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December 10, 2010



I agree." Hilarious".

Rob Crawford

Obama has, throughout his career, shown an unwavering loyalty to himself.


That's a fun article.
the relationship between Schumer and Obama...has become so strained both sides are working to patch things up for fear their differences could hinder Democrats in the face of a strengthened and determined GOP opposition.

This sounds like a job for Smart Diplomacy! Let's see how that goes.

Publicly, Obama and his staff have played nice with Schumer

That sounds pretty good. But then there's the quote TM grabbed, which is not nice and also public. And then comes this:

When a vote on the millionaire plan came up short last Saturday, the administration gloated — and mocked Schumer

Superb. The one thing in the world that outstrips the arrogance of this administration is its incompetence.

Oh, and the answer to TM's question is, "Alice Palmer".


All you need to know about Obama and loyalty.
Alice Palmer.


"which Democrats or Democratic principles has Obama remained committed to over the years?

Voter fraud.


But privately White House officials [...] have long viewed Schumer as a talented but essentially self-promotional operator with no abiding loyalty to Obama...

I wonder why the WH thought going public with this private feud helps Obama? Why would Obama expect "abiding loyalty" from another politician, especially one whose long career he had no part in? What happens within a narcissist when paranoia replaces plaudits? I hope there's a competent therapist "in his orbit" we don't know about.


"which Democrats or Democratic principles has Obama remained committed to over the years?

Voter fraud.

That's just the means. The abiding principle to which Obama, Pelosi etc. are devoted is: The acquisition and maintenance of power.


You are so right. Obama fears strong leaders in his party{Reid is a pushover}and Schumer presents a threat. Obama has to marginalize him in order to keep himself afloat.


Obama has successfully sidelined Hillary and every time he is in trouble he calls for Bill Clinton.


Obama is triangulating. He is bashing "extremists" from both sides. Since Nov 2 he has been staking out what the public sees as the middle ground.

He will run in 2012 as a "moderate." He will run against the "extremists" on both sides.

He will do absolutely anything to get reelected in 2012 to order to preserve Obamacare with his veto pen.

We've seen this dance before, only this time Obamacare and the complete restructuring of the relationship between Americans and their government is on the line.

If Obama wins in 2012, it'll be Game, Set and Match to the socialists. By 2017, there will be no reversing it.


I think Schumer is the guy that has the dirt on everyone.


Roger Cohen has an interesting Pot Meets Kettle story today:

The 'Real Jew' Debate

LONDON — Ira Stup was raised in Philadelphia attending Jewish day school and camps. He found his home in the Jewish community and was “intoxicated with Jewish democracy” as framed in the ideals of Israel’s foundation. Now he has returned deeply troubled from a one-year fellowship based in Tel Aviv.

The worst single incident occurred on Ben Yehuda Street in central Jerusalem. Stup, 24, a Columbia graduate, was returning from a rally with a couple of friends carrying a banner that said, “Zionists are not settlers.” A group of religious Jews wearing yarmulkes approached, spat on them and started punching.

“About 20 people saw the whole thing and just watched. They were screaming, ‘You are not real Jews.’ Most of them were American. It was one of the most disappointing moments of my life — you can disagree as much as you want with a banner but to allow violence and not react is outrageous. For me it was a turning point. Nobody previously had said I was not a real Jew.”


Captain Hate

Speaking of disgustingly annoying publicity hounds in the Senate, they must have tabulated the votes for "Most Braindead RINO Scrunt" with Susan Collins being a runaway winner, because now Princess Leena feels like appeasing her supporters:

America is "the loser when it denies those who are willing to make the great sacrifices demanded of our men and women in uniform the opportunity do so on grounds of sexual orientation."

But she also warned her support of the underlying legislation was conditional, and she wouldn't vote to move forward on debate of the defense bill unless Democrats gave the GOP additional time to debate and amend it.


"Obama has, throughout his career, shown an unwavering loyalty to himself." Good, Rob!!

I've been watching the demonstrations in England & I wonder how Obama would react to the same situation cause democrats are famous for civil unrest.

It could happen in America so I recommend a new book I just read about Americans who actually take a stand against tyranny (based in part on real people & events). It’s a thriller.


Obama is going to have lots of problems getting the democrats to support him on anything for the nxt 2 yrs. & we know the republicans are only go help him when it meets their agenda. Good article. Thanks!


Comey waits in the wings.


Jane gets mentioned by name by Insty! Yeah for Jane and the Sturbridge tea party!!


captH-- was't the consensus yesterday that susan collins is <50 IQ. that about covers it.


Ah, MayBee..how sharp of you! Of course, who better to do Schumer's bidding?


Yay Jane!!


Ha. Remember when Obama pushed through health care by telling Dems if they didn't do it,his presidency would be a failed one.

I bet he wouldn't try saying that now.


schumer-- first met him 25 years ago in local NYC poltics. yes he's an obnoxious egomaniac. but personally, I think barryO --at least politically--is much more vindictive and nasty. maybe it's just the difference between NYC and Chicago politics.

Captain Hate

NK, I think that was the consensus but my friend daddy showed the superb insight produced by his Tarhole education by not being fooled by Alaska's entitled grifter's aristocracy's temporary encounter with sanity.

Jack is Back!

There is knife fight and The Won brings a gun. But Chuckles brings a bunch of hedge fund managers waving million dollar checks which distract The Won long enough for Chuckles to give him a wedgie and send him on his way.


CBO Has Started Weighing The Benefits Of Bankruptcy Or Default For Local Governments

The Congressional Budget Office has a note out today warning of the fiscal stress faced by local government. The chart on right shows how much revenues are down -- with more stress is expected as home prices decline.

The ten-page brief includes a long discussion on bankruptcy versus default. The CBO seems to prefer:

One key advantage of bankruptcy is the “automatic stay,” which is issued by a court and prevents creditors from taking action against the municipality and its officials without approval from the court...

Another important advantage of bankruptcy is that courts can implement a restructuring plan without the consent of every creditor...

The bankruptcy process may also allow a municipal government to reduce its labor costs by facilitating the consent of employee unions to changes in labor contracts....

Formal discussion by the CBO suggests these options could become a reality.


Speaking of pot meeting kettle (or something similar), Ezra Klein tells us Peter Orzag is going to work at Citigroup.


Nothing noble here ...

So on this notable occasion, the White House released a statement from President Obama on the awarding of the prize to Liu in absentia. And this is how Obama's statement began:
One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize -- an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice.
Critics have often said of Obama that "it's all about him," that he has a tendency to reference himself no matter what subject he is discussing. Could he do any more to prove them right?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Jane gets mentioned by name by Insty! Yeah for Jane and the Sturbridge tea party!!

Yippee - but I couldn't pay him enough to link You Too - sheesh.


In the Wall Street Journal today, Kimberly Strassel is troubled by the fact that the president doesn't like the parts of the compromise he disapproves of. (via Jon Chait)

The president takes absolute credit for forging this deal; he also absolutely blames Republicans for forcing it to happen. The president wants the nation to know that this is a good example of "compromise" and 'bipartisan agreement"; he also wants the nation to know that Republicans are "hostage- takers," that they cannot see beyond their "Holy Grail" of tax cuts, that their position is "wrong," and that he takes exception to the whole process.

This tax package, says the president, "is the right thing to do for our economy" -- except for what Republicans demanded (most of it), which won't "be good for the economy."

There is some nuance to this so-called
incoherence found in the President's deal.

It's called 'compromise'. The problem between he and the Dems, IMO, is he excluded them from meetings with Republicans, and had their feelings hurt.


Since I see repeated posts suggesting that Arabs fled Palestine at the behest of Arab governments, that Israeli troops did not expel Arabs from conquered territories, it seems worthwhile to provide this account of the Israeli capture of Lod and the subsequent massacre of civilians and death march/expulsion of residents and refugees:

Arab–Israeli conflict

Main article: Exodus from Lydda

Until 1948, Lydda was an Arab town with a population of around 20,000—18,500 Muslims and 1,500 Christians.[27][28] In 1947, the United Nations proposed dividing Palestine into two states, one Jewish state, one Arab; Lydda was to form part of the proposed Arab state.[29] The proposal was rejected by the Arabs, and on May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. Several Arab states attacked, and in the ensuing war Israel captured Arab towns outside the area the UN had allotted it, including Lydda.

The Israel Defence Forces entered Lydda on July 11, 1948. The following day, under the impression that it was under attack,[30] the 3rd Battalion was ordered to shoot anyone "seen on the streets." According to the Israeli army, 250 Arabs (men, women, and children) were killed. Other estimates are higher: Palestinian historian Aref al Aref estimated 400, and Nimr al Khatib 1700.[31][32]

An image of the Arab's three-day march out of Lydda

During 1948, the population rose to 50,000 people as Arab refugees fleeing other areas made their way there.[26] All but 700[33] to 1,056[4] were expelled by order of the Israeli high command, and forced to walk 17 kilometers to Arab Legion lines on one of the hottest days of the year. Many died from exhaustion and dehydration; estimates vary from a handful to 355.[34][35]

What's notable is that the population of Lod swelled from 20K to 50K--these were refugees fleeing feared Israeli massacres (as at Deir Yasin). They were fleeing NOT FROM Palestine but to an Arab city in the Arab sector under the partition plan. They were nevertheless expelled, ethnically cleansed at gunpoint and replaced with Jews, contrary to Zionist mythology.

You can read lots more about this entire incident here: 1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramle. Here's a brief excerpt from that article:

Looting of refugees and the towns

The Sharett-Ben Gurion guidelines to the IDF had specified there was to be no robbery, but numerous sources spoke of widespread looting. The Economist wrote on 21 August that year: "The Arab refugees were systematically stripped of all their belongings before they were sent on their trek to the frontier. Household belongings, stores, clothing, all had to be left behind."[61] Aharon Cohen, director of Mapam's Arab Department, complained to Yigal Allon months after the deportations that troops had been told to remove jewellery and money from residents so that they would arrive at the Arab Legion without resources, thereby increasing the burden of looking after them. Allon replied that he knew of no such order, but conceded it as a possibility.[35] George Habash, who later founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was born in Lydda to a Greek Orthodox family. He was in his second year at medical school in Beirut at the time, but returned to Lydda when he heard the Israelis had arrived in Jaffa, and was subsequently one of those expelled:

The Israelis were rounding everyone up and searching us. People were driven from every quarter and subjected to complete and rough body searches. You can’t imagine the savagery with which people were treated. Everything was taken—watches, jewelery, wedding rings, wallets, gold. One young neighbor of ours, a man in his late twenties, not more, Amin Hanhan, had secreted some money in his shirt to care for his family on the journey. The soldier who searched him demanded that he surrender the money and he resisted. He was shot dead in front of us. One of his sisters, a young married woman, also a neighbor of our family, was present: she saw her brother shot dead before her eyes. She was so shocked that, as we made our way toward Birzeit, she died of shock, exposure, and lack of water on the way.[62]

As the residents left, the sacking of the cities began. The Yiftah brigade commander, Lt. Col. Schmuel "Mula" Cohen, wrote of Lydda that, "the cruelty of the war here reached its zenith."[35] Bechor Sheetrit, the Minister for Minority Affairs, said the army removed 1,800 truckloads of property from Lydda alone. Dov Shafrir was appointed Israel's Custodian of Absentee Property, supposedly charged to protect and redistribute Palestinian property, but his staff were inexperienced and unable to control the situation.[63] The looting was so extensive that the 3rd Battalion had to be withdrawn from Lydda during the night of 13–14 July, and sent for a day to Ben Shemen for kinus heshbon nefesh, a conference to encourage soul-searching. Cohen forced them to hand over their loot, which was thrown onto a bonfire and destroyed, but the situation continued when they returned to town. Some were later prosecuted.[64]

There were also allegations that Israeli soldiers had raped Palestinian women. Ben-Gurion referred to them in his diary entry for 15 July 1948: "The bitter question has arisen regarding acts of robbery and rape [o'nes ("אונס")] in the conquered towns ..."[65] Lila Abu-Lughod and Diana Keown Allan write that fear of rape and the desire to protect sharaf al-bint—women's honor—was one of the key reasons for the flight of Palestinians.[66] The allegations were given little consideration by the Israeli government. Agriculture Minister Aharon Zisling told the Cabinet on 21 July: "It has been said that there were cases of rape in Ramle. I could forgive acts of rape but I won't forgive other deeds, which appear to me much graver. When a town is entered and rings are forcibly removed from fingers and jewellery from necks—that is a very grave matter."[67]

All this is part of the New History that is coming to light, and which paints a very different picture of the events of 1948.

Note: George Habash was a terrorist. The pillagers and expellers were, what, heroes?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

No one gives a shit anduril. Are you this boorish in real life? Because if you want to guarantee that no one pays attention to any issue you find important, you have accomplished that in spades. At least have the decency to take it to an older thread.


NPR: Some 1,000 guests, including ambassadors, royalty and other VIPs took their seats in Oslo's modernist City Hall for the two-hour ceremony, among them U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Ambassador Barry White.

Wouldn't surprise me if the tax deal was timed to keep Obama from having to make an appearance, but Pelosi and not Hillary?


Ah, Jane--what happened to the narcisolator? BTW, I note that you've been expropriating numerous themes of mine lately without credit. I gave you credit re Sibel Edmonds, the least you could do is give credit where it's due.

Danube of Thought

Anduril, you loathsome shitbird, you've got all the instincts of a juvenile delinquent with ADD. There is something very wrong in your head.

The answere to TM's question is Redistribution.


"you could do is give credit where it's due."

She's all full of herself since Insty patted her on her pointed little head.


There is something very wrong in your head.

Mental illness?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Ah, Jane--what happened to the narcisolator? BTW, I note that you've been expropriating numerous themes of mine lately without credit. I gave you credit re Sibel Edmonds, the least you could do is give credit where it's due.

You've got the wrong person moron. First I never ever read a word of your long boorish posts - ever. So no credit is due. And secondly I've never spoken about Sibel Edmonds.

What a twit you are.

Thomas Collins



Here is my dignified Representative...“This is a lack of leadership on the part of Obama,” fumed Moran (D-Va.) “I don’t know where the f*** Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.”

The Dem. Reps. are gonna withhold funding for civilian trials for terrorists? I thought that was what they wanted???
Ol' Moran is just lashing about & cursing. What an idiot.


Yeah, Congrats Jane!!!

Here is a link for you anduril....not sure if that is the problem, but it seems likely. Godspeed.


I recall that both Dr. K and Rush were quite adamant that the Ibama debt commission would come back with the recommendation of instituting a VAT.

Rush should lower his accuracy rating.

The UK's VAT is 20%.

Mark Folkestad

Jane, Wauck did add a couple of posts to Wednesday's thread, just a short while ago. But he must have realized that he was all alone there. What a guy, bashing us repeatedly with the same quotes. We all go off topic at times, and this is an easy-going blog, so it is part of the flow. But Wauck marches to a different drummer (that he alone can hear), and his vile vehement anti-Israel rants are always on topic for him, no matter what Maguire has chosen as the theme of the particular thread. Incidentally, Wauck, I admire the Jews. You say they traded their foreskins for land. Heck, my parents traded mine in the hopes of my having better health. I didn't get a square inch of land.


anduril, you are a POS of the first dimension. I might even agree with some of what you say, but you are an obnoxious boor to inflict a long Zionist agitprop piece on a thread concerning tax battles between the Democats and GOP. Go get 'em Jane, and moron is too nice a word for this piece of fecal material.

I actually did a comment on Thrush's Politico piece ten minutes ago citing the very sentence Maguire highlighted. My unoriginal take was that Shumer is a reincarnation of Mailer's Advertisements for Myself and that he is the recipe for a GOP takeover of the Senate in 2012 when 22 of the 33 open seats are Democrat.


I also congratulate Jane and applaud her point made to Insty, which is spot on!


I've never spoken about Sibel Edmonds.

Ah, the same old lie. But hit and run caught you out on that one.

Charlie (Colorado)

Mental illness?

Requires a mind. I'm not sure that's in evidence.

Rob Crawford

But Wauck marches to a different drummer (that he alone can hear)...

and which plays the Horst Wessel Lied.

Mark Folkestad

Heh! Great follow-up, Rob!


From Webster:

ag·it·prop noun \ˈa-jət-ˌpräp\ Definition of AGITPROP

: propaganda; especially : political propaganda promulgated chiefly in literature, drama, music, or art
— agitprop adjective
Origin of AGITPROP

Russian, ultimately from agitatsiya agitation + propaganda
First Known Use: 1935


a long Zionist agitprop piece = a long Zionist propaganda piece.

Those were all quotations from Wikipedia. Is this some kind of anti-semitic conspiracy theory, Dave? Wikipedia is Zionist propaganda? You're a sick dude.


Congrats Jane! You really deserve this honor for all your hard work'

There ain't a bad one in the bunch

"I admire the Jews."

Really? They're ALL good?

Add Herod Antipas, the Pharisees and the Sadducees to your Christmas list.


Jane's quote on Instapundit:

Since the election I’ve read numerous articles about how the tea party is moving into social issues. I am the founder of the Sturbridge Tea Party and am in touch with numerous tea party organizations and I have seen zero movement into social issues. In fact, if that were happening, I would resign. We are all about fiscal issues which is precisely why the tea party is a perfect venue for gays (and anyone who works for a living). I think the liberal press narrative is a campaign geared to keeping gays away from the tea party. Oh how they underestimate the gays.

Insty's responde: Indeed.

Yay, Jane!


Here is a link for you anduril....

Spoken like a real Christian. BTW, Janet, what are your views on Amalekites? Including their wives, children and livestock?


Janet --I asked Soylent about Indian food and what he might need, here's his response:
OMG no! The DFACs here in AFG and especially at KAF are all run by
subcontinental types who put curry in everything. They'd curry the
water if they could figure out how. It was good for the first several
weeks but now I am so sick of it I could scream. So no Indian food,

Right now I'm ok for food. I actually ate very well out at the FOB and
the food was better, so I need to LOSE a little weight before R&R. The
malaria pills help with that since they make you kind of sickish, and
I am already back into the KAF swing of chronic digestive distress.
Should be able to lose weight in no time this way.

Other than just a few minor things I can pick up at the PX, I really
am in good shape. I'll check in again tomorrow morning and thank
everyone for the care packages. You all are too kind.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


It's always about the gays - funny that's the issue I have credibility on.


Oh, Jane, I think you have credibility on any number of issues. lol.



Good quote. The most Republican people I know are a Gay couple that would be married if they permitted that here.


Yeah, Jane..I mean there's the history you have of obvious photoshopping, but we're willing to overlook that..


As for the topic, I actually look forward to a Presidential election where we have Chuck Schumer for the Dems and Chris Christie for the GOP. It's be fun to watch.


Thanks Clarice.

Or Jane, it is NOT just about the gays, or the blacks, or the anybodies...the Tea Party is about freedom for everyone. It is the leftists that say some groups don't have the freedom to choose their politics.
Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, & free markets benefit all....that's the deal.


I actually look forward to a Presidential election where we have Chuck Schumer for the Dems and Chris Christie for the GOP. It's be fun to watch.

I hope Chris Christie has his Social Security number registered with Lifelock.


Obama has, throughout his career, shown an unwavering loyalty to himself...

And the Proletariat...

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Hey Clarice - I gave you a boatload of credit over at You Too today. SO you should retract that allegation.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


There is a segment of gays who only care about being gay - and they are the ones hell bent on social issues. Then there are the gays who are just like everyone else, living their lives. After a while, no one even notices that they are gay.


DONE,Jane!! Retracted--just joking--no serious intent..(Now to You Too)

Melinda Romanoff

OK, Clarice, we'll move on to PLAN B.

(Don't look if hungry, but these are really, really good.)

Melinda Romanoff


THAT was funny.




Old Lurker

Now THAT'S a great link, Mel.

You must be feeling better today.


Oh, good grief:

A Columbia University political science professor that blogs at the Huffington Post was charged Thursday with having a sexual relationship with his 24 year old daughter.

From Newsbusters.

Melinda Romanoff

Fluids, only.

Thanks just the same.

Jack is Back!

New Movie up at Niblick's xtranormal site.

"Hostage to Himself" LUN


It's always about the gays...

...and selling loyal pro-life, pro-family voters down the river. Again.

Captain Hate

Nice to see that Zsa Zsa vets her bloggers about as well as the MFM did Toonces. Or is incest something the lefties are now pushing? The Final Frontier?

Jack is Back!


Everytime I read a story about incest I visualize that dueling banjo's scene in Deliverance. Don't know why, but I do:)

Jim Miller

All these comments, and no one mentions the official Schumer joke?

Here it is:

What's the most dangerous place in Washington, D. C.?

Between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera.


Well, Mel, since you mentioned mail order food, I want to share something that might be of use to those of you who know shut ins, oldsters, diabetics, people who must eat heart healthy foods--My 91 year old mom never liked to cook, and in recent years since she lives alone now in a place with limited food delivery services and doesn't like driving at night I was getting concerned about her getting proper nutrition and being bored with the same meals. I found this place which will mail any or all of almost 400 foods anywhere in the U.S. and has bi-weekly home delivery almost everywhere as well. Cathyf has mentioned using it and it turns out even my picky mom likes it .
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Captain Hate

JiB, I have a similar reaction: Clinton family values

Jim Miller

I rarely respond to the troll who keeps putting up lengthy, and almost always off-topic, comments. (And who seems, if I may say so, far too obsessed with a small democracy for his own good.)

(Off-topic posts are often forgivable, especially after a thread has gone on for a while, but obsessed, lengthy off-topic posts almost never are.)

But I do wonder about this: How much does the troll pay our host. Tom Maguire, for the privilege of putting up posts here? I am guessing that even our troll doesn't want to be a complete parasite, and so he is paying Maguire for each post he puts up here.

It's none of my business, but I do wonder how much the troll pays. I would guess that it has to be at least 5 dollars for an on-topic post (and there are a few of those), and ten dollars for an off-topic post, but that is a pure guess on my part, since I have no data at all.

Old Lurker

Clarice, LUN is another supplier of meals you will like.

Owned by a very good friend.


Thanks,OL, I might consider that here sometime but for mom I needed less rich, single serving easily microwavable stuff. His food does look delicious though..best looking mail order food actually.


I post this, without comment, from Ace - just for Captain Hate:

I don't think I'm actually on Team Palin yet, but I'm off Team Anyone But Palin.

What impressed him? That she is endorsing Paul Ryan's "Roadmap."


cc-come to the last detail thread, pls. We have a tax question.


Serge Nilus, reminded me of this, what an insufferable jerk, in the LUN


Completely OT, I am reading a very interesting book on nutrition, The Inflammation Syndrome, by Jack Challem. There is quite a bit of information out there recently about how the medical profession is realizing how chronic inflammation is a very damaging process that affects heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., but this is a good source as an overview.


I never thought about it before, but one of the few things I have no opinion on is Amalekite's livestock.

Old Lurker

Interesting question, Jim Miller. I think we should offer TM cash for not allowing that person to post.

Captain Hate

What impressed him? That she is endorsing Paul Ryan's "Roadmap."

Baby steps; one at a time. He's still an idiot for badmouthing her for all the wrong reasons and he gives way too much credence to the clean toga crowd, who deserve to be hanging from lampposts. But I applaud his willingness to not fall on a nonexistent principle.

Jim Ryan

Narcisolate. It's never too late.

Clarice says she gets big white spaces, but I don't (Firefox).

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

My narcisolater works some days and not some days. I have it installed on my laptop. Some days I bathe in glory at not having a clue what people are talking about until I figure out the troll is back, and others I can see every bloody moronic thing the troll says.


I never thought about it before, but one of the few things I have no opinion on is Amalekite's livestock.

I was pretty sure you don't read the Bible, and certainly not with any insight. How about their women and children, if not their livestock?


Maybe Jim Moran will offer to strip funding from some other good stuff? Stripping funding for civilian trials for terrorists is a good start. Let's really show Obama!!! Go Jim Go!


From the UK Telegraph, a discussion of the increasingly extreme nature of Israeli society. The Shas party is the one whose "spiritual leader" recently said that Gentiles only exist to do menial labor for Jews.

Israel’s religious extremists send the peace process up in smoke

Population changes are transforming the country’s politics for the worse, argues Con Coughlin.

Fanning the flames of intolerance: the rejection of Christian help to fight the forest fires has caused tension within Israel

Over the past week, fierce forest fires have devastated large swathes of Israel, killing 42 people – including the country’s most senior female police officer. So you could be forgiven for thinking that the emergency services needed all the help they could lay their hands on.

It is not hard to imagine the firefighters’ anger – and disbelief – on discovering that the country’s interior minister, Eli Yishai, had rejected an offer by a Christian charity in North America to donate some fire engines. Given that the country often struggles to provide adequate cover during such emergencies, the proposal by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews could have made a vital contribution to the attempts to bring the fires under control.

But Mr Yishai, who represents the ultra-Orthodox Shas party in the ruling coalition, had other ideas. Shas, which speaks for Israel’s burgeoning ultra-Orthodox community, is deeply suspicious of non-Jewish organisations, even those that are committed to Israel’s well-being. Many of its supporters fear any help offered by Christian groups is part of some sinister plot to convert the Jews.

So Mr Yishai vetoed the American charity’s offer – and in doing so, further inflamed tensions between more secular-minded Israelis, who form the majority of the population, and the religious hardliners whose growing influence over government policy is a source of mounting friction between the communities. The anger only grew when Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of Shas, publicly declared that the fires were divine retribution for the failure of secular Israelis to observe the Sabbath.


Danube of Thought

Like a teenage graffiti vandal.

Mark Folkestad

Teenage graffiti vandals usually mature.


Andruil-- As Oliver Cromwell told Parliament: You have --commented-- here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!


On the off-topic of mail-order foods -- another outfit is MarketDay. They are a fundraiser, and SOMEBODY in your area is probably raising money with them, so you should ask around. Their usual model is that once per month they take orders for frozen foods, which they deliver to the organization's site, and then volunteers sort and you come and pick up your orders. (In our town, it's the public school's music boosters, and according to the site, we've raised $55,000 over the last 15 years...)

But, anyway, they also have a selection of food that they will deliver mail order. So you can check the site to see if there is a local organization raising money, and then some of your purchase price goes there. The food is very comparable to Schwan's, so if variety is an issue, more places to order from are better. Also, if you are in the situation like Clarice where her mom is in Wisconsin, I bet if there is a local school raising money through MarketDay in her mom's town that there will be volunteers happy to make a home delivery if her mom orders as part of the school's delivery.

(Also, Clarice, I don't actually remember mentioning Schwan's here. I do, however, remember Sara's hilarious story about her mom and the Schwan's man, and think about it every time I pass the Schwan's truck!)

Jack is Back!

This is for Anduril - Miss Manner's Geeky Guide to Weblog Commenting Etiquette. LUN

But somehow I doubt it will even dent his conscience.

Jane the hostage taker

I cannot believe Clinton is out there shilling for Obama at the WH. I simply cannot believe it.


You did mention it in a discussion about irradiated meat. My mom's in Fla with no one physically capable to manage Market day as far as I can tell. In her complex the number one sexiest thing is being still able to drive at night.

I do remember Sara's story now that you mention it. HEH

Captain Hate

I cannot believe Clinton is out there shilling for Obama at the WH. I simply cannot believe it.

I'm telling you that when he had that small heart attack, the oxygen must've been shut off to his brain for a while because he's been acting schizzier than usual for a while. Or STDs are doing it....

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