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December 04, 2010



He must be using Cap'n Jack Sparrow's compass. He's getting exactly what he's always wanted most. Pity he forgot to consult Tia Dalma before sailing.

Jim Miller

Bradley Manning, who is the prime suspect as the leaker, says that he stole material by copying it on to a fake Lady Gaga CD(s).

Assuming he is telling the truth -- and he might be -- then at least one computer had a CD writer that it never should have had. (Most computers used in this kind of work should not have USB connections, either, for similar reasons.)

Manning should never have gotten through a standard check, given what I have read about his instability.

There's still a lot we don't know, but I get the impression that, after 9/11, when info wasn't shared, we went too far in the opposite direction -- as we often do.

(Whether his choice of Lady Gaga is also a clue is a question I will leave to those more familiar with her music.)


I'd like to apologize for misusing the word "meme" above, when I should have said "description." But I won't. Because that's how I roll.

I LOVE this Jim! I'm stealing it for my constant misspellings, incorrect tense usage, meandering points, wrong words, overuse of ... & commas, & just general incoherence!

That's how I roll. :)

Jim Ryan

Janet, our Senator Webb has decided to vote with the Republicans against the Dems' tax increases today. I think he's finally given the 2012 election some thought.

Ralph L

Ryan, chickpeas are grown on trees, but they must be harvested by chaste women, which is why they aren't grown in non-Islamic countries.


Too late.

Old Lurker

Hope you're right Janet.

Michael DesJardins

There is no ruthless efficiency like a self-serving enlightened technocracy. When you are absolutely convinced that your learning has all the answers for all the worlds ails, you will do whatever you believe is good for all mankind to create your Utopian vision. After all, the ends justify the means.


So how many votes do you need to overcome a veto?

Mr President won't sign the tax cuts until he gets an extension of unemployment benefits. This is what next year will look like. Well at least until he can shift all congressional power to the executive office. So we better get ready.

Charlie (Colorado)

So, anyway, what good is growing GDP if the feds are just going to get a constant percentage if it? The more GDP grows, the more pie the feds get, and the more power the feds have?

Well, it's better than if the Feds get a bigger percentage every year.

Seriously, though, while I don't know that I think 19 percent is the best number, there are a fair number of things the government does that would seem to have cost roughly proportional to GDP.


My word...what a bunch of right wing zealots!


Oh, my word Magnum. You, Chaco? And Jane, too? Wow.

miguel cervantes

This seems to fit the theme of the thread, in the LUN

Charlie (Colorado)

Assuming he is telling the truth -- and he might be -- then at least one computer had a CD writer that it never should have had. (Most computers used in this kind of work should not have USB connections, either, for similar reasons.)

Jim, ideally you'd be right, but in reality you're somewhat limited by what gets onto the GSA schedule. Since Congress doesn't want to buy completely custom computers for desktops, at 10 times the price of COTS, what you get has USB and CD writers. Plus it's tough to do much of anything (like attach a keyboard) without USB any more.

The way that's handled practically is the Raid Rule: you can check media in but you can't check it out. (This isn't unique to computers btw; back in the day it was also true of typewriter ribbons and platens.)

It's pretty clear someone wasn't following that rule, which is why I suspect PFC BooBoo's ex-CO and ex-Security Officer are counting icicles in Thule.

Charlie (Colorado)

My word...what a bunch of right wing zealots!

Not sure what we've done to deserve the accolades, but thank you.


It's been a long time. I admire you all greatly.


Obama from Politico: "...And I'm going to be rolling up my sleeves with the leaders in both parties in Congress. We need to get this resolved, and I'm confident we can do it".

He's the best speaker in the world? A junior college public speaking course would teach one not to use the passive voice so much. It sounds ridiculous. I write mostly technical stuff so maybe it just bothers me more than most.

Sporadic Poster


Isn't using active voice Rule #1 in Strunk & White? Passive voice drives me crazy, too. Like reading Grisham over & over . . .

Sporadic Poster

Oh. I did my time in a Creative Writing program at a technical school.

Charlie (Colorado)

A junior college public speaking course would teach one not to use the passive voice so much.

Remember, the passive voice is used to avoid responsibility.


I must be missing something: Where is the passive voice in the quote of Obama above? It all looks active to me. Not that I think Obama is a great speaker, but the only transgression I see in that quote is the "rolling up my sleeves" cliche.


Dan Drezner points out that even if repeal of DADT has some modest and temporary negative effects on things like unit cohesion and combat readiness, the status quo is having way bigger negative effects:

Your spittle-flecked meltdown is fun to watch.


Ir's really passive-aggressive voice. It looks and reads like active voice but, Obama is such a dick that it can't be.

And, it's a lie.


Agreed, jimmyk.


Stuff your stats where the sun don't shine.

Posted by: Moral Expediency is no substitute for an argument

I love the fact that you don't like facts.


“I don’t know how anyone can keep a straight face and say they are for deficit reduction while they insist on a permanent tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, completely unpaid for,”

Um, tax cuts are not a government spending program.

They don't need to be "paid for" as projects of "lost revenue" have never been correct in the history of America.

Otherwise Senator, you have a point.


The Bush tax cuts have been in place for 9 years. Where are the jobs?

Um, 9 million + jobs have been lost since Pelosi was sworn in as speaker.

Prior to this, the unemployment rate was 4.6%.

You are an idiot.


I am criticizing him for conjugating the verb "to be" as "going to be". To me that's passive, meaning I might do it some time in the future but maybe not. As Charlie noted, It's a cop out. It's probably not strictly "passive voice" gramattically but it's hardly Presidential. "I am bending steel with my bare hands and spitting bullets, follow me." That's active and Presidential. Hell, what do I know though. I'm an EE :)


I hope everyone has seen this bit of Christmas cheer...




Stephanie :)

...we like sheep ...
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

(musicians's joke)


--I must be missing something: Where is the passive voice in the quote of Obama above?--

Thank goodness. I was having a hard time seeing the passive voice myself but figured I ought to let somebody who is a little smarter than me say it lest I prove myself an active idiot.


"The first is simply that Republicans believe their own PR more than Democrats do." Kevin Drum just cannot adjust his mindset out of the relativist paradigm that Marxist project on EVERYTHING, so it is "their own PR" rather than something that doesn't exist in the Marxist POV, "their own principles." Principles are like math. You can reject them, but your subsequent calculations will all turn out wrong if you do. And under democratic principles, the socialist class warfare paradigm just doesn't work---forget about PR. Principles are to PR as a house is to a coat of paint.

Dang, missed his first draft.

Have I just missed the thread? The WaPo has an amazing editorial trashing the movie 'Fair Game' for historical inaccuracy. Scary is a scream.

Al Capp'n.

Ach, Stephanie, I was going to clue in the crew at Protein Wisdom to youtube 'The Country's in the Very Best of Hands', but I'm dismayed to find that one must register first. This is no internet for an old commenter.

Trench warfare.

Hi BobS. I admire you more. You pass on civilization to adolescents.


Steph, thank you. That brought tears to my eyes. Like the scene in Casablanca where the free French break out into singing the Marseillaise. (Hee, and if I've used the wrong prepositions here, I must be a German spy.)


Hey, Frank Lautenberg is going to voluntarily give the old tax rate to the IRS this year! Pass it on.

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Democrat of New Jersey, said he would benefit personally from a tax cut on income above $1 million. “I had a good business career, and I would be entitled to a tax cut for those over the million-dollar mark” he said. “But I don’t want it. I don’t need it. What I am looking at today, I think, is a great American travesty.”
Thanks, a lot, Senator. And anything else you want to kick in, thanks for that, too. You are a true patriot, sir.

Before we praise Lautenberg, I think someone else here at JOM said, "Show me the receipt."


Speaking of chickens, have I mentioned their emotional needs lately?


Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Democrat of New Jersey, "What I am looking at today, I think, is a great American travesty.”

Am I correct in remembering that this guy Lautenberg, who is so worried about travesty's, is the guy who illegally broke election rules when he stepped in to run for the Senate seat vacated by Torrecelli the crook?


the guy who illegally broke election rules He surenell didn't legally break em, Daddy


After cracking the grammar book I keep at my desk today, I have to concede I was in error. The mangled syntax from obama that caught my eye is indeed active voice and the verb tense is future continuous. The past participle of roll i.e. "I'm going to be rolled on tax cuts" would have made it passive voice which is probably how I read it and what transpired today anyway..so...that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

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