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December 10, 2010



Rick, I think QE2 is madness, and that Ben is making the same mistake that was made in the 70s, thinking that there's nothing wrong with the economy that the printing press can't solve. He also projects fear rather than strength. But you may be right that he'll somehow escape with his reputation intact.

Captain Hate

Remember,I'm the guy that desperately wants to have coffee with my dear friend sylvia.

You definitely have an interest in the pathological and depraved.


You definitely have an interest in the pathological and depraved.

Hey! I resemble that comment!

Rick Ballard

Well, I have started calling him Mad Ben but I'm still not convinced that QE2 isn't a protection scheme for ZIRP and manipulation by the Chinese. I can't find a source of funds at current interest rates for another trillion in debt sales next year.

Take a look at the balance sheet section at the end of the Flow of Funds Report. Income flows won't do the trick and it's not as if the ROW isn't set to peddle a new truckload of debt.


You know I think Clinton has a Bidenesque gaffe in the press conference, he said FDR
addressed the '26 class of Choate, before
he ran for vice president, well there's a few
problems with that scenario, one, he went to
Groton, not Choate as we reminded yesterday
that was JFK's alma mater, also he had long since run for vice president, and this was
after he had contracted polio, but before he
ran for Governor


Anyone know if Soylent likes ">http://gizmodo.com/350091/cheeseburger-in-a-can-is-both-the-best-and-worst-thing-ive-ever-seen"> Cheeseburgers?


daddy, see NRO/corner for the latest Miller ruling. It is not good.


Daddy, he's on a diet, but they look like the perfect emergency food supply ..there is ketchup in there isn't there?

Rick Ballard


Take a good hard look at him. He's as pickled as Ted Kennedy. You could photoshop that face onto any wino on any skid row photo around and nobody would notice.


Clinton or Obama?

Rick Ballard

Clinton, Rich. I only saw Obama making the hand off. It looked to me as if he had a little fit of pique. Was the press talking to him as if he was a dog?


To forever be known as the "Pickled and Potted" press conference?

The "Rake and a Flake" press conference?


Go read Iowahawk--another winner.




Thanks for that story on the Joe Miller ruling. I expected he would ultimately lose, but looks like now he's pondering on whether to throw in the towel or appeal. From the ADN:

"The Miller campaign argued state law didn’t allow misspellings to count. "

"State law says write in votes should be counted if the name “as it appears on the write-in declaration of candidacy, of the candidate or the last name of the candidate is written in the space provided.”

"The judge focused on the fact that the law includes the word “appears.”

“The definition of ‘appears’ in this context does not require perfection or precision, but rather a close, apparent approximation known to the viewer upon first look. This seems to the court the far more reasonable interpretation of the term than the rigid meaning attributed to it by (Miller),” the judge wrote in his ruling. “If exact spellings were intended by the legislature, even with respect to the most difficult names, the legislature could have and would have said so.”

I suppose my question then is why the heck did the state and Lisa fight in court for permission to post her name in the voting place, saying that it needed to be posted so that people could spell her name correctly, if all the while it was legally unimportant how anybody spelled her name? Why go through that whole torturous legal process?

Oh well:(



That's great. Great times, although I'm not sure if the Obama Administration could come up with worse policy if they all got shit faced for the weekend.


"Remember,I'm the guy that desperately wants to have coffee with my dear friend sylvia."

That would be fascinating.

Wear a locator.


The absurdity of the week, summed up in the LUN.


If I was half as smart as iowahawk, I would be about as smart as- me.


">http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne+News/World/Story/A1Story20101210-252118.html"> This story tells us that some US comedian made a statement that Obama will now admit he is a Muslim, and that 2 big newspapers in Saudi Arabia believed it to be true and published it.

The part I find funny is this last:

"...many Muslims and even some US Republicans suspect he is secretly Muslim."

Now why the heck would many Muslim's think Obama was Muslim? I know we Repub dummies think he's a Muslim because we are obviously stupid, but why would many Muslim's think so? What in the world could possibly give them the impression that he's a Muslim, and to be so sure of it that they'd nonchalantly print it in the 2 biggest papers in Saudi Arabia as fact? Guess they're stupid too.


Throwing yourself under the bus like a suicide bomber does little to dispel the idea that you are a muslim... suicide bombers usually hope to take out more than just themselves, though.

Epic Fail.


Yikes beyond parody, daddy, i'm looking for the blue box and the long rope, because we are certainly in one of the parallel universes

Strawman Cometh

The highest,darkest comedic moment of the campaign was Stephie correcting 0 on his "Muslim faith". Let's see if we can find that on youtube.

Strawman Cometh

here it is:

working with chrome - no html bar - no google bar either - which is weird.


">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMUgNg7aD8M&feature=related"> Who's Muslim Faith?


Go read Iowahawk

That piece is from November - of 2008.

I can't figure out which of today's messages was weirder - "I'd love to tell you more about the problems with lazy rich people, but I have this midafternoon party to get to", or "I'm going to take a break from blogging about how messed up Sarah Palin's family is, so I can go fuck my child". Either way, it's been a real banner day for Columbia University.

Speaking of the latter story, how long until Whoopi clarifies whether it was incest-incest, or just incest?

I don't think Democrats are going to be willing to support incest, though, because of what that would do to the estate tax.

On the other hand, at some level the party that invented Social Security must approve of people getting screwed by their parents and grandparents.

I just read that Columbia University's motto is "In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen", which is Latin for "let's do it with your night light on". Which I think is unfortunate.

Back on Monday, I had been pretty sure that the week's creepiest news item would be Harry Reid pushing legislation aimed at making sure teenagers had a place to stay, called the "DREAM Act".



Even more bizarre, I clicked on the Chinese google link to The Futurama Episode, ">http://irc.lv/video?id=ZKpewhWx0ip4"> The Farnsworth Parabox, and it happens to be in Russian! It loads slow, but hearing the Russian actors loudly screaming out the dialogue overtop the English convinces me that yes, we have indeed jumped the shark in universes.


"how long until Whoopi clarifies whether it was incest-incest, or just incest?"


I think this is actually a resume' enhancer for the perp, making him the ideal candidate for Obama's new Education Secretary, should the current Nambla proponent in that position resign.

Danube of Thought

It now appears that the mob threatening foppish dandiprat Charles, Prince of Wales, and his alarmingly homely companion Camilla Parker-Bowles were actually shouting "off with their heads!" as they jostled the horrid couple's limousine.

After a fleeting instant's hesitation I sided enthusiastically and permanently with the mob.


Even much more bizarre... I was typing that Obama under the bus suicide bomber post at the time daddy was pondering if the arabs are onto something about Obama's muslim faith.

not only have we jumped the shark in universes, I think the matrix had a double black cat sighting. Hillary must have pushed the reset button again. I bet she's giggling at the results today. Epic Pwnage.


DoT, who's bed do you have in mind for the horse's head?

Manuel Transmission

Is it just me, or does Clenis look like he had a really bad facelift? I mean he looks like death warmed over, but that jawline looks like the one on the $6M dude.

Ralph L

bgates, you shouldn't save those gems for the wee hours, they're ready for prime time.

The part for teenagers is called the WET back DREAM Act.


This infuriates me. ">http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/677-e2-wire/133193-court-denies-industry-bid-to-freeze-epa-climate-rules"> Court denies industry bid to freeze EPA climate rules:

"A federal court on Friday declined to halt looming Environmental Protection Agency climate change rules while legal challenges brought by a suite of industry groups, states and conservative activists wind their way through the system."

Why is it that every time any environmentalist anywhere ever brings a Law Suit against Industry, immediately Industry is ordered to cease and desist as the challenges and studies and other BS go forward, yet the instant Industry brings suit against Environmentalism the Judge immediately sides with the Enviro's and no stay is ever mandated at all?


Since Obama abandoned Clinton today, I wonder if Clinton is still wandering the halls of the White House...

Exactly what is the protocol for leaving the WH after you finish a presser where the president abandons his job and heads to a party? Show yourself out? Go find the party? Wander back into your old office and look for an intern?


I love that the wingnuts here are just too stupid to realize that their dogged resort to content-free ad hominem only demonstrates their total lack of logic or evidence with which to rebut anduril.
Wake up, morons. It's obvious the reason you can't resist nipping at anduril's ankles like quivering chihuahuas is that you know he's right and it really pisses you off to have to read it and weep.
Otherwise, you'd just ignore him.

Cecil Turner

Yeah, we're scared to engage his brilliant (if rather monotonous) points on how the Jooos are responsible for everything bad in the ME. And how the Israeli clerics are fomenting hatred (more than the Islamists is a bit hard to credit, though). And how the wall is eeeevil because it makes suicide bombings hard (and rocket attacks are relatively ineffective). We get it.

And I'd like to congratulate him on finding such a reliable ally as yourself. Again I'd note the absolute convergence of your positions. Brilliant.

Mark Folkestad

Wauck and BuBu together at last. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from a Bizarro Universe.


"What in the world could possibly give them the impression that he's a Muslim, and to be so sure of it that they'd nonchalantly print it in the 2 biggest papers in Saudi Arabia as fact?"

Since the US MSM never deals in facts, only reading the leftist propaganda sheets they are given, maybe the Saudi Arabia newspapers publishing facts are a better source.


"Is it just me, or does Clenis look like he had a really bad facelift?"

If he is still eating at the "Y", I am sure those pantsuit legs have done all that damage.



Since you have anduril's positions nailed down, even so far as to assert they are correct.

Please state what anduril position you prefer and how you penetrated it.

Using logic, of course.


"What in the world could possibly give them the impression that he's a Muslim,...



Again I'd note the absolute convergence of your positions.

a.k.a. Blair's Law: The ongoing process by which the world's multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.

Give me my Halibut Bat

Git yer lard ass out of bed, Maguire.

Your peeps is waiting for the latest
red meat yer slaughterhouse wants to toss in
the dumpster. That's wasteful. It's much more economical to feed yer trollops the fat and bones of your political trash heap.

They eat what they can't carry, so carry on.

BWT; When you decide it's safe to come and play Wikileaks, I'll be more than happy to
join in.


re Clinton: I note with no surprise that no one is surprised that George W. Bush played no role in the 2010 elections and certainly, could occur to exactly no one as a voice of reason withing the Republican party, or any other, for that matter. By 2012, most Republicans won't even be able to spell his name, much less remember how incoherent his public mutterings were.
Nor is it a surprise that Bush's autobiography dropped out of site so quickly and, I suppose, blessedly, for Republicans...
Will the Republicans ever elect a president they aren't embarrased to have speak once they leave office.
Reagan's dementia was too obvious by the time he'd departed the Oval Office and Republicans were embarrassed that GWH Bush had lost re-election, so never relied on him as a standard bearer. Ford was forever tained for pardoning Nixon and Tricky Dick himself was, perhaps, the party's biggest ever embarrassment, though that is indeed a heated contest.
Why is it GOP presidents always have to be tucked away in the closet like a crazy uncle once they've had a chance at office?

Cecil Turner

Ah, Cleo too . . . what a shocker.

Captain Hate

By 2012, most Republicans won't even be able to spell his name, much less remember how incoherent his public mutterings were.

Yeah, they're really keeping GWB under wraps. That's why he was on the Tonight Show and getting prolonged applause. His father, on the other hand, should be shut up in an attic along with Clinton and Carter where nobody can be bothered by their clueless utterances.

Jane the hostage taker

Why is it GOP presidents always have to be tucked away in the closet like a crazy uncle once they've had a chance at office?

I dunno bubu, yesterday we saw 2 democrat presidents endorse Bush's tax policy. That seems very satisfying to me. I guess President Bush has an incredible effect on your kind all while being presidential and graceful.

I cut my teeth on the (anti) Nixon campaign, and paid as much attention to Watergate as anyone. I thought Nixon was by far the most corrupt president until Bambi came along. Now it is no contest. Bambi wins. At least there is something you can be proud of.

Rob Crawford

Amazing how the deference past presidents traditionally show to the new presidents has been turned into "locking them up like crazy uncles".

The left is pathological. I wish they would all move to the nations already like they want to make the United States -- North Korea, Zimbabwe...

Danube of Thought

I note with joy that the more the hapless fool Carter travels the land trying to persuade us that he really was a great president, the lower he falls in the public's esteem.

Not sure what to make of Bubu's endorsement of the andurilian proposal to keep all Mahometans out of the US. Not just Identity Mahometans, mind you, but all Mahometans.


rob, among PUK's finest posts were those comparing the Western leftists to zimbabwe...remember the various Zim committees he kept inventing?

hit and run

Go read Iowahawk

That piece is from November - of 2008.

Yup. It was narciso LUN'ing it here that led to it being linked at Instapundit last night.

Interestingly enough,I had emailed Glenn last week saying I was thinking about writing a piece very similar to that Iowahawk one (not remembering that Iowahawk had written that one back in 2008). Though at the time I didn't necessarily have Bill in mind as the replacement. It was to be a follow up to a similar http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2008/03/with-campaign-reeling-obama-makes-bold.html>post I did in March of 2008 that Glenn linked on Instapundit where Obama was announcing a replacement candidate for his campaign (during the Rev Wright mess) because Obama had dropped all pretense of hope and change.

Last night after reading Iowahawk's piece after narciso LUN'd it,I wrote Glenn back essentially saying damn iowahawk beat me by two years.

And then Glenn put it up.

And now you know -- the rest of the story.

Page two...

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