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January 12, 2011


Sara (Pal2Pal)

I am concerned after hearing the update on the bullet that entered Giffords' brain. They now say it entered in the front and traveled in a slightly downward motion to the occipital lobe.
The main damage of my Mother's first stroke was hemorrhage in the occipital lobe. It left her blind on the left side (except for about 5% in her peripheral vision), not blind in the eye, blind in the brain. The eye saw, the brain wasn't getting the message. It also left her with "left side neglect." A very strange disorder from this type of injury that causes the individual to be in total unawareness of anything on the left side, or the side of the injury. My Mother only ate from the right side of her plate, if no one said anything she could hone in on, she was completely unaware of anything happening to her left.


The federal statute under which Loughner was charged is for murder of a federal employee "in the performance of his official duties"

This is a tough one - either Holder lied to convict someone of a federal crime, or Obama lied just for the hell of it. Do I have to choose just one?

SoBa - thanks for the warning. I'll try to picture what that coverage must look like by expanding my amoral imagination.

Charlie (Colorado)

Jim, isn't "moral imagination" pretty close to what Adam Smith talked about in "Theory of Moral Sentiments"?

Charlie (Colorado)

Sara, you're right to be worried about Giffords. It's freaking amazing that she's doing as well as she is now.

On the other hand, that guy -- ABC reporter I think -- who got the left side of his head more or less blown off is now doing quite well indeed.

Brains are funny things.


Woodruff is the name you are thinking of, but that's just it, you don't expect something like that to happen in this country, makes me
angry all over again, about what has transpired in the last 5 days


I now remember the ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SwHKql3dKc&feature=related"> ceremony that had the taste and class of this one tonight.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Charlie: When I saw that bullet projection, all the therapy and the various hardships and annoyances my Mother (and all of us) went through came back, I was heartsick.

The goofy things like her not being able to tell time for the first two weeks, then suddenly obsessing on the time. Not being able to recognize colors for several weeks and then watching that ability come back one color at a time, starting with red. Her trying to learn to walk down a hospital hallway without running into people or carts as she passed on her left. Strangely though, the further away something was the greater her field of vision. We used to laugh that if there was a pack of cigarettes and lighter 40 feet away, she'd spot them in a heartbeat, but if we told her to pick up her fork on her left, she'd tell us she would if we'd hurry up and set the table so there was a fork to pick up.


If after the "it's no one's fault" speech by Obama tonight and all the reporting out there, the left wing media continue in their false narrative, does Palin have any legal recourse vis a vis libel? Kinda puts the "knowingly" obstacle a bit lower for her doesn't it?


Here is ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l8ts15kIrA&feature=related"> Krauthammer in 2009 giving advice to Palin. He tells her to do exactly what she did today. I guess he forgot that he just hates her, so there is nothing she can do right.


fox.com says about Human Target: "Tonight's 2-hour episode will be rescheduled soon."

JM Hanes


Definitely gag inducing! But I think I've got the last few days out of my system now. I'm not, absolutely-positively not, going to make snarky comments about the fact that the folks in Gifford's room were Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Kirsten Gillibrand. Nope. Not gonna do it.


Well, I will.

If I opened my eyes and Pelosi was the first thing I saw, I would be sure I'd died and gone to hell.

Of course, I'm a bitch with a major crush on Tammy Bruce...


Charlie (Colorado)

If after the "it's no one's fault" speech by Obama tonight and all the reporting out there, the left wing media continue in their false narrative, does Palin have any legal recourse vis a vis libel? Kinda puts the "knowingly" obstacle a bit lower for her doesn't it?

Damn near certainly not, since the Sullivan case. That doesn't mean we can't rub their noses in it though.

Charlie (Colorado)

Sarah: Yeah, as I say, brains are funny things. I'm mildly face-blind: I have trouble recognizing acquaintances if I don't hear their voice. When my girlfriend was dying of the GBM, toward the end she's lose track of how old she was and regress to 3 -- or put up her arm and forget how to get it back down.

And narciso, I understand what you mean, but Duke wasn't particularly a knife and gun club, and my neurosurgeon friend still had emergency heads a couple times a week. Things just happen.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Charlie: I once worked with a gal who had severe head injuries from a car accident. She had some motor difficulties, but she was able to return to work after a couple of years. We carpooled since she wasn't allowed to drive and one day when I went to pick her up, she wasn't out front as usual. After honking a couple of times without any response, I went to the back door and saw her sitting on the floor of her kitchen, hysterical, with an egg in her hand. When I was able to ask her what happened, she said, she had wanted eggs for breakfast, but could not remember how to open them. She kept holding it up and asking me where the latch was to get the thing opened.

Charlie (Colorado)

She kept holding it up and asking me where the latch was to get the thing opened.

Years after the accident? Sounds like she had a new insult, a stroke or TIA or a clot.

Soylent Red

Hey, watching after the fact here one thing came to mind...

There can be no doubt in anyone's mind, nationwide, the kind of people we have running the country. The kind that perpetrate this kind of inappropriate and surreal scream for relevance and attention.


So the mainstream media's beating you up AGAIN? ROTFL... and all you can do is cry to Mommy. So unfair.
When are you going to come up with the brains or money or gumption to create your own media?? My bet is: NEVER. LMAO...


Sara--I believe the doctor said the congresswoman would have problems on her right side since the bullet went through the left part of her brain. Plus, her left eye or the top part of the orbit was badly damaged.
Years ago I learned much more about the brain than I really wanted to when our family dealt with my Dad's malignant brain tumor. It is very tough situation certainly.


Obama revealed we were all liars and absolved the right wing of any responsibility.

His adminstration is now dead to me.

Ralph L

my neurosurgeon friend still had emergency heads a couple times a week
You were drinking too much. He only had one head.


The suggestion that liberals have said wingnuttery caused Loughren to shoot is a strawman.
Every major liberal commentator, from Krugman to Carlson and all elected officials have made it crystal clear that they are not saying they know wingnuttery caused Loughren to kill.
Rather, their point all along, and in every case, is that the massacre is a costly reminder of what could happen and what is surely likely to happen if the trajectory we are on as a nation does not change.
Of course it's naive to expect wingnuts to understand this. If they were emotionally capable of taking on board such distinctions, they would not be wingnuts in the first place.
For the same reason, wingnuts cannot understand the difference between criticizing Bush's track record and actions while president, and questioning Obama's legitimacy to hold the office.
And when it comes to using firearms related rhetoric, there is a world of difference between the occasional use of such metaphors as a supporter of gun control, disarmament, diplomacy and so on, and using them as an advocate of widespread gun ownership, vehement opponent of limits on firearms possession and an advocate of a a rhetorical paradigm that habitually blames government for the world's wrongs and specifically calls for possession of firearms as a counterbalance to government power.


"calls for possession of firearms as a counterbalance to government power"

You say that like it's a bad thing.

"habitually blames government for the world's wrongs"

Sounds more like the way Obamabots try to blame W for everything. We just want the limited government described by the constitution.

Captain Hate

Thank God for Tammy Bruce; she at least informs me that NRO isn't entirely populated by squishy pinheads like Rich Lowry who contort themselves into unimaginable positions such as acting like the purple-lipped imbecile's speech could somehow be examined without considering the setting. The mendacious mulatto's appearances in this area have almost exclusively been at college or university settings where he can be assured of getting an enthusiastic, and tastelessly immature, reception. So it's not like there's no history here. By putting the blinders on and examining the words of the speech and reserving the tut-tutting to the crowd as if they're an unrelated entity is as disingenuous as absolving Il Douche from paying attention to Jeremiah Wright's rants.


We shouldnt tell people the O s worship lucifer in the White House because of dead little 9/11 girls?Shooters driven insane and traded by luciferian anti gunners?Maybe the survivors should meet the O s in person and then take a plane........


Set up those strawmen and knock em dowm bubu.

"habitually blames government for the world's wrongs"

So, you're for personal accountabiloty, alll of a sudden?


The kind that perpetrate this kind of inappropriate and surreal scream for relevance and attention.

Yeah, this administration reminds me of a pack of jr. high girls that make everything an overblown drama.

The crime in Tucson had nothing to do with me. Nothing. What I talk about, listen to, or read did not affect a criminal in Arizona.

Like Stephanie posted -
"But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.

Yeah, that was some non-partisan rally.


Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

From Rick's quote of the speech:

So yes, we must examine all the facts behind this tragedy. We cannot and will not be passive in the face of such violence. We should be willing to challenge old assumptions in order to lessen the prospects of violence in the future.

This is where the FoxNews camera found and focused on grinning Sheriff FuzzNuts DipStick. There is no doubt this was a nod to the progressive agenda of internet control, gun control, etc. As much of a nod as they could squeeze in after Sarah made them rewrite the speech top to bottom in the morning. And, of course, the calls for civil discourse only means one thing - you stupid conservatives agree with the progressive agenda for the greater good.

I watched the whole thing - the speech was good, but the venue sucked. The moonbat university president could have done something to try to tone it down, but the crowd was purposefully full of like minded moonbats from the university. Incompetano and Holder thankfully only read a few verses from the Bible. A few moonbat boos for Jan Brewer, to be expected, but sickening at a memorial. A standing O for the idiot Incompetano when she came up, but also expected from an open borders crowd of lemmings from a university.

As for "defining moment" and all of the gushing we'll hear for the next few months, well, I guess when the jugeared commie bastard does something more or less appropriate for the occasion for the first time ever, they're going to latch on to it and milk it for weeks.


Pofarmer, you should check with Boris on the strawmen. He seems to think I've described your, and his, positions accurately. LMAO...

Captain Hate

Here's the first indication that the jugeared fuck was, as usual, making shit up last night per the Tucson Sentinal:

Giffords is in a drug-induced coma in intensive care. Doctors frequently awaken her to check her responsiveness, and she could open her eyes and respond to simple commands Sunday—an encouraging sign, said Rhee said.

Despite Giffords' ability to follow commands, "We know that brain swelling can take a turn, so we remain cautiously optimistic,” said Lemole.

He described simple commands as: "can you open your eyes?" or "can you raise two fingers." Such simple tasks can tell doctors much about her condition, he said.

Giffords cannot speak because she is on a ventilator, and cannot see because of the area of her injury and the surgery requires her eyes be kept closed, the doctors said.

Per what Stephanie said, if Giffords *had* opened her eyes and saw Pelosi Galore, she'd have been fearing for her life after voting against that scrunt for minority leader.


Goddamit, is it JUST POSSIBLE someone could have a different reaction than you do without bering stupid, morally suspect, or incapable of independent thinking because of where they live?

-- Charlie, writing in "how to be sensitive" mode, take the name of the Lord in vain to offend those who consider said name to be sacred.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Cleo you impotent moron - if you knew anything at all you would know I never post after 10:00 PM. You seem to be a candidate for institutionalization now that Loughner has lowered the benchmark. I'd watch out if I were you.

Rob Crawford

Goddamit, is it JUST POSSIBLE someone could have a different reaction than you do without bering stupid, morally suspect, or incapable of independent thinking because of where they live?

It's a mindset more than a place to live.

You don't think people who make their living off the seat of power in DC view government and those in government more positively than the rest of the country?

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