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December 07, 2010



Have a great time, Hit. I told DrJ to blow an air kiss at you from me, so you'll have to let me know if he remembered!!!!


The history books are full of Presidents who claim black heritage

Or at least, a few pamphlets are full of claims of black heritage for Presidents.

I tell you what, though: the race of politicians isn't as black-and-white as I once thought. Let me show you what I mean.

Not black.

Palin for Presidunce

Are there tan lines on that Boh-ner?


Where does he still by Man Tan?


buy. Ah, my flashing fingers.

Palin for Presidunce


Did you approve that ad for Palin T-Shirts?

Tch, tch. Here is an excerpt from the site.

"Good for you, Sarah Palin. A lesser human might have wilted under the blaze of her own, blinding hypocrisy. But not you. You're a regular gal who gets paid $100k for a night of speaking. Only in your world could a Tea Party made of mostly old, rich whites bitching about taxes somehow be called a "revolution." And you keep on:

• Taking shots at the "elite media" while flying through your multi-million-dollar book tour in a Lear jet.
• Ranting against "socialized healthcare" even though your own family hopped the border to mooch -- um -- "socialized healthcare" from Canada.
• Calling yourself a feminist despite being the furthest possible thing from it.

That's just disrespectful of our new Presidunce elect

Palin for Presidunce

Well, I understand, Maguire. Nothing must get in the way of profitablity, especially one's self-respect.


Who's the asshole? CLeo?

Palin for Presidunce

Your not the brightest star in Maguires dark sky, are you jane?


Black guy.

Also a black guy.

Not a black guy.


You sure that second guy isn't Hispanic?


Your[sic] not the brightest star in Maguires dark sky

Coming from planet "Your"anus.


Ext, the second guy in the 7:44 post is G.K. Butterfield, the Secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus.

(The second guy in the 7:29 post is of course George Hamilton, star of "Zorro, the Gay Blade".)


Please don't feed the git.

Palin for Presidunce

So, it is irony you seek. Glad you found your identity.

Palin for Presidunce

"Please don't feed the git"

Especially if you don't want your ass handed to you in a bag.


"Git is mild bad language with origins in British English for a silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile elderly or childish person."

Glad you found your identity as well.

Palin for Presidunce

"Glad you found your identity as well."

"Git is mild bad language with origins in British English for a silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile elderly or childish person, who flays his opponents or scatters
them like giant wharf rats"

fixed it.


Cleo appearance = bad day for Barry. This early in the week means it must be a really bad day for Barry. Which it was!


"Please don't feed the git"

"Especially if you don't want to deal with your an ass handed to you in a bag."



Great examples above on faces. When I've color corrected faces for newsprint years ago and more primitive printing methods it was quite a trick to get facial features on darker skinned people to show accurately without becoming a blur.
There is more "black" in ME people skin tones than light skinned black people.
For very dark skinned people it was a cyan thing.
Boehner would be a whole other situation.


Oh that's right. Cleo is such a masochist he only shows up when he's losing.

Palin for Presidunce

"ass handed to you in a bag."

Get some ice on it. 'killer'.


Mel, it was I , not Janet, who mentioned Indian food. That's one brand of it. I wrote Soylent to see if he wants it. My other friends who served in Iraq loved it.


Secret GOP plan: Push states to declare bankruptcy and smash unions
DEC 7, 2010 13:42 EST

Congressional Republicans appear to be quietly but methodically executing a plan that would a) avoid a federal bailout of spendthrift states and b) cripple public employee unions by pushing cash-strapped states such as California and Illinois to declare bankruptcy. This may be the biggest political battle in Washington, my Capitol Hill sources tell me, of 2011.

That’s why the most intriguing aspect of President Barack Obama’s tax deal with Republicans is what the compromise fails to include — a provision to continue the Build America Bonds program. BABs now account for more than 20 percent of new debt sold by states and local governments thanks to a federal rebate equal to 35 percent of interest costs on the bonds. The subsidy program ends on Dec. 31. And my Reuters colleagues report that a GOP congressional aide said Republicans “have a very firm line on BABS — we are not going to allow them to be included.”

In short, the lack of a BAB program would make it harder for states to borrow to cover a $140 billion budgetary shortfall next year, as estimated by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. The long-term numbers are even scarier. Estimates of states’ unfunded liabilities to pay for retiree benefits range from $750 billion to more than $3 trillion.

Republicans in the House of Representatives already want to stop state and local governments from issuing tax-exempt bonds unless they are more forthright about these future obligations. Republican Representatives Devin Nunes and Darrell Issa of California and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin have introduced a bill that would require state and local governments to estimate the size of public pension liabilities if their assets earned a more conservative rate of return than many plans currently expect. Failure to do so would result in the suspension of their ability to issue tax-exempt bonds

Greater transparency on these obligations can’t be bad. In fact, the federal government itself would do well to report deficit numbers not just on the current cash-in, cash-out basis but also incorporating the underfunding of promised pension and healthcare benefits to retirees.

But it’s about more than just openness. Some Republicans hope the shock of the newly revealed debt totals will grease the way towards explicitly permitting states to declare bankruptcy. Indeed, legislation amending federal bankruptcy law is currently being prepared by congressional Republicans. Local municipalities do declare bankruptcy from time to time, most famously California’s Orange County in 1994. But states can’t. Allowing them the same ability to renegotiate obligations could enable them to slash public employees’ lavish benefits, a big factor in their financial woes.


Palin for Presidunce


Take your ice like a man.



Palin for Presidunce


".......smells like 'victory'."

Palin for Presidunce


You remind me of PUKe. He didn't know when to quit, either.

Danube of Thought

I don't know anything about the Swedish system, but my hunch is that these rape charges are going to be thrown out in a hurry. I just hope the Brits keep him there until this hapless AG can get an indictment and an extradition request drawn up. This is beyond ridiculous.

Rob Crawford

Cleo's cutting the sacramental peyote with some ergot this week.

Try some strychnine -- it's supposed to make the incoherent babbling stop.


Isn't it, though, DoT? He's being held on the word of two women who belong to an organization that advocates the bringing of fake charges against men--and the "rapes" consist of not using a condom and using one that ahem leaked.

I suppose Holder's still exhausted from his trip to secure the World Cup.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I read somewhere today that the Brits are holding him without bail.


Going off the discussion from last night, about revolutionaries cannibalizing
themselves, one notes that Mr. Katrina Vanden Heuvel, nee Cohen, was a partisan of the rehabilitation of Bukharin, a Right Bolshevik opponent of Trotsky in the 20s, and Zinoviev
and Kamenev, who knew you 'had break eggs in order to make an omelet, re; collectivization
of the Kulaks as recounted in Getty's Road to Terror, but by 1934, he was on the skillet


Blaine Luetkemier just did a telephone town hall. All I can say is, bunkerbuster is out there.


That's one side of the ledger,Clarice, on the other, Ms. Ardin, is the running dog reactionary associate of Luis Posada Carriles
and Carlos Alberto Montaner


Ugh they chose Upton for Energy, what is so controversial about the incandescent light bulb


All well and good to charge Assange with a crime, but what of the NYT? Is this the demarcation line on what is a "journalist?" Shall we say one person lacks the same First Amendment rights given to a corporation because the corporation pretends at journalism. The statute is quite explicit. As is Feinstein's gambit.

Sharpton (not appropriately named) wants to push Rush off the air; the government, in the form of the President wants Fox News off the air; the FCC wants to regulate the Internet. All of these things are for our good? All of them tend to chill speech.

I would much prefer to read all the cables than to fool with the First Amendment.

Dave (in MA)

Miss Cleo, someone else running for "Presidunce" would be superplu, uh, super, uh, superfluous at this point.

Danube of Thought

I've seen some stuff--gossipy, unverified--suggesting that there are very exculpatory statements on record from the alleged victims themselves.

This man should have been indicted by a US federal grand jury months ago. With such an indictment they could seek his extradition from the UK right now. Once he gets to Sweden things get a lot more iffy.

The bumbling, staggering incompetence of these fools is driving me nuts. Does the president care about this? If your answer is yes, what is your evidence?


Way, way behind.

Am watching Bernie Sanders head explode on Wolf's Show on CNN. The socialist is mad and spitting fire at the evil Repubs.

Gloria Borger and Gergen both trying to get him to say Obama had no choice but he isn't buying it.
Sander's says everyone knows the best way to boost the economy is to tax the wealthy. Says this is horrible and says 800 people in his State called his office angry about it so he knows he's right.


Charlie's article on the second Wikileaker is up, the part about DOD IT protocols makes me wonder if anything they are saying is true, wasn't Assange's first alert right before
the Russian spy ring was captured, in light
of the supposed NSA mole, something to consider


I agree, DoT. In fact, I thought I'd read that the procurator or whoever in the Swedish system vets complaints, originally refused to prosecute.


Peeeyew, it really stinks in here. Does someone have to go?

Let the chips fall

Wikileaks is a good thing.

Good loves the sunlight.

Evil loves the darkness.

Let God sort it out

I should think good Libertarians would
support the dissemination of information
without bias.

White Lightning

"Try some strychnine -- it's supposed to make the incoherent babbling stop."

Idiot. Ergot is LSD. Peyote is never cut with strychnine. In the 60's, strychnine was added to LSD to intensify the hallucinations, and was eschewed by purists, who preferred the unclouded experience.


ergot is rye rot.


narciso, I agree Chaco's article is intriguing.

Frau Steingehirn

Someone forgot to set the rat trap. Whose turn was it?

Anne-Sophie Mutter was asked if she liked being called the best female violinist. She replied she wanted to be the best violinist.

Being first does not mean being best or even adequate.


"ergot is rye rot."

Another half-truth from the Right


Still a prisoner of CNN.

Jack Cafferty keeps popping up on Wolf's show blaming the Repub's. They are in full hate the Republicans mode over there. Cafferty says the Military is getting only a 1.4 percent increase in pay, the smallest in 50 years. He is trying to blame this on the Republicans by saying that thru the Tax Cuts which Obama just crumbled on, that the money will go to their rich Republican buddies so that they can buy Lexus's, while the poor troops have to eke by on food stamps etc.

Shameless partisanship start to finish from CNN but what else is new. Amazing isn't it that in general it is Repubs and Convervatives who join the military, not the lefty Jackass Cafferty's of the talking head world.


Gosh, this is entertaining.

"I will be happy to see the Republicans test whether or not I'm itching for a fight on a whole range of issues," Obama said. "I suspect they will find I am. And I think the American people will be on my side."
In the past few days, Obama has tried to recover from the midterm elections by showing deference to his opponents....

I must not be familiar with the AP style guide, because I use "showing deference" to mean something other as "pick a fight with people you describe as hostage-takers".
And check out what I can do without so much as an ellipsis:

Obama was so determined to show his toughness, in fact, that he compared Republicans on Tuesday to hostage-takers willing to do serious harm. To Americans.

In an echo of his 2008 campaign, Obama sought to define himself as a doer, not a partisan fighter.

Don't read that twice, it doesn't get better. The next sentence is fun, too:
And he signaled a more incremental governing style, recalling the birth of Social Security and Medicare as far more modest proposals than they are now.

It's important for the left to remember that there's a long history of taking modest government programs and making them unsustainable behemoths that threaten to warp the character of the citizenry and promise to bankrupt the treasury. It's also important for the center to remember that when the right suggests a government program might grow, they're just being racist. Speaking of which -

For Obama, the nation's first black president and one who isn't quick to bring up his race, his final defense of dealmaking was his most eye-opening.

"This country was founded on compromise," he said. "I couldn't go though the front door at this country's founding."

Isn't that something? Almost two years into his term, and it turns out he's black. I really can't recall hearing about that before. Not that I mind, of course; he can talk about what he likes, but I'd have thought somebody would have mentioned what could be seen as a significant milestone before now. I looked back through the public pronouncements at the White House website, and this was only the third time he's mentioned the amazing specialness of his race in a public statement in the past three months.


I know bgates, also I just found out Kerry served in Vietnam, 'things I should have made
aware of yesterday' I've been watching Eureka
and Warehouse 13, because they make more sense

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Narciso: I think you are okay as there is debate as to whether what Kerry did in Vietnam was actually serving his country.


Anderson Cooper up next,

Asks "does this Tax Business mean Obama is a "Moderate", and have we misread him and has he actually been a "Moderate" all along?"

Stand by for Anderson Cooper's 360 and we'll learn in a minute.

Frau Steingehirn

Ergot rhythm?


This is one of the accusers, like the Joe Miller commercial, Assange or Ardin, who would you believe, in the LUN. the FDL link
comes from a Progressive Alaska, as Michael Corleone would say 'just when I'm out, they
pull me back in"

Danube of Thought

This president is crumbling before our very eyes. I must be honest: I am enjoying the spectacle enormously.

Jim Ryan

Karen Carpenter's voice is nice in Christmas Waltz (natch.) Nice arrangement, too.

And this song of mine
In three-quarter time
Wishes you and yours
The same thing, too.


DoT, great minds..Niters.

Dave (in MA)

Dow Jones Indust. Avg.
December 7th.

Hmm, maybe the guy does have magic powers after all.


I am forced to watch CNN at my current location.

It seems to me that this not raising taxes business has been the equivalent of poking a stick in a bee hive of these lefty talking heads. I think it has really struck a nerve and angered them furiously, and they seem to be angrily lashing out in frantic incivility, especially Cafferty and Anderson Cooper.

The standard playbook slurs against Republican's are now all being yanked out and flung around indiscriminately.
In the few hours I've been watching today I've heard:

Republicans want to starve kids
Republican's want to reward all their rich fatcat buddies
Republicans want to keep the working man down
Republicans want to destroy education
Republicans don't want everyone to have health care
Republicans are homophobic and gutless to not address Don't Ask Don't Tell this lame duck session
Republicans want to undo all the good the Democrats have done over the last 70 years and turn this country back to the 1920's. (We can only hope)

This and other such stuff is being spouted recklessly by almost every guest and host that appears. It seems to me to be much more virulent than normal, so my guess is that we're going to see much much more of these guys using their microphones to attempt to damn the Republican's back to minority status and political impotency.

Are you guys noticing anything similar?


I know daddy, but it's like when Fry was rambling, and someone pointed out, "it's LA
for you" they think that CNN isn't as shrill

Comanche Voter

Yup Palin for Presidunce--Obama was the first BLACK President; you can never take that away from him.

He's also maybe the WORST President we've ever had--barring Jimmuh Carter, and you won't be able to take that away from him either.


They can whine,complain and raise their shrill voices. It still will not change the results of the midterm elections which is what really has them steamed.Impotence thy name is democrat.


FRY---"So you're saying these aren't the decaying ruins of New York in the year 4000?"

The Professor--"You wish. You're in Los Angeles."

FRY--"But there was this gang of ten year-olds with guns."

Leela--"Exactly. You're in L.A."

FRY--"But everyone is driving around in cars shooting at each other."

Bender--"That's L.A. for you."

FRY--"But the air is green and there's no sign of civilization whatsoever."

Bender--"He just won't stop with the social commentary."

FRY--"...and the people are all phonies. No one reads. Everything has cilantro on it..."

narciso, Man do I miss those good old episodes.

Jim Ryan

Oh, but Peggy could sing that tune, too!

Jim Ryan

Oh, Peggy!

Let's break out the booze
And have a ball
If that's all there is.


Clarice, I skied with Bill B today but I only knew him as Bill until a mutual friend mentioned his last name this evening. Darn! I wanted to say, "I know Clarice!"

hit and run


Just got back from dinner.

The meal was ok,but nothing to write home (or on JOM) about.

The beer was good,even if they ran out of what I ordered after one beer.

The waiter had neither the poise nor the confidence of a well seasoned athlete.

But none of that matters. It was a great few hours with my new favorite. Great conversation. Great time. We practically shut the restaurant down.


And I even made it home to talk about it! And yes, we did almost shut down the restaurant.


Hey, daddy, if you're still reading...

WikiLeaks: Libya Made 'Dire' Threats to U.K. Over Lockerbie Bomber

Britain feared Libya would take "harsh and immediate action" against it if the Lockerbie bomber died in jail, the latest U.S. cables published by WikiLeaks revealed Wednesday.

Thanks Extraneus,

Just saw that story at the Brit sites. There they are reporting that wikileaked documents show that high up officials in the Brit and Scottish Governments were told that the PanAm bomber was not going to die in 3 months but was likely to live 5 more years.

Part of the procedure to allow his humanitarian release under Scots Law was he had to have been determined to be ready to die within 3 months, so it seems to me there was obviously some serious massaging of his diagnosis behind the scenes. Whole thing continues to stink to high heaven.


Here ya go, MarkO.

Lieberman: NYT may have committed crime by printing WikiLeaks docs


Here's a link to ChaCo's article.

from the article - "It seems to me that our ideal other source would be someone with broad access, either at CIA, in the Department of State, or in the national security apparatus in the White House."

Really interesting.

Army of Davids

Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAD)

or as Palin would say.."death panel"

Thanks Harry, Nancy and you too Mr. President.

Army of Davids

(IPAB)...Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Not very popular.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the link, Janet; I should really bookmark PJM on this browser.

Here's an interesting quote:

Honestly, the deepest revelation seems to have been that the State Department really does operate cynically, for political motives, and I personally find that perversely reassuring. It’s better that then the other possible explanation — that State is full of delusional fools.

IMO that's just stating the obvious; it would be nice if somebody had the stones and willingness to purge the State Dept of the embedded quislings but I'm not holding my breath on that.


See they are still lying, are they not aware at State, that the foreign minister, Musa Kusa, the more Mukharabat chief was atleast an
contact, if not an outright asset of the Deputy Director, Kappes


Some one has to fisk Friedman, so we don't have to, in the LUN


This is a good email comment at Instapundit - "Reader C.J. Burch emails: “It’s interesting. People that keep saying America doesn’t have to be a military power are just thrilled to use extraordinary police powers on America’s citizens. I wonder if the two positions are related?”

The left loves the "We are the World", everybody just hold hands & love each other for our foreign policy. Thugs will see how happy we are & want to be like us. But for American citizens they are all about FORCING us to obey.
If the left lived out their beliefs we should all want to use solar panels, eat organic arugula, ride bikes or a golf cart to Grandma's, have one child,..... . Their lifestyle would be a magnet because they are so happy. But noooooooo they have to force us to participate in their nonsense ideas that even THEY don't do.

Captain Hate

Flathead Friedman should be forced to live with Margaret Cho.

CJ Burch is a good commenter at AoS; certainly more lucid than the host and most of his cobloggers.


Incidentally, a wag from Tim Blair's site refers to Assange's "condom conundrum" as "Leakywick."


Speaking of Friedman's China,

Today took the Guangzhou Subway and was surprised to see metal detector machines in the entrances and police sitting around screening customers bags. I was waived through both times as I only had a book and a small stocking cap in my hands, but folks with any bag of any sort were having to run it through the X-ray machine, and then some of them had to open their stuff on tables in front of the police.

I noticed many more police than normal. I knew security was up for the Asian Games in Guangzhou, which ended 27 November, but obviously they are continuing the screening beyond the games. No idea why.

single mom

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5'6" tall person

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Jim Ryan

Louis doing Stardust. Oh, my my my my my.


"If the left lived out their beliefs"

It looks like William Ayers wants to do more:

Ayers outraged-Someone accused him of renouncing violence.

Obama has some real strange friends for an American president.


It's a good thing, there's at least one judge
who has commonsense instincts about the war, in the LUN


5'6"? On my screen you looked taller.

Is there a search engine dedicated to the Wikileaks stuff? Is it Wikileaks own site?


People that keep saying America doesn’t have to be a military power are just thrilled to use extraordinary police powers on America’s citizens. I wonder if the two positions are related?”

What's really bugging me, is that so many Americans are willing to submit to it. I followed a link on Drudge, to a story on Kim Kardashians sister saying that the "TSA screening is like rape" and they had a poll at the end, and, once again, around 70% of the polled support the screening procedures. I. Don't. Get. It. This is the most pervasive abuse of public power in my lifetime, and is an affront to our Republic.


As Michelle Malkin explains, the question to be asked from the current fiasco on taxes,is how will any small business survive?

who pays for jobless benefits?

America simply can't afford to let all our small businesses be destroyed like this.


Caro! Call him and introduce yourself. I am sure I mentioned to him that I had a friend who lived there who is an accomplished artist. He's a really great guy and you'd get along.


Pofarmer, You haven't seen the worse? Check the LUN. It'll make your blood pressure go through the roof.


Narciso's link is to a Judge throwing out a suit brought by al Awlaki's dad, to stop the US from targeting his son for death.

It struck me that all this "Honor Killing" we always read about among Islamics, executed in order to keep the family from shame, never seems to be done by parents ashamed at their kids for trying to be mass murderers. It's always aimed at their girls who got raped or wanted to date western boys or who are gay or whatever. That's the stuff that's shameful and worthy of murder to protect the family honor. But if your kid happens to have murdered or tried to murder tons of innocents or tried to convince others to do the same, somehow that doesn't qualify as shameful and worthy enough to call for an "Honor Killing" to protect the family's good name. Instead you go to court and try to get your kid off the hook. Peculiar.



I actually heard that clip on the radio last night. What amazed me is that Ayers compared himself to Assange and Wikileaks - that what the Weather Underground did was along the same lines. He claims that they weren't particularly violent. See some relevant information here and here.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Hi, I deeply thank you for posting this post on the topic which it is on. I am one of many 5'6"-tall people. I hope in the future I can click on links which go to your blog and then read what my browser brings up.


I dunno this one did me in.


A few days ago I quoted someone re Wikileaks:

Something else to note.

Someone with access to hundreds of thousands of classified communications and with the ability to move them without detection must have exceptionally high security clearance. He or she must be on the far upper end of the ladder. Why would individuals like that risk their careers, possibly their lives, just to embarrass the US, presumably their own country?

Whistleblowers tend to be people who obey the call of their conscience and moral codes to expose crimes and injustices committed. But there is nothing of the sort in this “leak”.

FWIW, Charlie is now suggesting an inside job. Questions is: who? I haven't seen a better suggestion yet.

Back then, know nothings here were also suggesting that Assange couldn't be prosecuted under the Espionage Act and couldn't be extradited anyway. Well, neither eventuality has come to pass--yet--but I did also suggest that Assange should be careful about his travel plans. Among other persons commenting on these issues, we now have Gabe Schoenfeld today at the WSJ:

Can the U.S. Bring Assange to Justice?
To convict under the Espionage Act, a trial must prove bad faith on the part of the accused. With WikiLeaks, that's easy.


You note that too, daddy, now Effendi Awlaki, was in deep denial about Jrs, social networking as of the beginning of this year.
Apparently Mutallab Sr. really has that kind
of concern about his son, along with the Portland bomber's family apparently. The Saudi diplomat who was the father of the Mosul mess bomber, curiously never raised
a red flag

It is more accurate to say, that the WU was not particularly effective, in the big scheme of things, which is ironic for Ayers not to note, If the Greenwich Village bomb had gone off at Ft. Dix as planned, He would
likely have been in a police morgue, in fairly short order


"Ayers compared himself to Assange and Wikileaks"

They all feel the same, that they are doing good by destroying the USA. It makes no sense, what they are looking to end up with is Cuba. Why would anyone want that?

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