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December 21, 2010


Cecil Turner

Two years ago the the DHS was fretting about right-wing haters.

Yep, there's the big shift: they finally discovered radical Islamists. But by all means, let's do stuff like put them in the general prison populations. What could go wrong?


This might be why the esteemed member of the bar, had misunderstood the issue, in the LUN


Maybe he can start looking at how we pick and oversee the Muslim chaplains in our prison--you know, something people have been screaming about for ,say, 9 years.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

they finally discovered radical Islamists.

No no no, Holder is definitely saying they created them. And I insist he get full credit.

Captain Hate

Matty Yglesias and Steadman Shabazz Holder; really breaking out the mensas for the holidays. Who next: Joy Behar?


How about the Star Wars Christmas special, circa 1978, that ought to be against the Geneva Convention,

arizona residential glass

There were attacks back in the Clinton years (USS Cole, for one). This is not something new.

arizona dentist

With the world economics in not so great shape other nations around the world are not in a place to help themselves defend against this like they should be.


Remember when they told Indiana Jones, the Ark would be in good hands, in the LUN


What a maroon.


Notice anything missing from the list? Oh yea, and he also had direct contact with al Awlaki. Ft. Hood? Hasssan?


"I don't know why Holder wants to credit Obama and say that Muslims only became radicalized in the last two years, but there it is."


Can the tools that Obama picked for his administration get any more clueless? I guess the problem the "brilliant" Obama has is, if he were to fire anyone it simply proves he isn't so "brilliant". Since admitting that bursts his whole persona ("messiah") it isn't too likely he'll rid himself of these clowns.....and he'll continue to suffer for it.



Uh, ever hear of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Doesn't he remember requesting clemency for FALN members? What a friggin' idiot. No, what a friggin' liar.


Nothing like a warning of a deadly Christmas to brighten my day. I'm cleaning my elephant gun.


The Brits seem to be quite nearly as clueless, in the LUN

Rick Ballard


Does your elephant distinguish between Identity Mahometans and moderate Mahometans? If he does, could he train TSA personnel?


Holder's up at night so we don't have to be.

I'm reassured, aren't you?


Chris and Paco with the great pick ups. No mention of Ft Hood, no connection made by the "journalist" to BarryO's mentor's fling with high explosives. Paco is absolutely right, Holder and ABC "skews" are friggin' liars. The existance of Jihadis IN THE US is an old story-- 1993 WTC Truck bombing; the 1993 assasination at CIA headquaters gate, 1994 rabinical student shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge, december 1999 seatle bomb plot, 2001 DC shooter and anthrax... on and on. FISA was amended directly in part to respond to these homeland Jihadi attacks. Holder is a bald faced liar... disgusting.


He's stupid. Like the man who appointed him. Point to a single smart thing he's said or any action he's taken as AG which you'd consider a shrewd move.


It's a tough call, who's more unaware, Thomas or Holder, re Gitmo, someone could have pointed out that at least two former detainees, Al Shihri and Al Rubbaish, are part of the organizational structure of AQAP, that sent Mutallab on his way, sigh


"He's stupid"; I'll grant Holder's actions are stupid. They are stupid because of Holder's leftist views, not an inate lack of intelligence. But I admit, I'm biased. Holder is Stuyvesant High School class of 1969 and David Axelrod is class of 1972. Top it off, Tim Robbins was class of 1976. We Stuyvesantians have much to atone for.


People overlook the Jewish Federation Center shootings in 2006 just from the first assumption that the shooter -- Haq was nuts.
The final trial results proved otherwise.

The Seattle-Times contracted with me to take photos of the shooters parents home in Pasco WA -- that home also did double duty as a mosque and so the interest.

I remember the editor breathlessly telling me over the phone that because of the shooting -- the police were protecting mosques in the Seattle area just in case there was any retaliation. And the FBI were staying with the shooters parents there in Pasco for their protection and also interrogation.
It was pretty interesting to have a somewhat personal investment in that event.

Rick Ballard

Census current estimate 310,955,180

2010 Actual Count 308,745,538

Difference - 2,209,642

Census has eliminated 2 million Mythical Mexicans from existence.*

*Births are known, deaths are known, green card counts are known - the only unknowns were the number of Americans and green card holders actually emigrating and the number of illegals who have entered.

Danube of Thought

Add Jerrold Nadler to your list, NK.

But on the other hand, there's Thomas Sowell.


Overheard behind an Oval Office door:

Eric Holder: Mr. President, my super-secret sources tell me that Islamic terrorists really do want to kill us!

Obama: Whoa, dude, hold the phone! That's news to me!

Holder: Yes sir, this could be really BAD.

Obama: You're damn right it could be bad. If word leaks out about this, it could totally f*** up my reelection in 2012 and you'll be interviewing for law school positions with your hat in your hand.

Holder: Your orders, sir?

Obama: Stonewall, delay, and deny. And give this job to Clemenza. I want reliable people, people who aren't going to be carried away. I mean, we're not idiots, in spite of what those Tea Baggers think....


I don't believe in inate[sic, Stuyvesant grad ;) ] intelligence . I believe if you don't show intelligence I can't measure it and if I can't measure it I don't believe it.

Rob Crawford

People overlook the Jewish Federation Center shootings in 2006 just from the first assumption that the shooter -- Haq was nuts.

ISTR that the cell built up around the WTC 1991 attack included at least one native-born jihadi.


At one of the Dem presidential debates in 2007, the question was asked whether there was such a thing as a Global War on Terror.

The left lobe of the blogosphere roared its approval in March when the House Budget Committee directed its staff to eschew "global war on terror" and instead use more precise language like "the war in Iraq" and "ongoing military operations throughout the world."...

At last month's Democrat debate in South Carolina, moderator Brian Williams asked the eight candidates: "Show of hands question: Do you believe there is such a thing as a global war on terror?"

Senator Hillary Clinton's hand shot up. After hesitating noticeably, Senator Barack Obama joined her. Edwards did not

They were so busy fighting the idea of a global war on terror, they convinced themselves it was a war in Iraq. A war in Afghanistan.
Or as Obama said in 2003, "those who would slaughter innocents in the name of intolerance"

They refused to see it as an ideology that is spreading among a certain sector. So of course they are surprised to see it here.



According to a census prognosticator CA will NOT gain a congressional seat.


"could he train TSA agents"

TSA agents are trained by Muslim Brotherhood Front Group.

"The four trainers taught the TSOs how to properly handle a Quran and discussed the different ways Muslim women and men choose to cover or dress."

No Special training for how to handle the Christian bible, of course. Special training for how to handle Christians and Jews would be discriminating.
Christians or Jews who complain will be threatened with Jail Time or huge fines. Muslims who complain with be given apologies and/or cash.


MarkJ-- sad but true. The only reason the Obamaniacs deal with this is because of 2012. If there were no election, BarryO would just let it roll. remember, BarryO said "we could survive another attack, even another 9/11". I'll never forgive the anti-American bastard for that.


I sure wish he'd take a couple of minutes on the Michael Behenna case. LUN.

I wish it was possible for me to figure out how to post Rick Behenna's e-mails to me yesterday and today about the appeals hearing last week, but there is a first person account in Townhall.com by some poet guy. I'm gonna do my damndest to get him todrop a line here before the end of the year.

What I'm getting out of this, is that it is the goverment's position that once Michael was given the command to return this murderous piece of shit, who recently (Ironic huh) showed up on a kill upon identification or whatever they call that stuff and on the way, things happened. Things that included the death of Mansur.

I don't see why, and I'm not a lawyer, but I'm personally invested, he's not given a ticker tape parade right down fucking Broadway, thru times fucking square.

Clarice, I don't know if you have communications with people like Vicki Behenna who is a federal prosecutor, but I sure wish you would and help clarify my simple, stupid statements.

That's what I'd like for Christmas.


Rick, am I right in recalling you always thought the last census over counted Mexicans residing here?


Whoops, I meant that what the govt's stance is once he was ordered to return him, him not making it back makes every other facet of the case moot.

So to speak.


DOT-- jerrold nadler, ugh. BTW, Thomas Sowell -- who is a genius -- did not graduate Stuyvesant, he dropped out for reasons that he has given conflicting explanations over the years.

Clarice-- don't take the Stuyvesant triumphalism too seriously, it's for fun. apologies for the typo, I am the worst typist -- evah.


Glasater says that he was told the police in Seattle and Pasco were protecting Mosques and Muslim families in the wake of Muslim terrorism. In Portland during the recent terrorist attempt the police provided similar protection to Mosques.

That makes me wonder if the Birmingham police provided protection to white churches on Birmingham Sunday.


No, I am, NK.

I know you were funnin'. I just take issue with folks who say someone was an over- or under- achiever. You achieve what you can and if your product is less than, say your aptitude or IQ tests say you should, the point is whatever keeps you from achieving that final result the more accurate measure of your abilities.


If Eric Holder wants to know where this stuff is coming from, here is one place guaranteed to produce Madrassa pops up on US Marine Base.

"Members of the Islamic movement which seeks to establish a universal caliphate have established their newest charter school on a U.S. Marine base in Kailua (Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Kaneohe Bay).

The school, which will be funded by US taxpayers, is called the Mokapu STEM School."

US taxpayers are paying to educate these people in anti American programs.


Donald, I wish I could grant you that Christmas wish. I know nothing independently of that case but the link you provided sure makes it seem as if he was wrongfully convicted. I hope he wins on appeal.


Clarice-- 10-4 on achievement. Paraphrasing Bill Parcells; in life you are your record.


what is utterly senseless about this is that the overall murder rates according to the FBI's own statistics have been declining for nigh on 20 years now.

The heinous crimes still get the headlines, but in fact, overall, we are much safer now than 25 years ago.

Chicago, with its zero tolerance policy towards firearms and top three murder rate, rates nary a comment. The Ft. Hood massacre, for which the perp's profile should have stood out like Las Vegas neon, tells us all there needs to be told.If it doesn't fit their version of reality, it doesn't exist.

We have militarized our police forces; are snooping on a level Orwell would have been shocked with, and amazingly, our "security apparatus" has found virtually nothing having spent hundreds of billions of dollars.

The random kooks still have their way and we are kept in a Chicken Little world of imminent danger. Meh!


I have worked with the military a long time and this is the time of year when they are writing up awrds for the year for top performers. Some of these are named after former servicemembers, etc. that have shown superior service.

I am willing to bet that within 4 years the military will be handing out Best Homosexual soldier of the Year, Best Deployed Lesbian, etc. etc.

Old Lurker

"No, I am, NK."

She's right, NK. You are not even close.

Only DoT tops her when a) it is well past cocktail hour, b)his MIL is present, and c) he types on his iPad.


Thanks for recognizing that, OL.

From Legal Insurrection the new census in a nutshell:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Census Followup
Well, news of the census has been released and Politico has the reapportionment rundown: gains were made in the Sun Belt and neighboring areas (Arizona, Utah, & Nevada all +1), the south was represented (Florida +2, GA & SC +1) Washington earned one more, and Texas was the big winner earning four seats! Losses were made in the Rust Belt and neighboring states like Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, & Ohio (which lost two). Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Louisiana all lost one seat, while New York was the big loser with two.

"The U.S. population grew 9.7 percent in the last decade – the slowest rate since the Great Depression – and now stands at 308,745,538. Texas grew 20.6 percent, to 25,145,561 as of April 1 – adding 4,293,741 over 10 years." Let's hope the migration from blue states doesn't taint the locales with new seats...


That makes me wonder if the Birmingham police provided protection to white churches on Birmingham Sunday

ROA--that's pretty ironic right there and somewhat my sentiment.

Rob--Have never read that Haq had any contact with a terrorist group here in the US. Don't know if that would ever come out from an FBI investigation if he had.

Rob Crawford

Rob--Have never read that Haq had any contact with a terrorist group here in the US. Don't know if that would ever come out from an FBI investigation if he had.

It may have been in the following "day of terror" bombing campaign that was broken up before it happened. It's been a long time since I read up on that, but I'm pretty sure there was a US-born convert involved at some point.


"raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born"

My but that is interesting: 1) Well, if they are Jihadi, it is pretty clear what "the reason" is, 2) it opens the door to going after those nasty, anti-government "right wing terrorists".

When I saw the WaPo article on the new intel gathering systems and I now see this, I have to wonder if there is a subtext of a show of forces against domestic political opposition.

Here is another beauty of quote:

"[The] decision as to how people get prosecuted, where they get prosecuted, is an executive branch function. Even if those suspects are being held now at Guantanamo Bay. Holder said Congress should not be interfering with that.

It's -- from my perspective -- a constitutional issue"

Well, Eric, you are most certainly right that it is a "constitutional issue" alright, but it is your perspective that makes it one. It is the courts that decide where people get prosecuted, when they are in the jurisdiction of the USA. That is why we set up the Gitmo framework in the first place.

Once inside the USA it is another matter altogether.

One gathers that the Constitution for these people is more of a prop in their stagecraft then a foundation of their statecraft.

This is the AG of the USA! I know cabbies that have a better grasp of the constitution.

Stupid? He certainly is a moral idiot.


re: Census--

WA state (my state) is the only state where people moved north.

Dang! The unenlightened West side is going to gain another seat I'll bet.


I lived a few blocks form Stuy-High, once upon a time, and knew some of their teachers.

Don't believe the hype.


I had a bit of a personal investment in one of the Immigration Imams who would visit the jail on a weekly basis. He'd just approach me and ask permission to walk down the tier and speak with an inmate or two. I was a bit shocked to find out Imam Hafiz Abdul Hannan was arrested on visa fraud charges. I remember thinking how ironic it was they'd pat me down every morning before I was allowed to enter the building but an Imam who obtained a false visa from a man convicted in 2004 in a massive smuggling operation involving phony visa's was allowed to roam the institution freely.

And speaking of congressional seats, looks like Massachusetts loses one. Michael Graham's Blue state, blue Christmas opens with "Welcome to Massachusetts, the North Pole of liberalism."

Rick Ballard


First, I'd like to say that I consider the current Attorney General to be just as intelligent as the President of the United States.

As to Mythical Mexicans - yes, I've said for years that the Census estimates were incorrect, due to Census accepting the self serving gibberish generated by Pew Hispanic (you remember Pew - the folks who manufactured Campaign Finance Reform from whole cloth?). DHS also generated a "study" which, amazingly, "corroborated" the Pew findings.

I would also note that not only will California not get another Congressional seat, it's also going to lose billions of federal dollars (about $1,300 per Mythical Mexican) from now on. Uncle Sugar won't be able to recover all the billions granted to California (and Illinois) based upon the obviously specious Census/DHS models but the cutoff may hasten the day of reckoning for the profligate progressive Blue Hell.


But, but, but... DHS just announced that they have a new priority: the War on Global Warming!


--Add Jerrold Nadler to your list, NK.--

Now that's tipping the scales unfairly.


the police were protecting mosques in the Seattle area just in case there was any retaliation

I don't want violence against mosques, but I'd prefer to see much more concern about preventing the initial taliation.

According to a census prognosticator CA will NOT gain a congressional seat.

Later this decade when CA goes bust and reverts to territory status, how will its congressional delegation be apportioned among the other 56 states?

Old Lurker

"--Add Jerrold Nadler to your list, NK.--

Now that's tipping the scales unfairly."

Yes, he pulls out in front by a neck, Iggy.


Thanks, Rick, that's what I remember.
My guess is that lot of mexicans are also self-deporting at the moment.

Old Lurker

Just had to defend your ranking, Clarice!



I know, OL, and I appreciate it. Funny how DoT keeps trying to nab that crown from me.(He'll never win. Never.)

Melinda Romanoff

FCC votes in Net Neutrality.

Danube of Thought

Hell, OL, I thought I'd gotten the I-pad down pretty good. But cocktail hour and the Vile Banshee are here to stay.


There's an interesting and informative breakdown of recent immigration to Texas that largely accounts for that 4 seat gain in today's Dallas Morning News. The top ten immigration sources to Texas from other states in order of the number of immigrants:

1. California
2. Louisiana (primarily a Katrina effect)
3. Florida
4. Illinois
5. New York
6. New Jersey
7. Michigan
8. Ohio
9. Mississipi
10. Alaska

Melinda Romanoff

Illinois will lose a Congressional Seat?

It won't be a Democratic one.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Didn't Acorn conduct the census? Imagine what the numbers really are.

Captain Hate

Clarice is the gold-medal winner of typos; so much so that I mentally correct them automatically and if I ever see a spotless comment start wondering which troll is socking her.

Captain Hate

Somebody at AoS told me a few weeks ago that Californicate lost population; it might have been the most surprising thing I heard all year.

Captain Hate

The skirmishing in Ohio for losing 2 House seats should be popcorn and beer level of entertainment. I'm almost positive that Northeast Ohio will have to lose one and it would be so sweet to see Kucinich end up on the outside


"FCC votes in Net Neutrality."

AL Sharpton to to Help FCC Design New Rules to Censor Conservative Talk Radio.

This is insane.

Danube of Thought

I'm not worried about FCC censorship of conservative radio.

But I have no idea what net neutrality is.


Squaredance-- I don't think there was ever hype about teachers at Stuy-- UFT rules dictate teacher assignments. Students are THE thing at Stuy. The best thing about the 345 East 15th Street neighborhood back in the day? Drinking watered down beer at McSorley's while Frank McCourt BS'd with his Irish union buddies at the bar. "Laugh now boys, but some day I'm puttin' this all down in a book." And he did.


DoT. It sounds like you are living a chapter from a Wodehouse story.

Melinda Romanoff


You better pay attention, because it's going to do a lot of things for old media that the new media couldn't.

And they're going to pay to make sure it happens just that way.


Let's hope the migration from blue states doesn't taint the locales with new seats...

That is a risk. Nevada used to be reliably red. In fact, I can remember everything betweeen the Mississippi River and California being Red, and even California was a swing state. So you Texans need to work on those carpetbaggers and make them more like you, not vice versa.

Jack is Back!

You know, reading about Sharpton helping the FCC brings to mine how screwy it is that a naked charlatan like "Al the Pompadour" can so easily slide into national prominence without even the skill to tie his own shoelaces. It is sad commentary of our education system that we have people out there who think he is some kind of genius or Robin Hood or super hero that is only protecting the down trodden and oppressed. What it even more depressing is that the enablers of con men like Sharpton are the same eastern establishment elitists who went to Havard, Yale and Princeton and now practice what they call "accountability journalism" or "reality based politics".

BTW, Florida, over the last 2 years has lost more than it gained in net population but still pulls off 2 more seats. A lot of the craftsmen left Florida for Texas to help rebuild the hurricane damage around Galveston and never came back. Also, I think most of the rust belters and nor'easters who came south came because they couldn't take the taxes, over regulation and unemployment. I don't see the political equilibrium being tilted at all.

Jim Ryan

Jeeves was pouring me another bean soother just as the news of Net Neutrality came over the wire. "Better make it a double, Jeeves," I moaned. I had only just surfed over to Stiffy's new blog when the bally browser coughed up the story.

"Sticky wicket, Jeeves. Any way out of it?"

"Might I suggest defunding the offending party, sir?"


It's actually worse than that JiB, while Barbour goes on rectification patrol, someone
who's words and actions, have incited violence
has been legitimized on practically every right of center program of note, Beck, Hannity, Huckabee (for the purposes of this exercise) and the Journolisters like Sargent
and Benen, beam at what has transcurred

Danube of Thought

Good one, JimR.

Mel, please elaborate.

Note that actual Klansman Robert Byrd was given a free pass, whereas the left is howling for Barbour's scalp.


JIB, I have to dissent from your description of Sharpton supporters. I think they are the illiterate rent seekers. The press covers him cause they are lazy and he's in their roladex. One of Limbaugh
s most fantastic shticks is his play on Sharpton and Jesse-"The Justice Brothers"


Barbour is a fair, competent and decent man-- rare in politics. The Left-wing media who cover for Byrd, Reid, etc etc etc. and go after Barbour? well they are disgusting and have no shame. What's new.


--"Might I suggest defunding the offending party, sir?"--

Heh. The contingency is a remote one.

BTW I've always figured Newt Gingrich would be Gussie Fink Nottle's favorite American pol.


Pelosi as Aunt Agatha.

Captain Hate

I like Haley Barbour; he serves as a great example of how to run a state that didn't sit around pissing and moaning after getting hammered by Katrina at least as hard as Louisiana got it and immediately started doing what had to be done to get back on its feet. That said, I just don't see him as Presidential material; that's strictly a subjective and image-centric view on my part but life's not fair. Unlike the Mike Castle fans and anti-Palin crowd, I'd gladly support him 100% as a presidential candidate opposing BOzo and wouldn't grouse about him at all. I'd prefer that he be head of the RNC or some role that the anti-Palinistas want her to serve; but I value him and definitely want him on our side in whatever role including Presidential candidate.


Julius and his commie dem cohorts must be gluttons for punishment because they have just invited Congress and the Courts to unveil a royal smackdown. Hell, the 1996 Telecom Act was ligitated for years, with many of the FCC's rules and regulations being overturned. Why they think this will turn out any different (and why do they?).

The hubris of the guy to go ahead and ram this through, even though he has been told that the FCC does not have the authority, makes you wonder.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce just hammered any squishy pukes that would throw Barbour over the side for any disingenuous leftard smears.

Danube of Thought

Looks like Cap Hate had it nailed:

"TOLEDO (AP) — Ohio is one of two states losing a pair of seats in Congress as a result of the latest census figures that show it losing population to warm weather states. Lorain's Rep. Betty Sutton and Cleveland's Dennis Kucinich, both Democrats, are among those being mentioned as potentially having their districts vanish when boundaries are redrawn in a process dominated by Republicans."


The Left-wing media who cover for Byrd, Reid, etc etc etc. and go after Barbour?

What makes this even more remarkable is that by their own standards it should be bigger news when a Dem says something "insensitive", by the "Man bites dog" school of journalism. If a Republican does so it shouldn't even rate an eyebrow raise.

At least that's the excuse that's always given about the asymmetric coverage between, say, Israelis and Arabs, or between members of the clergy and everyone else. But "man bites dog" can't explain this, so the only thing remaining is bias. Big surprise.

Old Lurker

"But cocktail hour and the Vile Banshee are here to stay."

Methinks one begets the other...

Rob Crawford

Tammy Bruce just hammered any squishy pukes that would throw Barbour over the side for any disingenuous leftard smears.

Tammy Bruce has more balls than the entire contingent at Ace of Spades HQ.

Captain Hate

DoT, I hope I've proved that if you want to know what's really going on in the state of Ohio, don't listen to that gasbag (the "g" can be silent) Hewitt; ask Ann or me.

Speaking of which, exiting Governor Twitch was whining about how Northeast Ohio just didn't support him in a way that he thought he deserved in November's election. FOAD, Ted; unemployment sucks and everybody knew who served it up to them. Enjoy retirement POS.

Captain Hate

I forgot to include maryrose in the JOM Ohio contingent; she should maybe be first on the list.

Yes Rob, Drew "Kilgore Trout" M has a backbone of macaroni.



I thought when Gregg(?) backed out of taking Commerce the administration balked at making the Census Bureau an adjunct of ACORN (then they got itno their own troubles, had to shift assets around and liquidate the national organization-loosing focus on plussing up the blue hells count).

On the topic of the article, and since others have listed various Americans caught up in terror investigations-what about the FBI breaking up 2 cells in Charlotte, NC? And above, I forget who asked, Clement Rodney Hampton was one of the Americans that was convicted for WTCI and Abdel Yassin was the one who slipped away. The Virginia Paintball cell is another one...

And yea, Net Neutrality. Couldn't the House sue the FCC to block the measure?


Narc: wasn't Jefferson Starship in the Star Wars special?

Jack is Back!


Enablers not supporters. The media including the right thinking media pay way too much attention to him than someone as phony as he is deserves.

BTW, another incident we keep forgetting about is the crazy Egyptian at LAX shooting up the ticketing area. If we put our minds to it we could probably come up dozens of jihadi incidents that were so run-of-the-mill we all forgot about them.


Good point JackIB-- the list goes on and on. This lying AG professes to have just found out about the matter. I thought liberals told us back in Vietnam and Watergate that "the people will not be lied to again ". Oh-- that doesn't apply to left-wing administrations.


In the last 24 months, Holder said, 126 people have been indicted on terrorist-related charges, Fifty of those people are American citizens.

How many are Muslims?

Rob Crawford

And above, I forget who asked, Clement Rodney Hampton was one of the Americans that was convicted for WTCI...




Start with 1977

It started out as a typical day at B'nai B'rith International in Washington, D.C. Within hours, however, March 9, 1977, was anything but.

Armed with rifles and machetes, seven Hanafi Muslims stormed the organization's headquarters, at the time located on Rhode Island Avenue in the city's downtown, taking 105 employees hostage. Terrorists from the same Muslim sect also muscled their way into the Islamic Center and the District Building (Washington's city hall), turning places of business, government, and worship into armed camps.

A radio news reporter was shot dead during the rampage and dozens of people were injured, including D.C. Council member and future mayor Marion Barry. One victim was left paralyzed.

Retaliation was the motive. The Hanafis said they were avenging the slaughters four years earlier of seven family members of leader Hamaas Abdul Khaalis – murders that had taken place at the hands of a rival Muslim group; murders that had no connection to either the hostages or the organizations they represented.


Sirhan Sirhan was born a Christian but said he killed Bobby Kennedy on the anniversary of the Six Day War because of Kennedy's support of Israel.


MarkO at 417pm--

great question. I make the over/under 40 US Citizen muslims.


What is 125 out of 126, Alex?


Jonathan Cecil reads the very best Wooster and Jeeves for anyone interested. "Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit" is a great place to start.

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