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January 11, 2011


hit and run

Oops. That last sentence was for another one enlarging the I in thrive to Obamaian size. I scuttled it,but forgot to take out that sentence.

Rick Ballard


I completely agree re the stupidity of the King "1000 feet" rule. I wonder if if he'll add an "iron sights only, no scopes allowed" amendment or make special provisions for muzzle loaders and bow hunters.


Stephanie: I laughed out loud at your remarks tonight! You are on aroll sister. Maybe we talk about Obama like he is a dog because in fact he is one.
I'm in the camp of they can't help themselves. Wellstone 2 it is and the logo is over the top. What must the parents and relatives think of this circus? Now how about dropping the lawsuit against Arizona and their law against ILLEGAL aliens. Now your talking about doing something positive and correct. All this other stuff is just a three ring circus. I'm still waiting for public condolences for the Repub judge and his family.


If he ends on "Let's win if for the Giffords", I'm out of here.

Charlie (Colorado)

I completely agree re the stupidity of the King "1000 feet" rule. I wonder if if he'll add an "iron sights only, no scopes allowed" amendment or make special provisions for muzzle loaders and bow hunters.


Sandy Daze


The comparison of Dobby and Andrea M is terribly insulting to Dobby. How dare you do such a vile thing, Ann? If you are not careful, you'll be pushing up daises.*

* Note to Clarice & MayBee, be sure to include "pushing up daises" in your list of hateful, mean-spirited words,

Take good care,


You cant buy peace,unless your dealing with Obama,I mean the devil.


I think the first thought in the White House was that this was going to be his "Oklahoma City" moment. Mark Penn even said that Obama needed exactly that after the midterm. But it has already fizzled on them. The CBS poll shows that the people are smarter than the people who think they are smarter than the people. The Tea Party is no militia movement and Loughner is no McVeigh. Now Obama has to hit the right "tone," which means NOT complaining about other people's rhetoric. That looks too partisan for the event. They are trapped and have to drop the NYT theme of the week and stick to a straight memorial service with an odd bumper sticker. No Wellstone II this time.

BTW, you folks here are sure clever.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

David Nelson, of Ozzie and Harriet fame, has died.


From a commenter at Althouse:

Let's make it illegal to bring a microphone within 1,000 feet of a Congressman.


The deficit might even shrink to a manageable level since the cost for their treatments for foot in mouth disease would disappear.


Very good, Theo.


An actual not bad article on the shooter from the NYT. I'm speechless.



But what about something sketchy? What if he was at a Tea Party rally? That says nothing about his motives, just his proximity -- he was also at an earlier meeting with Giffords, yet clearly he didn't support her.

Yeah I was thinking about that and the rush to accuse Palin's rhetoric for inflaming him to murder. The only politician we know he a)listened to and b) was inflamed by was.....Giffords.
Which leads people who espouse that theory to blame the victim, no?


Jeez. I wonder if the sheriff visiting The Shooter's home is going to lead to lawsuits. I don't advocate it, but I'm thinking of Jaycee Dugard and her successful lawsuit.


Super double standard!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio effigy ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sru7eohc574"> beheaded in Pima County. Pima County public defender Isabel Garcia leads kids to the riot and parades around with the severed head. She defends her actions.

Fast forward to 5:45 if you want to skip the tear jerking start of the story.

This is remarkable. I have not found Sheriff Dupidedoo's statement condemning this.

She did this in front of where Joe Arpaio was hosting a ">http://www.kpho.com/news/16911334/detail.html"> book signing.

"Chief Legal Defender Isabel Garcia appeared at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's book signing in Tucson last week and reportedly participated in a mock assault and decapitation of the Maricopa County sheriff."

This is hate speech of the first order in Dupniks backyard.
Please pass this one on.


Loved your comment over at Althouse's Maybee...

Prior to what happened in Tucson, I think more political violence had been perpetrated by executive branch motorcades.


Thanks Stephanie. Xoxo


Whoa, TK, that's un-be-liev-able! During the Bush/Kerry voting tensions and CBSgate in '04, I already sensed the left has an agenda to foment a violent civil war, with the obvious result of a totalitarian state.

We must keep up the pushback, keep showing these pol pots-calling-the-kettle-black up for what they are by their own statements and actions.


Sheriff Arpaio tonight on O'Reilly.

Arpaio is the conservative Sheriff of Maricopa County, the county next to lib Sheriff Dupnik's Pima County.

Defending the "Right political spectrum" against Dupnik's false accusations, Arpaio says he is constantly himself threatened by death threats, always by folks with the letter D behind their name, and then says when he went to Pima County last year one of Pima's top officials had 300 protestors out during his Arpaio's visit cutting his (Arpaio's) head off in effigy during his visit and that Dupnik said nothing.

Selective outrage by Dupnik. Arpaio did well.


From Chaco's link @ 10:00 -

"Back in the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, members of Congress will participate in a bipartisan prayer service to remember and honor the victims of the shooting."

So a Together We Thrive Rally on Tues. & a Capitol service on Wed..
It's too much. We've become a media driven country.

and great point by bgates....I guess it is now okay to travel to Arizona. No boycott anymore.


cleo's a he?

cleo's still angry because her son the Marine owns a handgun.

If he had bought a handgun.

If he had joined the Marine Corps.

If the Marine Corps would have taken him.

If she had a son.

Silly cleo. Nothing but anger.


Go to Threadkiller's link ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sru7eohc574"> here.

Start at about 6 minutes in. That's where the Public Defender says that what Sheriff Arpaio is doing in following State Law and rounding up illegals is akin to slavery. Thats followed immediately by the video of this Arizona Public Defender herself proudly parading around with the severed head of an effigy of Sheriff Arpaio in front of her supporters.

So, where the hell was vitriol sensitive Sheriff Dupnik during this moment of Left Wing Tucson beheading vitriol?

I also need to give kudo's to Narciso above for remembering Chris Matthews comment that when Obama visited West Point he was going into "the Enemy Camp." ">http://thinkprogress.org/2009/12/02/matthews-enemy-camp/"> Link.

Let's not let this weasel Chris Matthews drop this moment of his honest opinion down the memory hole as he gleefully plays holier-than-thou and damns Sarah Palin and the right for poisonous vitriol.


I followed the story as it broke Saturday and you could almost sense the relief when the shooter was identified as white and non-Hispanic nor Muslim.

The rush to blame the tea party and the right was shocking.

But what was really appalling was that they did not back off when the facts of the case became clear. (IMHO they kept the second shooter narrative alive longer than necessary.)

It was like the facts clearly did not matter. But like in the previous cases, the media will give itself awards for their outstanding reporting.


Mentally unstable? Nobody paying attention to you? Convinced that the world has gone horribly wrong and needs to listen to what you have to say, but your blog has had only 2 hits in the last three years? Want to bring rational American political discourse and debate to a screeching halt?

The message is, unfortunately, pretty damn clear.

This is sheer madness.


I hope that somewhere along the line today we take a moment to focus on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie last night giving his State of the State of New Jersey speech.

Just caught some very brief excerpts of it on FOX and friends and would like to see much more of the specifics and how it went over.

Captain Hate

Wow, the Hammer drops on Paulie Peanuts: The origins of Loughner's delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Krugman's?

Welcome back, Charles.

Jack is Back!

Reading the London and European papers you find that all they are doing is parroting the American MFM. However, the Daily Mail has yet to succumb. But disappointedly, the Times and Telly seem to want to swim in the shallow end where all the meida diaper set seem to pollute the pool.

Latest polling suggests that the "unwashed, unintelligent, dumb, voters of America" aren't buying the left's imagination and portrayl of vitriol and posionous rhetoric. Rather they are saying the man was one sick puppy. I am still of the belief that beside blowing him off at the first meet, the content of her letter but also she mis-spelled his name. It is always the little things like one letter wrong that sets these kind of Schizo's off.



Concerning the Brit press, but slightly OT (and The beers talking)

but at least I am happy and astounded by this story from Whats Up With That, linked by our Kim and now featured by Instapundit. ">http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/01/11/the-plot-thickens-bbc-hits-uk-govt-with-freedom-of-information-demand-in-cold-winter-forecast-fiasco/"> The plot thickens: BBC Hits UK Govt with Freedom of Information Demand in Cold Winter Forecast Fiasco

The paragraph that leaps out at me:

"Last week the weather service caused a sensation by making the startling claim that it was gagged by government ministers from issuing a cold winter forecast. Instead, a milder than average prediction was made that has been resoundingly ridiculed in one of the worst winters in a century."

BBC Delenda est!


I think that's the first decent move I've seen the BBC make in forever, daddy. Did their Labour friends cut their budget or something?


JIB, the Telegraph hasn't been bad, especially Harnden who is actually living here in DC and knows baloney when he sees it.


"I think that's the first decent move I've seen the BBC make in forever"


My cynical self says they are doing it now for self interest because it is an opportunity to slime the current pseudo "non-lib" administration of David Cameron. If it it was still Gordon Browne's faction in power I think we would be hearing nothing about this at all.


In 2 days I get to defend America bashing in front of my 2 favorite Japanese Bartenders, a Belgium and an Irishman. I guaranty they will be completely indoctrinated with the BBC Brit paper slant, and cocked and loaded for me and Sarah Palin.


Here is how Krugman opened his column of Dec 17, 2009:

">http://chronicle.com/blogs/brainstorm/a-quick-reminder-on-paul-krugman-and-climates-of-hate/30975?sid=pm&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en"> “A message to progressives: By all means, hang Senator Joe Lieberman in effigy.”

Via Insty.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Thats followed immediately by the video of this Arizona Public Defender herself proudly parading around with the severed head of an effigy of Sheriff Arpaio in front of her supporters.

In Sheriff Joes life, that's called "thursday". Sheriff DipStick was probably cheering in the crowd.


You could be right, daddy. But it is getting dangerously close to the entire climate warming fiasco. I suspect the BBC has just noticed that its countrymen (aka rice bowl) is buried in snow up to its nostrils and the fancy green generators aren't working and it's time to get off the warmist green fascist choo choo.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I'll give 2-1 on President Boomerang BOzo getting at least one foot in his mouth tomorrow.

WEll the first faux pas has already happened - a logo for a memorial service? Whose idea was that? I think he will have several under-his-breath comments that can be taken 2 ways - one for his lunatic base and another for the rest of us. A little like giving people the finger as he did on the campaign trail.

Someone commented last night that the percentage of people who don't buy the democrat play book on this is the same percentage that resulted in a shellacking in the last election. So we are holding our own.


Context for the heavily edited "armed and dangerous" quote:

For the record, here is what Michele said: “I’m going to have materials for people when they leave. I want people armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax, because we need to fight back.”

Say ... wasn't Briebart criticized for heavy editing some Shirley Sherrod speech only using TWO MINUTES of the entire thing?


They created the logo so Hit could mock it. Good job!


The "eliminationist" rhetoric of Michele was against a tax Paul. The armament was facts and information Paul.


"Say ... wasn't Briebart criticized for heavy editing some Shirley Sherrod speech only using TWO MINUTES of the entire thing?"

Great point Boris. Needs wide dissemination.

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