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January 05, 2011




Actually, the administration's response rings true. Major policy proposals like this should appear in proposed form before being put into a final regulation. Now, if the administration does not put out the counseling as a proposed rule, we'll know that fear of Sarah's twittering fingers has struck again.

Lord Whorfin says Smoke the Damn Cigar!

What's that expression- "running around pissing on forest fires" ??


Gibbsy's out. Can hardly wait for his tell-all.


Pathetic. Lies upon lies upon lies. I thought I was thoroughly jaded about politicians, but this fascistic crew never fails to create room for even more cynicism. The plan is obvious, destroy the insurance companies, force the people to accept a single payer, and then exempt the political insiders from single payer rules that apply ro the rest of us. The Single Payer Nazi will yell, "NO END OF LIFE CARE FOR YOU!!!" meanwhile Barry O and Secy Sebalius and their families will slide in through the back door to get any healthcare they desire.Just like back in the days of the USSR the Central Committee members lived in swank Dachas in the hills outside Moscow, while the population queued up for black bread and sardines. The BHO crew are totalitarian would-be masters. There is nothing else left to say.

Lord Whorfin says Smoke the Damn Cigar!

Actually, NK there is one thing left to say: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Can hardly wait for his tell-all.

Still waiting for his tell-any.

Tom Bowler

Where is the trust now?

Not here. But there never was any to begin with.


Can hardly wait for his tell-all.

You'll probably be waiting a while.


We have the video of Speaker John Boehner's opening remarks to the US House of Representatives posted now on Common Cents....



One would have to assume he was aware,of what was going on and 'those are facts not in evidence'.


Every time the Administration is caught, they say it's "a distraction". I bet it is.


Come on, guys. You mean to tell me there's no market for book by a condescending, bullying mendacious, pissant who worked in the WH? Oh wait, Dreams of My Father has already been published.


Entre nous: consider my missing comma a yin to narciso's wandering comma's yang. ;)


@ NK Yep, the Central Committee keeps issuing ukases while the rest of actually are waiting for our so-called elected officials to make laws. We elected them, but Cass Sunstein and the Czars are in the back room revising and expanding them in their Kremlin towers.


This was not the (final regulation) that I knew.

Oh, we are truly headed back to the campaign days.


And the Axelturfers had the gall to say that "end of life counseling" was a Bush rule they were carrying out.


Rush talked about this today, and in the process he talked up Sarah Palin.

He didn't do that last time around for anyone. He went after McCain, which ended up making him look a little weak after McCain won, but he didn't come out for anyone in the primaries. I wonder if he has rethought that strategy.

Rob Crawford

Major policy proposals like this should appear in proposed form before being put into a final regulation.

Actually, major policy proposals like this should:

1) Be outside the scope of the federal government.

2) If the feds feel the impulse to intervene, should start as bills before Congress.

It's long past the time for Congress to cease delegating its Constitutional powers to the Executive.

Rob Crawford

Gibbsy's out. Can hardly wait for his tell-all.

And risk his career at one of the major networks?

Feh. He'll hire Kos to write a book that consists of nothing but obscenities and accusations of Republicans being gay.



I won't consider this "end of life" issue done with until Kirsten">http://bigjournalism.com/sahiller/2011/01/02/kirsten-powers-fesses-up-the-hill-politico-silent-on-truth-about-bush-veto-override/">Kirsten Power's lies about it again.


Ugh, daddy, then again you would think after Megyn Kelly 'wiped the floor with her' she might have learned something.

That Kean book is really the best science book
I've seen in a long time. The David Hahn story, (don't try this at home) was kind of sad. The Curie-Langevin story, was quite interesting. Even our old friend Tycho Brahe
makes an appearance.



It was a darn good and informational read wasn't it. I've 100 more pages to go, but if we have a wide-open weekend thread this weekend, I believe I've got a project for glasater that that book inspired.

And haven't gotten to the section on bubbles in beer, but hopefully in a couple hours I'll get to it. (Tho' I may not be sober when I get to it because tonight they are deadheading me commercially on China Southern Airlines---in coach---Ai-yi-yi! (Think that ordeals gonna' require a whole lot of Tsingtao. Ughh.)

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