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January 17, 2011



Hmm, shouldn't that be "enjoyed his Martin Luther King day"? (or "his or her")? Or have we language dinosaurs lost that battle?


Tuxedo was expensive.Won lottery and Olympics,got to be Pres.

Danube of Thought

"His" works just fine. It's a synecdoche, and no one need be upset by it. On the other hand, yes: we've lost.


I was thinking all day about how peaceful those days were for MLK, say 1960-66, when Cronkite kept everyone informed and there was no vitriol in our nation. Selma, Little Rock, Birmingham. Peaceful days. Of course, Uncle Walter did not mention that the FBI was wiretapping King’s every move–that would have been upsetting.

There is a wonderful fable about a mouse dentist who fixes a fox’s bad tooth and while the fox is drugged, wires the fox’s mouth shut. You see, the mouse was not under an illusion that the fox would not return to his ways and eat the mouse, despite what the mouse had done.

MLK understood the nature of authoritarianism and treated it as it was. One must realize that Progressives are what they are and to treat them as rational or moderate or truthful is simply to ignore reality. You can be a snake handler. You just cannot forget what you are handing are snakes.

Army of Davids

The rent is too damn high.

do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments.
Friedrich August von Hayek

sammy small

It was great. No traffic going to or from work today.


And who can forget the love-ins known as the Watts riots?

“We’ve had some incidents where TSA authorities think that congresspeople should be treated like everybody else,” he said. “Well, the fact of the matter is, we are held to a higher standard in so many other areas, and I think we need to take a hard look at exactly how the TSA interact with members of Congress.”
We all know that Congresscritters are "special"
Elroy Jetson

Dr. King, a man who was under the microscope of the FBI (under democrat administrations), hated by so many segregationists (white democrats), was a man of courage. The "I have a dream" speech still sends chills up my spine, because he knew (I think) he was going to die soon.
Spokesman for so many other brave men and women- yes.
Had his own character flaws-yes
But a great American.

How many more mornings must we wake screaming in horror?

The nightmare is that the nation looked at the color of Obama's skin, and not at the content of his character.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Chris Matthews says old white people are racist. I think old white men like Matthews should speak for himself and leave the rest of out of it. Have you ever seen a white man more obsessed with race, than Chrissy?


The EPA issued new procedures today reducing the official procedure for cleaning up a broken CFbulb by 15 minutes … now down to 8 hours to clean up. The 3 page procedure indicates that the most dangerous time is the few minutes just after the breakage when the mercury vapor is released into the air while you are reading the cleanup procedure.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

>> an old white man like Matthews <<



Maybe his 'obsession' indicates Matthews is struggling with submerged feelings regarding the 'worth' of certain skin pigmentation. Hard to know of course, but we do know his leftist ideology is associated with varying degrees of mental confusion. He's allowed himself to be sucked into a distorted belief system that could only exist within a spiritual vacuum. The sad part is, he used to be a seemingly sensible, 'religious' fellow.

I'd like to know why exactly Chris pulled away from his moral upbringing. That seems to be about the same time he turned with a vengeance against the Right and started his race rants.


Watching the Australian Open and wondered:

Has the US offered any assistance (not money but helicopters, flood control, hospital ships) to Australia as they recover from the tremendous flooding down under? I haven't seen any reports of it.

JM Hanes

Old Timer:

Matthews took his finger out of his own dyke back in 2002 when he wrote Now Let Me Tell You What I Really Think. He decided that the previous Administration obscured his better angels with mushroom clouds in the run up to the Iraq invasion. He couldn't quite bring himself to blame his ostensibly hapless Prez, so he cast the convenient Mr. Cheney, whom he didn't like in the first place, as Rasputin to Bush's Alexandra, and he's been reality-free ever since.

Soylent Red

James Earl Ray? Sirhan Sirhan? Lee Oswald? Obviously triggered by that hater snowbilly Sarah Palin. Obviously.

OT - Back in Kuwait on the way back to AFG. R&R is over. Let the 94 day countdown to freedom commence.

Further OT - Any Kindle owners have to return theirs due to screen malfunction? Mine has flaked out and I need to figure out how to get it in on warranty, so if anyone has experience with that, please let me know.


Don't know why but JOM has been banned in Guangzhou again. (At least in the fancy Hotel we stay at).

What a bummer. Instapundit linked your posts twice TM but I couldn't access them. Nor Legal Insurrection, nor Anne Althouse, nor the PJ O'Rourke piece, nor Don Surber, nor Lucianne, nor a ton of other stories that looked interesting but wouldn't let me in.

Survived on Clarices Pieces at AT, on she and Charlie Tattling like crazy, and by whining to Jane at YouToo about those gawdawful Pat's (Pee-You they stunk up the place).

I wish you could figure out TM what you did to anger the Commies, and cut it out. 2 days in China with no JOM sucks:(

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I do not know anything about this site or the author (by Pen Johannson Editor, The Daily Pen), just find this interesting and he seems to go into detail in a very organized way:

Obama Originally Disqualified by Hawaii from Ballot

Is this new news, I don't follow the BC stuff that closely?


Amazing, Sara. This is the first I've heard of the two conflicting OCONs (Official Certification of Nomination).

So, from reading all of that, it's reported that the Democrat Party of HI specifically excluded language that Obama was legally eligible to be on the ballot, which would have disqualified him. Then the DNC overrides it with their own revised OCON, adding in as the last sentence, the legally eligible language (different from the original OCONs submitted to all states), thereby usurping the state's right.

"The Democratic Party of Hawaii included the explicit statement required by HRS 11-113(c)(1)(B) that the 2000 and 2004 candidates were legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution, but the DPH did not do the same for Obama."

So, there was definitely intent by the DPH to disqualify Obama.


It is both Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress who have put this country into $5 trillion debt. They should all resign and be criminally prosecuted.

Now, as I understand basic Federal Reserve (conglomerate of banks) operation, they print and issue the loans out of thin air and then the US taxpayers owe it to them plus interest. If Obama is illegitimate, so is his signature on the IOU.


((Chris Matthews says old white people are racist. I think old white men like Matthews should speak for himself and leave the rest of out of it.))

Keep lying Chrissy, as your lies become more and more outrageous, you'll eventually lie yourself out of a job.


Oh, it's $23 trillion in bailout costs. LUN.

The Imp

I really need a new thread for this, but just for a laugh, I Googled "Handsome Sheikhs" and the pics that came up looked a little effeminate, so I Googled "handsome sheiks who haven't slept with boys" and didn't get a single pic!

hit and run

Oh,http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/138341-cheney-obama-has-learned-from-experience-that-bush-moves-were-necessary>this will be a fine test of lefties' sincerity in their cries for civility:

President Obama has “learned from experience” that some of the Bush administration’s decisions on terrorism issues were necessary, according to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In his first interview since undergoing major heart surgery last July, Cheney said he thinks Obama has been forced to rethink some of his national security positions now that he sits in the Oval Office.

"I think he's learned that what we did was far more appropriate than he ever gave us credit for while he was a candidate. So I think he's learned from experience. And part of that experience was the Democrats having a terrible showing last election."

I'm sure heated rhetoric and wishing violence will play no part in the blogosphere over his comments. I believe we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of vitriol began to slow and our climate of hate began to heal.

Jack is Back!

Mornin' JOMers:

Regarding anything political in Hawai'i, as I understand from friends who live there and others who have lived there - there is a lot of anti-american mainland whiteman culture present. Very racial in terms of their "native born" and the mainland interlopers. Even whites born in Hawai'i to long lived families there feel it from the native stock. I have no understanding of their territorial history or that of getting statehood but I'll bet there are still insurgent currents visible that did not want either of those designations.


Can you imagine a govt website explaining why we need govt and explaining to the K-2 age group that someone has to lead the school and decide who gets to use the gym?


The federal govt pushes "innovative" programs in local schools that undermine academics so that gradually students become mindless and dependent on others and habituated to relying on instinct and emotion instead of facts and logic.

Then the govt points out it is needed to make any command decisions.



The World History Association is based out of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It is determined to develop theories shooting down any inherent superiority to Western culture.

They were behind those horrific revisions to the AP World History course that turned it into an anti-capitalist, environmental piece of propaganda with historical facts offered only as an example of the broader themes.

The College Board backed off as soon as knowledgeable people started contacting them asking . . .?

They were planning on rolling that out and implementing next fall without notice. Now the NYT story on the AP revisions says they will reform world history in 2014 or so.

Like it never happened.


Jmaes Clyburn: “Well, the fact of the matter is, we are held to a higher standard in so many other areas.."

I can't think of any group in America that breaks more laws with impunity and are less contrite when caught than the Congressional Black Caucus. Clyburn extorted his way into his newly created, pubicly funded, imaginary #3 job by threatening a Dem race war. So much for a higher standard.


Current pic at Drudge: Ear Leader, still trying to obscure the bow to Abdullah.

What a jerk, and I mean that in the most civil way.

Jack is Back!


Did you see the bit on Fox NYC about the Godfather house in S.I.? Greg Kelly interviewed the current owner who is son of the original, names Ed Norton (not the sewer rat)?? Couple of funny stories during the filming. Know where it is?



I have had two replaced. Not sure if overseas are handled the same way, but both times they sent me a brand-new Kindle overnight and had me return the old one within 30 days. They let you keep the new power adaptor (for the inconvenience, I suppose).

Stay safe & THANKS!


Heh. No, I just looked it up. It's on Todt Hill (pronounced Toad Hill by SIers), which is where Steven Segal and the great Kelly Lebrock of Weird Science used to live, if I'm not mistaken.


So, Cheney is being charitable, but Obama hasn't changed his attitude about the necessity of Gitmo, or the reasons for going
into Iraq. and he seems to entertain the kumbaya stunt for the SOTU, that was inferred by Meyers, so I'm not sue it's true.


Just got my morning AHLA update with the heading that referring to the health-care bill as "job killing" is a threat to the new tone of civility being urged in light of the Tucson shooting.

It then references stories on that point that led off the ABC and NBC evening news and an NYT article on point.

Ho coordination there.

Hard to get a group of health lawyers to see Obamacare as job killing.

Why where would the law be without a growing regulatory state?

Jack is Back!


Did not know it was for sale. Looks like it needs one of those ABC make-overs.

BTW, all this talk about China surpassing the US in everything from platform diving to military to currency of record is getting nauseating. If the MFM is wrong on right-wing rhetoric being vitriolic and leading to violence why can't they be wrong here? Is this the new meme that we are being taken over and we better get use to our new masters and emulate The Won and starting learning how to bow and curtsy? Is this the new truth? How come Zeitgeist didn't mention the Chinese as the fourth pillar?

I understand that after the State dinner HU tipped The Won $25 yuan.


China is more than likely Enron or AIG with generals, Fallowss wasn' able to get the story right with Japan, which was an earlier
example of a model, puffed up, specially by the industrialpolicy advocates in the Democrats inthe early 80s, btw, the Journolist is out, against Issa. telling him
not to look in the Ark, or else his face will melt like Belloq

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

WE are having another blizzard/ice storm - it sucks.

Has the US offered any assistance (not money but helicopters, flood control, hospital ships) to Australia as they recover from the tremendous flooding down under?

I've been wondering teh same thing Stephanie. Not a word from the WOn about it either.


NPR reported that, in honor of civility, Boehner has dropped "job killing" from the title and replaced it with "job destroying". heh


Oh and Hanson, the NASA apparatchik reveals he would prefer 'rule by decree' to deal with AGW, he said in China, so Friedman could hear

Rob Crawford

Oh and Hanson, the NASA apparatchik reveals he would prefer 'rule by decree'...

Then WTF is he doing working for a Constitutional Republic like the US? He shouldn't let the door hit him on the way out, and should be glad we're not in a tar-and-feathers mood.


We're not?


Oh and Hanson, the NASA apparatchik reveals he would prefer 'rule by decree' to deal with AGW, he said in China, so Friedman could hear

Posted by: narciso | January 18, 2011 at 09:08 AM

You have to understand that the entire AGW scam is about trying to establish that there are actualy, "physical limits to capital." Marx's entire logic was built on the idea that there is a limit to capital development. For the last century Marxist thinkings have been searching to explain how capital always seems to circumvent those limits. Now they think they have finally found it again. It is the ability of the Earth to physically absorb capital development. And when that proves not to be true, they will search for another limit to capital.


Beautiful. Rick and Melinda went broke betting against Obamanomics and now we have narco saying it's time to go short on China.
Is there anything JOM soothsayers can't get wrong?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

NPR reported that, in honor of civility, Boehner has dropped "job killing" from the title and replaced it with "job destroying". heh

So the left doesn't dispute the impact of the bill, they just don't like the title. I guess that is progress.

Melinda Romanoff


Jack is Back!


You think China has the goods on us then move there and in 24 hours let us know how you're doing.

Rob Crawford

The scum have been corrupt for at least half a century:

So the Kennedys turned to two crusading liberal columnists, Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson, who had been attacking Nixon for the past decade. It was "a journalistic atrocity" to conspire with "the Kennedy hawkshaws to help us get the goods on their opponent," Anderson admitted, but scoring a scoop to destroy Nixon was simply too tempting to pass up.



Haha, JiB, Daddy wrote recently JOM was blocked in China. Bubu won't be able to write on JOM from there! Double win.

Old Lurker

Let me know where to send the food stamps, Mel.


China's economy is going to collapse. Only problem with that is, who buys our debt?

Captain Hate

Anybody want to wager on the net worths of Rick or Mel being closer than the troll's to being "broke"?


The Fed already is, ha ha. I wonder if any money even changes hands when they do.

Danube of Thought

Kent Conrad won't run in 2012.

Melinda Romanoff

Don't give up your RFID tracking card just yet, OL.

Melinda Romanoff


You just made my week.

And, yes, that trumps last Sunday's fun.

Rick Ballard

"who buys our debt?"

Mad Ben is going to buy it all - it's part of a sooper secret plan devised by the best economic minds ever indoctrinated by the Ivy League.

You do know how to farm, weave and tan hides, right?

Old Lurker

Good riddance to Conrad. Now Lindsey Graham should withdraw as a courtesy in return.

Old Lurker

Rick, you can have the other half of my foodstamps.

Rick Ballard

Thanks, OL, that's a very generous offer. I don't really need them right now though, I'm managing to scrape by through paying close attention to decent coupon offers.


You do know how to farm, weave and tan hides, right?

No, & I am soooooo lazy. Most of these leftist followers have no idea the type of society their crap ideas will usher in. I love my car & washing machine. I love a store with lots of food in it. I love our heater. Awhile back some JOMers were listing their talents & skills so we could depend on each other. I think Soylent was gonna grow tobacco, so I'm gonna have to stick close to him.....


So, the Journolist is misrepresenting what she said on Hannity, and Newt tells her that
she must be a little more cautious with how she speaks, Really Newt?


Who will buy our debt? The world is about to realize that it actually needs to keep free riding on Uncle Sam and were very wrong to support this chucklehead for President,

Rob Crawford

I think Soylent was gonna grow tobacco, so I'm gonna have to stick close to him.....

You two need some help?

I know how to grow tobacco, too. Been a while, but knowing's half the battle, right?


Yeah Rob. Come on down. I can shoot, ride a motorcycle, & provide wisenheimer banter. I'm a good go-fer too. "Janet go fer some water for us"....that type of thing. Otherwise, I'm pretty useless. :(

Old Lurker

Somehow, Rick, I was certain you and Mel would be OK.


Oh good, Janet, Soylent and Rob, I missed that thread of talents. I've also been thinking about growing tobacco on our island.

I am also enamoured of the qualities of coconuts. I wonder if coconut palms and date palms can grow together.

Captain Hate

Neut's appearances on tv is a good way of illustrating there are too many news outlets.


Wouldn't it be fun to buy an island and make it our own country. We'd have no laws, we naturally do the right thing.


--Matthews took his finger out of his own dyke back in 2002..--

So does that make Chrissy one of those male-lesbians Rush occasionally mentions?

Old Lurker

I was watching them make glass on How it's Made last night and thought about taking notes. The night before it was steel, and before that, plastic and I was wondering how much of that knowledge would survive. Heck, it will probably take us a thousand years to figure when to plant seeds based on the stars...

But we can surely keep Janet in tobacco.


--Rick and Melinda went broke betting against Obamanomics...--

So 9.4% unemployment, record foreclosures and bankruptcies, $1.4 trillion deficits, anemic growth-most of which is just government transfer payments- and skyrocketing oil and other commodities is a winning bet for Obama and bubu?
Yeah, I guess the rest of us did lose the bet.

Old Lurker

Get with the program, BR. The Island is going to start with the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and some of the other amendments. You won't be able to vote without proving you read them and the Federalist Papers. That should work OK for a couple hundred years.


Re: the bow to China's Hu...

I knew this farmer who would put on his dirty bib overalls when going to his banker to get an operating loan.

Maybe Obama could do the same?

Soylent Red

Thanks Walter

You two need some help?

I dunno. How do you look in a white linen suit and string tie and how is your "Vuh-GIN-yuh" accent?

I plan on spending most of my time sitting out on the porch, drinking mint juleps, and organizing horse races. I'm going full Faulkner.

You may refer to me as "Cuh-null".

Jack is Back!

Hey, those old skills are still in fashion in some parts of the world. A few years back a house down the street from my wife's in Belgium got a new thatched roof. We walked down to watch them install it. She got the Master to talk about how he is doing in the business and he told us he was swamped and was training 4 men as apprentices and he had 6 others working for him. The hard part was growing, harvesting and storing for inventory. Not that many thatch farms anymore in Belgium, France and Holland.

Anyone know any good wheelwrights?

Rob Crawford

But we can surely keep Janet in tobacco.

If we can find seeds.

I can also brew wine, and possibly beer. Getting the barley malted is the tough part. If pressed, I could probably knock together a still, but I've never done that 'cos it's illegal and stuff.


Soylent, let us know if you do not get a replacement from Amazon.


I kind of can't believe we are about to have a big State Dinner for Hu. Especially so close to their horrid behavior to Obama's fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Will it be as ostentatious as the last 2? Club 1400 with Beyonce or The Black Eyed Peas? Will George Clooney be there to protest China's support of the Sudan? Will Richard Gere be there to represent the Dalai Lama? Will anybody ask Hu about his support for the persecutors of Aung San Suu Kyi? The failure of China to pressure North Korea in the wake of their provocations against our ally South Korea?

Will the Google guys be there?

Why is this State Dinner ok?

Jack is Back!


Hu have to ask?

Jintao know that he is our overlord and master of our universe?

Plus Obama thinks he reminds him of his father (pick one) the commie.


Ha! His father!

Bush was able to keep Jintao amused with only a lunch. I understand Obama is weak-willed, but I don't know why the press and usual human rights squawkers aren't squawking.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I can tend bar and garden. I prefer the former but will do the latter. Oh and I will do the radio broadcasts. I prefer that the most.


I have already applied to be Clarice's soux chef.


I want my thatched roof right next to Janet's so we can have a smoke together. I also know how to garden quite well - however, mostly ornamental rather than edible plants.

MayBee, MayBee, MayBee - why do you even ask anymore? The "press" and the "human rights sqawkers" are all for show. Their only purposes in life are to make Obama and all other left wing liberals look good (to themselves other left wing liberals).


Iowahawk, brings us 'CSI Tucson' don't have the link.

Rob Crawford

I also know how to garden quite well - however, mostly ornamental rather than edible plants.

Then you can top and cut the tobacco.


NPR reported that, in honor of civility, Boehner has dropped "job killing" from the title and replaced it with "job destroying".

I'd go with job slaughtering and say it is in honor of what's-her-name.

And Janet, you can always barter in the beauty salon.

Yes, back with the living. I was just so tired for the last three days. Must be the drugs.

It is realy not so dramatic. My break is the best I could hope for...the non-weight bearing fibula. Will mend quickly. And I know the drill cause it is my third broken leg.

Thank you all so much for the well-wishes.
JOM is a wonderful family. Of course my son came over Friday night and commented that there were good football games on so not to worry.

I was struck by the "God bless yous" from the skiers milling about as I was transfered from the gondola to the cart that took me to the clinic. Lots of kindness out there.


I was struck by the "God bless yous" from the skiers milling about as I was transfered from the gondola to the cart that took me to the clinic. Lots of kindness out there.

That's wonderful to hear. I really do love people.


Oh no-- I've missed why we are talking about special skills. I have none, so I suppose I'm worth keeping around so everyone feels better about themselves by comparison.


I have no idea what this site is, I only went there to get the picture. I saw it at MOTUS but couldn't get it to load so I googled it.

http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2011/01/george-washington-statue-hidden-in-box.html>George Washington Statue hidden in box.

Mustn't offend the NAACP by having them look at a statue of the father of our country.


I can shoot, ride a motorcycle, & provide wisenheimer banter.

I'd like to think I could be taught to shoot and ride a motorcycle.


I'm pretty good at drinking beer. Not much else, though.



Why do you want to shoot a motorcycle?


That's some link, Sue.


I've missed why we are talking about special skills. I have none,
I'm pretty good at drinking beer. Not much else, though.

It looks like Maybee & Sue will be on go-fer duty with me.

But we can surely keep Janet in tobacco.

Um... err..I smoke quite a bit, so I don't think we can assume that. :(


Just don't send me for the beer. I might not make it back.


MLK could expose the hatred, hostility and anger of racists simply by talking about brotherhood (sisterhood) of humankind and justice. He was sort of like Sarah Palin.


From Sue's link -


Wow, Caro, your third! So, we'll have to buy an island with a high mountain. In the valley we'll grow grapes for wine, on the slopes we'll grow coffee and tobacco and on top there'll be snow for Caro to ski on.


Btw, speaking of genius moves, who told Baby Doc, it was a good idea to visit Haiti
now, how do you say 'Here's your sign' in Creole.

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