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December 12, 2010



Ismael Reed, he's like the Leonard Pinth Garnell of bad agitprop fiction,

Everybody knows that the bored is a word.

He just needs to walk down the street with the hat his mother knitted on.


Plus---- Bo keeps eating Obama's homework.

Jack is Back!

Well, that didn't take long. I wondered who at the WH called Reed and asked him to play the race card of politeness and humble submission? His white grandmother would be so proud.


Man I getting cold just WATCHING this game at soldier field. Just think if global warming were not such a pervasive and immediate problem!


(Chuck Norris questioned Putin's toughness and now Norris is talking Russian out of his...

The correct answer is his Cleo!

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

This president and his defenders are going to turn this into a racist country. People like Reed truly test my tolerance.

Old Lurker

Damn Skins

Lord Whorfin

Chuck Norris speaks Russian just so that Russians will understand they are about to get their asses kicked up around their necks.

Rob Crawford

If President Obama behaved that way, he’d be dismissed as an angry black militant with a deep hatred of white people.

Heh. Yeah, only if he behaved that way...

hit and run

Sorry OL:

LANDOVER, Md. (AP)—A flubbed extra point attempt with 9 seconds to play kept the Washington Redskins from tying the game, giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a 17-16 victory Sunday.

Yike. Our high school team won the state championship last night in the very same manner.

The opposing team scored the would-be tying touchdown with 15 seconds left,but the kicker missed the extra point.

Rob Crawford

This president and his defenders are going to turn this into a racist country.

It's the quickest route to the third world, and, frankly, is the elemental tactic of the Democrat party.


Once you've anointed anyone as "perfect" [or even near-perfect] if anything goes wrong it must be the fault of evil opponents.

This is of course the major problem with hard core Marxism. It doesn't work, but the true believers know that the only real problem is that it isn't be pushed hard enough, and evil opponents are thwarting its success. Therefore, you impose "re-education".

This doesn't work, so you assume the "wreckers and hoarders" are balking success, so you deport or kill them.

This still doesn't work, so you start having show trials and gulags.

This still doesn't work, so now the regime starts eating its own.

Lather, wash, and repeat.

[Alternatively, if you can, you turn the whole country into a giant gulag except for the rulers {See: North Korea, et al}.]]


Reed doesn't seem to understand white people, even the prog sort, if he thinks they want Obama to mimic Wright's rants. The progs long for Obama to show Chris Christie's calm but determined strength.


I have seen video and photos of Vladimir Putin doing all sorts of things

Now we know what Bush and McCain were talking about when they said they'd had a look at him performing soul. Next up: Putin on the Ritz.

Also, for every Obama girl, there are two Putin girls.


Over on the Saturday thread Cecil makes the truly laughable--or is that sick making--comment:

I'd also note the volume of material provided to WikiLeaks exceeds that of the Pollard case, so that talking point is also down the crapper.

as if quantity (and Pollards spying was truly vast in quantity) is dispositive of seriousness, and quality doesn't count.

Fortunately Jeff Stein at Spytalk has a recent rundown on the damage Pollard did:

The true extent of the spy’s damage remains locked in government vaults, Bowman writes, “because when a plea agreement was reached, it was no longer necessary to litigate issues that could have exposed the scope of Pollard’s treachery -- and the exposure of classified systems.”

But the retired Navy captain singles out three of Pollard’s leaks, the first being “the daily report from the Navy’s Sixth Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility (FOSIF) in Rota, Spain, a top-secret document filed every morning reporting all that had occurred in the Middle East during the previous twenty-four hours, as recorded by the NSA’s most sophisticated monitoring devices.”

“Probably the most serious disclosure (of those of which we are aware) was the TOP SECRET NSA RAISIN manual, which lists the physical parameters of every known signal [or electronic communication], notes how we collect signals around the world, and lists all the known communications links then used by the Soviet Union,” Bowman writes.

“It is certainly the thing that stood out in the mind of the sentencing judge; particularly when Pollard alleged at sentencing that there really was no harm done. The judge interrupted and brought him up short, pointing specifically to disclosure of the RAISIN manual.”

Bowman also writes that “Pollard disclosed information to the Israelis that could prevent the U.S. from monitoring Israeli activities in the Middle East -- clearly a foreign policy nightmare.”

Pollard admitted to prosecutors that his handlers at the Israeli Embassy often goaded him for better-quality information, Bowman says.

“[H]is initial handler told him that they already receive 'SECRET' level material from the United States. What they needed was the TOP SECRET data they were not yet receiving.”

Hard copies of the documents Pollard stole in 18 months could “fill a room that is six feet by six feet by ten,” Ronald Olive, the top Navy investigator in the Pollard case, told SpyTalk.

"No other spy in the history of the United States stole so many secrets, so highly classified, in such a short period of time," he maintains.

So, that's the spy Clarice and Cecil are so proud of. To compare Assange's leaks to Pollard's spying shows the depth of Clarice and Cecil's contempt for the security of the USA. And bear in mind that, as Stein notes:

"Some of the documents Pollard gave Israel ended up in Moscow."

That's right. At the height of the Cold War, Israel was selling or trading this incredibly sensitive material from Clarice and Cecil's favorite spy to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


Any response at all is an encouragement.


can anyone remember an angry president? Behind closed doors, yes, but so obviously in public?

He has demeaned his opponents and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. His egotism and thin skin all lead me to believe we are seeing a man with borderline personality disorder. The best comparison might be Captain Queeg. I think we should send him a set of shiny steel balls for Christmas.


No, matt, not since the tv age. The angriest I can remember is Clinton's clenched jaw, finger wagging.. "I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never.."


He's losing it because he's not getting enough NS (narcissistic supply).


Poor Barry........he's had it so rough. Let's review,shall we?

a) Never worked a day in his life
b) Never served in uniform
c) Never started a business
d) Never had the responsibility of running a business.
e) Had elite, private, pricey schools to attend his whole life.

Waaaaah, waaaaah, them racist crackers don't want me to succeed, they refuse to acknowledge my high IQ. Waaaaaah.

Two more years and this smooth talking, racist street hustler will be history and the economy can rebound and our nation's pride will be restored and our "land of the free, home of the brave" motto will be valued again.


And what's with this? I didn't even mention Pollard, but if the subject of espionage comes up, sure enough Cecil has to drag Pollard into it. To try to minimize Pollard's perfidy, no less. Something's going on there. I can't think of anyone doing time for espionage who I think got MORE than they deserved. But Clarice and Cecil will go to the mat on behalf of Pollard.


His egotism and thin skin all lead me to believe we are seeing a man with borderline personality disorder

He's rather like King Saul raging at the plaudits now going to young David, aka Chris Christie. When Gibbs arrived at the Christmas party after letting "Mr. President" hold sway 20 min. after Obama fled, I bet he had to dodge a spear.


I can't believe TM hasn't picked up on this. I mean, I know he studies the NYT closely. This is pretty good for Friedman:

Reality Check

The failed attempt by the U.S. to bribe Israel with a $3 billion security assistance package, diplomatic cover and advanced F-35 fighter aircraft — if Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu would simply agree to a 90-day settlements freeze to resume talks with the Palestinians — has been enormously clarifying. It demonstrates just how disconnected from reality both the Israeli and the Palestinian leaderships have become.

Oil is to Saudi Arabia what unconditional American aid and affection are to Israel — and what unconditional Arab and European aid and affection are to the Palestinians: a hallucinogenic drug that enables them each to think they can defy the laws of history, geography and demography. It is long past time that we stop being their crack dealers. At a time of nearly 10 percent unemployment in America, we have the Israelis and the Palestinians sitting over there with their arms folded, waiting for more U.S. assurances or money to persuade them to do what is manifestly in their own interest: negotiate a two-state deal. Shame on them, and shame us. You can’t want peace more than the parties themselves, and that is exactly where America is today. The people running Israel and Palestine have other priorities. It is time we left them alone to pursue them — and to live with the consequences.

They just don’t get it: we’re not their grandfather’s America anymore. We have bigger problems. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators should take a minute and put the following five words into Google: “budget cuts and fire departments.” Here’s what they’ll find: American city after city — Phoenix, Cincinnati, Austin, Washington, Jacksonville, Sacramento, Philadelphia — all having to cut their fire departments. Then put in these four words: “schools and budget cuts.” One of the top stories listed is from The Christian Science Monitor: “As state and local governments slash spending and federal stimulus dries up, school budget cuts for the next academic year could be the worst in a generation.”

I guarantee you, if someone came to these cities and said, “We have $3 billion we’d like to give to your schools and fire departments if you’ll just do what is manifestly in your own interest,” their only answer would be: “Where do we sign?” And so it should have been with Israel.

Israel, when America, a country that has lavished billions on you over the last 50 years and taken up your defense in countless international forums, asks you to halt settlements for three months to get peace talks going, there is only one right answer, and it is not “How much?” It is: “Yes, whatever you want, because you’re our only true friend in the world.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, what are you thinking? Ehud Olmert, the former Israeli prime minister, offered you a great two-state deal, including East Jerusalem — and you let it fritter away. Now, instead of chasing after Obama and telling him you’ll show up for negotiations anywhere under any conditions that the president asks, you’re also setting your own terms. Here’s some free advice: When America goes weak, if you think the Chinese will deliver Israel for you, you’re wrong. I know China well. It will sell you out for a boatload of Israeli software, drones and microchips so fast that your head will spin.

I understand the problem: Israeli and Palestinian leaders cannot end the conflict between each other without having a civil war within their respective communities. Netanyahu would have to take on the settlers and Abbas would have to take on Hamas and the Fatah radicals. Both men have silent majorities that would back them if they did, but neither man feels so uncomfortable with his present situation to risk that civil war inside to make peace outside. There are no Abe Lincolns out there.

What this means, argues the Hebrew University philosopher Moshe Halbertal, is that the window for a two-state solution is rapidly closing. Israel will end up permanently occupying the West Bank with its 2.5 million Palestinians. We will have a one-state solution. Israel will have inside its belly 2.5 million Palestinians without the rights of citizenship, along with 1.5 million Israeli Arabs. “Then the only question will be what will be the nature of this one state — it will either be apartheid or Lebanon,” said Halbertal. “We will be confronted by two horrors.”


OK, that was Friedman. Here's my take. Maybe a two state solution doesn't interest the Palestinians so much anymore. Maybe they're no longer Zionists, as you'll recall reading in the Newsweek article I linked yesterday. Maybe they want the whole ball of wax now, and crazy Netan-yahoo is holding them close instead of pushing them away. But think about it. How cool would it be for Palestinians to end up being the majority in a Greater Israel that's one of the world's major nuclear powers? I think they could come to dig that.


Bill Clinton's press conference? I thought it was President Obama's press conference.

Danube of Thought

Clinton's red-faced rages, while never public, were certainly well-known. Harry Truman wrote a letter to a music critic threatening to punch him in the face. Nixon--well, never mind.


So, is this the secret reason MO has white girl hair? I mean, really. Not since the Supremes.



Want a giggle? Here is a comment I found online from an obviously disallusioned Won supporter ( former supporter? ). Here, snicker:

Obama was elected because Democrats turned out in huge numbers. Obama’s 53% of the popular vote in 2008 was the highest received by a Democrat since LBJ in 1964. Obama's coalition included one of the smallest shares of voters who identified with the opposing party on record. He won because of "unusually high turnout among Democrats" and the fact that the Republican Party had shrunk during President George W. Bush's second term.

There’s something odd in Obama’s personality. He wants to be liked by people who hate him. He’s spent his entire presidency trying to win over Republicans. Yet he was elected only because Democrats turned out in large numbers, and he received only a tiny share of votes from Republicans.

Obama has lost forever the support of progressives and liberals. He cannot win in 2012 without us. We will be pushing a primary challenge to Obama. Right now in Iowa those of us who organized Obama's win in the 2008 caucuses are working on an alternative candidate - most like Barry Sanders of Vermont, one of the very, very, very few honest men in Washington.

Ralph L

a music critic threatening to punch him in the face
a beefsteak on his eye "and a truss down below" - HST



I'll bet Obama could spell that right. No, I'll bet even Michelle could.


Is that, like, withdrawing an allusion to something?

New Yorker  Magazine

If President Obama behaved that way, he’d be dismissed as an angry black militant

No silly that was Michelle Obama *wink*


Heh--someone at firedoglake yesterday wrote a screed on why he'd vote for Palin but not again for Obama.

We'll see ...........

Granny Jan

No drama Obama was a myth. In reality BO is passive agressive...agressive about the "rich", Republicans, banks, ceos etc.

Because I make videos of the Obamas I've studied them closely and have always been aware of the depth of their anger.

I was curious to find out how many times BO has called the Republicans hostage takers. Please watch this amusing video to find out:
America Held Hostage


Granny Han's videos are always worth watching.

Dave (in MA)
Right now in Iowa those of us who organized Obama's win in the 2008 caucuses are working on an alternative candidate - most like Barry Sanders of Vermont, one of the very, very, very few honest men in Washington.
He's lion.
Ralph L

Obama has lost forever the support of progressives and liberals
Yeah, right. All that sturm und drang for a 4.6% tax rate reduction for two years? Or do they hate that he did something bipartisan (for the first time)?


**Granny JAN'S* (And this one is no exception. Very good, Granny)

Ralph L

I'm beginning to believe it's orchestrated opposition to snow the Republicans into taking a bad deal.


Today's economic update from the hinterlands.

We are looking to up date grain trucks. I am subscribed to several services that report truck prices at auction. Since Feb 2010, used truck prices have fallen quite nearly in half, at the same time that new truck sales have been falling, new truck prices have been rising, and, in general, nobody wants to buy a new truck because of emmissions regulations. Now, to add insult to injury, most of these trucks are "lower mile" units, because they aren't getting the mileage put on them that they did in the 05-08 timeframe. So, to sum it up. We have fewer trucks, with lower miles, bringing much lower prices. What does this tell us about our "economic recovery?"

Oh, and one of the truck dealers that we were shopping at, is shipping used trucks to NIGERIA!@ How friggin bad is our economy if the Nigerians can outbid us on used equipment and ship it across the Atlantic?


Well they have all that cash, that we keep refusing to accept anymore. sarc.

Granny Jan

Thanks Clarice. When we had that little skirmish over at MOTUS's, I commented that I often pimp my own stuff and I wasn't kidding ;-)


America Held Hostage.

Melinda Romanoff


If it's a credit dependent industry, there are falling prices (housing, autos, trucks, services, and large capital equipment). Deflationary by definition.

Industries driven by cash have rising prices (food, consumer goods, services, and other commodities). Inflationary by definition.

Which of the two above is a larger portion of the economy and which direction is the net?


Why not, GJ? But if people here aren't amiliar with your work, they should be.




Comanche Voter

Matt is suggesting a gift of three shiny steel balls for Obama for Christmas/Kwanzaa/the Holiday Season/whatever the Muslims call it?Hanukkah. I mean the Bamster is nothing if not multi-ethnic politically correct.

Why steel balls Matt? Obama could use some balls of any sort, jello, tapioca, copper, nickel, steel, brass---any sort, since he doesn't seem to have any balls at all.

Melinda Romanoff

Granny, a small request?

Keep 'em comin'!!


Aw, Howard Dean not taking the bait?

No Primary Challengers? Obama's 2012 View Looks Clear From the Left


"I'm beginning to believe it's orchestrated opposition to snow the Republicans into taking a bad deal."

Maybe, maybe not, but the deal sucks. I've convinced myself that the 2.5% reduction in witholding tax is designed to try to prop consumer spending, because they know they are pushing a string.


can anyone remember an angry president? Behind closed doors, yes, but so obviously in public?

There was Reagan's "I paid for this microphone!" But that was authentic and spontaneous, and completely won over the crowd. I don't think BO could pull that off.


Before anyone jumps on me, yes, I realize Reagan wasn't President yet, but it's such a vivid moment that it's close enough.

Melinda Romanoff


I think, at this point, you could drop every third letter and I'd still be able to "read" what you wrote as though it was always there.

rhymin' simon

Remember that Ted Koppel's Nightline program started as a result of the Iran Hostage crisis and would have the picture of a blindfolded American embassy worker with the Date count similar to what the media did with Deepwater Horizon incident earlier this year. Wish one of the comedy shows would do a Ted Koppel update for the middle class tax cuts but it is too much wishful thinking.

Melinda Romanoff


The witholding gambit, to me at least, smells like an attempt to hit the accellerator on the entitlement meltdown.

Which is good, because they still don't have a plan other than "reset" it all under us and just trust them.

That didn't even work in High School for me.

Alessandro Machi

In my opinon, Ishmael Reed is a Clinton hating dumb ass.



Curious how that story went down the memory hole, like the original Ixtoc spill, in the Bay of Campeche.

Melinda Romanoff

I don't remember who made the Empty Suit/Empty Chair comparison earlier, but Big Fur Hat covered it.


"His egotism and thin skin all lead me to believe we are seeing a man with borderline personality disorder"

Those symptoms track with several personality disorders. If you look at a checklist for a psychopath, Obama possesses enough of the criteria to be in the least a borderline psychopath. Best case he's a malignant narcissist.


Which of the two above is a larger portion of the economy and which direction is the net?

I was told there would be no math.

Old climate blog pal.

It's cold outside, too, PoF. Mike Smith signed copies of his 'Warnings' at the Plaza today. It's about the development of the early warning system for dangerous storms. Apparently, the Ruskin Heights tornado in KC stimulated his interest years ago.


Keep 'em comin'!!

Ditto, Granny Jan! Hilarious, especially the SEIU dude holding the "Hostage R Us" sign.


Its all kabuki theater; the GOP is about to get rolled once again. another 200 billion in giveaways. Just unreal, considering the last election.

The Stupid Party.

If they would just take a principled public stand. But they just cannot do this. They have been gelded. They are scared of by a pack of yammering "journalists" who have not done one productive thing in their whole existence.

This country has descended into insanity.


Obama has lost forever the support of progressives and liberals.

I don't believe this at all. They will vote for whoever has a (D) next to their name...just like I voted for McCain even though he was almost the last Republican I wanted.


Totally agree squaredance.

Granny Jan

Thanks DebinNC. The SEIU sign was originally Thugs R Us. I just changed it to Hostages. It's my favorite, too.


Nice to see you here, Granny Jan. I am a granny Jan too - although it is not my comment name!

Welcome to the weekend zoo. All the whackos and crazies especially like to come here on the weekends and clutter up the place. You will notice a definite lack of engagement with them.

Love your videos at MOTUS.


Pretty much so, Janet, now hiking the death tax to 30% and if Rove represents any degree
of thinking,higher, it's not like people have disposable cash on depreciated properties, they will have to sell off assets, to pay the tax, this seems as stupid as the reduction of the deductibility of real estate interest sold
as tax reform in '86, which devastated S&L


Except that at points it's a bit racy for some AT readers, GJ, I'd have blogged it to AT.


This country has descended into insanity.

I don't know about that--Hillary's made some pretty good sense when she spoke at the Haim Saban Center of the Brookings Institute:

But Iran and its proxies are not the only threat to regional stability or to Israel’s long-term security. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and between Israel and Arab neighbors is a source of tension and an obstacle to prosperity and opportunity for all the people of the region. It denies the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and it poses a threat to Israel’s future security. It is at odds also with the interests of the United States.
I know that improvements in security and growing prosperity have convinced some that this conflict can be waited out or largely ignored. This view is wrong and it is dangerous. The long-term population trends that result from the occupation are endangering the Zionist vision of a Jewish and democratic state in the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Israelis should not have to choose between preserving both elements of their dream. But that day is approaching.

At the same time, the ever-evolving technology of war, especially the expanding reach of the rockets amassed on Israel’s borders means that it will be increasingly difficult to guarantee the security of Israeli families throughout the country without implementing peace agreements that answer these threats.

Continuing conflict also strengthens the hands of extremists and rejectionists across the region while sapping the support of those open to coexistence and cooperation. Radicalization of the region’s young people and growing support for violent ideologies undermine the stability and prosperity of the Middle East. The United States looks at these trends. We reflect on our deep and unwavering support of the state of Israel and we conclude without a shadow of a doubt that ending this conflict once and for all and achieving a comprehensive regional peace is imperative for safeguarding Israelis’ future.

We also look at our friends the Palestinians, and we remember the painful history of a people who have never had a state of their own, and we are renewed in our determination to help them finally realize their legitimate aspirations. The lack of peace and the occupation that began in 1967 continue to deprive the Palestinian people of dignity and self-determination. This is unacceptable, and, ultimately, it too is unsustainable.

So for both Israelis and Palestinians and, indeed, for all the people of the region, it is in their interest to end this conflict and bring a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace to the Middle East based on two states for two peoples.

For two years, you have heard me and others emphasize again and again that negotiations between the parties is the only path that will succeed in securing their respective aspirations; for the Israelis, security and recognition; for the Palestinians, an independent, viable sovereign state of their own. This remains true today. There is no alternative other than reaching mutual agreement. The stakes are too high, the pain too deep, and the issues to complex for any other approach.

Now, it is no secret that the parties have a long way to go and that they have not yet made the difficult decisions that peace requires. And like many of you, I regret that we have not gotten farther faster in our recent efforts. That is why yesterday and today I met with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators and underscored our seriousness about moving forward with refocused goals and expectations.

It is time to grapple with the core issues of the conflict on borders and security; settlements, water and refugees; and on Jerusalem itself. And starting with my meetings this week, that is exactly what we are doing. We will also deepen our strong commitment to supporting the state-building work of the Palestinian Authority and continue to urge the states of the region to develop the content of the Arab Peace Initiative and to work toward implementing its vision.


"The witholding gambit, to me at least, smells like an attempt to hit the accellerator on the entitlement meltdown."

It could also just be a " ooh, ohh look at us, we can do tax cuts too, thing.". Hard to tell with all teh stupid flowing around capitol hill.

Charlie (Colorado)

The witholding gambit, to me at least, smells like an attempt to hit the accellerator on the entitlement meltdown.

Mel, I don't think the numbers work out. It's only about a 15 percent change, or contrariwise only increases the burnthrough rate by about 17 percent. On the other hand, any tax reduction tends to enhance what was being taxed, so we'd expect this to increase employment, and every new employing brings in about as much cash in new revenue as was lost from the cut to 7 or 8 employed people. Which kinda suggests we're way over on the "less tax is better" side of the Laffer curve.

Net-net I think it does increase the burn rate, but not by much; if it is a plot, it's an incompetent one.

Charlie (Colorado)

The opposing team scored the would-be tying touchdown with 15 seconds left,but the kicker missed the extra point.

One of the few good things you can say about the Broncos this year is that you rarely risk that kind of heartbreaker.

Charlie (Colorado)

I was told there would be no math.

They lied. There's always math.


So, the latest brouhaha, scroll down for the hilarious de motivator icon, in the LUN

Granny Jan

Centralcal, check MOTUS. I had a funny thought when looking at the Obama family Christmas photos tonight. Everyone wore sleeveless except BO. I asked MOTUS to fix that.

Charlie (Colorado)

It could also just be a " ooh, ohh look at us, we can do tax cuts too, thing.". Hard to tell with all teh stupid flowing around capitol hill.

Remember that the FICA tax holiday idea has been a conservative idea for the last couple years, Po.

Charlie (Colorado)

For just a second, I thought Anduril might have made an original contribution, but I realize now he's just forgotten how to blockquote.


THe weirdest thing to me about Obama is what a terrible explainer he is. At the bug-out presser, Clinton went into great detail about community banks and their uncertainty about new regulations and what to do about it. Some of it was BS and some of it was wrong, but he told a convincing story and connected the dots of diagnosis and policy.

Obama seems completely unwilling or unable to explain why his policies are supposed to work--he talks a lot but doesn't explain cause and effect at all. Even Bush was better at this sort of thing--remember his early stem-cell speech? It makes me wonder what kind of law professor O was, because as President he can't explain his way out of a paper bag.


Unbelievable narciso.


narciso's demotivator picture -

PDS may have reached a new level.


Well there's that pic from Cantor's profile, back in July 2008, I learned more con law from
one of my poli sci professors, who was a real lefty, but insisted on knowing the case history and development than I think many of
his students ever did; and relying of Derrick Bell as you're primer, he's the legal equivalent of Reed.

tommy mc donnell

racism has been the democratic party's principal political strategy since jimmy carter was president. they have practiced the selective oppression of white people ever since carter. they never practice their oppression againist large nombers of whites that why most people are unaware of it. they just pick the honkie off a few at a time.

Dave (in MA)

narc, the same moonbats are making fun of the fact that she washed her hands after visiting a cholera-stricken area. PDS, there are no limits.

Melinda Romanoff


There's a big difference between "smells like" and "according to my calculations", but I get your point, none the less.

It's a gimmick they use here often. "Tax Holiday" means you have so many days until they double it.

If you think it's a net win, then run with it.

I've seen this movie before.


OT via Chaco on FB - Grandma Got Molested at the Airport

very funny...kinda tacky...but funny.


"On the other hand, any tax reduction tends to enhance what was being taxed, so we'd expect this to increase employment,"

How, it has no effect on the employers tax burden.


Breaking news:

foxnews ^ | Published December 12, 2010 | FoxNews.com
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is expected to announce he will drop out of the highly contested race to keep his post, sources told FoxNews.com on Sunday. Fox News has confirmed Steele sent an e-mail to committee members Saturday night with the subject line, “conference call.” In the note, he asked members to join him "for a private conference call" Monday evening. Republicans picked up 63 seats in the House, narrowed the gap in the Senate and picked up 19 state legislative bodies in the November midterm election, but pressure has been mounting all year for Steele to step


As Nelson Muntz, might say, 'ha ha' in the LUN


Granny Jan, Love the Michelle's favorite things video! Don't you miss Laura Bush and her Covergirl make-up.

The truly sad thing about Ishmael Reed is that the only reason he's given space in the NYT is because rich white liberals and progressives have condescended to idiots like him for the past five decades-- Radical Chic and all that--a masochistic way of feeling better about their own squalid lives of wealth and privilege while sticking it to the "buffons" in the white racist middle class.

I think we're about done with all that nonsense though, what with our post-racial president and all that.

Michael Steele is a fabulous Republican.  Thank him, oh, and Obama, for the gains this year.

Whoopm verner. Hey, Clarice, Steele was too big for his britches but couldn't fill his own shoes. Wait'll someone tries to walk a mile in his shoes; he'll end up in the ditch halfway there.


How, it has no effect on the employers tax burden.

The employer-employee distinction for the payroll tax is basically meaningless. It's a reduction from 12.4% to 10.4%. Charlie's right that that should enhance employment (the idea is that people would be willing to work for a lower pretax wage), but given that it's just for a year, it's hard to believe the effect would be large. It would mainly affect the temporary help sector.

Danube of Thought

I saw at a glance that the 09:29 pm post was so long it had to be the lunatic, but I'm surprised that even he would quote Hillary Clinton at such length.

Dave (in MA)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV4IjHz2yIo>Hollywood loves the commies


As far as I am concerned Bill can finish out Obama's term.

They all proceed from the premise that Obama is a “progressive.” Why? On what basis? There is nothing in his political career either before or after his election that suggests anything other than a conventional—i.e., right-wing—American bourgeois politician.

--but I'm surprised that even he would quote Hillary Clinton at such length--

Idiosyncratic and irrationally motivated politics make for some strange bedfellows, DoT.
Witness the clueless bubu and the unspeakable cleo recently rooting on anduril in his anti Jewish screeds.

Danube of Thought

"...rooting on anduril in his anti Jewish screeds."

And his cuckoo proposals for dealing with Bubu's beloved Mahometans.


"can anyone remember an angry president? Behind closed doors, yes, but so obviously in public?"

Nixon. it struck me a long time ago that Obama was the Democrat version of Nixon, what with his erratic behavior, oddly flat affect, paranoid style, enemies list, and so forth, and he's done nothing to disabuse me of that notion since. his ineffectual attempts to woo his opponents by pursuing policies that are anathema to his base are merely the latest example...some of you may remember, e.g., Nixon's "wage and price controls." Obama, however, lacks two of Nixon's key qualities: intellect and a conscience; he's too amoral not to over-extend himself, and too foolish to even care to cover it up. it took a couple of years to nail Nixon to the wall, and he was slipperier than Jello. Obama is not so subtle.


people would be willing to work for a lower pretax wage

Makes no difference to me in my hiring decisions. It is all a revenue issue.

Good night!

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