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January 02, 2011



School budgets are the problem? You mean they are so large that the schools don't know what to do with all the money?

Jack is Back!

But those 320lb linemen can run faster than your 160lb half-backs when you were a young man. Most of that weight is muscle and not fat. Fast twitch muscles too. If you saw yesterday's Florida game you saw the Gator's center Mike Pouncey lead blocking on sweeps and he was just as quick as the back running with the ball. Pouncey weighs in around 335lbs. But is he obese? Both Obamas are more obese than he is - one has a fat ass and the other a fat head. I'll leave it to you to figure out which one is which.


Notice how any discussing of weight in the media starts with the statistic... "50% of Americans(or any group) are overweight or obese".... So which is it? Are they overweight or obese? There's a huge difference between having to shed 10 or 20 lbs and being obese.


So who can steer¹ me in the right direction on an eliptical?

I am looking at the Healthrider 95e, the NordicTrack 990, and the Livestrong l0.0E.² They seem to feel the same to me, but She-Who-Maintains-My-Heartrate-With-Her-Mere-Presence hasn't liked any machine since the steppers of the early '90s.

And does Tom get 7% of the sale if I use the Amazon box above? Amazon seems to be pricier than the big boxes, but it would be good to know if all else is equal.
¹Could have been a pun with stationary bikes. Jan 2 and already missing opportunities.
²I'm 6'2 and she is 5'5, if it matters.


(( I blame the NFL. ))

if it's the NFL's fault, thank your lucky stars Sumo wrestling isn't a national sport


I'm thinking of all the eating disorders that MO is going to inculcate in young minds, making the situation worse rather than better. Used to be that we called it baby fat, now days it's a national emergency.


Obesity and overweight are correlated with income and education, and are surely a problem in the black community.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that the social pressure to not be obese has slowly gone away. Michelle Obama is trying to introduce it, but with out introducing it introducing it.
If you live in an area where a lot of the kids are heavy, there just isn't going to as much incentive for any one kid to not be heavy, too. Kids follow what they see modeled by adults as well as other kids.

Charlie (Colorado)

Notice how any discussing of weight in the media starts with the statistic... "50% of Americans(or any group) are overweight or obese".... So which is it? Are they overweight or obese? There's a huge difference between having to shed 10 or 20 lbs and being obese.

The skinny ones are overweight, the heavier ones are obese. What they're really saying is a BMI > 25.

Danube of Thought

I remember when Les Bingaman was the only guy int the NFL over 300 pounds. And most guys didn't wear face masks. Ah, what men we were then...

The guy who ran the kickoff back to the 5 yard line for the Patriots weighs about 320.

Rick Ballard

"Kids follow what they see modeled by adults as well as other kids."

If they're following the First Lunch Lady they don't see anything but the WIDE LOAD sign. She's deep into giving direction - not setting examples.

Ask BOzo.


I'd bump safe outdoor playgrounds way up on the list, but how popular would a law and order message be in the community which most needs safe outdoor playgrounds?

Do Tea=Baggers shill for the Status Quo?

France’s Le Monde Names Assange Man of the Year (Hot Air)

More than a few eyebrows were raised recently when Time Magazine chose to honor Mark Zuckerberg as their 2010 person of the year. While many found more worthy choices on their full list – from the Tea Party to the Chilean miners – one common theme emerged around many kitchen tables: at least they didn’t go with Julian Assange. (Though interestingly enough, their own online survey of readers found the Wikileaks honcho at number one by a wide margin.)

Well, that decision clearly didn’t sit well with some individuals across the pond and France’s Le Monde Magazine has decided to set things to rights by bestowing that title on Assange. (Note: link goes to the original article in French.)


Walter, stay away from treadmills.">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7SOOg-5LBg&feature=related">treadmills.


I'd bump safe outdoor playgrounds way up on the list, but how popular would a law and order message be in the community which most needs safe outdoor playgrounds?

That's the thing. There are so many complications.
In many areas, organized sports- even for little kids- are highly competitive. When you're in an area where every parent thinks their kid is the next Ken Griffey Jr, participation by kids who are bigger or slower isn't encouraged (and takes a lot of self esteem!).
So you need safe outdoor areas for un-organized play, but that can be limiting because kids of a certain age don't want to teeter-totter any more, and kids of a certain size aren't going to get into a pickup basketball game.
Things like running around in the woods and catching tadpoles are great exercise that don't take particular skill, but aren't necessarily available to urban kids.
I personally wish this White House weren't so dead set against video games. Some encourage couch potato-ness, but some actually get people moving. They can be played in a safe environment with no real qualifications needed.

Danube of Thought

I'm with Calvin Coolidge: Normal people take care of themselves.


Woody Allen saw it coming. [28 second video]


All ellipticals are great. Im using 3 different types. I guess I like the ones with the ski pole thingys.

It is common for high schools, even very small schools to have 300lb average offensive lines. Their speed is very surprising if you don't see many high school games. And off you haven't, then do!


But for most kids I would guess that the problem is school budgets and a dearth of safe outdoor play areas, rather than individual motivation.

Did I read this right? It can't be because their parents aren't bringing them to the existing playgrounds (or letting them play in their own yards) - and are filling them with high-sugar, high-fat, high-carb food? Instead we just need to increase school budgets and build more safe playgrounds and kids will be less fat?

Who knew that the solution was soooo easy? We just need to get the government more involved!

TM, you amaze me. Truly.


I really disagree about ellipticals being great. I find that it is very hard to keep up your intensity with them. Most people using ellipticals in health clubs are going so slowly it is not doing much of anything for them. LUN


I think part of it is the hyper-safety mentality, which puts a lot of limits on what kids can do, since they can't just run outside anymore. I used to be out the door five minutes after getting home from school, where we'd play baseball or football in the street, or just run around the neighborhood, and only go back in for dinner. Now it's arranged play dates with helmets and padding. That's if there's any time after all the make-work homework that's a complete waste of time. I don't remember having homework until high school.


So you need safe outdoor areas for un-organized play, but that can be limiting because kids of a certain age don't want to teeter-totter any more

True, but as an aside, there are no more teeter-totters on modern playgrounds. Too dangerous. ;)

I saw something amazing at a small neighborhood park in south Florida over Thanksgiving. It was a pickup football game. All boys of a certain age - probably mostly 8-12 year olds with a teenager or two, and a young girl who was dejectedly watching because they wouldn't let her play.

The amazing thing was that there was not a parent in sight. Not one. I was so heartened I took a bunch of photos, to prove it happened.


Until I hit the mid-40's, I was always underweight - like Sue, skinny, skinny, skinny. I am also what is called "small boned."

I was the reader in the family, while my brother and sister were outside being dare-devils. I could out eat almost all the men in the family. And then, I got older and my metabolism changed. I am still not fat, by any means, but could stand to lose or at the least lift up, about 15 lbs. I actually eat much less now, than when younger, although I have always eaten reasonably healthy.

So, I do believe one's genes play a significant role. However, one thing I have noticed since my late 20's early 30's is how many (usually women) very overweight or obese people I see at the stop-and-robs or the fast food joints with the super humongous "diet" soda. Many of them, are getting refills of their well used plastic cup (and I use the term "cup" loosely - it should be called "pitcher"). I wonder how many of these they drink a day? I have worked, at one job, with some folks who were never without that cup and never let it get empty.

I think "diet" sodas contribute to, rather than ease, much weight gain.


Yes, diet drinks make you hungry. After coming down with myasthenia gravis 18 months ago I have started working out at the gym. My muscle tone is way down and the elliptical machine gives me a good workout, increasing heart rate and getting ne winded. I am way out of shape and am lifting less weight than I use to. I hate the treadmill and stepper is tough on my knees. At first I was worn out for 2 days after a workout, now it is only one day. I have long way to go but I do see improvements.

Adrew X

I have pondered for some time what a positive effect it would have on society if all kids from fourth grade or so on up had to walk a mile or so to school each day. I walk a mile easy in 20 minutes, so it just is not that big a deal. It is relaxing and mentally beneficial, yout get a chance to think things through and the like, it would definitely foster a sense of independance, and thus maturity, that God knows we lack to an appalling level, and I cannot believe any downsides, such as crime or traffic concerns (which have some technical solutions not available to us even five years ago), outweigh the positives.

One of those simple things that could make a big difference.


Haven't a great many schools eliminated P E and/or recess? No P E, no recess, ride to school. Bussing, court-ordered or not, is an enormous expense, too.


Not me peter. Course I got that whole knee thing going on.


OK, Donald, if you get good use out of it, more power to you!


Bingaman was 6' 3" and I remember them calling him 298#. Looked like a mountain in the middle of the Lions' D line. Sadly, Les stroked out at age 44. R I P. Check out the related search names. If you know half of them, you're probably in my generation.

Related searches

* Les Bingaman Biography
* Leon Hart
* Tobin Rote
* Bobby Layne
* Bill Dudley
* Joe Schmidt
* Darris McCord
* John Henry Johnson

I played with a farm kid back home middle 50's who was All State at center and DT at 6' 9" between 285 and 315#. Not just a freak. He could run and jump, played center on varsity basketball. Never went to college!

Army of Davids

I'm out here in Los Angeles (but grew up in the Southeast)....LA has a K-12 that is simply horrible.

Last I heard California is the second worst K-12 in the US and I understand Mississippi is the worst.

A challenge to Haley Barbour and Republicans in Mississippi?

If he wants to be a serious contender for president in 2012 maybe Mississippi can take on conservative, libertarian, creative solutions to improving their K-12. It is the perfect place to start when looking for solutions to a problem that will weigh on our future more than any other in this posters humble opinion.

Still..."Waiting for Superman"


I've been mowing my own lawn for over 50 years since I had two daughters, no sons. So I notice these things....

I haven't seen a kid mowing a lawn in the last 15-20 years. And there's a glimpse into the problem, right there.



My fifteen year old daughter mows our lawn and the next door neighbors. Just saying....:)

Happy New Year JOM! Missed all of you and hope 2011 brings us all some joy and justice. (Out with the hopey-changey carp).

Where the heck is JMH?

Oh, one more thing, Tom Maguire is my favorite!!!!!!!!!
It feels like I just returned to "Home Sweet Home". ::wink::


Or shoveling snow,LouP. Right you are.


I live on a small circle with eight houses. I help the single moms (we call it Divorce Court) by snowblowing their driveways but only the ones that don't have teenage boys. I am amazed that in seven years I have never seen a teenage boy out shoveling snow. That's four of the houses. At none of the houses have I ever seen a teenage boy mow the grass.

Parents are enablers.

I should mention that my stepson has never mowed, shoveled, snowblowed or taken out the trash. For me, if I have to ask for it I don't want it.


Consider a culture that thinks being overweight is not only desirable but ideal:
study the folks at ghetto myspace to find the reality that everyone's theorizing about-


Lazy parents is the biggest issue.


"That's if there's any time after all the make-work homework that's a complete waste of time."

You just hit one of my hot buttns. Our oldest's 5th grade teacer has them doing scrapbooking! Scrapbooking? Really? WTF os that about. She's been out the last month after having a baby, and it has been bliss. All the parents are dreading today. Te planning for the revolt is startimg.


ditto Pofarmer when my 2 were in elementary school. The dreaded diorama!


A huge (and easily-documented) change in the American diet is in frequency of eating out. A fast-food meal consists of a serving of meat (the burger), 3-5 servings of bread (the bun is two plus the fries are worth two or three servings), and maybe 1/2 a serving of veggie/fruit when you total lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions.

I suspect that most people didn't eat that way at home before and don't now. Even big home portions would be meat, starch, veggie on the plate, salad in the salad bowl, milk to drink. Not five servings of starch for one serving of meat.

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