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February 18, 2011


Army of Davids

Waiting for Superman

He's not in the classrooms of Wisconsin.

It's not about the children for the teacher's unions. It's about the adults.

BB Key

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Poll favors Governor Walker now 60% - 40% with +70,000 participants......despite efforts of DNC and OFA


I liked Boehner's response to the Agitator-In-Chief (quoted in the WaPo article linked by TM):

"This is not the way you begin an 'adult conversation' in America about solutions to the fiscal challenges that are destroying jobs in our country," Boehner said in a statement, alluding to the president's call for civility in budget talks. "Rather than shouting down those in office who speak honestly about the challenges we face, the president and his advisers should lead."


Via Instapundit, plans are in place for a counter-demonstration tomorrow:

http://gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/2011/02/join-andrew-breitbart-jim-hoft-at-wisconsin-freedom-rally-saturday/>Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker Saturday


I've learned to never, ever rely on politicians. the one saving grace about our political system is that the Left needs politicians, more than the Right, and Lefty poiticians corrupt through and through, Righty pols tend to be more incompetent and character flawed than corrupt. That said, a ray of sunshine is peeking through my cynical world view, This year may be the time the taxpayers end the Dem pol/public union scan. Wisconsin and NJ maybe like the Japanese banzai charges on Guadalcanal, scary, but suicidal. Let's stay strong.

Thomas Collins

In the Kurtz op ed TM linked in his thread starter, it is stated that:

"In Radical-in-Chief, I describe the “inside/outside” or “good cop/bad cop” strategy favored by Obama and his organizing mentors. The idea is that a seemingly moderate “good cop” politician works on the inside of government, while coordinating his moves with nasty Alinskyite “bad cops” on the outside. Reports that Obama’s own organizers helped put together the Madison protests fit the model. That coordination is necessary to achieve Obama’s real goal: kicking off a national grassroots movement of the left that he can quietly manage, while keeping his distance when necessary."

I think leaving America a strengthened leftist grass roots movement is one of the legacies Obama wants to leave us. A second is to preserve as much of ObamaCare, ObamaBureaucracy and ObamaSpending as he can. A third is to move our foreign policy in the direction of supporting State as All (see Alexandre Kojeve's Outline of a Phenomenology of Right for a frank discussion of what this means). Obama has made strides in achieving all three goals. Without a scandal that captures the mind of ordinary Americans and causes him to leave office in disgrace, at least some of his legacy will continue to haunt us long after he is gone.


I continue to believe that one of Obama's goals is to erase the nation's memory of how Presidents once used to behave.

bio mom

Why is Obama constantly out of Washington D.C. and out campaigning someplace else. It is like never coming into work. A picture of him last night giving a wine toast at a dinner with Tech executives was nauseating. This guy is such a phony. And he tells lies as easily as he breathes. Gullible public. Remember: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


At this point I don't give 2 shits about Obama. I detest him and he is the worst president ever, now surpassing the peanut farmer. He's destroyed the American Dream for more than just Americans.

2012 is going to be the most important vote of all time - we need him out in 4 to stop this madness, and his crazy-ass wife as well.


TC, I think you're right. My hope is that his legacy is in absolute shreds upon his exit from the WH.

Danube of Thought

From AP:

MADISON, Wis. – Republicans in the Wisconsin state Senate have asked the governor to send state troopers after Democratic leader Mark Miller.

Senate Democrats are boycotting a Senate vote on a bill that would strip public sector workers of their collective bargaining rights. They have been missing from the Capitol for a day and a half.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he has asked Gov. Scott Walker to send two state troopers to Miller's home in Monona. He says he believes the troopers are en route.

The Wisconsin Constitution prohibits police from arresting legislators while they're in session. Fitzgerald says he just wants to send a message to Miller — if he's even home — that he must bring his caucus back to Madison.

Army of Davids

Here in California the public sector unions have slowly but steadily driven the state's finances into the ground.

The legacy pension and healthcare obligations will weigh on us for decades to come.

We certainly haven't gotten the K-12 educational return. Last I heard we had the second worst K-12 in the country. Matches our second worst state credit rating.

The people of Wisconsin are doing the right thing and they deserve our support.

Danube of Thought

This is the new long, twilight struggle. But I don't think it's going to be that long. I just don't know who is going to win, but I do know that if our side loses this country will have irreversibly, permanently changed.

If there is to be a revolution, let it begin in Wisconsin.


"“When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” That is what this fight in Wisconsin, and across the country, is really about: money. And not money for government employees—money for government unions. The government unions themselves are admitting this every day the fight drags on."

From the link that Old Timer put up at the
"Die Hard" thread (which looks like it died).
IMO, the title of that piece is exactly right.

"The American People Can’t Afford to Lose Wisconsin Union Showdown".

Rob Crawford

OK, I've sent an email to my state senator and rep in support of Ohio's Senate Bill 5.

I'll try to call their offices later.


The people of Wisconsin are doing the right thing and they deserve our support.

I couldn't agree more, Army of Davids.


So, I was just wondering if the state of Wisconsin has a contempt of the legislature statute. I would imagine that the state senators refusing to appear at a manditory session would meet the definition of contempt.


BTW, I have a feeling that Obama hasn't given much thought about how it will make him look to lose a political fight like this with the Governor of a state.

Obama probably imagines himself as Eisenhower fighting Wallace. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Arizona, Wisconsin...it is the people of the United States against the Obama Administration. I'm gonna have to get a Wisconsin pin for my purse.


Still not a word on Wisconsin from CNN INTernational and the BBC.

Have had the tube on and off now for 8 to 10 hours. It is Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Ivory Coast, soccer updates and the weather. Also UN debate on Israeli settlements. Even "Anna Nicole-The Opera".

But as for Wisconsin, nothing.

Old Lurker

Hell, a fed judge told 26 states that Obamacare was indeed unconstitutional and yet it marches on. What's he care about one small Rep Gov?


I'm perplexed - Obama needs Wisconsin in 2012, as well as Ohio and Indiana, other states facing similar budget battles. How does he think mobilizing union opposition will help? Or doesn't he care?

Danube of Thought

Deroy Murdock:

Twenty-eight of these United States — encompassing 164 million people, 53 percent of America's population, and 285 Electoral College votes — are suing the federal government to stop Obamacare.

I can't help but think these numbers will be quite helpful when the SCt gets around to the Obamacare cases. Has there been a time since the Civil War when the concept of constitutional federalism was more sharply presented?


Did anyone see pictures of the violent signs on the MSM? I don't watch it, so I'm not much of a source. I doubt there was an outcry for civility.


Someone on Twitter has labeled the WI protestors - "teachbaggers."

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

- Obama needs Wisconsin in 2012, as well as Ohio and Indiana, other states facing similar budget battles. How does he think mobilizing union opposition will help? Or doesn't he care?

He thinks he is going to win this battle. We need to make sure he doesn't.


He thinks he is going to win this battle. We need to make sure he doesn't.

But even a "win" doesn't translate into 2012 votes, if the majority of the people in those states don't see it his way. In addition he risks losing existing support by his active interference in local matters.


Jim Geraghty has a post up about the photo of the toast in CA last night. He has a nice title for it, but when I look at the pic, I think:

http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/260082/toast-or-perhaps-his-presidency-toast>Life is good... For the looters


Well, given the way he's dissed the Packers, Obama is toast in Wisconsin in 2012 anyway.


Great point, Porch. If the union somehow union, especially using anti-democratic community organizer tactics with help from the DNC, the people of Wisconsin will crush Obama in in 2012.


"union somehow wins"


OT, the Revolution will not be on Google, in the LUN

Captain Hate

I think I reported earlier this week that B+ Hussein is scheduled to be in Cleveland next week, doubtlessly as part of his community organizing push against democracy. Maybe he'll help Twitch find his way home since the addled fool is hopelessly lost in Madison.


Porch- I think he'll be happy if people are intimidated by his OFA and are more afraid to speak out prior to 2012. Just think what someone who actually runs against him will face.


I'm optimistic.

I think the time for figuring out whatever the heck Obama is (ie Socialist/Marxist/stupid whatever) is OBE (overcome by events.)

Regardless the reasons for his actions, the battle is now joined and laid out there plain for all to see. Go Wisconsin. We all see what's happening and we have the right folks in the right places to try to stop, regardless what the Press and the Prez say. Even my Governor has jumped on the anti-ObamaCare bandwagon. That's amazing and positive. I think momentum is on our side and we just have to keep resolved and keep pushing back.

And FWIW, after a final 45 minutes of BBC and CNN INternational, still not a single word on any of what's happening back home. Just like the Tea Party Rally in DC they refused to cover Internationally. They barely or never covered it overseas. I got all my input on that from the Web. So when CNN ignores it, believe me, its because its important and they can't figure out how to spin it. See you in 10 hours.


Regarding the mostly white faces in the crowds overrunning the state capitol of WI I was remembering from years ago a black woman who was an early advocate for school choice:

Annette Polly Williams:
Rep. Annette Polly Williams, an education advocate who penned the landmark legislation that created Wisconsin's school choice program, and the longest-serving woman in the history of Wisconsin's Legislature, announced Saturday that she will not seek re-election in the fall.

Williams, a Milwaukee Democrat who represents the 10th District, has served in the state Assembly for 30 years. Her district, which stretches from Glendale to parts of Milwaukee's central city, has one of the highest percentages of African-Americans in the state.

She established the African American Education Council, an organization designed to give black residents a voice in efforts to reform Milwaukee Public Schools.

She's best known for the voucher program that the Legislature approved in 1990. The legislation made Milwaukee the first city in the country to offer students from low-income homes the chance to attend private schools with their expenses paid by public dollars.


On radio (Vicky McKenna) -- apparently it is a felony for an elected or appointed WI official to purposely avoid doing their sworn duty. The rhetoric here is racheting up.


I am thinking (with fingers crossed) that this is a huge miscalculation by Obama and the national Dems, who have openly gone all-in with the unions against fiscal sanity. I don't think they really understand just how fed up people across the board are about continually rising taxes on everything while their own incomes, property values, and outlook for the future are declining and narrowing. I think the Dem legislators fleeing the state will be perceived as shameful, cowardly and fundamentally undemocratic (this isn't Texas, and Walker isn't Tom Delay). I hope with all my heart that this is a tipping point. If it isn't we are in more trouble than even I think, and that is very bad indeed.


Do you think it might be due to the fact that protests like these are so common in Europe, daddy?


Took 'the wrong turn, at Albuquerque' apparently Captain. Wisconsin is not exotic enough for the BBC, daddy, as compared to Bahrain, and Arabia

clarice feldman

Time for Walker to remind parents that if the Dems return to the Senate the illegal teachers strike would be over..only the tilted kilt 14 are keeping their kids from school.


--"I continue to believe that one of Obama's goals is to erase the nation's memory of how Presidents once used to behave."--

He has already erased the memory of how they were eligible.

Jim Ryan

Anyone know the temporal factor at play? If the Dem legislators stay gone long enough, do they kill the bill?


So, if they win, they really lose their jobs in mass; tell me how that makes sense.

Captain Hate

I shudder to think of the number of dead horse carcasses there are in Threadkiller's back yard.


CH, It looks like an Indian, drive them off a cliff, killing spree over here.

">http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/HouseSession4010"> The House debated amendments to a fiscal year 2011 spending bill.

At 4:47:45 McClintock points to a government program that has been getting funding despite having had no authorization to be funded. He makes so many more good points as to why this funding should be canceled. A Dem then stands up and extols the virtues of this program.

Here is where I am confused. They then put it to a vote. They ask for the “ayes” and receive a lackluster response. They ask for the “nays” and get slightly less lackluster response. “The nays have it!” CLANK goes the gavel.

If you look at this video it seems as though nobody is really there. Is this just a committee or is the whole house supposed to be voting? My impression is it should be the whole house.

How are they going to accomplish any real cuts if they can’t show up to a vote? Am I seeing this correctly?


I have an uneasy feeling that Obama wants this to happen. I'm not sure why...yet.


Here's why there will be virtually no "moderate" dems in congress after the 2012 cycle. I present Senate Finance Committee Chairman Kent Conrad who says everyone knows we have to cut spending, but we won't cut spending. Read and laugh and weep at the same time:



The "tilted kilt 14" are fleebaggers.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I have a really really really stupid question: (thank God I have a place to ask it.)

The House passes a bill to defund the part of the FCC that wants to control the internet for example.

Does the bill have to pass the senate and be signed by the President?

All spending bills originate in the House - but then do they have to go thru the same process as every other bill or does the house have some independent authority?

I cannot believe I don't know the answer.



Spending 'Bills" are just like any other Bill in the sense, that they need to pass both Houses of Congress (Reconciled if necessary) and signed by the President in order to become binding. Of course, that's what the Constitution provides, Nancy and Harry used all sorts of shenanigans to avoid those rules last year.


I'm not sure why...yet.

Sue, Stanley Kurtz (linked in TM's post) has a theory. It's quite alarming to contemplate.


Has anyone seen a decent summary of the Wisconsin law as it relates to this teacher thing yet? The brouhaha has been in the works since at least last November. Seems surprising that the governor's powers haven't been netted out by now.


The unions and their lackeys are mau mauing the flak catchers, as Tom Wolfe put it. Street theater for the cameras.

This is the big battle. As the private sector landscape has changed, the Big Auto/union and government/public sector union incest are fighting to not only keep the gains they have in the face of disaster for all, but extend those gains.

Are we servants of the public servants or are we their bosses?

unionization of the public sector was a linchpin of the Democratic party strategy to gain an unassailable advantage at the ballot box. That, and now courting Latinos while displaying the same racism and divisive tactics and hatred they condemn.


Running on generator power here after a thick layer of global warming blanketed our area's power lines last night and this is OT, but is there a convincing response why the statement at the end of this piece by Mark Krikorian at NRO is wrong?

Ralph Peters, in John Miller’s latest “Between the Covers” interview, has it right: “It’s a worthless war, a useless cause, without thought, without a strategy, by people who are operating on sheer inertia.” The sooner we scrape Afghanistan off our shoes, the better.


"Here's why there will be virtually no "moderate" dems in congress after the 2012 cycle."
Sen Bingaman D-NM, to retire.



And pulling out of Afghanistan, would accomplish what exactly, it would vindicate
the jihadist view of a 'weak horse', as the Soviet pull out did twenty some years ago, earlier. and we know it doesn't end there

Captain Hate

O/T Tammy Bruce is starting off by blasting Fatboy Rove for wringing his hands and getting the vapors about what's going on in Madison; this is what your "compassionate conservatism" ushered in and don't act like you weren't the architect of this garbage by serving up crap sandwich Repukes like Mike Castle. STFU and GTFO.

Jack is Back!


The only problem with Afghanistan as of now is that we are half way there and if we go now there is no way in hell a democracy of any sort can flourish. It will be back to the shambles of Islamic purism as it was before. At least if we hold to our training and realignment timetable they have a chance (but we need to find a way to make Pakistan agree with a more stable and democratic, non-Taliban ruled country). Outside of that I completely agree with LC Peters.

Captain Hate

narc is right; this just kicks the can down the road and pretends that no problems can result from that which is delusional garbage. It also would be a great recruiting tool for AQ and the Taliban.

Jack is Back!

I went ahead and emailed all the Dem Senators in Wisconsin just to see what would happen. Here is a reply I got from Senator Olsen:

Thank you for contacting my office. First we would like to apologize if you were trying to contact us by phone. We have received a significant amount of calls over the past week. My small staff is doing their best to answer your calls but it is impossible for them to keep up.

More importantly, I would like to thank you for contacting me and please know that your voice IS being heard.


Senator Luther Olsen

Evidently, old Luther's phone lines are melting down. I wonder if it is pro or con? My gut tells me it is all con!

No mention about how hard it is to reach for the phone that is in Wisconsin when your arm is in Illinois.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Thanks NK. When I thought about it, that was the only thing that made sense, but I needed to check.

Danube of Thought

Jane--are you re-thinking the story of the week yet?

I'm betting heavily on Vinson'f "clarification" being a king-hell bummer for the justice department. If so, then I think that 28 states are fully entitled to do no implementation of this thing. Maybe the assholes will then reconsider whether they want to delay getting to the Supremes.

Danube of Thought



Now Peters is right, in the sense that the Taliban are a symptom of Salafism, but the
'same emanations of penumbras' of the IM
infrastructure that prevent any action down
here in word and deed.


There's more than one way to be a strong horse. A very good argument, to my mind a compelling one, is to wage Hellfires and brimstone on any country which attacks or supports those who attack us and then leave them to clean up a mess of their own making.
I have yet to see any convincing evidence Afghanistan or most of the rest of this god forsaken world either wants or is capable of making themselves into liberal democracies.
The strongest horse is actually a snake no one wants to tread on. The weakest is one who spends time and treasure trying to create something that refuses to be created and ends up leaving anyway.


Judge Vinson--

The Obamaniacs are just doing scorched earth litigation-- drag this out as much as possible, but Judge Vinson in as much discomfort as possible. Same nonsense they are doing in Louisiana with drilling. In New Orleans, Judge Feldman has taken the Obamaniac crap and crapped right back all over them. Well see if Judge Vinson is equally disgusted. If he is and says, Feds are barred from implementing in the 28 states, Holder will run to the Circuit Court for a stay of his clarified ruling. they are just pricks.

Captain Hate

Yes NK, unlike the sensory-impaired Michael Squishved, it's obvious that we're dealing with major lowlifes that have the goal of weakening the country as the underlying driver for all their actions.


Jesse Jackson has shown up,so you know the protests are losers.

"Jackson made an unannounced appearance at the protests Friday afternoon. Protesters rushed to shake his hand or high-five him, and many shouted, "Thank you, Jesse.""

Many others shouted, "Get the hell out of our state you lousy shake down artist!"


So, according to former law student at Althouse, a quorum in the Wisconsin senate is a simple majority, which the Republicans already have. The problem is, there's a separate 3/5 quorum rule for fiscal bills:

former law student said...

Ah, here it is. Fiscal bills require a quorum of 3/5 of the membership of each house.

Joint Rule 11 (2)
(2) Three-fifths of the members elected is the quorum necessary for passage (or concurrence) in either house of any fiscal bill under section 8 of article VIII of the constitution. The votes shall be taken by ayes and noes and shall be so recorded in the journal. A fiscal bill is any bill which:

Joint Rule 11 (2) (a)
(a) Imposes, continues, or renews a tax.

Joint Rule 11 (2) (b)
(b) Creates a debt or charge.

Joint Rule 11 (2) (c)
(c) Makes, continues, or renews an appropriation of public or trust money.

Joint Rule 11 (2) (d)
(d) Releases, discharges, or commutes a claim or demand of the state.
2/18/11 12:30 PM

So why does the bill they're considering require the 3/5 rule?


I'm glad you ask questions. I was wondering if funding had a different route too.

with that...defunding Planned Parenthood passes the House.


Jesse heard "free ride" and snuck on the bus, thus no announcement.

Jim Ryan

The Wisconsin Dem legislators have shut down the legislature. They have eliminated part of the state government.

What does this get them as time goes on? Is there some expiry on the bill? And do ordinary rules for bill expiry hold when the legislature has been eliminated in violation of more fundamental laws?


bgates, should remind you, that relying on fls, is a dodgy enterprise at best.

Danube of Thought

"Holder will run to the Circuit Court for a stay of his clarified ruling. they are just pricks."

He may not be able to. I'll have to check again, but I think the time may have lapsed.


These riots are just a preview of what the lib radicals will do when Obama is voted out of office. They are convinced that if Obama is defeated it is because of white racism against blacks. The supposed injustice will fan the fires of burning tires and looting in the inner city. This is Obama's New America.


I don't think they've shut down the legislature completely, Jim. For one thing, the Assembly is still in session, right? They've just shut down the Senate for fiscal bills since those require 3/5 for a quorum. At least that's how I understood what I posted above from Althouse comments.

Republicans are presumably free to pass gun legislation, abortion legislation, or anything else they want, using a 50% quorum. They should start loading up on the whole wish-list, and pass it all without any Democrats there to debate, offer amendments, etc. Perhaps they can even de-certify the union, as long as it's not part of a fiscal bill.


DoT-- I am sure the DOJ appellate staff attys have kept Holder's stay application options open. If Vinson's clarifying order has any substantive effect, I'd assume it's appealable and subject to s stay application. But....

Danube of Thought

i don't see how any expiry can affect the WI bill. I should think it could be brought up again and voted on at any time. Anyone have any actual knowledge?

Good question re "fiscal bill." But I have to assume that the majority leader and his caucus know how the rules work.

It's my understanding that these teachers' labor agreement has expired. If that's true, how are they ultimately helped by delaying passage of this bill. There is just zero chance that they will get a new agreement approved if it is inconsistent with the provisions of the proposed law. Right?

Jim Ryan

Really, AmericaSpeaks? Well.

America: Where leftists have no guns and everyone else is armed to the teeth.

Thanks for the wink and a nod known as the 2nd Amendment, Founding Fathers!

Ms. Trish

Here's a link to a YouTube video at the Columbus, Ohio Statehouse yesterday, taken by our local Liberty Group. Serious language warning...Teamster man is quite uncivil.



((I have yet to see any convincing evidence Afghanistan or most of the rest of this god forsaken world either wants or is capable of making themselves into liberal democracies.

There was that dreadful story not long ago about the Afhgani Red Cross worker sentenced by the Afghanistan government to be hanged for converting to Christianity. If the execution was carried out on the date announced, then he is gone by now. I haven't done any research to find out if the sentence was carried out, I find it too painful to think about. It was a dreadful story, the Red Cross would not support him but claimed neutrality.


I posted this on the wrong thread. Sorry.

The latest from the ulitmate huckster who has profited more from the death of MLK than any other living being and the one who should have cut Obama's nuts out.

Jackson: Capitol protest "a real Martin Luther King moment"

Everybody wants to be part of the civil rights movement, every day. It's over. The country won. Obviously, it cheapens MLK to compare the two issues. Protest at Walmart? A Martin Luther King moment.

Jim Ryan

DoT, if there's no expiry, then the AWOL legislators are just hoping that public opinion will be on their side and the GOP will withdraw the bill, I suppose. Otherwise, I see no rhyme or reason in their truancy. What does it get them?


Danube, the state workers have not had a contract since 2009. Teachers have separate contracts with each school district that typically run multiple years. This bill does not affect any existing contracts, but will constrain all renewals.


Henry, I don't like the sunset clause you mentioned earlier. Why start the cycle all over again?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Maybe the assholes will then reconsider whether they want to delay getting to the Supremes.


I figure that is the pushback. Thank goodness for Greta who laments every night about how stupid it is to spend all this money until we know. Altho I have a really hard time thinking Obama is doing the right thing for any reason but a wrong one.

I just hope Vinson does the right thing. Did you see where last night the gov of Alaska announced he has no plans of doing any implementation at all.


Chubby, I'm a business guy and don't know the full political strategy. I suggested that Walker channel Chainsaw Al Dunlap wrt state employment, but he is clearly his own man.



Like Ranger's posts during the Egypt protests, your posts have been very helpful.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

They've just shut down the Senate for fiscal bills since those require 3/5 for a quorum.

They should unbundle the bill. Vote on the collective bargaining aspect of it with a simple majority. That is teh controversial part. The unions now say they are willing to contribute to their health plans and retirement. So let the majority vote on the hard stuff and go forward.

I do think there should be some severe consequences for both the teachers and the lawmakers. Like firing.

Jim Ryan

If Herman Cain is shamelessly showing up tomorrow partially for the sake of publicity for his presidential run, then I must say, Mr. Cain, just when I think you couldn't let your run go any further into the ditch, you do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!


From the Wisconsin State Constitution (ART. IV, §23, WIS. CONSTITUTION):

Organization of legislature; quorum; compulsory attendance. SECTION 7. Each house shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members; and a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide.


Vote on fiscal bills; quorum. SECTION 8. On the passage in either house of the legislature of any law which imposes, continues or renews a tax, or creates a debt or charge, or makes, continues or renews an appropriation of public or trust money, or releases, discharges or commutes a claim or demand of the state, the question shall be taken by yeas and nays, which shall be duly entered on the journal; and three−fifths of all the members elected to such house shall in all such cases be required to constitute a quorum therein.
Does anyone get why they can't just pass the collective bargaining thing separately with a simple majority quorum?
Captain Hate

Jackson: Capitol protest "a real Martin Luther King moment"

Are you really sure that's what Jesse said? In his nearly incomprehensible speaking style it's nearly impossible to understand anything that comes out of his pie-hole. Maybe he was in the area to spend quality time with his bastard daughter like he promised to do?


I cannot believe I don't know the answer.

Here's a question I have. Though it's more of a rhetorical question, since I kind of know the answer: If spending bills originate in the House, why do they have to vote to defund anything? Why can't they simply fail to fund the d**n things, and then a Presidential veto isn't an issue.

I presume the answer is either that the funding is already there from some continuing resolution, or was preset for many years by previous legislation. But zero-based budgeting would solve a lot of problems, unless I am missing something.

Rob Crawford

Republicans are presumably free to pass gun legislation, abortion legislation, or anything else they want, using a 50% quorum.

ID requirements for voting.

Dave (in MA)

The http://pajamasmedia.com/vodkapundit/2011/02/18/an-open-letter-to-mr-daily-kos/?singlepage=true>Vodkapundit outlines a comparison of the Tea Partiers and the D-baggers in an open letter to Mr. DailyPOS.


Wisconsin is the birthplace of the Republican Party [Ripon, 1854] and my grandfather was a champion miler and speed skater at the U of Wisconsin way back in the day. But The Wisconsin Idea of the sort of Carl Shurz guidance like a Hegelian state from the University of Mind inventing primaries and referendums and recalls fell into the ditch of plain old-fashioned union snatch-and-grab goodies. The LaFollette Progressives are swamped by venality. A variation on Wilsonian idealism that also didn't fly.

When I worked at Schlitz in the '60s, the all-powerful Brewery Union [that wasn't its name] had the lucky employees get 3 hour breaks interspliced among its eight-hour workday. Nice work if you can get it, because you could drink beer during the breaks. A lot of happy workers, but a life span of 54 years old, I was told.

It's an old story, the arc of creativity [the Kindergarten was invented in Watertown just north of Waukesha where I grew up] peaks and then the downward spiral toward complete fiscal extravagance ends with pictures and posters of Hitler & Walker & Mussolini. The SEIU & AFTA unions are morphing into a public service parasite, and the private sector unions are driving companies to right-to-work states or overseas sweatshops.


...and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide.

Hmmm... So the Republicans could establish a penalty of expulsion from the senate for deraliction of duty for absence if they wanted to.

Jack is Back!

If Obama can get involved in a state issue like Wisconsin why didn't he get involved in New Jersey? Does he think from watching YouTube that he is no match for Christie? The same in regards to Scott turning down the Fed's HSR money. I'd love to see Obama try to take on someone like Scott or Christie. So, what does he know about Walker that makes him think Walker isn't up to facing down both the thugs and their leader in Washington?

OTOH, why can't Christie come out now and support Walker or is Christie smarter than Obama? I think we all know the answer to all the questions. The problem is Obama doesn't. He is a guy who telegraphs his weaknesses everytime he opens his mouth.


Tea Partiers will be in Madison in force tomorrow. I wonder if they will be picking up the trash left by the union thugs and interlopers.

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