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January 01, 2011


(Another) Barbara

Or if GCBC is too daunting (although it won't be for JOM readers), you can also order Tom Naughton's documentary "Fat Head," through Netflix or very reasonably priced on Amazon. It explains via very clever animation how insulin works and why carbs make us fat, and it is also hilarious. It also reveals the follow-the-money politics behind the government's food pyramid and its promotion of products that are the very worst for us.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

I had typed out "(Another) Barbara", then decided I wasn't sure. Thanks again :)

Jim Ryan

Thanks, Bill.

Army of Davids

Supply Sider,

I saw China had the top OECD scores on math and science (US in the bottom 3rd). I always question snapshot rankings.

I don't claim to have answers. But I do see huge problems in the public education K-12. And the unions seem to fight any kind of reform at every step.

I tend to agree w/ your philosophies....I think Mississippi might be the perfect state to target.


I wonder why Haley Barbour is has not been on top of this.

Barb,I think I will get the book,too. Remember to click the Amazon link on the top right,everyone.


AoD, pretty sure "Supply Sider" is a mock right winger alias of the troll from Assclownistan. If so then any sense the posts made was either accident or snark.



Blame the "Food Pyramid" the US government worked up in the 1970's.

Treehugger liberals got their hands on that and things have gone downhill from there.

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