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December 31, 2010



This story seems portentous too. LUN


Peter, the name given the club, "Capo" was in itself portentous. Maybe "Intro" would have worked better?


Peter correction: I meant the name "Coda" was portentous ...

still half asleep :(

Captain Hate

Thank God I can start the New Year without the MFM idiots talking about the UbeenConned scam record being "better" than the men's record. It's WOMEN'S BASKETBALL, idiots, where they let some skank with a knee injury set a scoring record by having her limp to an unguarded basket. I think the 1971 UCLA basketball team in their late 50s should play them in an exhibition game to show what a joke it is.


This compilation of Amampour, complete with
MK Ham, donning a British accent narrating, is
cringeworthy, in the LUN


VDH plagiarizes Chubby:

" the notion of “intellectual purity” is rendered Orwellian"


Ahhh... cartoons. America's only native art form. I don't count Jazz because it sucks. - Bart Simpson



Try to tone it down a bit--you may not like the sport, but unless you have personal experience¹ with the lady in question, it is a bit over the top to call her a 'skank'.

Women's basketball played at the Stanford/Tennessee/UConn level may not be NBA caliber², but it is a serious sport.

Anyway, the real sports story was Nebraska being pounded by a team they thought they were too good to face in a college bowl game. Good times, I tell you, good times.

¹Even then, a gentleman wouldn't tell, but I am not sure what my expectations of you should be in this situation.

²Pun intended.


narciso: yep, cringe worthy. C.A.'s ratings underscore that, too!


narciso, I am faithful to your links. May I be excused from that one?


You have a special exemption, just for today.

Captain Hate

Even then, a gentleman wouldn't tell, but I am not sure what my expectations of you should be in this situation.

If you want to end the year by engaging in snide attacks because you don't like what I write (which wasn't about you) then I'm fine with getting it on. I've had ESPN annoy me continually with this by breaking into other games by reporting on a sport which features missed layups, airballs and losing uncontested rebounds out of bounds by the #1 and #8 teams in the country; that and continual Brett Favre off the field updates. So it's not like I've gone out of my way to invent an irritation and I'm not gonna STFU about it to please you or anybody else.

Women's basketball is fine for what it is. I've played ball with some women who are pretty good. But I can't take seriously a sport and a team that in the past had an injured player, Nykesha Sales, set a school scoring record by shooting at an unguarded basket on crutches.


So, Janet Napolitano is in Afghanistan to adivse somebody or other on how the secure their border.

I am just speechless.



I totally agree that the idea of the UCONN women beating the men's record is absurd. I would have been much more impressed if one of the UCONN players had said "It's crazy to compare us to the men, it's not the same"

Like the girl being allowed to shoot uncontested for the record it is a symptom of our "feel good" society that ignores reality to celebrate meaningless accomplishments. Everyone wins, trophies for all, yeah!

I think that if you suited up the UCLA players today from when the streak was set it would be no contest.

On a happier note, what team beat UCLA before the streak started and what team beat them to end the streak? No googling. It was the same team.


Houston, with Elvin Hayes?
Memory is foggy but that's my guess.


I was wrong. Oh well, the fog thickens with age.


I had to look it up too, Ignatz. That was a long time ago.

Captain Hate

I remember it well; it was Notre Dame who was subsequently destroyed by UCLA in a rematch.


Yup; Adrian Dantley. Whatever happened to him?


--I remember it well; it was Notre Dame who was subsequently destroyed by UCLA in a rematch.--

It came back to me after looking it up too Doc and CH. I was a big UCLA and Wooden fan even as a teen and have never really liked Digger Phelps since.

Captain Hate

I think AD (a fellow DeMatha grad) is an assistant coach with Denver; he took over for George Karl in the playoffs last season when he was undergoing cancer treatments.

Captain Hate

I hated Digger Phelps; he was always more concerned with how the uniforms looked than winning basketball games. I liked John Wooden but one of the best kept secrets is how Gilbert paid for players in a system that was at least as scuzzy as what the Tark was continually hounded for at Long Beach and UNLV.



Your second comment made your point in a different way than your first. I think the latter was more effective.

But, then again, I'm foolish enough to enjoy high school football more than the NFL.

Happy New Year to you and the rest of the JoM crew.


Whatever the level of play of women's college basketball among the top teams, there's almost surely less depth than in the men's game, so a streak like that is much less of an accomplishment.

Captain Hate

Happy New Year to you Walter and all the rest of my JOM friends; I just saw the movie "The Fighter" and recommend it highly. Even Mrs H liked it.


CC-Janet Napolitano is in Afghanistan
I noticed the stupid per square inch stateside was at an all time low.

DrJ-Yup; Adrian Dantley. Whatever happened to him?
AD is an executive with an NBA club. Can't remember which one. Great player. NBA top 50.

Happy New Year everyone.


Happy New Year, ETs!


Happy New Year, West Coast!

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