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December 25, 2010



A Christmas miracle. The New York Times mentions the "original long-form birth certificate" in its article "Hawaii's Governor Takes on 'Birthers'".


Merry Christmas to all.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

HoHoHo! Vote for our DIVA here:


Merry Christmas to all!

And don't forget to take Jane's advice.

Jack is Back!

Merry Christmas JOMers.

Hey talking about long-form birth certificates, I have always been surprised that the Obama defense hasn't been one of noting that Jesus Christ never had to produce a CoLB to show that he was our savior!

Has anyone figured out how to vote more than once? Do you want me to email Rahm or Andy Stern and learn how they do it?

The JiB clan watched The Nativity Story last night. How fitting. The movie is quite good and depicts the harsh realities of living in the conditions of BC under the Romans. The cast is made up of just regular players - no Jens, or Brads, or Georges. These folks fit the roles with understated humanity - foibles and all. For us the most striking parts and scenes are played by the Magi, Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior. They should do a movie on just those 3, played with wit and intelligence.

Thomas Collins

Merry Christmas! See LUN for what the Angels are singing.

Melinda Romanoff

Merry Christmas all!


Ooops. Vaughn Monroe at the top of the Christmas Classics list at jango.com.

Old Lurker

Merry Christmas to my E-Family!


Quoting Soylent from the other thread:

"The thing that is missing, and the thing I want you all to take a minute to cherish this year for me is being surrounded by your family and friends and the comforts of your traditions and familiar places and things. Just be quiet for a minute and soak it all in and revel in it."

Exactly right. Merry and Blessed Christmas to ALL of you from the Clan of Specter. Have a great day.

And Soylent - if you get a chance to read this...stay safe.


Merry Christmas to all my JOM friends. Had a houseful yesterday until late in the evening. I am only functioning on half a cylinder this morning! lol.


Merry Christmas JOMers! The kids are still asleep - incredible.

Bless you, Soylent, wherever you are.

Melinda Romanoff

Oooh, look!

A Christmas present from Iowahawk.

So, You Lost Your Election.

It's the closest thing to a congressional outplacement service that might not be available inside the beltway.


Merry Christmas and than you Jane,It just began to snow here.


So, who raised Jesus, what if it was lucifer continuing his tortured existence?What if his whole life was damned and this is what he's an example of:using lucifer's powers to fight back,miracles and we dream,see and are damned at conception to serve not God,but lucifer,perversions of God's perfection,payments by lucifer to God,choosing Jesus as our payment,sacrifice for our allowance onGod's earth?

Shirley J. Reynolds

I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am thankful to God for all the blessings He has given, I am thankful I live in this great nation, and I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have met here who have made my life richer by their simply being here. God bless you all.

S. J. Reynolds

hit and run

Merry Christmas to all.

Shirley J. Reynolds aka TexasIsHeaven

And I want to say Merry Christmas to PUK. I miss you and want you to know I will never forget you and all the notes you sent to me - I will always treasure them.

hit and run



Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Last night we had a motley pick-up choir of college students back in town, and old friends who came up to sing. It was an amazing group! I've never sung the Hallelujah Chorus with more tenors than altos -- you hear different things, as you would imagine. Last year WonderGirl burned herself on the incense tongs and managed to NOT yelp out in pain, and we thought nothing could top that, but this year they actually dropped a coal back in the sacristy and had to stomp it out. As far as I can tell, no one out in the church was aware of that little adventure. It's a wonder we Catholics don't burn down our churches! :-)

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I woke up thinking of Soylent. Merry merry Christmas to our soldier. We love you!


Happy Christmas to all!

Off to the house of my sister-in-law and her husband for the Christmas meal.

On the menu are prime rib, seafood casserole, roast Brussels sprouts, shrimp appetizer (which we are bringing). For dessert are raspberry linzers (again ours) and cheesecake.

Much wine will be consumed, but not by me because I'm driving. :(

After dinner I'll need to drive to the airport to pick up my niece who is flying in from Belize. She is a doctorate candidate in mathematics at Dartmouth. She is the academically smart one in the extended family, but very, very politically dumb.


A lovely post from Soylent on the Christmas Eve Open Thread at 11:35pm

Merry Christmas to you all. Ya'll are just the best.


No. Janet, you are.

DGS, Don't feed her then, send the good stuff to me.
Good grief, cathy=It must be lucifer in the sacristy. Shirley, how sweet!
Mel, that is a super duper Iowahawk.


I said Merry Christmas last night, but as far as I am aware, there is no law (yet) against doing so again, so "Merry Christmas!" everyone.

And thanks be to God for sending a Savior in whom we find redemption.

Old Lurker

Janet, you truly are the best for taking care of Soy and his friends. We all mean well...but you make it happen and we cannot thank you enough for that.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I second that OL!


For those interested in stuffing the ballot box, see my post near the end of yesterday's "Get Ready" thread.


Thank you, Janet. I love having you here on JOM and I'm so grateful for what you do for the troops.

First Bloody Mary of the morning is raised to you and Soylent. ;)


Merry Christmas!

We saw Greg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHtDqLd9SYE">Greg Buchanan last night. You will get lost in You Tube with his talent.


It is a privilege.

Jack is Back!

The Yorkshire Pudding is almost done. Time to put in the Oysters Rockefeller. Next up the roast - to rest for carving. A toast of Perrier-Joulet bubbly to all of you. DoT, I have a response from Joe t. for you.


My goodness. It's hard to know which pantry to raid first.

Frau Erster Weihnachtstag

Merry Christmas, Soylent.

cathyf- If it weren't Christmas, I would say, "Holy smoke!"

Voted early. Robin of Berkeley is a worthy opponent, but she is a newbie and doesn't have the track record to match that of Clarice the Clever or when necessary, Clarice the Cleaver.


--"The Yorkshire Pudding is almost done."--

JiB, darn it, you made me cry.

That is what my mom made for my dad every Christmas. He did not ask for much, in his life, but he always asked for that.


In my "gratefuls" this day in reading all the sincere Christmas wishes from all in JOM land my heart is filled with gratitude to dear Soylent and to Janet and Matt for looking after him with the care packages.

Merry Christmas to everyone -- even the trolls:-)


matt, thank you too. I didn't realize you were also sending packages.

Could one ask for a nicer group of fellow posters?

Captain Hate

Merry Christmas to all my JOM friends. It's been a wonderful Christmas at chez Hate with the true spirit of giving permeating everything. Even Maggie has been barking "Merry Christmas" to everyone she encounters (some of that might be lost in translation to the recipient).


--Merry Christmas to everyone -- even the trolls:-)--

Ditto, Porch.
God is no respecter of persons and loves us all equally.


Make that ditto glasater.


Well, ditto Porch to. What the heck.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)



What an outrage, Jane. Send your post to instapundit.


Merry Christmas Everyone!! Especially Soylent.

Like Jane, I thought of you as I woke up this morning. Stay safe.

At a family gathering a few nights ago, one of my nieces referred to her mom as "bored and middle-aged" hanging out for hours on Facebook.

I said it would make more sense to spend time on a political blog because then you could learn interesting and useful things.

Thanks for all the info, guidance, and wonderful stories. 2011 will be especially interesting as we figure it out together.


Dittos to you Ignatz! Another special grateful:-)


I want to note an American company which has just instituted a really smart move. US Air will allow yu to change your tickets , moving the reservation u or back by 7 days for no fees if you are scheduled to travel within 2 days of a predicted storm. We were scheduled to travel Monday..the storm warnings kept increasing, so we moved the tickets to Tuesday.

Think about it. Without this policy you are likely to have stranded passengers harassing your staff as flights get stranded or delayed and then you have to rebook them anyway.

A salute to American ingenuity!

Jack is Back!


Being of very old English extraction, you are taught very early in life how to make Yorkshire pudding. It is not a Christmas speciality but a Sunday regular with a "Joint". Now I know the hippies ear's here have now gone magnetic but a "Joint" in the English vernacular is a "standing rib roast", well at least it was until Mad Cow disease:) Any, hooo, we love it made by letting the roast drip its juices into the pan below which already has the batter in it. Why make it separate?


My mom had perfect timing on serving the pudding. It was an art form to get from the oven to the table without collapse. Thanks to your post, when I talked to my mom this morning, we reminisced lovingly about dad and the pudding.


even old hippies know the difference...for one thing, standing rib roasts don't draw worth a damn and are terribly difficult to light.

You wanna inhale down your eso, though.

They taste awful seedy, too.


Merry Christmas, everybody.


Merry Christmas JOM!

Traveling and trying to keep up with you guys on my phone. Finally have a laptop that works and voted for Clarice the last two days anyway I could, by hook or by crook as they say. :)

Congrats to Captain Hate! What a great Christmas present for us all.

Soylent, God Bless You! Keep safe and know you are in all of our hearts. Thank YOU.

Glenda, xxxooo!

I would also like to introduce my daughter that is reading this as I write. I asked her if she wanted to be known as young ann or princess ann and she boldly told me she would like to be referred to as the REAL Ann. HA!

Here she is:

Well hello JOM, I've heard many positive and heart warming things about each and every one of you.

Soylent, in the words of Sean Hannity "God bless you, you're a great American.", I mean it. Words cannot explain how much I honor you, not only as a solider; but as a human being and as my moms friend. P.s. I hope you like the socks!!

Clarice, my mom raves about how fantastic of a woman you are. With that said, i did what any loyal teenage daughter would do, I VOTED! Best of luck to you.

Janet, I'm glad you enjoyed my shirt; the compliment means so much. If you ever need some help with one, you know where to find me!

Hit and run, my mother told me to stop looking for a boyfriend, she says she has found me a husband.. I believe she was referring to your son?

cc, you make my mom laugh, what else can i ask for. Keep her spirits high, they say it's good for her health!

DoT, my momma always talks about how much you remind her of my Papa. Thank you for keeping the memories alive.

Jane, PorchLight, Caro, Glaster, Daddy, Captain Hate, Narciso, Melinda, Dr. J Elliott, Sara, & everyone else (I'm sure I forgot someone);
GOD BLESS each and every single one of you, you almost feel like family.

Much love, the REAL Ann.
Unedited with all my love... just to show you how much you all mean to me.

(P.S. This will never happen again unless I am dead! LOL Love you all!)


To the very clever Ann and Real Ann...great to hear from the extended family. A very,very happy Day After to you.


What a well written and much appreciated message from Ann jr:-)

Happy Boxing Day and New Year to two terrific ladies!!


Hi Real Ann and Original Ann:) Merry Christmas.


Just took Pup out for the midnight walk. Beautiful cold night, Orion brilliant in the sky, and the pure snowdrifts 2 to 3 feet high. Pup loves to jump in them till only the tip of his nose and eyes are showing, and then roll around on his back making dog snow angels. Very much fun.

Came upon a medium sized moose in a driveway just up the street. He was partially illuminated by outdoor Christmas Lights, and P'up stopped and subtly snarled, but I had him on the leash, so we just walked on by at about 20 foot distant and headed off for a fun jaunt in the snowy woods. Temperature about 5 degrees, but no wind, so a very nice walk. Much fun. BTW Santa brought P'up some cool looking candy cane shaped rawhide dog chews with red edible stripes as decoration. What a happy dog. Now since its just after midnight time to vote for Clarice.

Thomas Collins

Just voted again for Clarice, who is currently 25 votes in the lead. Clarice picked up at least a couple of votes yesterday from my family members, and I will attempt to convince them to take a temporary break from their Facebooking and wtf iming and emailing about the good old days with junior high classmates to vote for Clarice today.

Thomas Collins

Plenty of Global Warming Caused Weather forecast for the northeast USA today (that is, plenty of cold and snow and wind).

Janet CEO Redneck Beauty Salon Inc.

Ann & REAL Ann,
What a treat! A posting by the REAL Ann...we're honored!
The toasty socks went out to Soylent on the 22nd. In our ongoing Operation Airlift Soylent, the Ann Division is doing a fine job keeping him warm! Well done.
Consider this post an open ended invitation to visit the Redneck Beauty Salon. If you give me a heads up, I'll upgrade the lawn chairs & tidy up the backyard a bit!
Merry (day after) Christmas to the Ann Division of JOM! :)


Woo Hoo - two great Anns! Original and Real.

Hope your Christmas was very merry!


REAL Ann, it's nice to meet you! We love your mom. Merry Christmas and hope you stop by again!

And don't forget to keep voting for Clarice even when you're back on your own laptop! :)

hit and run

How did I not have this thread open for so long?!!?!?!?!!??

The REAL Ann! Your mom is a real treasure,as you surely know.

Hit and run, my mother told me to stop looking for a boyfriend, she says she has found me a husband.. I believe she was referring to your son?

hit and run jr is a few years younger than you. And not nearly as pretty. But I will let him know of our arrangement.


How sweet, ann and OL's kids are now making this a two generation site. Thanks for the votes.


The snow is starting to stick to the ground here in DC.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

We really are blessed this Christmas - Real Ann, you rock! As does your mom. I can only hope you have her fashion sense.

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