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January 13, 2011


Dave (in MA)

http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2011/01/12/evergreen_solar_to_cut_800_jobs_as_it_tries_to_compete_with_china>"Together We Can" watch Deval give $58M in government subsidies to a "green" company that decides to whack 800 jobs and move them to China, where they get, er, government subsidies.

Danube of Thought

Blown coverage by one of the editors.



Would you please quit politicizing politicization?


It's usually the other way--esp. in the Style Sections and mags directed at women--Normally it would read
“I didn’t set out to make cheese graters,” Mr. Grace, an engineer by education, said recently. In 1977, he moved north to Michigan from this town 75 miles northwest of Little Rock because he wanted to pay more taxes than that evil Bush and his Republican cohorts thought a rich guy should pay. He also thought the import of cheap cheese hurt local farmers and felt his graters would help the blesses locavore farm movement in Michigan, With every grater, you can buy hand delivered by bike a block of organic cheese grown no more than 100 yds from the plant."


Clarice, how can I grow cheese in my backyard garden?


What they did not report was the government's plan for a new, high technology town in central Massachusetts to combat imported cheese graters, which will be named by Comissar Napolitano, Graterograd.

The Five Year Plan is to develop an automatic solar powered cheese grater fully compliant with all proposed EPA and FDA regulations as well as the Kyoto,Copenhagen,Cancun, Los Cabos,and Cozumel, and Disney Cruise Line Protocols as well as California emissions and low flow water usage requirements.

The 220 page manual will be printed on recycled CFR paper or available as an iPhone app for $36.54.


FOX (Meghan Kelly) is reporting that Speaker Boehner is being criticized from various voices on the Left for not going to the Memorial Service in Tucson and that he needs to apologize for that.


I'm heartened that Lincoln Chafee sez his decision to ban State Employees from speaking on Talk Radio is entirely non-political. Wish Rush would call him up on air and congratulate him for that bit of brave non-politicization, except unfortunately Linc would have to put himself in jail if he answered the phone.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Oh please. These people seriously need to get over themselves.

Dave, according to Dick today, Marsha Coakley is suing under the contract with the solar company to get our money back. I wonder what that will cost.

Jack is Back!

Next up, cooking tips from Debroah Solomon (her recipe for pulled chicken using BDS in lieu of MSG) and after that Matt Bai on Frank Bruni's expense account - does it violate Randy Cohen's ethical restaurant reviews policy?

Jack is Back!

Regarding growing cheese, we have a Learning Institute at our club where a retired psychologist who went to St. John's in Annapolis does a "great books" kind of seminar, someone else lectures on Right Whales, etc.

Well they sent out an announcement the other day that there was going to be an All_Organic Dinner featuring local grown produce including locally grown Short Ribs.

I emailed them back telling them thanks, that I had already learned something, that you could grow short ribs.


--Clarice, how can I grow cheese in my backyard garden?--

Buy a cow and let her eat your garden.


Clarice, how can I grow cheese in my backyard garden?

You have to buy the book to find out. It's being marketed like those tips for a flat stomach.


Take a step back ... if George W. Bush was still President of the US, he would have been blame for this tragedy ... based on the fact that he ultimately would have been the chief law enforcement officer in the US.

I wonder why Obama escaped such a fate.

We all know the answer to that ... they blamed it on some non-governmental civilian woman in Alaska.

Frankly, if this doesn't sound like "the dog ate my homework" .. nothing does.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I'm getting a little concerned about the cheese factory in central MA. It better be down wind.


How is it legal for RI to ban state employees from speaking on the radio? It seems to me to be prior restraint. Partiularly because the idiot governor said it was "entertainment," and went on NPR himself.

This is exactly what Obama wants to have happen, no?

Dave (in MA)

Jane, I wonder if he has any citation for that?
I'm coming up empty with Google News.


to this town 75 miles northwest of Little Rock

Very pretty part of the world, Russellville, Arkansas. It's on scenic Route 7, which if you ever get a chance to drive north to south, do. The Ozarks are absolutely enchanting in a hunkered down, misty holler kind of way. A little like the Smokies transported west, with lots and lots of beautiful mineral-blue water.

Jane says obamasucks

Dave, which one? Apparently he got a call from the Herald right after he announced it.

Dave (in MA)

You said Dick told you that Marsha is going to sue Evergreen. I can't find anything about that anywhere.

In other political news, http://www.bostonherald.com/news/politics/view/20110113ex-rep_kennedy_joe_k_for_congress/srvc=home&position=4>Patches wants cousin Joe to go for The Brown Seat.


Of course, all the employees, even those in Mexico, will get ObamaCare .. all paid for the The Times.

Gee. The Times is swell.


"Clarice, how can I grow cheese in my backyard garden?"

Get a goat or three.


All these dispatches from the east coast with politicians who just won't go away makes me glad I live in a state where a Senator who gets caught trawling for gay sex in a airport bathroom mercifully drops out of sight.

Dave (in MA)

Lyle, what do you mean?
He was only playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fuQBmi6Ca4>rock, paper & scissors.

Jane says obamasucks

You said Dick told you that Marsha is going to sue Evergreen. I can't find anything about that anywhere.

It was Dick. Keep that in mind. Ted Kennedy probably came to him in a dream.



If Laurie forgot to record the latest show, can her. Especially since TC's youngest College Grad may soon be looking for a job. Plus I believe she can play the tuba as bumper music:)


Any clues on what our Deadhorser's got scheduled?


As Freud said: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Imagine owning a cheese grater company and getting good press in the dining section of the NY Times; that's interesting enough to pickup Internet buzz.

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