in favor of going to the garage and getting a beer.

You think the wizard could give me an attention span?


Here is what the critics said after">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJNxj1FdKuo&feature=related">after Obama left.


Elliott is too fast to be beaten, hit...especially on these literary references.

Rob Crawford

Geez, did the Times join a Big Media attempt to get Obama killed?

Well, Barack the Martyr is likely to be more effective at getting what he wants than Barack the Wuss.

It'd be like the Kennedys, all over again!


If Obama's Presidency could be summed up in one photo I think that umbrella pic would have to be it.

Maybe I am not getting it, but if they reported AF1 as having arrived before it actually got there, isn't that just as tricksy as keeping silent? Any potential malefactors would have gotten the message that it was too late to do anything to the plane and given up their plans.


George Soros wants Obama replaced. His minions in the media are now leaking travel arrangments so someone (lone nut, terrorist, rethuglican stooge) can make it so.


Geez, did the Times join a Big Media attempt to get Obama killed?

IT'S A GE NBC PLOT --They are afraid he might spill the beans on what the trade off was for all that stimulus$$$.

Their lawyers can't count on getting someone like judge Walton again to protect the NBC band of liars.

Wind Rider

Uh, no, the MSM isn't in on a big conspiracy here. Politico is reporting that the "leak" came from the DoD A/V service that pumps video to the press. Looking at the timeline, I'm thinking someone got the time zone adjustment aspect mucked up, because they jumped the gun by about an hour. Looking at the time ABC announced to the actual touchdown of AF-1 at Bagram, there was about 10 minutes to spot the info in the wild, then react to it on the ground in Afghanistan.

Nobody is that good, except in the movies.

Captain Hate

LOL @ Wind Breaker thinking the DoD doesn't know anything about time zones. And believing Politico.


because they jumped the gun by about an hour

Maybe they were still on daylight savings time.

Christopher Fotos

The concern is not just factual. Is that a new phrase I missed? Writer or some virtual-assistant editor means The concern is not just theoretical, I hope.

Listen buddy--this concern, it is not based just on facts.


If his security was truly endangered it's legitimate to express concern over that. Problem is, if it were Bush, Cheney or President Palin, there would be no concern at all. I remember the disgusting and morose comments on lefty forums when Cheney almost got killed in Afghanistan, but escaped. The hypocrisy of the left's double standard is truly vile, yet they wonder why the people don't like them?


It is a good thing he didn't have to escape to Spain
Spanish skies shut down, 90% of Air controllers sick of austerity.

Joseph Brown

"Could he look any dorkier"? I'd say the pic on MM's site riding his bicycle with the lidda helmet and grinning like a possum eatin' briars is about as dorky as it gets. If I had a dog that looked like that I'd shave his.....You know the rest, I'm sure.


It looks like the One isn't sure whethr he wants to come out.


George Soros wants Obama replaced. His minions in the media are now leaking travel arrangments so someone (lone nut, terrorist, rethuglican stooge) can make it so.

God, I hope that no harm happens to him. We want to forget him beginning January 2013, not hear about the Martyr President for the rest of eternity


Would the MP be considered "suicide bomber?"

/I'll just go ahead and denounce myself for that question and head back out into holiday traffic jams.


I'm not convinced that that Obama did not elbow himself given his track record

When are we going to start taking him seriously?

I want to key on this reported fact that the President was there a half hour before Air Force One landed. No one seems to have understood the import of that.


[Johnny Carson] "the President was so high..."

(audience) "how high was he???"

[Johnny] "...he was so high that he landed a half-hour before Air Force One touched down!"

(audience) (laughter)

[Ed] HI-YO!


"No one seems to have understood the import of that."

well, the Antichrist is supposed to survive an attempt on his life...


Wasn't it just last week that retired Supreme Court Justice Stephens apologized all over again for his code-braking work in WW2 which led to the shootdown of Admiral Yamamoto's airplane?

Surprised that tidbit didn't make it into the Times story as a way to criticize this intel snafu.


"Stevens" and "-breaking", but we love you anyway. ;-)


Thats what I get for typing while sober:(

B. Fuddled

Wait , I thought we were being "open" and " honest" and " not keeping secrets" ..... (cough wikileaks cough). Guess that is only when the " common folks" lives are at risk

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