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January 03, 2011





The man has the face he deserves. As did Ernst Röhm.




Normally, somebody like America’s Worst Politician would elicit some sort of death threats or other eliminationist rhetoric, but Grayson isn't worth the price of a bullet.

Army of Davids

Worth watching right now...Obama's state of Illinois budget problems and muni bonds.

Illinois is first up on the state fiscal runway. California (Pelosi) is number two.

For good measure the state with the highest unemployment is Nevada (Reid).

Is it any wonder we are in this mess?


Here he is...Yikes! -

Lousy paper highlights lousy human being.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Steel toed cowboy boots? Is that for unionized cowboys somewhere? Damn things would cut your toes off if a horse or steer stepped on you.


Hmmm, apropos of the discussion on nutrition....maybe we should mail Grayson loaves of white bread & sacks of rice?


Good to see the back of Grayson for many reasons, including his support for attacking Iran--but then so does Dan Webster. Tony Karon has a good article re that. Seems Wikileaks has some interesting info to offer (excerpts):

Those working hardest to drum up support for bombing Iran's nuclear facilities suffered a significant setback last week, with the news that Tehran is currently not capable of building a nuclear weapon - and is unlikely to be for the next three years.

the recent news that Iran's nuclear programme is not the immediate peril that some suggest comes from an impeccably hawkish source: Israel's deputy prime minister, the former general Moshe Yaalon, who advocates military action to stop Iran getting hold of the bomb.

A US diplomatic cable in 2005 released by WikiLeaks quoted an Israeli government official as warning US officials to take Israeli time-lines on Iranian capabilities with a pinch of salt. The cable quotes a senior Israeli foreign ministry official as noting wryly that his government, in 1993, had "predicted that Iran would possess an atomic bomb by 1998 at the latest".

"The best estimates at this time place Iran between three and five years away ..." the current Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in 1995. ... Ehud Barak ... then foreign minister, warned members of the UN Security Council in February 1996 that Iran would have nuclear weapons within eight years. The then prime minister Shimon Peres in April 1996 put the timeline at just four years.

...when those deadlines were passed with no sign of Iranian nukes, Israeli leaders simply updated their time-lines. In February 2009, Mr Netanyahu told a US Congressional delegation that Iran is "one to two years away" ... in June of the same year Mr Barak told US legislators that the world had "between 6 and 18 months" to stop Iran ...

Israel's voters have been told, to quote Mr Netanyahu in 2006, that "it's 1938 and Iran is Germany".

A little over a year ago, Mr Barak said publicly that "Iran does not constitute an existential threat against Israel," adding that "Israel is strong, I don't see anyone who could pose an existential threat."


Hey, he's being touted as a potential primary challenger in 2012, thanks to his strong support of international terrorism. I could imagine that pushing Obama right over the precipice, to the point that he felt he had to remind Grayson's base of his own anti-military credentials and their race guilt. It would go something like this:

A not-quite-sober Obama calls a spur of the moment press conference to announce he's withdrawing all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan because "no mujahadeen ever called me 'n*gger'". Then he starts giggling and shadow boxing at the podium. Then he says, "Muhammad Ali. Man had two Muslim names, they didn't give him shit about it." More shadow boxing, then, "I could have taken Ali. Or Tyson. That bulk makes'em slow, see? And I'm fast." Throws a big, slow, right haymaker into the air, knocks himself off balance, falls into the lap of the MSNBC correspondent in the first row, and mumbles "Hail to the Champ, baby" before passing out. And, scene.

Danube of Thought

I pray most earnestly that that pig runs for president.


You're not concerned that it could make Obama look moderate and sane?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Maybe Obama can replace Biden with Grayson. What a team!!

Dave (in MA)

http://iowntheworld.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/puk2.jpg>Speaking of Grayson, I thought this was one of the funnier entries.


I'm so glad they didn't mention that he went to Bronx Science.

And how about those kids' names, Stone and Storm?
But if he had a kid named Willow or Track or Trig they'd be all over it.


the man would look lovely in a brown ensemble circa 1933.


You're not concerned that it could make Obama look moderate and sane?

Yup. Obama has to be praying for a primary challenge from the left.


I want to know what their name was before his father changed it to Grayson. Why would Grayson not want to tell us what it was?


Oh, good grief! Fox News has hired John Roberts to be a "senior national correspondent!" He is "engaged" to Kyra Phillips, a particularly nasty lefty who is still will CNN.

::imitation here of famous Sue eyeroll::


will = with


He really does plumb the levels of raw stupidity, less rare than unobtanium, I should affirm I'm referring to Grayson
not Roberts, another dreaded import from
South Florida.

“What did the environmentalists see over the last two years?” he asked. “A proposed monumental increase in subsidies for nuclear power industry and offshore drilling.”

As for gay voters, he said: “What they got to see was a judge order that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ no longer be enforced and a Democratic president appeal that decision. That is what that constituency saw before Nov. 2.” (The law was repealed in the final hours of the 111th Congress.)

Comanche Voter

A loudmouthed plaintiff's lawyer who grew up in the Bronx! What a surprise! What a putz!

Danube of Thought

Obama has to be praying for a primary challenge from the left.

It didn't help LBJ or Carter. And getting one from the right didn't help Bush I.


Oh, you're a tough guy, Alan?

Ooooh, you're from the Bronx. How scary.


I see Grayson as the left's Rush. I respect him much more than I do the Blue Dogs and RINOS whose principles don't extend beyond their own self-interest.


He's like Dean without that conflicting particle of sanity, which means he will be
in New Hampshire before long.


He sort of typifies the sewer-rat type of NYC refugee that runs for Congress in the Sunshine State. Ron Klein [defeated by the stalwart Allen West] and Debbie Wassermann Schultz are two more Marxist NYC refugees infecting the Florida body politic.

You don't have to have great wealth to see that the Demonrats' class warfare language is un-American and incites loons to crime---which Demonrats are predisposed to in the first place by their self-victimization vibe.

Read The Wedge to see how Anatoly Golitsyn's predictions made in 1984 in New Lies for Old [great year for Reagan and to point out the total evil of the Demonrats!].

These FL maggots are just a few of the specimens in the S. Florida landing zone for Marxist urban blight flight.

Captain Hate

He's like Dean without that conflicting particle of sanity

And a prescription pad; never forget that when you see him gimlet-eyed with a sheen of sweat on his skin for the Sunday gab shows.


True. I'm hoping he has to fend off someone from his right, as long as that person doesn't win.


Steyn is taking up Couric's idiocy from this weekend's thread.


Well this is a little awkward you think, in the LUN


Oh, good grief! Fox News has hired John Roberts to be a "senior national correspondent!" He is "engaged" to Kyra Phillips, a particularly nasty lefty who is still will CNN.

::imitation here of famous Sue eyeroll::Wasn't Kyra miked up in the girl's loo when she bragged about her 'understanding hubby' a while back?

Wasn't Kyra miked up when she was in the girl's loo last year when she bragged about her 'understanding hubby?' I guess the marxist scagscum needed to trade him in for the current model, a ratter-out of a priest when he was an altarboy, supposedly.

CNN has gone to the toilet so often on air that Kyra's restroom gig is symbolically the perfect metaphor for their default broadcast mode.


So this Grayson cat has...progeny? [Shudder] If there's any cosmic justice, they'll join the service and cause their dad an aneurysm. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Al Asad


Any original thoughts?

Your co-dependency on Instapusillanimous
for links and ideas is becoming pathological

Dennis D

Interestiing fact

Grayson was ranked as the 11th-wealthiest member of Congress in 2010, based on financial disclosure forms with a minimum net worth of $31.41 million, according to Roll Call.[78] Grayson disclosed his attorney fees and costs for the war contractor case exceeded $4 million.[8][10]

Frau Steingehirn

"Grayson was ranked as the 11th-wealthiest member of Congress in 2010, based on financial disclosure forms with a minimum net worth of $31.41 million, according to Roll Call." (wiki)

Jeez! Is he an Avon associate on the side?

Dave (in MA)

No, he's just a war profiteer.


Is he an Avon associate on the side?

He was president of a company that grew to be worth over a billion dollars by - are you ready for this? - helping people bypass inefficient government monopolies to save money through the American free* market.

Now, through the rabbit hole, here's the New York Times talking about the problems faced by Alan Grayson's company:
Perhaps not surprisingly, International Discount Telecommunications has had a difficult time recruiting customers. Potential foreign users are fearful of offending their national phone companies, because they presumably could cut off all service or othewise make life difficult.

Even current customers are quite wary. One telecommunications manager at a major corporation with overseas branches, insisting on anonymity, said he feared that the national phone company would learn about his arrangement with International Discount Telecommunications.

"You gotta understand my position," the executive said. The national phone company "would be very angry."

You'd think he wouldn't have had a chance with the progs after stealing all that money from the governments that provide phone subsidies to widows and orphans overseas, but he redeemed himself by suing a defense contractor during the Iraq war.
*"free" in early 90s telecom being a relative term, but still as usual a damn sight better here than most other places.


Well, if the Repubs are unsuccessful in repealing Obamacare, Grayson should be able to at least double his net worth with a new company to help Americans avoid another government monopoly; one he voted to install.


An example of the high cost of those who fight
this war, in the LUN


Great Link, Narciso.


Narciso's link reminded me of this story, in the LUN


Grayson is a coward masquerading as a tough guy/blowhard. I guarantee I can wipe that smirk off his face.

Bill Johnson

I disagree, Neo. Even if the politician in question isn't worth the price of the bullet, one less politician is, one less democrat is, onel less jackass is...

And it puts the others on notice - 'pour encourager les autres'

I'll pay for the bullets...


Speaking of violence...

Richard Cohen has a thoughtful article today: How Little Today's U.S. Knows of War. Excerpts:

[Big Delete - click the link, otherwise]


Steel toed boots is a very "down low" homosexual accessory. Kind of a southern version of chaps, chains, collars, and whips. You mentioned Ernst Rohm (also a promiscuous homosexual) tellingly.


A face to make you wax nostalgic for Nixon's. Actually looks kind of like Dick, but 80 ponds heavier with a retired boxer's refinements.


Oh, please, please try to kick me with your little cowboy booties Mr. Grayson. Please.

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