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February 24, 2011



Rumsfeld has chunks of guys tougher than Liebowitz in his stool!

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I actually watched it. Jon Stewart didn't let Rummy say much. Stewart just spouted out is narrative: e.g.

Stewart: "The Bush administration spent all their time pushing the Iraq war:"

Runsfeld; "Pushing is too harsh a word".

At any rate, I thought he did a very nice job by allowing Stewart to do his little hatchet job while not being cowered or apologetic and responding with facts.

Stewart forgets that not everyone thinks the Iraq war was a mistake.

The Iraqi people will make the judgement of history.  And it took approximately 1 American GI to create 3,000 enfranchised Iraqi voters.

Hey, the pack was off after another kill and the Democrats were right there with the leaders. Then along came no obvious huge stores of WMD and Kerry and the Senate Dems saw a political advantage with the traitor Joe Wilson, who lied. It's just that simple, Jon; I suspect you'll get it someday.

The narrative as per the left is as big a lie as they think the Bush Administration pushed.

Captain Hate

I'm not sure why Rummy thought this was a good idea; even if he completely destroys Liebowitz and shows him to be a clueless dufus, the regular audience won't admit it and it will change zero minds.


If it makes progressives timid and reluctant to engage, then Rumsfeld should continue to bring it to their dens.

Fantasies should not be left unchallenged. Bush left them unchallenged and we are paying for it.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


I try and watch about 5 minutes of the Daily Show and 5 minutes of Morning Joe every day. I often do not make it that long.

I've noticed recently on the Daily show that the raucous support for Obama has waned a bit. The right certainly isn't winning, but Obama isn't the God he used to be either to that audience.


Holes, keep piercing the cave walls, Jane, but
they are confused by the lights



The Morning Joe crew was pretty glum over Governor Skywalker this morning. That is when I enjoy watching their BO and MO Psy-Ops.

Break a leg on the radio this morning.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I only made it about 20 seconds this AM on Morning Joe Ann, so I am glad to hear it. Mike Barnacle was plagerizing something when I tuned in.

The radio should be a blast today.


Priceless, from Laura Rozen: Among Libya's lobbyists. I assume the title is a take-off on Naipaul's excellent book, "Among the Believers." True believers all:

One of the more unlikely figures to have advised a firm which has worked to burnish Libya's image and grow its economy is not registered with the Justice Department. Prominent neoconservative Richard Perle, the former Reagan-era Defense Department official and George W. Bush-era chairman of the Defense Policy Board, traveled to Libya twice in 2006 to meet with Qadhafi, and afterward briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on his visits, according to documents released by a Libyan opposition group in 2009.

Perle traveled to Libya as a paid adviser to the Monitor Group, a prestigious Boston-based consulting firm with close ties to leading professors at the Harvard Business School. The firm named Perle a senior adviser in 2006.

The Monitor Group described Perle’s travel to Libya and the recruitment of several other prominent thinkers and former officials to burnish Libya’s and Qadhafi’s image in a series of documents obtained and released by a Libyan opposition group, the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, in 2009.


A 2007 Monitor memo named among the prominent figures it had recruited to travel to Libya and meet with Qadhafi “as part of the Project to Enhance the Profile of Libya and Muammar Qadhafi” Perle, historian Francis Fukuyama, Princeton Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, famous Nixon interviewer David Frost, and MIT media lab founder Nicholas Negroponte, the brother of former deputy secretary of state and director of national intelligence John Negroponte.

“At a critical time when the United States was debating its recognition of Libya, Monitor met with senior officials in the United States government to share its perspectives on Libya,” the company’s 2007 Phase I executive summary states. “In coordination with the client Monitor briefed officials and various agencies of the United States government. Monitor continues to advocate on Libya’s behalf with a range of leading individuals. Many of these individuals have indicated a willingness to engage with Libya and visit in the future.”


Perle, listed as a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, did not respond to an e-mail query Monday.

The Monitor group said it was charging the government of Libya $250,000 per month for the project ($3 million per year), plus expenses which were not to exceed $2.5 million, according to a 2006 Monitor group memo to its Libyan client.

Monitor is not listed with the Justice Department as a lobbyist for Libya, as it explained in a 2006 letter to its Libyan client:

“Monitor is not a lobbying organization,” its CEO Mark Fuller and Director Rajeev Singh-Molares wrote to their Libyan client in July 2006. “Our ability to introduce important, influential visitors to Libya’s advantage depends on our experience, prestige, networks and reputation for independence. We are deeply committed to helping you with this program.”

Not a lobbying organization. A facilitating organization? And I like that bit about enhancing Libya's image. Heh. Not among the general public, but among the "influential."

Jim Ryan

I've seen the Stewart show once or twice. On one occasion, John Yoo politely and graciously destroyed Stewart's "arguments." Stewart was flummoxed by the IQ and facts coming at him. I was embarrassed for him.

Local successful small businessman friend of mine: "I get all my news from John Stewart." This is what we're dealing with.


Is this a 'blind squirrel' moment, in the LUN

Jack is Back!


As an ex-lobbyist, I can tell you that like lawyers, sometimes you have despicable clients. Ask Tommy Boggs:

"Patton Boggs has been privileged to represent such sovereign governments as those of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. Our corporate representation includes servicing the needs of many of our U.S.-based Fortune 500 clients doing business in the region, as well as foreign multinationals who require international corporate advice."

So, Bahrain is a model of civility, eh? And how more repressive can Saudi Arabia become? Well at least the Egyptian revolution was so peaceful and Lara Logan and Greg Palkot brought all that one to themselves. Do you think Perle and Monitor are "proud" to have represented Libya?

Patton-Boggs: Number 1 Democrat Party lobbying group in Washington.

Jack is Back!

"proud" s/b "priviledged"

Danube of Thought

Peter Wehner says something that I believe needed saying about Glenn Beck.

Jack is Back!


They forgot the Juventas tribe:)


Right, like Walter Lang, represented Syrian controlled Middle East airlines,


I was actually Luning an op ed by Iran cheerleaders, Flynt and Leaveritt, in Foreign
Policy, basically echoing Ferguson


Hard to look at Beck's eyes and not be a little concerned. I'm waiting for his series on fluoridation and precious bodily fluids.


Well, DoT, I watched him only once and briefly and thought he was unstable sounding but as for his being someone who would bring discredit on the entire conservative movement I am not sure. It seems to me that sort of thing is done on lies and no facts so what's the diff? Either you believe Palin is stupid and teapaggers vicious racists or you decide the media and left are liars and don't listen to what they say about anyone, including Beck.




So, Bahrain is a model of civility, eh? And how more repressive can Saudi Arabia become? Well at least the Egyptian revolution was so peaceful and Lara Logan and Greg Palkot brought all that one to themselves. Do you think Perle and Monitor are "proud" to have represented Libya?

Re the first part of this post, I haven't a clue what you're getting at. My views re the ME are pretty well known and nothing happening there is a surprise to me. Just keep them there.

As for being "proud," I doubt that the thought ever occurred to Perle and friends. They got paid.

"proud" s/b "priviledged"

Are you sure about that?

Anyway, same comments would apply.

Danube of Thought

Clarice, I base my view of Beck entirely on what I have seen of him. To watch him for more than a few minutes is to be embarrassed.


Obama Is Helping Iran

How Washington's awkward handling of Middle East uprisings is playing into the hands of the Islamic Republic.


A fine article, overall, however the authors strangely don't point out that this process of helping the Islamic Republic began with Bushie's invasion of Iraq. One commenter notes that fact in humorous fashion:

The final legacy of George Bush is as hero of the Iranian revolution -- peace and blessings be upon him -- having replaced the only serious obstacle to Iranian power with a Shiite government.

If one's policy aim is to somehow isolate Iran and restrict their influence in the Gulf area in particular and the ME in general, it's difficult to figure how setting up a Shiite dominated Islamic Republic in Iraq with close ties to Iran furthers that policy. No doubt wiser heads than mine had that all figured out.


I think Wehner fits the term, 'useful idiot',
from this LUN, and Commentary having to fight
elements of the Soros org like HRW and J Street, really should know better.


And here's another example, in the LUN


Beck is a little out there, but he has almost singlehandedly been the cause of millions of Constitutions being put in the hands of Americans anxious to learn what they weren't properly taught in school.

He deserves a great deal of credit for that - and the Tea Party work it has inspired - imho.

11th Commandment applies here - not so much Republicans, but fellow Constitutional and fiscal conservatives. Beck may not be the reasoned, calm intellectual Wehner would like him to be, but it takes all kinds to fight a war against the left, does it not?


Regarding the Wehner article-

I do not understand why conservatives - who so strongly believe in individual responsibility- are so willing to take on collective guilt for the wrongs or oddities of another conservative.

Did anybody ever talk about Keith Olbermann discrediting the entire liberal cause?
Or fret that Dennis Kuchinich as a candidate made all Democrats seem kooky?


Captain Hate

Beck makes me nervous watching him the same way a lot of other recovered soaks do when in their midst (Kudlow's personality changed markedly after he got off whatever he'd been hooked on); that doesn't mean that he hasn't done a lot of good work that would otherwise go undone and deserves respect for that. Sometimes he can get weird enough to make me roll my eyes and ignore him temporarily. I'd still rather have him on our side than otherwise.


JiB, I have my pistolas out, polished, and aiming in your direction.

Jack is Back!

::ducking:: What did I do?

Strawman Cometh

Good point, Maybee. And I agree with Porch as well. I watch a little Beck, and catch a few minutes of his radio show. It's often educational and usually entertaining, I flip him off (not the bird) when he gets his God on.
I did catch his show, IIRC three weeks ago, at the very start of the Egyptian uprising, when he put up his Mid-East/Mediterranean on fire graphic and expressed concern that Egypt's democratic uprising would be usurped by the MB and the entire region would be swept up in uprisings resulting in the Caliphate. For this he was roundly criticized and portrayed as the fool. Who is the fool now?


Sorry, Clarice, Wehner having worked for Bill Bennett, who had his gambling losses to 'Alinskyite' him, as well as mischaracterized
his own critique of left views about abortion
should know better.


JiB = Jack is Bad. He engaged me about clarice's pal Perle. Unmentionables, dirty linen. Some things can't be said out loud, maybe not even thought to oneself. narciso is bad--brought up the Flynt/Leverett article.

Pistolas--the same old incivility. Censor yourself or be shunned. Most do it gladly. JiC = Jack is Contrite. JPtbB = Jack Promises to be Better.



Sloppy piece by Wehner.

In the past few weeks Glenn Beck has spoken about the coming caliphate that he believes is about to envelope most of the world. He then dilated on the anti-Christ with a man who says he has “new prophetic understanding into the end times.” In 2009, this self-proclaimed prophet wrote a column titled “What Obama and the Anti-Christ Have in Common.” Then, on a recent show, the discussion focused on the coming Islamic anti-Christ. And earlier this week, an irate, bellicose Beck spoke about the “perfect storm” America faces. “I can’t honestly believe we’re finally here,” he said in praising his own prescience.

The "self-proclaimed prophet" who compared Obama to the Anti-Christ is not Glen Beck, the man who "praise[d] his own prescience". As to the caliphate, Wehner seems to think entertaining the idea of a Muslim empire is not merely mistaken or even obviously mistaken but evidence of mental instability. What he thinks motivates al Qaeda, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the recently announced Islamic Emirate of Benghazi he doesn't say.

Beck not only has the unusual capacity to discredit virtually every cause he takes up; he also confirms the worst caricatures of the right.

He's a white man and a millionaire who works on Fox News, so I guess the caricature part is right. Which causes have been discredited? Is gold still $300/oz? Does Van Jones still work at the White House? Does the Obama administration embrace a vision of the Constitution which, albeit at variance with ours, is still firmly in the American tradition, their view that the federal government has regulatory authority over our thoughts notwithstanding?

I can't stand to get news from anything but print, because reading is so much faster (and because print gives better odds of a coherent argument, though I still end up reading bilge like Wehner's typed-out attempt to pick up a humanities grad student from time to time), but I've seen a bit of Beck on tv and some web videos of his radio program. He's much less histrionic on the radio. I don't care much for his style on tv. I care less for people who savage 70% allies based on style points.


Beck has put together Quradawi whose influences stretches from Boston's Islamic
center, to Doha's Al Jazeera studio to Tahrir
Square, where it seemed to me, that history
was 'rhyming' last weekend, with Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Al Banna, following
the family business of jihad, and he's highlighted the SEIU/SDS/ Soros link,


Beck's foundation is he was raised a Mormon. That religion and others that began about the same time were/are concerned with "end times" thinking.
If a person doesn't buy into that type of study-- Beck and others who DO think that way are going to be discredited by the left and secular right.


Jack gets One More Chance. Blow it this time and JwbB = Jack won't be Back. Learn who your master is, Jack me lad.

Jack is Back!


Go back and read the portion from Patton-Boggs website. They used the word "priviledge" in terms of working for their ME clients. Don't get me wrong, my point is that there are dark stains on all of K street. A lot of those people are friends from the past but its a free country and they do nothing illegal or unethical.

Funny coincidence, during this tread, Stu Eizenstadt was on talking about Libya and Egypt, while I was writing about Patton-Boggs, where his son is working.

And I didnot engage you about Perle, who I happen to like. I engaged you on the fact that lobbyists of all party affiliation play the game with ME authoritarians. Some are least bloody than others.


Way behind as normal, but this ">http://libertypundits.net/article/liz-cheney-utterly-destroys-norah-o-donnell-on-torture/"> Liz Cheney/Norah O'Donnell Interview that Narciso linked yesterday is excellent.

Liz does a damn fine Rumsfeldian imitation as Norah does her best to do Andrea Mitchell.

Also, haven't read the thread and only saw the first 8 minute segment of the John Stewart interview linked above, but my impression is that comedian Stewart does a much better job of interviewing Rumsfeld than Andrea Mitchell does. Anyone else have that impression?


Jim Ryan

I agree with what you say bgates. All I get of Beck is 15 minutes on the radio a couple times a week and I've seen his TV show once or twice. I characterize him as a man who has a meticulous staff that takes down Van Joneses and as a man who is terrified that we are about to experience economic collapse resulting in possible social collapse. He urges his listeners to steel themselves morally against social collapse. He's somewhat egotistical and driven slightly nuts by fear. But he's overall a positive component of the effort save this country from destruction.


Perle, who I don't know, but I respect his previous work both in Arms Control and in democracy promotion, in general, may have had a change of heart, during the leaner moments of the Iraq War, Lewis, was trying to bring Libya, around, John Major, who knows what he was doing.

I agree with you, daddy, that Stewart probably was more effective of the three,

Mark Folkestad

glasater is one sharp cookie. Mormonism does color and inform Beck's outlook. I happen to have a very positive opinion on Mormons as citizens and good family people. I have less favorable opinions of their faith, but I will not refuse support to deserving Mormons. There is a parallel to the anti-Catholicism in the 1960 presidential election. My mother, on our church council, spearheaded a rebuke of our pastor after he made the "Pope in the White House" claim from the pulpit. Every single one of the angry council members was a Republican who wound up voting for Nixon, but they all insisted on fairness and respect for the faith of others.

As far as Beck is concerned, he does bore me at times and creeps me out with his excessive conspiracy talk. But he has his moments of usefulness.


Also on the radio show, his staff leavens the singleminded focus, which isn't true on TV.

Mark Folkestad

Daddy, Liz Cheney is magnificent, a wonderful blend of the best of her parents. I am rather surprised that there is little or no speculation about her elective political future.

Uncle BigBad

I'm having trouble feeling embarrassed for appreciating Glenn Beck.

He's exposing things "embarrassed conservatives" are shying away from, e.g. George Soros and Van Jones.

As Glenn says, "don't take my word for it; look it up."


--As far as Beck is concerned, he does bore me at times and creeps me out with his excessive conspiracy talk. But he has his moments of usefulness.--

Excellent summation.

Dave (in MA)

The only time I hear Beck is when Ingraham is in an ad break on my way in to work and the local sports guys are talking about golf, but his crazy talk (and ads) about buying gold and emergency rations is seeming less crazy every day.

Poor Barry-O, his list of people that he needs to bow to is changing faster than a National League scorecard.

Jack is Back!

I bought Beck's book, "The Overton Window", and was seriously disappointed. It was a tedious, juvinile read. But sometimes on TV and Radio he can be very entertaining and educational. I agree, its hard to take him more than 15 minutes at a time unlike Rush or Laura. Boortz is another one when he gets on his fair tax kick. Hannity, I have come to the point where I turn him off, after picking the kid up from school, and put on Sirius Pops instead.


I'm pretty sure Beck wasn't raised Mormon but converted after he dried up. I would not be surprised if I'm wrong, though.

I don't listen to him all that much on the radio and have only watched a small bit his TV show but one think that strikes me about his voice is how much he sounds like Gene Wilder. So as a source of amusement, when I hear Beck ranting about something or the other, I imagine him as Dr. Frankenstein.

"That's Frahnkenshteen!" (Frau Blucher!)


Good news! Obama is, later today, going to speak with Cameron and Sarkozy about Libya.

What is wrong with him?

Danube of Thought

Did anybody ever talk about Keith Olbermann discrediting the entire liberal cause?

Don't know. But if conservatives are not supposed to criticize one another, I take it that would apply to criticism of Commentary and Peter Wehner, right?

I don't know whether Beck discredits every cause he espouses or not. I do know that he appears unstable to me.


--I'm pretty sure Beck wasn't raised Mormon but converted after he dried up.--

I believe he was originally Catholic.

--Good news! Obama is, later today, going to speak with Cameron and Sarkozy about Libya.--

David or Diaz?


No, he's entitled too, but as with many commenters, we are just as entitled to dismiss
him, specially when he provides such a superficial analysis, as hs been illustrated in at least two places.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I get an interesting look into the MSM every week because Dick gets all his news from ABC, Newsweek and USA today.

He had not heard about the doctors signing fake notes, and has decided that Romney cannot win because of Romneycare. Oh and Barbour has some problems with being a racist.


Is there anyone else on tv talking about the muslim caliphate? or wondering what the Bible says about end times?
That Wehner article links to a media matters article which mocks men that have been on Beck's show - Joel Richardson (I don't know), Joel Rosenberg (very good IMO), & John Hagee (very good IMO).
We don't have cable, so I don't watch Beck, but I appreciate having ONE guy willing to look at what Islam teaches & what the Bible teaches.


I try to watch Beck via Tivo so I ca move it along in part to see what info he is getting out there but more so on lessons of how not to present factually correct pertinent information that your audience does not want to believe.

I wish he would build his case based on the underlying commonality of ideas more than just throwing out words like "Communist" that most listeners just hear as a pejorative and name calling.


Wehner is willing to rely on Media Matters a known Soros appendage, and Mediate, which has
a less pronounced history of bias, to shape
his perceptions,

Danube of Thought

anyone else on tv...wondering what the Bible says about end times?

No. I'll grant you that.

Dave (in MA)

No? I'm sure if I flipped around there'd be no shortage of guys in expensive suits and stiff hair with phone numbers on the bottom of the screen.

Frau  Mormonenfreundin

Beck did indeed convert in mid-life to the LDS church and shows the enthusiasm of a convert. Thank goodness he chose a peaceful religion whose missionaries are not buying bomb-building materials but go door to door asking if older people need help moving furniture(my experience). I often visit a local family history library. It's fun to sit in a darkened alcove looking through historical films and listen to gossip about others in the stake or elsewhere. Harry Reid came up once amid snickers.

I am not a regular listener/viewer. I appreciate Beck's bringing to a broad audience information about people and organizations that I researched on my own. (see narciso at 2:03, for example) If Beck were not successful in radio and TV, he would have faded long ago. His patriotic program on the mall was nothing to be ashamed of. He can be manic but makes up for it otherwise. I'm not aware of what Wehner has brought to the discussion.


Go back and read the portion from Patton-Boggs website. They used the word "priviledge" in terms of working for their ME clients. Don't get me wrong, my point is that there are dark stains on all of K street. A lot of those people are friends from the past but its a free country and they do nothing illegal or unethical.

I certainly never suggested illegality, although now that you mention it I am open to the possibility. In your posts you repeatedly refer to "lobbyists," and that suggests to me that you accept that Perle's activities do/did constitute lobbying. However, lobbyists for foreign governments are supposed to register under FARA with DOJ, like Sandy Burglar did when the PRC government was paying him. (Another friend from the past?) However, the fact that Perle did NOT register as a lobbyist for Libya is prominently mentioned in Rozen's article. If Perle was lobbying for Libya he should've registered, and failure to have done so was a violation of law. Obviously that Admin wasn't going to give Perle any grief over that.

So, OK, maybe legal, maybe illegal. We'd have to examine the issue further to decide. Unethical? Again, that may or may not be the case, but Perle has certainly been a lightning rod for controversy. You can read about some of those controversies here. However, it certainly appears that, among other dubious activities, Perle habitually engages in what is colloquially termed "influence peddling." Illegal? Failure to be indicted is not proof of innocence. Unethical? Maybe not, but if not maybe it should be. That's my opinion.

BTW, I flatly don't believe you when you say that Patton Boggs used the "word" "priviledge" on their website.

And I didnot engage you about Perle, who I happen to like. I engaged you on the fact that lobbyists of all party affiliation play the game with ME authoritarians.

As for "lobbyists of all party affiliation," I don't understand why you appear to take issue with anything I said. As far as I can tell I never suggested that only GOPer lobbyists lobby on behalf of ME clients (if that's what Perle is and that's what he was doing, see above). What makes you think that I would be so naive as to think that Dems don't lobby on behalf of ME clients? I think you're jumping to one or more unwarranted conclusions.

As for engaging me re Perle, I'm not into technicalities so much. You say you didn't engage me re Perle, whom you "happen to like." Fine. Perhaps you can go the extra mile with me and grant me that when you wrote Do you think Perle and Monitor are "proud" to have represented Libya? it was a forgiveable mistake on my part (to the extent anything I do or say is forgiveable) to think that you were engaging specifically re Perle and the propriety of his activities (lobbying?) on behalf of Libya. Anyway, I only said that to tip you off to how to stay out of trouble in the future--clarice doesn't want Perle discussed on this forum while I'm around.


Beck may be unstable, and I can't handle his preaching either, but he has inflicted casualties on the enemy. I'd give him all the ammo he can use.


I have no idea who Glenn Beck is, but what's this about the Bible and "end times?" Could someone explain?


We know Perle's reputation, and compared to most folk like Armitage, and Powell and Scowcroft, retainers of the Sauds, brokers with the Aliev fiefdom, he comes off pretty


if conservatives are not supposed to criticize one another, I take it that would apply to criticism of Commentary and Peter Wehner, right?

There's a difference between hitting and hitting back.


"Armitage, and Powell and Scowcroft, retainers of the Sauds"


In March 2003, Richard Perle became embroiled in controversy after The New Yorker published an article by Seymour Hersh. The article described a meeting between Perle, the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, and Saudi businessman Harb Zuhair, in which Perle allegedly offered to influence American foreign policy in Saudi Arabia in exchange for investment in Trireme. The U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General investigated the conflict of interest and determined that Perle did not violate the conflict of interest provision because he was only working eight days per annum at the Defense Department at the time, which was less than the 60 days of service requirement.[1][2]

Note what's being said here: the IG apparently agreed that Perle "offered to influence American foreign policy in Saudi Arabia in exchange for investment in Trireme," i.e., for personal gain, but that wasn't a conflict of interest in re his employment with DoD for technical reasons.

You can read about the "heavily excised" IG report here.


Ugh. Sorry 'bout the formatting.


Jane ,

Very discouraging about Dick's news sources. Very sad that that is what you have to deal with in a political opponent. I recall Clarice writing a while back about how it was difficult to have a meaningful conversation with many opposite political acquaintances because they were so woefully ignorant of so many facts and isues, due to their lazy reliance on simply self-limiting themselves to the standard talking points from the MSM.

As a personal example, I am so sick of "Sarah Palin is stupid because she said she could see Russia from her back porch," that I could scream.

That fits in with Jim Ryan's comment above "Local successful small businessman friend of mine: "I get all my news from John Stewart." This is what we're dealing with."

Yep. That is what we are dealing with. The guys I chat with in Cologne repeated that "Sarah Palin sees Russia" business as fact and said they knew it was fact because they had seen it on HBO (Bill Maher) and from Michael Moore etc. At least the guys I pound away at in Asia get theirs from CNN International and BBC, but it's basically the same thing, just dressed up a little more professionally.


I don't mind if conservatives criticize each other. I just don't like it when they do it by saying "X makes us look bad". Frum does that all the time too.
And very often, that is picked up by people on the left who say, "Even Peter Wehner admits that Beck discredits all conservatives".


Look at the LUN, at 11;26, Maybee, which illustrates your point. Schmitz was interestingly enough criticized for joining
Blackwater, the one of the older bete noires

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Very discouraging about Dick's news sources. Very sad that that is what you have to deal with in a political opponent.


WEll there is other news: today Dick renounced his democrat affiliation, announcing he is a fiscal conservative and has been one all along - and then clarifying by saying his kids call him "cheap." (The we almost got 5 minutes of him reminiscing about all his business accomplishments but I nipped that in the bud.)

I was appalled that he knew nothing about he doctors tho. I will say he used to fight me on stuff he didn't know saying he doubted it could be true, but no longer.

For the first time in a long time I was exhausted after the program.


"Fleebaggers." I like that.


As for Glen Beck, I'm on his side.

Radio-wise I find him frequently quite funny and in that venue I'd definitely take him over Hannity or Michael Medved or Mike Gallagher any day of the week. In Beck's time slot Dennis Miller is who I listen to but Beck I go to during the breaks.

On TV Beck comes across more depressing and serious and personally quirky or erratic, so I can certainly understand why folks turn it off after a few minutes, but consider what the heck he's investigating day after day: The Soros funded organizations and all the links and fellow travelers tied together in that funding web, from Van Jones to the White House gal who says Mao is her favorite Philosopher, to Andy Stern to Bill Ayres to Obama to Alinsky to the Progressive movement etc. That's horribly depressing stuff, and to have to deal with it without having the ability to take a drink (since he's an ex-alchie) would drive almost anybody insane who loved America and the ideals of the Founder's so well. I especially enjoyed his old Friday shows when he would take some aspect of our Founding History and have very decent professors or authors on to illuminate fascinating bits of our History that our Schools have neglected for 50 years now. I actually think that was almost his weekly therapy to try and refresh himself. And yes I do turn his TV show off plenty like the rest of you, but more so because its so frequently depressing rather than for how seriously or stridently he says it.

I'm thankful for what he's accomplished so far. And as for what his critic Wehner's accomplished, so far I have no idea.


MayBee @3:17, exactly.


Joe Klein has a (mostly) terrific article re Wisconsin. This is his second super article about public unions: As Goes Wisconsin... So Goes the Nation.


Richard Perle makes Conservatives look bad, even though he's not actually a Conservative.


Todd Palin Update:

Winter Storm in Nome is so bad that Race Officials for the Iron Dog have postponed the race and refused to let anybody out of Nome for the last 1,000 mile segment until further notice.

And in other cool news, our Fairbank's Scientists have just discovered the cremated remains of an ">http://www.adn.com/2011/02/24/1720567/ice-age-childs-remains-found-in.html"> Early American Native child from an estimated 11,500 years ago. They are hopeful there is enough genetic matter still available to get some DNA.

Frau  Prosit!

me, too, daddy. If the attack dogs are out for Beck,as for Palin, it means he is on target.

OT for daddy - we were waiting around for summer anticipating Alaskan Summer (Koelsch type beer) when I saw the Amber (alt-type) on sale. It is *very* enjoyable, and if you should ever see that singing lady from D'dorf again, let her know some Cologne faithfuls have decided to use the top-fermented brew from her town as second-best. Our son in the Seattle area is suggesting a letter campaign to let the brewers in Juneau know that their Summer deserves more than being a seasonal.


Jane, why not offer him a deal? If he doesn't pass a public affairs test which we devise he prmises not to vote net time around.
JiB must I spell it out for you? Have you seen anyone else respond to this long winded troll? Why do you suppose not? Is it because they fear this almost 70 year old lady will beat them up or is it because he's a swine who once responded to will hog up thread after thread with whatever he thinks we should be discussing.


Thanks for that link, anduril


Beck converted to Mormonism with his family in 1999 per a quick Google. Mormons have preached a two year supply of food for many decades. Many probably think they have never come closer to needing it.

I am actually glad we have conservatives on the air with so many different types of appeal. It helps with the big tent thing. After all,JOM attracts a diverse but still just a segment of the potential audience.


Hoo boy.


This one


or this one


They're both excellent. Re the second one, I have to admit being slightly flummoxed by the excellence of Klein's offerings on the subject. Must be personal experience behind it. But that's just one swine's opinion.

Melinda Romanoff

Funny thing about Beck saying "look it up" about Soros, I already had as the Gore campaign was swinging in full. I wanted to know who was funding Mo Strong, besides Park, and paying for the defense of Oil-for-Food.

And I thought nobody's going to believe these tie-ins.

I feel much better now.

Especially with Mo living in China, now. University of Peace, my ass.


Totally agree Caro.


Hoo boy

That comment made me laugh--DoT has missed some fun.


Your comment is spot on. We had a Mormon couple work for us out on the farm years ago and we provided all their grocery supplies along with gas and oil plus wage. Boy did we get "took" on that deal:-)



Since it appears that Dick is back in charge that would be the end of my radio career. He's pretty sure he knows everything.

Melinda Romanoff


Can I be a guest? I have some global capital flow questions for him.


Also agree Caro. Beck brought down Acorn with the help of Breitbart and O'Keefe and company. For that I will be eternally grateful. He shines a bright light on Van Jones.and other questionable czars of Obama'a. He scares the Left so bad they had to have their own failed rally before the 2010 election. When Wehmer has accomplished as much I'll pay more attention. Life is depressing with Obama in the WH and we have to be vigilant in making sure this fiasco is never repeated. I feel less secure everyday that doofus resides in the WH.


That's horribly depressing stuff, and to have to deal with it without having the ability to take a drink

That's a good point. I have it on good authority that following the news while merely cutting down on drinking can leave even the strongest of men looking like this:


Mormons have preached a two year supply of food for many decades. Many probably think they have never come closer to needing it.

My Obama-voting husband is quite engrossed in stocking up on canned goods, a water purifier, the works.

Survivalism: it's not just for wingnuts anymore!


Daddy, I thought you were still in the ice age up there. You will if Gore visits. Good to know that they are more open minded about science up there and want to research the remains.


My husband too Porchlight!...and he's a lot less conservative than me.

Danube of Thought

If the attack dogs are out for Beck, as for Palin, it means he is on target.

The attack dogs were out for Billy James Hargis, as for Ronald Reagan.

But I'd better start with the Martinis again.


And if Obamacare and public unions weren't enough to be concerned about, there's always the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse! Canned goods are fine, but some big sharp knives could come in handy, too.


Mix one for me, please, DoT. I have a feeling thngs are only going to get "more interesting" over the weekend.


It was nice while it lasted.


Obama's statement re: Gaddafi fell with a thud yesterday and even the progs were upset.
Today according to "DRudge" the Libyan leader considers Bambi his friend. I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

Melinda Romanoff


They tell me rehab is like that, sometimes.

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