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January 20, 2011



cooking tips,

see chapter 3, "the eulusive benefits of exercise" (elusive as far as weight control is concerned)


Only clinical Harvard-educated retard could say that white bread and white rice are somehow different source of carbs than whole-grain or brown rice.

My understanding is that they do differ in terms of "glycemic load"--the impact on blood glucose levels. Not always a huge difference, but brown rice supposedly has about a 25% lower GL than white rice. I say this at the risk of being labeled a "Harvard-educated retard."

Steven H.

The two times I've actually done a full Atkins diet, I've gained a considerable amount of weight. However, cutting out sugar and increasing fiber has helped me -- not to lose weight, but at least to stop gaining it.

The only time I've involuntarily lost weight is when I had jobs where I was on my feet all day. Strict calorie-counting / portion control works, but I never can stick with it very long.


A question for both Taubesites and the Fumentotarians:

For someone who is trying to lose weight (not eat healthy but ONLY lose weight), is 200 calories from a sugary breakfast cereal exactly the same as 200 calories from a slice of wheat bread with some peanut butter on it?


I'm an Atkins novice, rrsafety, but you might want to
compare the net carbs
(total carbs minus fiber carbs) in your cereal(+milk?) with that in your bread and pb.

Jay, beltway

So the government, which (for our health!) recommends the food pyramid, whole grains, vegetable oils, and demonizes eggs and meat was totally wrong?

Maybe they shouldn't be running health care then!

Jay, beltway

PS, olive oil breaks down at high heat into AGEs. Use butter or coconut oil for high heat cooking. Yes, butter.

see also:


is 200 calories from a sugary breakfast cereal exactly the same as 200 calories from a slice of wheat bread with some peanut butter on it?

My sense from reading about it is that the practical answer is "no," because 200 relatively empty calories will leave you wanting and needing more. Whether you care about the health aspect of it or not, the signals you will get from your body will push you to care. Even if it were strictly true that only calories matter (and I think that's not the case for reasons Taubes and others discuss), if you waste calories on junk you will more than likely end up consuming more overall.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

rrsafety, here's a stab at it from my reading of Taubes and various related blogs:

The PaNu answer: chuck both breakfasts and use 200 calories of full cream in your coffee.
The nearly 100% animal fat will provide the energy you need, satiate hunger, and won't spike insulin.

Now, between the two breakfasts, the sugary one is likely worse. The glucose from the sugar and from the cereal (refined starch) will spike insulin. The fructose from the sugar (sugar = 1/2 glucose + 1/2 fructose) will convert in the liver to a ride for fats that get deposited in cells that the insulin spike opened up to receive fat.

The fat in the peanut butter will somewhat temper the glucose spike from the easily converted starches in the bread, and the combo of peanut butter and bread will have far less fructose for the body to deal with.

One result from either breakfast is that the insulin spike will cause you to be hungry later, so you will "need" to eat again - again, the sugary breakfast will make it worse due to bigger spike for the body to deal with.


Use butter or coconut oil for high heat cooking. Yes, butter.

Absolutely. Yes, butter. It's good for you. Full of good fats, contrary to popular myth.

(Another) Barbara

Yes, butter. It's good for you. Full of good fats,

Or Nutiva brand coconut oil, which is so delicious I can eat it out of the jar with a spoon (if nobody's looking!)


Intermittent fasting.

I do it 2 days a week, and have managed to break the "couple of pounds a year" cycle I was on for 20 years.

I don't lose, but I'm not gaining either, and it's trivial: I eat breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday, and then eat or drink nothing with ANY calories until next morning. The other five days of the week, I eat whatever I want, including sitting on my ass watching a football game and stuffing my face with -horror of horrors!-... sugary drinks and SNACKS! Eating that way had me pushing 250 3 years ago.

I can't really say that I could lose weight by doing it every other day (the usual recommendation) but I'm pretty sure that I could. My 35# loss was accomplished the hard way - open heart surgery (my arteries are fine, had a bad valve), but it has kept it off.
I've managed to stay between 210 and 215 for two and a half years doing this.

For more info, use your google-fu.


Taubes has a new blog

Clarice, I think we may totally agree on this. The products you mentioned, along with low carb pita bread and wraps make carb reduction easy.

Never had a problem with weight. I eat low carb because I had insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)...had is the operative word here. Blood sugar is fine now.

Mostly eat real food, but there are easy to find low carb recipes for treats...I make brownies, ice cream, chocolate cookies, crackers, cake...all low carb and taste high carb.

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