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January 24, 2011



--"Even Jesus told his disciples, 'Question everything, even me.'"--

Jesus, God, didn't say that.
Paul, a man, told those listening to him to check what he told them against the scriptures and specifically commended the Bereans in Acts for doing so.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hmm, I'm not finding Buddha in the index of my Bible.

That is going to be a problem.


Someone on tweeter said that if Rham can't buy the appellate court he has no business being mayor of Chicago. True dat!

Jim Miller

Yes, George H. W. Bush is left handed. And so is Ross Perot.

Here's a Wikipedia article on the general question.

Captain Hate

Per Tammy Bruce: It will take years before Loughner is convicted. WTF?


According to the MSM, Loughner attempted to kill a US Congresswoman and succeeded in killing a federal judge and a nine year old girl. Any news on any other of the victims/deaths? I thought not.

It's a corollary to Katrina: per the MSM, the hurricane only hit NO and not a single white person was affected in any way.


Although Clinton might be left-handed, he's ambidextrous in his groping technique and general cigar placements.

hit and run

Yay me!

Boo airlines! Frickin had to change flights and connecting cities because I wouldn't have made my connection,and now I'm getting in two hours later.




Well those are the only people who count in federal court and he was arraigned in Federal court today. So that might be it.

Sheesh Hit, you need wings.


That's a fair point, Jane, but the MSM seemed to have embargoed the other victims even before the arraignment.


``the “Tea Party” all of a sudden becomes some sort of movement run by politicians…it’s gonna lose its effectiveness and I’m concerned about that.''

Amen. If the Tea Party ever writes a platform, takes a set of concrete stands on real issues or gets involved in legislation, it's all over...The party is based on the idea that you can make problems go away merely by vehemently professing ideological fealty.

Ayurvedic living.

Charisma, heck. Check the triceps.

Ralph L

Some of you will be happy to know my fat grandmother lived to 94.

We thought she might have had Alzheimer's her last couple of years, but she always remembered to forget my step-monster's existence.

quest for living.

Heh, wasn't that 'One of you will question me'?


Does anyone remember this one?

"I'm Jim Jupiter -- the healthiest man in Chicago!"

Context here.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Wouldn't that be a great precedent for the State of Illinois Clarice? But if they were in a closet?


The party is based on the idea that you can make problems go away merely by vehemently professing ideological fealty

You know this because you've attended so many rallies, right? Been involved with planning and support? On the ground organizing? Met countless participants and gleaned a common theme among them?

What? You haven't? Then STFU.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Nine Texas Democrats switch to GOP

Sara (Pal2Pal)

"Ideological fealty?" More like Constitutional fealty. You should try it some time. And you still haven't answered my 3 questions:

1. Why do YOU want to pay higher taxes?

2. Why do YOU want to pay higher gas/energy prices?

3. Why do YOU want a committee of bureaucrats making decisions for YOU, rather than you and your doctor, when you get sick?

And by you, I mean you personally, not some rah rah for a cause.

Living in Hell.

Who Pivens by the sword, lies by the word.

Rob Crawford

Sara, whoever you're talking to wants those three things because it's emotionally and mentally a child.


Since this seems to be an open thread: Some of you may enjoy the latest fisking of Ch****s Jo****n (remember him?) at either Tim Blair's site (courtesy Patterico). I know I did.


Little Green Nutballs?


You know this because you've attended so many rallies, right?

I always find that sort of drivel amazing. next he will be telling us we are
+violent and have corporate sponsors.


Actually, I think what happened to C J is sad. He once did such great work--I'm thinking especially of his stuff on Rathergate.


It is kind of sad. He did some amazing work on Rathergate. A vanguard as it were.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Michael Barone: Fewer Unions, More Rapid Growth-


The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with its annual report on union membership. It’s down, once again: 11.9% of employees in 2010 were union members, down from 12.3% in 2009. There were 14.7 million union members, significantly down from 1983, the first year for which comparable data is available, when there were 17.7 million. Note that the population of the United States in 1983 was 234 million as compared to 308 million in 2010.
In 2009, for the first time, a majority of employed union members were public employees. The trend continues: in 2010 there were 7.6 million public sector union members and 7.1 million private sector union members.


It looks like my meet-up with Hit is going to be delayed a day.




I've long since stopped feeling sad about CJ, any more than I feel sad about David Brock or other turncoats. I thought his Rathergate contribution was overrated anyway. Others had made the discovery, he mainly just came up with the cool graphic.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I just read that former gov. of Michigan, Grantholm, is going to teach "job creation" at Berkeley. You really can't make it up fast enough.


I just read that former gov. of Michigan, Grantholm, is going to teach "job creation" at Berkeley. You really can't make it up fast enough.

Parody is dead. Irony is alive and well.


Good piece at Legal Insurrection, in case it hasn't been linked already:

Why I Am So Intolerant

As a bonus, he cites that bizarre post from jezebel.com, where the "feminists" confided their murderous rage at Sarah Palin to each other in the comments.



Alabama thanks her. The best governor they've ever had.

Danube of Thought

Good for Judge Hoffman. If the State Supremes go along, this could be one of the most enjoyable smackdowns in recent memory. As Lucianne says, there's always the Chicago ballet.

In other marvelous judicial news, the SOTUS has unananimously reversed the 9th Circuit for the third time in a week. All three Circuit opinions were written by the shamelessly activist left-wing partisan Stephen Reinhardt. Link to follow...


You just know that if the Tea Party ever did any of the things that bb suggests they should, he'd turn around and complain about that.


PD, there's this, which I don't think is doing what the caller said, but I can't think of any other cite offhand. If you find it, please post.

Mat 16:13 ¶ When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?

Mat 16:14 And they said, Some [say that thou art] John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

Mat 16:15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

hit and run

""It looks like my meet-up with Hit is going to be delayed a day.""

I'm drowning my sorrows at a mexican restaurant at Charlotte-Douglas International right now. Flight doesn't leave here until 8.

Btw I am not doing any html on the blackberry. Probably eschewing capitalization and puctuation and checking spelling too. Can't preview much too laborious not to mention dangerous.

Hey,if I'm still here at say 5 til 8,remind me to go catch my flight.


Serves you right for cheating on me, hit,*flounce flounce*

hit and run

If they hadn't re-routed me ... I could have ended up stuck in DC. Why oh why did I let them re-route me????!!!v???


Lamar County is just north of me. There is a small county between my county and Lamar, but we share a district judge. My boss is also from Paris, Texas. I'm not surprised they switched to republican. I'm telling you, the democrats around here are more conservative than the republicans.


Chubby, I think the caller was just wrong. Jesus said nothing like what he claimed.

It's like when people say the Bible says "God helps those who help themselves." This seems to be common belief, but it doesn't say that.



Your friend Thomas Lifson was just on our tape delayed Dennis Miller show. He did a very nice bit on the Chinese piano player dissing America at the White House event honoring their Jailer in Chief. I see now he has a post up about it: ">http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/01/china_announces_its_real_forei.html">
China announces its real foreign policy (updated).

He does a nice job with his frequent appearances on Dennis' show, so if you bump into him anytime soon please pass on the kudo's.

As an aside on China, I notice now that on the large size bottles of Tsingtao Beer that you buy in their equivalent of 7-11's, the bottles now have the NBA logo on them in 2 places; usually on the seal around the ">http://lh3.ggpht.com/_fXOvW0MYmrY/TKsdpyjkRSI/AAAAAAAAFng/Sk3FvMRAeZM/P1080710.JPG"> neck and oftentimes on the main label.


In the 'Well, Duh' column:

Tammy Bruce tweets--Russian investigators on Monday found a head of "Arab appearance" that is presumed to have belonged to the suicide bomber responsible for setting off the blast, Interfax said

According to preliminary information, the bomber was a resident of the overwhelmingly Muslim Northern Caucasus region, Interfax said.

((Chubby, I think the caller was just wrong. Jesus said nothing like what he claimed.))

What do you think of Ignatz's take on it?

hit and run

And for those who mentioned my Dear Friend Sylvia upthread. Her absence coincides exactly with the day she threatened TM with not only freakish stalking behavior,but with trying to get typepad to shut him down (don't worry about the fact that she thought TM worked for typepad or something,she was on a roll). She didn't just cross the line,she nuked the shark after junping the fridge. Or something. narciso will know the corrext pop culture reference there.

I can only hope she is either getting the help she needs or is being restrained in such a manner so as not be any harm to herself or others.

But I really do miss her,and to this day wish she and I could have shared a cup of coffee.


Chubby, Ignatz is correct, but the caller was making a claim about Jesus, not Paul. Any Paul was not saying "Question everything," anyway. He was saying, "Verify everything against the Scriptures."

hit and run

""that you buy in their equivalent of 7-11's""

I would soooooo be sippin" on their slurpee equivalents.


Perhaps we should sue hit.

hit and run

""Perhaps we should sue hit.""

Fuggedabouit. I'm broker than one of those clocks that are right only twice a day.

Wait. What?

Oh. Speaking of leaving out puctuation!


Under the excellent leadership of Franklin Raines ...

Since the government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, taxpayers have spent more than $160 million defending the mortgage finance companies and their former top executives in civil lawsuits accusing them of fraud. The cost was a closely guarded secret until last week, when the companies and their regulator produced an accounting at the request of Congress.
The bulk of those expenditures — $132 million — went to defend Fannie Mae and its officials in various securities suits and government investigations into accounting irregularities that occurred years before the subprime lending crisis erupted. The legal payments show no sign of abating.


According to preliminary information, the bomber was a resident of the overwhelmingly Muslim Northern Caucasus region

Oh, a Caucasian. That makes sense.

But I'd caution people against leaping to conclusions based on this irresponsible mention of one of the world's great religions. There's every chance that the real bomber was an American doctor who's frustrated that he can't amputate limbs for profit under Obamacare, or a Tea Partier who hates black people so much he traveled ten thousand miles to blow up Muscovites, or a suggestible young man who heard Sarah Palin say "I can see Russia from my house" - with the clear unspoken message, "now go destroy it!"

Charlie (Colorado)

Speaking of sugar, by the way, I'm down 17 lbs as of this morning.

Sure would like a french fry, though.

hit and run

Dave Burge (iowahawk) on the passing of LaLanne:

""Farewell to the unforgettable King of Jumpsuits, Jack La Lanne. I will wear my jumpsuit at half-staff today""

I would too. If not for all the security personnel about.

""[TheVIMH: how dare you go *on* topic.]""
I know. It's the dos equis talking.

Captain Hate

According to preliminary information, the bomber was a resident of the overwhelmingly Muslim Northern Caucasus region, Interfax said.

Hmmmm, I visualize a lot of polonium finding its way into the food chain of a lot of the masterminds in this area....

To hell with Charles Johnson, who has completely negated any work he did on RatherGate by being a quisling douche and turncoat rat. And a liar. And an extremely boring excuse for a musician.

Speaking of quislings, Powell and his dumbass opinions that CNN values are getting hammered by Mark Levin.

hit and run

That is awesome charlie.

I began the year wanting to lose 20.

And I have!


I lost 8,gained 4,lost 3,gained 6,lost 5,gained 3,lost 4.

Do the math. I've lost 20.

Danube of Thought

I'm down 13 today on the South Beach diet. No cravings, no real hunger.



I don't expect Rush knows the Bible as well as you do, so I'm assuming he let it slide by?


Hit and Run, lol!

hit and run

""I'm down 13 today""

Wow. 13 in one day is herculean.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm down 13 today on the South Beach diet. No cravings, no real hunger.

Sounds good. I had to really jam on the low carbs thing to get started -- harder core than SB phase I. This is, I'm pretty sure, a side effect of the "metabolic syndrome" thing.

Charlie (Colorado)

It really is a quote from the Buddha. it's the tag line on my moribund personal blog:

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Speaking of sugar, by the way, I'm down 17 lbs as of this morning.

Congrats, although I kinda liked you as a big ol' cuddly teddy bear.


Just back from Kroger with red meat and raw green veggies.

And potato chips and junk food for the rest of the family. Oy!

The hard part isn't eating the red meat and raw greens for the kick off, it's watching others munching on Oreos and Lay's and whining that they can't GAIN a pound.

HS golf kicks off next Monday and K is trying to add weight before the season starts.

Shopping is hard (and expensive) covering the two extremes.



If it's any consolation I got felt up (screened) real good the other day riding as a passenger on a domestic Chinese Airline. It was Guangzhou to Shanghai. Had on jeans and a decent looking sweatshirt. Had a dragbag and had to do the pull out your laptop for the X-ray machine trick, then walk beltless and shoeless through the screener. But on the other side, even tho' I didn't beep, some Chinese guy was doing the 2 handed frisk all over my lower anatomy, or as somebody mentioned yesterday "the package". He even stuck his hand down my buttocks betwixt jeans and undies, but that was about as rude as the Commie got.

Anyhow, this Tsingtao's for you man, and I hope when you finally meet Jane she carries herself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete. Also, since you're our favorite axman, please make sure you tell Jane to ax Laurie, her studio gal who keeps forgetting to record her radio-show for podcasts.

Ralph L

she and I could have shared a cup of coffee.
And a spaghetti string a la Lady and the Tramp.


I'll email that to Thom,daddy.

Hit if you'd come here you could share dinner Tonight it's lamb vindaloo, brown rice, raita , potato samosas and assorted chutneys.

I normally don't eat desserts but I'd give you some yummy mango sherbet I have in the freezer or some ciao bella chocolate-hazlemnut ice cream.

Plenty of beer with it all.

hit and run

Well,clarice,my layover at Reagan tomorrow is double what it would have been today,
If I had even made it to Reagan,which I didn't. But alas that still doesn't allow a trip up to even just give you a hug. But missing my flight is still an option.

Hey,speaking of Reagan,you know who really likes Reagan? Why,Obama,of course.

Ooops. We're boarding. Yay! Off to the land of the single digit global warming climate of change.


Congrats, Charlie.

And one french fry won't hurt you. Much.


And with that, I'm off to Taco Bell.


Those comments about verifying remind me of the motto of The Royal Society:

"Nullius in Verba: On The Word Of No One."

Supposedly when it was adopted in 1663 "it was intended to distance science from the methods of the ancient universities, which relied heavily on the personal authority of the scholars. ‘On the word of no one’ highlighted the independent authority that empirical evidence bestowed on science; knowledge about the material universe should be based on appeals to experimental evidence rather than authority." ">http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/article/3357/"> Link.

Unfortunately we can all point to recent science pronouncements from heirs of the Royal Society tradition that have paid precious little attention to that excellent motto.

On Rahm. Having seen how our courts up here extra-legally bend over backwards to help coronate Lisa Murcowsky, whats the odds that Rahm wins a reversal with the Illinois Supremes and becomes Melinda's next Mayor?

hit and run

This plane has 25 rows.

Wanna guess which row I'm in?

I would normally be miffed. But I'm thinking the proximity to the lavatory will serve me well on this flight. A couple of times.

Hey wait No I won't turn off my hey take your hands off my wait that's mine you can't no wait just let me hit post first kaaaayyyyyrrrrroooooooooo!!!!!!

Charlie (Colorado)

Congrats, although I kinda liked you as a big ol' cuddly teddy bear.

Well, I'm not shooting for much under 240, so I don't think you're going to be too disappointed.


Actually Daddy I've had the pod cast since Thursday. I'm waiting for the editing.

Oh. Speaking of leaving out puctuation!

I know and I just get worse.

Fly safe. See you tomorrow.

Danube of Thought

I should say, no cravings except for a Martini. Believe me, an ordinary man would have gone raving mad by this time.

But I'm standing at Thermopylae.

Jane, are you and Hit going to watch the SOTU so we don't have to?


Ah, hit?

If you can read this you missed your flight.


Just kill me--this B C business never ends:

Captain Hate

Please C, let's keep that bc garbage data confined to yesterday's mega thread so it doesn't infringe upon relatively sane topics.

Btw, Mrs H and I are catching a Sequentia concert tomorrow so I'll miss the sermon of national disgrace by 'prompter Jeebis. My sense of loss defies measurement.

...a head of "Arab appearance"... a resident of the overwhelmingly Muslim Northern Caucasus region, Interfax said.
I'm soooo confused... The "appearance of being from the Caucasus" does not equal "Caucasian"?

Aren't Arabs Caucasians?


I believe that is a joke, Iggy.


Evening all. Just catching up. Posting this creative exercise link in honor of Jack Lalanne.

hit and run

""If you can read this you missed your flight. ""

Yup. First flight is 645.



We've landed.


Three degrees.

I'm overdressed.


Three degrees. I'm overdressed.

You are kept warm by your friends at JOM!!! You jet-setter, you!


Are you at Bradley or Reagan, hit?

Danube of Thought

Wouldn't it be grand if Carol Mosely Braun ended up as Chicago mayor? I'd buy a ticket for than one.


((Btw, Mrs H and I are catching a Sequentia concert tomorrow ))

I wish you'd quit breaking out of conservative stereotype, it is jarring :)


DwM, You are a seriously evil person.


He's at Bradley Caro, I think. Early too. Hit will be home by the time of the state of the union. I am sure by then we will have solved all the problems of the country.


Seriously, Danube I wouldn't wish that circumstance on my worst enemy

Captain Hate

I agree narc; I hate to say it but I don't think there's a good choice in that whole contest with or without Rahm.

Melinda Romanoff


There is NO way that will be allowed to happen. Knowing which judges got placed by whom would have helped Rahm a great deal. He made several local mistakes.

And someone very powerful is gunning for him.

JM Hanes

What is more tedious than an actual SOTU address? Predictions, previews, and advice, that's what. The pre-game warm-up from Politico alone today:

Battle to define Obama's SOTU
SOTU: The crafting of a speech
Obama still editing SOTU speech
SOTU forecast: Atmospherics over policy
President Obama previews State of the Union job pitch
Elder Bush's SOTU holds lessons for Obama

JM Hanes

Missed one!

Why no one may remember the State of the Union speech


I've already forgotten it, JMH.


Melinda:And someone very powerful is gunning for him.

Could it be....Obama?


Well Politico is by it's very nature, tedious, JM, they were too sycophantic for the Washington Post, one feels like Mogatu,
here, are they for real, or does everybody
have delusions of adequacy, (grandeur is too
much to aspire to)


It's like listening to a fast talking , heavily reliant on graphics weatherman on tv--empty--at the end of the spiel you have no idea what tomorrow's weather will be.

hit and run

Greetings from Windsor.

What's worse than checking in to the hotel and the checker-inner saying,"the restaurant just closed".

I wasn't hungry coming in. But as soon as she said that,I can't think of anything but food.

At least she didn't say the bar was closing or I'd really be in trouble.


Reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons -

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