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January 16, 2011


Cecil Turner

It's predictable that all Bai's villains are righties . . . from "radio ranters and acid bloggers" to McCarthy to "extremism on the right," Republican politicians and Roger Ailes . . . though he finally lauds him for an assist in shutting up Fox News. No mention of campaign T-shirts in Tucson, the accusations against Palin that generated the (perfectly accurate) "blood libel" comment, and the ongoing media attempt to make political hay over this incident of which this column is a part. Yeah, I'm sure he's disappointed he didn't get the "turning point" he was looking for (though it's apparent he's pining for a political rather than a civic one). Excuse me for not getting all weepy over his vision of a new way forward.

As to inaccuracies, this one stood out:

Max Cleland, a man who lost three of his limbs fighting in Vietnam
Cleland lost three of his limbs to a grenade accident, almost certainly caused by his own jiggering of the pin. He admitted as much in his book (but since changed the story to blame it on a "newbie" who put that grenade under his feet: I prefer the believable version). It wasn't a combat wound, and Bai ought not to imply it was.


Not to mention that cities were being burned and our brave members of our armed forces were being treated as pond scum.

And here in Madison, right-wingers Karl Armstrong and company were bombing Sterling Hall.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Maybe I spoke too soon.


Miller Lite commercial:

Barmaid: Do you prefer more taste or less taste?

Customer: I don't care.

I'm not a beer drinker, but that seems an implausible answer.

Thomas Collins

OK, time for a fourth quarter comeback like the one against the Ravens earlier this year. 21-11 Jets.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

TC: I'm fine, just really tired from being awake all night. The dog is better, but still kind of listless, although much perkier than he was just a few hours ago. He got into the garbage and ate a whole container of old grease that my d-i-l had dumped out of her new deep fryer she got for Christmas.

Strawman Cometh

Will it be Footsie or Hoodie? Do we have a consensus?

The clause you cited was wrapped in a bigger lie - that Republicans said that Cleland was unpatriotic.

Rob Crawford

I'm not a beer drinker, but that seems an implausible answer.

Well, if the beer tastes like it's been cycled through a mare, less taste is a good thing.


M Stanton Evans in Blacklisted by History argues rather persuasively that McCarthy was smeared quite successfully in pretty much the same manner the left has been trying, somewhat less successfully, to smear Sarah Palin et al.
Even scholars on the left, the few honest ones anyway, concede the Soviet archives confirm most of what McCarthy claimed.
The more things change.......

Jane says obamasucks

Yeah, I'm watching.

This game is l'histoire. Never seen Brady/Belichick so dazed and confused, including the SB against the Giants.

I have, the superbowl they lost when they were undefeated.

This is really going to make my superbowl party suck.

Danube of Thought

Pats are losing composure. Maybe they sense their aura is gone.

Fatso and the Jets will be insufferable. Oh, woe.

Thomas Collins

Make it a pre-NBA Championship Party for the Celtics, Jane, if the Pats don't pull it off.


Glad to see Brady lose.

Thomas Collins

21-14 Jets. I say don't onside kick it.

Dave (in MA)

Bad decision, Bill.

Jack is Back!

Won't be in-country for Super Bowl which is on my birthday. The JiB clan including Master JiB are on a MacMania cruise down South American way including a stop at Stanley, The Falkland Islands. But I understand the ship will have the Super Bowl live via satellite.

Cap'n Hate, looks like Cromartie blessing himself seems to have worked. You know if he prayed to John Paul II then we can just go to sainthood and avoid the beautification all together on May 1st.


Excellent points, jmh. (As usual.)

Thomas Collins

Congratulations to Extraneus and the other Jets fans.

Jane says obamasucks

This why I don't watch football. I have losing.

Jane says obamasucks

Hate - not have

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Congratulations Jets' fans!

Thomas Collins

Better to have rooted and lost than never to have rooted at all, Jane.

Where's Mel? Mel, is Chitown staying sober?

Dave (in MA)

I think the last time I rooted for the Jets they were still playing in the Mets' house and their QB wore pantyhose, and I don't see that changing. I can't root for a team led by Roethlisberger, so I guess I'll just say GO NFC.

Dave (in MA)

Yes, congrats Jet fans.

Jack is Back!

I don't know about Jet's defense winning as much as the lack of defense by the Pats. They were totally lethargic against an offense with a young QB that they manhandled last time. The Jet's offense isn't like San Diego but a middle of the road one and yet the Pats seemed as if they were seeing it for the first time. I don't see the Steeler defense rolling over because they think the Jets can't move the ball.




Congratulations, Ex.

Hate to say it, but in addition to all due credit to Fat Rex and the Jets, I think Belechek gets the blame for this one. Botched fake punt (desperation way too early), going for two (even though it worked), and what the hell were they doing running the ball for 6 minutes when a) they were down 10 with time running out) and b) they had just torched the Jets pass defense?

And I think the Pats defense did their job. The offense got stuffed way too many times.


Rush to canonize jp2 = mistake.


Also--Aaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhgah! (I hate losing too, Jane)

Danube of Thought

what the hell were they doing running the ball for 6 minutes when a) they were down 10 with time running out) and b) they had just torched the Jets pass defense?

That really had me perplexed. Not only that, they were shuffling up to the line of scrimmage like it was the middle of the third quarter.

I thought going for two was the right call, whether it worked or not. At that point the two teams had three touchdowns between them, and it didn't figure that a lot more were coming. One point would have put them in no better position (down four) than none (down five). But it's all moot...

hit and run

what the hell were they doing running the ball for 6 minutes when a) they were down 10 with time running out) and b) they had just torched the Jets pass defense?

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock tweeted:

Did CBS cameras catch Belichick screaming "throw the ball?" Got a couple of Tweeps saying that. True? about an hour ago

Mad Jack

what the hell were they doing running the ball for 6 minutes when a) they were down 10 with time running out) and b) they had just torched the Jets pass defense?

Good question. One that was being yelled at the TV in my house by a lot of people.


((If leftists are so interested in civility, I have an easy way for them to demonstrate their commitment to it:

Stop using the term "teabagger."))

What a great idea! Even the president has used that pornographic term to describe ordinary Americans who disagree with him, hasn't he? No one can outdo lefties when it comes to gutter/mind/mouth


Richard Cohen of the WaPo - "COHEN: How much time do we have left to talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is?"

These "journalists" have gone insane. The entire news media is. Someone is paying these clowns to sit in front of a camera & pontificate about how much they hate Sarah Palin. How is that news? What are they doing?


WOO HOO...Jets win! Not that I'm a big Jets fan, but I absolutely loathe the Pats and Bill BeliCHEAT. Besides....Steelers will have an easier time with the Jets...

Danube of Thought

"COHEN: How much time do we have left to talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is?"

Sounds like he thinks her presidency is imminent. (But maybe not. That's what I get for not reading the moron's column: I'll just have to wonder.)

Danube of Thought

I have just completed two weeks with the Narcisolator, and I want to renew my call for a Nobel for bgates.

I believe I have seen some responses to the poor fool who lives in his mother's basement, but as far as I can tell the Sick Puppy has retired to his own blog, perhaps to respond to the many intriguing posts there.

Rob Crawford

Someone is paying these clowns to sit in front of a camera & pontificate about how much they hate Sarah Palin. How is that news? What are they doing?

Emmanuel Goldstein. Two Minute Hate.

PacRim Jim

When it's now so easy to reach high office with lies, why bother to get historical facts straight?
Of what value is history?
Of what value are facts?
Of what value is the truth?

Mad Jack

I know the left uses the term tea bag as an insult but it drives me crazy when terms or words that for centuries were perfectly innocent are sexualized or related to some perverse activity and then that becomes to only way the word is used or understood. I say to lefty: call me a tea bagger if you want, you know what it really means and it's not good news for you.


BHL and Richard Cohen, the definition of 'credentialed moron', Yes, the former
has done some smart things in the past,
but the loss/winning ratio is working against him, that faux Voltaire quote, If I recall,

Hanoi Paris Hilton

Max Cleland lost his limbs, not a result of enemy action, or in a combat situation, but from fumbling with his own fragmentation grenade.

Maybe his political opponents should have played gentler with him, but then again maybe not: Cleland was an experienced politician running for re-election. He was an unrelenting lefty and his legislative record was quite properly attacked by his conservative opponent on the basis of its hyper-ideological slant.

Cleland's patriotism was assuredly never brought into question. If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. Bai is waving the bloody shirt here: politico/journalistic sleaze, pur et dur.

Walter Sobchak

You can always tell when the Left is loosing the fight. They dig up Tail-gunner Joe.

The problem is that the intervening years have proved that Joe was right, they were, and still are, communists.


DoT--Did I just hear Cohen say that Sarah Palin's use of the term "blood libel" was correct, but not by her because "there's nothing in her background that suggests that she knows what it means"? And Levi says she's too stupid to know what it means--and then when Taranto defends her, goes on to say that he's never heard of any respected newspaper or columnist using the phrase? (one of the commenters says "Try zee Google").
Elitism is a disease. These people say whatever comes into their heads, and think that they are right because...well, because they are smart and anybody who disagrees with them is stupid. And they go on TV without the slightest effort to make sure they know what the hell they are talking about. Wow!


Last week Eric Fuller was what Lenin used to call a "useful idiot." Apparently now he is not so useful to the left. This means that he is just an.......

Michael Kennedy

Of course most people know that getting out of a helicopter and dropping grenade with the pin pulled will get you elected to the Senate. Once.

Our friend Christine said "It seemed as though he had threatened" the tea party guy. Yes, I'd say so.


Thanks Janet for the Cohen link. It's a clip from Zakaria's GPS I mentioned on a previous thread.


((Elitism is a disease))

t-shirt! t-shirt!


That was Janet's link I was referring to, not DoT's. Sorry.


Cleland is also a nasty foul mouthed misogynist. Truly disgusting.

Frau Nebenan

Cecil, thanks for explaining my complaints more clearly that I raised early on in the thread: both the false representation of Max Cleland's Vietnam injuries and the legitimate campaign charge against him.


I now think what Levy was saying is that she knows what it means, and that her use of the term is "obscene." Still wrong, and still (for a genius intellectual) breathtakingly ignorant, but not quite the same.


Not that glaring an error; Welch did interrogate McCarthy unofficially.

What's not considered is that McCarthy caught a lot of communists and we lost the A-bomb to the USSR because of communist spies in the ... what else ... Democratic Party of FDR and Truman.


Being called stupid puts Sarah in good company. Eisenhower was stupid, Reagan was stupid, G. W. Bush was stupid. Almost all Republicans who get elected to national office are considered stupid by liberals.


I would not spend time or energy defending McCarthy. He was an opportunistic hack who just happened to hit the public mood on one issue at one time and kept harping on the same theme after the public mood shifted. The issues then were different than the issues of our times. McCarthy was not fundamentally a man of principle and thus coming to his defense is ultimately not worth while. Yes, there were communists (or at least former ones) in the government, but that situation needs to be understood in context to be really appreciated. The liberals of his time were perhaps more anti communist than those of our own, perhaps because communism as a politcal philosophy is essentially dead.


communism as a politcal philosophy is essentially dead.

Ummm...I don't know. Seems like it's growing here in America just using different names.

Danube of Thought

communism as a politcal philosophy is essentially dead.

It seems to survive in a couple of museums like Cuba and North Korea, and of course in the faculties of American universities.


I don't think for a second that Sarah Palin knew the meaning of blood libel. I just don't. There's nothing in her background which suggests it. And if she did, I don't think she used it all that inappropriately. I mean, if it refers to a false accusation for which a community is blamed then she was right.

If I ever said something that stupid in public, I can only hope I'd have the common decency to hang myself. I'm not sure which part is stupidest - that he thinks Palin used the phrase correctly by accident, that he thinks knowledge of the phrase is limited to a small cognitive elite, or that he thinks he's part of that elite.


She rather ostentatiously wears the lapel pin of a nation, stigmatized, as the french
proverb, because it defends itself, as a public professed Christian, she likewise knows the contempt the so called intellectual class, both here and abroad, have for adherents of certain faiths, not

My late grandfather was much more of a skeptic of how this system would endure, his
commentary was often much like our semiotic
g-man in many ways, and at least one other
poster here. How does an official like Lloyd
or Susstein, or Powers, arise in a world where Marxism is but a memory. It is more
like Keynes notion of phantom ideologies
whose effect recurs in the president


If I ever said something that stupid in public, I can only hope I'd have the common decency to hang myself.

People like Cohen take Sarah's stupidity as axiomatic. It does not require evidence--in fact, any facts (such as her correct use of the term "blood libel") must be reconciled with the axiom of her stupidity. Thus if she used the term correctly she must have done so unknowingly.


I was looking for the 'madmen in authority' quote, I found it in the Wikiquote, along with an astonishing amount of idiocy he also said; Like Leninism, is a combination
of 'business and religion'


"It is more
like Keynes notion of phantom ideologies
whose effect recurs in the president"

What an interesting thought, narciso.


Janet and DoT --

I guess that we have to define terms. Communism as the Marxist economic theory that capitalism MUST perish (not ought to, but scientifically must) and ultimaely be replaced by a "dictatorship of the proletartiat" is dead as an actual belief system, even in American faculty lounges. That is what McCarthy was talking about == actual card carrying Communists who took orders from Moscow.
The American Left today is far more subtle. In their hearts, they despise capitalism and capitalists, but they have no idea how to do without the things that such provide and no alternative structure for economic survival, much less prosperity. They seek instead to make the capitalist system subject to the whims and dictates of a self selected ruling elite, who will regulate, tax and redistribute the fruits of those who endeavor.
In some ways, dear old Karl was at least more honest. The Left now is muddled in their thinking and essentially self interesed, which was not actually true of Marx. He was just wrong.

Melinda Romanoff


Sorry I'm late. I was at the Church Of Halas all day. We got to sing our one hymn FIVE times!

Next week will be the first time the Bears will meet the Packers, for a Conference title, since Dec. 14, 1941 (yes, one week after...).

This week is going to be nuts in the press around here.

Jim Miller

Here's the French proverb Narciso is (probably) thinking of:

"Cet animal est tres mechant,
Quand on l'attaque il se defend"

(With a grave accent missing over "tres" and an acute accent missing over the "e" in mechant.)

Or in English:

This animal is very wicked.
When attacked, it defends itself.

It's a fvorite of mine, in French or English.

Melinda Romanoff

Narciso and Clarice-

"Phantom Ideologies" was, I believe, Keynes' poke at the Austrians, whom are, once again, being proven right through this current credit crisis.

[Mostly because I don't think he ever took the time to try and learn what they meant.]

Thomas Collins

Enjoy the nuttiness, Mel. I'm sure the descendants of Papa Bear and that upstart Lombardi will put on a great show!


Melinda --

Did you freeze? I live close to Soldier Field but did not venture out.

(Agree with you about John Maynard too, fwiw.)


No, Theo, Marx was not more honest, he was just stumped in the early version of the
'underwear gnomes' scheme, anxiety. . .
revolution, it took Lenin to breach the gap, with the party vanguard, because he
agrees with Bill Maher, the people need
to be dragged toward that goal. Gramsci, one of Rick's favorites, thought institutional infiltration was the key, his counterpart over here, Alinsky, learned from
this lesson, and saw 'community organizing'
as the method. Piven and Cloward refined it further, aspiring to JamesO'Connor's 'Fiscal
Crisis' and here we find ourselves

Rick Ballard


It's not really as much of a crisis as it is an opportunity to get rid of an oligarchy which is rotten right to the core. Doing so isn't going to be particularly pleasant but the rot really does have to be removed and if the removal requires burning out a few of those institutions (quasi-metaphorically speaking), then so be it.


I am not sure that I follow all of that Narc.
O'Connor clearly had a point, even back in the 1970s. The public has more demand for government service than it is willing to pay for. Moreover, competing demands on the federal budget are resolved through the political process and not an rational economic method, thus leading to waste, duplication and other adverse outcomes.
Ultimately, this is a criticism of democracy, not of capitalism. Those who opposed democracy in the 18th century made essentially the same arguments -- which is that the public will vote itself rich and the elected representatives will vote themselves richest of all. See P J O'Rourke's funny if pessimistic book "Parliament of Whores."

Melinda Romanoff


Actually was warm throughout, Baffin boots were key. I can't say about the 1920's era wool hunting pants, that lace up the inner calf for the up-to-the-knee hunting boots of the time. I bought the pants at a rummage sale 30 years ago for $2. So thick they're almost bullet-proof.

Besides, it was colder a few weeks ago, just like it will be next weekend.

More later, long day.


Melinda --

Thanks for the update. This sounds like the kind of outfit that should be worn at Wrigley Field on any date before late May. I freeze every year because I keep thinking that you cannot wear a parka and long johns and boots for baseball.

It was cold enough today. Good thing they won or it would have been worse.

Looking forward to later reports.


Besides, it was colder a few weeks ago, just like it will be next weekend.

Should be a good game. Two teams that know how to play in the cold.

Danube of Thought

I'll go with Rodgers over Cutler. Hope it's 22 and snowing like today.

Melinda Romanoff


I think we need to agree to enjoy a spectacular ending to a season. I can't think of any better way to represent the NFC.

And the AFC doesn't stand a chance.


Still hating Cutler? Move on.


when Republicans slammed their Democratic opponents —including Max Cleland, a man who lost three of his limbs fighting in Vietnam — as insufficiently patriotic.

I believe the actual line that Saxby Chamblis used was "I don't question his patriotism, I question his judgment."


Keynesian economics is another example of axiomatizing a belief. That Keynesian fiscal and monetary stimulus works is an axiom. Whatever the outcome, you create the counterfactual that makes the policy effective ("jobs saved or created").

They messed up a bit with that famous chart of the unemployment rate with and without the stimulus package. Bernanke also messed up by saying that if Congress didn't pass TARP, there could be a 20% decline in the stock market, unemployment at 9 to 10 percent, the failure of GM, etc. But that hasn't stopped them from saying it would have been much worse without the policies.


I think we need to agree to enjoy a spectacular ending to a season.


Thomas Collins

I'm hoping that all three remaining games end in a tie in regulation, so we'll get to see how the new overtime rules will work.

I know there is a fourth game, the All-Star Game, in the week before the Super Bowl, but I have trouble getting excited about that game.


--That is what McCarthy was talking about == actual card carrying Communists who took orders from Moscow.--

It's much easier to dismiss the concerns about these actual card carrying communists now that the USSR is no more.
McCarthy had his personal faults, but then as now, the left seized on the personal to avoid or distract from the very real harm being done in the political either by their oblivious desire to pretend there weren't any communists or the more cynical notion that they didn't mind too much if there were.


"Cet animal est trés mèchant,
Quand on l'attaque il se defend."

On Mac: [Option-e then e] and [Option-` then e]

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