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January 20, 2011


Dave (in MA)
Both drivers and pedestrians are increasingly distracted by cell phones and other portable electronic devices.
Danube of Thought


J. Biden

"This is a big fucking deal!"


((...and road design among them – seem to be considered possible explanations for the slight reversal in trend.))

I'd bet road design. Probably some weerd new pomo road design models out there, tributary to the same river of thought as pomo financial innovation, fashion innovation, moral innovation, marriage innovation, etc.

Rob Crawford

Chubby -- my favorite was seeing a "new, innovative, snarl-free" intersection design come across some website last week. I immediately recognized it as the idea used on Telegraph Road in Detroit, which is none of the features described above. In the comments on the item, other people recognized it from other places.


I predict that sometime in the next two weeks Bloomberg will propose a law requiring pedestrians in NYC to wear helmets and flack vests.


Well, if Bloomy does not do something about the Dept. of Sanitation, this will be common attire for all public service unions here.


Of course, it would make a lot more sense to look at proportional changes and it would be even better to know something about the age of the victims.

Or the age of the drivers.

Frau Steingehirn

This won't be a problem after the Singularity.

Thomas Collins


Baby Shacks and Iafrate busted for shaking down Providence strip clubs. See LUN.

I think the federales don't understand. In Providence, this is the equivalent of the government enforcing collection of regular fees levied for the privilege of doing business!


I'm blaming Michelle and the hell with the others.


The increase is statistically insignificant.

Increased walking is bound to lead to increased pedestrian deaths, just as increased bicycle riding is bound to lead to increased bicyclists deaths. What we don't know is the number of lives saved due to the health benefits of walking/cycling.


Blue states run by Dems have the biggest budget shortfalls. To save money, students must now walk farther to more centralized bus pick-up spots, making them more vulnerable to being hit by a car or kidnapped by a predator. Obama's oil drilling ban and rising diesel prices make the situation worse.


So OT it probably doesn't belong on any thread, but this breaking news just came across Twitter:

Gabon officials seize one of the largest hauls of illegal ape, chimpanzee parts in central Africa - BBC

It had a link, which I am simply to squeamish to click on. All I could think was . . . ape parts??? WTH?


I immediately recognized it as the idea used on Telegraph Road in Detroit, which is none of the features described above.

Telegraph Road runs as slow and congested as it sounds (compared to 21st Century Technology).


Well , Brainster, perhaps we could just use the Administration's formula for jobs "saved" to find the answer.

Rob Crawford

Telegraph Road runs as slow and congested as it sounds (compared to 21st Century Technology).

And for six months I commuted along it, from Southfield to Southgate.

Which, ironically, is from the northern 'burbs to the southern 'burbs.


RC, that reminds me of when we used to drive down to Columbus and get off at the exit labeled "East to Westerville."

Of course, in Detroit you go south to get to Canada.


And for six months I commuted along it, from Southfield to Southgate.

I grew up in Southfield, still have relatives there...


Gee, did anyone think that it's because there are TOO MANY FRICKIN CARS IN THE AREA AND NO MORE ROOM TO MOVE!

Thomas Collins

See LUN for an interesting post on the Volokh blog on a Fifth Circuit decision in an affirmative action case.


How many of the casualties were distracted by eating their ice cream cones and hauling a large caboose?


A major traffic artery in Berkeley CA was recently turned into a snarling mess of two lane angst thanks to what the "smart" Orwellian city planners refer to as "Traffic Calming." Doing their part to enhance civility I'm sure.


the "smart" Orwellian city planners

I still remember an article 15 years ago or so in the WSJ (I think) about city planners widening sidewalks in cities with dying downtown areas specifically to make traffic worse. The reasoning? Cities with lively downtown areas have traffic congestion, and they want to be more like those cities.

I kid you not.

Ric Locke

I dunno about the rest of the country.

Here, with $3 gas and wages kept low by unemployment (soon to get worse -- thanks, EPA!) there are more people walking because they can't afford to drive.

The Enterprise is a rowboat on the Reflecting Pool, and Spock's beard looks like S. F. B. Morse's. I don't know how I got here, and I want to go back.



The juice box kids have been flushed out. After a week of claiming that Sarah was responsible for the Tucson shootings, citing no evidence whatsoever, Media matters and Oliver Willis and who knows who else on journolist are criticizing me for blogging the bit about Michelle being responsible for pedestrian deaths because--get this--the man who made the charge could offer no evidence in support of that claim.


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