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January 07, 2011


The facts exist.  Eckenrode's alive, but Russert's dead.

No, I think that it is time for the Libby story to be told. Half of America would be fascinated by the story, and the other half horrified. Time for FitzGate.

Rob Crawford

Sterling's claimed motive: he wasn't allowed to go into the field as a covert operative, in Iran, because he's black.

Um.... maybe someone should have explained to him what "covert" means.



Don't move on. The Plame fiasco is what first brought me to this site. Was reading somewhere else on the innertubes, came across a link to JOM and you've been bookmarked ever since. Plame must live on!

Half the world, too, except it's freezing its ass off.

Look, Fitz's prosecution was a travesty, the trial result was appealable, and those can be shown. Half of America will be just as interested in this story as they were with the Swifties Tales.

We know Mainstream Media isn't interested because they were so complicit. But we really don't need them anymore. The audience is there. Half of America.

Hey, half of America might be interested in that story, too.

Heh, I may be amused because I lack facts, but Sterling should be glad he didn't go covert in Iran, because somebody, I won't say who, pretty badly screwed up about our covert presence in Iran.


It's hard to say whether this traitor should have the book thrown at him more because he's black or because he's apparently not Jewish.


yer don't say

Yep, mispelled.  On purpose.

Heh, Husky or Stehl, and why?


If only Bush had as much spine to crack down on his own CIA which is an enduring mystery to me. However, the Plame deal will forever cement in my mind what a weasel Powell was/is. My opinion of him roughly equates with that of Wes Clark.


The dog that hasn't barked, in terms of emphasis, from a St. Louis Post Dispatch

According to court documents, Sterling worked for the CIA from 1993-2002. From November 1998 to May 2000, he was an operations officer on a clandestine effort to tamp down weapons production in an unnamed country.

That's Valerie's CPD, isn't it?

Captain Hate

Um.... maybe someone should have explained to him what "covert" means.

Since attention-monger Plame whined about that, the word must be a code for something else; possibly an antonym.


Novak said IIRC that no one in the agency asked him not to publish the story, that if they had he would have held it and that would explain why he was so astonished about what followed.

The intriguing thing to me is how Tenet was manipulated into insisting on a DoJ investigation of this, this one of thousands of such annual routine referrals.


"possibly an antonym" HEH!!

I'm tellin' ya, news starved populace will be fascinated by this.

A big story yet to be told.

Frau Steingehirn

Moodyblu - I, too, found JOM at the time of Wilson/Plame fiasco. I truly thought I was alone in my thinking. My Plame folder is still full and at the ready.

Hear, hear, lyle (12:00).


the plame leak was treated as a domestic political issue: the msm tried to use it to destroy bush/cheney/libby and get kerry elected.

the nytimes/risen leaks were not political; they were aimed to weaken our robust responses to ww4/global jihad and to help the enemies of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

No, I think that it is time for the Libby story to be told.

And I think Clarice should write it. Get Pajama's to publish it in chapters like J Christian Adams.

Mad Jack

TM: I don't think "move on" means what you think it means!


Plame leaked herself as part of operations.Maybe he didn't and that was the problem.Plame did this to get people killed,maybe thats why he was mad abot not getting field work.Anyone who wants that is an idiot anyway,unless you have a modus.


NBC (Russert & associates), DoS (Armitage and Powell), FBI (Eckenrode), CIA & exCIA (Plame &co., Comey, & VIPS for entertainment), DoJ & Fitz . . .

Some day someone will do the intrigue justice.

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