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March 18, 2011



It's hilarious that India doesn't want Obama to come back, but Sarah Palin's been invited to come speak.


20% Would Pay Higher Taxes to Reduce Deficit

This tells me that quite a few people are stupid enough to believe that giving politicians more money would have any effect other than politicians believing they've been given license to spend more.

Comanche Voter

Judge Sue Me? How about Judge Blo Me! This judge is playing games--anythting to delay the inevitable outcome.


Oh, those wacky Texans.


A little background of Judge Sumi, in addition, she was one of those who refused
to permit even perfunctory checks of voter
eligibility in 2008:



"Gateway Pundit has a post up that says the U S Consulate in Brazil was fire bombed today. They don't like Obama either, the picture shows a US flag with "Obama Go Home"

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Why this just breaking story in the Washington Post has this Headline:

Obama has Brazil swooning over arrival of a black president

And if its in the Washington Post it has to be true, correct?

Danube of Thought

That article doesn't even make the assertion that the judge has taken union money. It merely says "guess who may be" bankrolling her. That's the kind of stuff I expect from Paul Krugman.


Concerning Sarah Palin going to India.

In the fancy hotel in New Delhi the other day it was one of the bartenders in the Dublin Pub that mentioned that Sarah Palin was coming to India. He asked where I was from and when I said Alaska his eyes lit up and he said "Sarah Palin is coming to India...I think our hotel!" He seemed real cheerful about it, and the other 2 boys behind the counter both nodded and chatted about her upcoming visit. They all knew who she was, and that she was coming, without my having to say anything.

So no question about it, Sarah's a Global Phenom.


He went there for the optics-everything he now doing is to regain lost ground. Pics of him in Brazil will be in front of hand picked crowds..he couldn't risk carrying thru on his original plan.


Salazar Is Not Issuing New Deepwater Permits

Jim Adams, president and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA), said that BOEMER's late-Friday announcement that it has issued an additional permit for deepwater drilling is misleading.

"There were 32 deepwater drilling operations already permitted when the President imposed his moratorium last year. Interior Secretary Salazar is merely allowing existing permit holders to resume their operations," said Adams. "This administration has yet to approve and permit a new deepwater exploration proposal submitted in the last 11 months."

Hard to believe this administration would be misleading.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Daddy: First India and then Israel with a sit down with Netanyahu. And there is no question they'll like her much better than Obama and with alot less pomp and circumstance.

Go Sarah, show 'em all up.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Let's see, I think I'll go with:

Palin for president
Romney for Secy of Treasury
Cong. West as Secy of Defense
Donald Trump, head of HUD

Danube of Thought

It's a mystery to me why the Majority Leader in WI doesn't have them back in session right now to get this thing re-enacted and be done with it.


Ann Coulter does it again.

"With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.

This only seems counterintuitive because of media hysteria for the past 20 years trying to convince Americans that radiation at any dose is bad. There is, however, burgeoning evidence that excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine."



If he does and they do
1. The Sec of State will still refuse to publish it for another additional period of time
2. During which the Supreme Court election will be held and the conservative court may switch to a liberal one just in time to hear a new appeal from what will certainly be a new tro or something by Judge Sumi.and
3. During this time the state's financial situation will continue to deteriorate.
Apparently the law is clear that the court lacked jurisdiction to do what it did .


PD, Thanks for posting that. I missed it.

But in related developments, the folks who maintain and run our Trans Alaska Pipeline say something needs to be done quick to prevent the pipeline from eventually having to be shut down. Alaska pipeline operator calls for quick boost in oil production.

Lead times are so long (approximately 5 years) that failure to start new drilling up here soon may render the pipeline unfeasible to maintain in a few short years.

A bit ironic to hear Bill Clinton last week criticizing Obama for delaying Drilling Permits when it was Clinton himself who veto'd drilling in ANWR in 1996.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The writer of that threatening piece against Ann Althouse and her husband, Meade has been in contact with Dan Riehl in his role as a Big Government poster.

I particularly like this part from one of his email exchanges:


Also, the piece said that I “didn’t strike you as the type who would strike out for gold” like hans christian. I dunno, gold digging was crazy dangerous but I am really into outdoors adventure stuff and trying to live as much off the land as possible. Right now, i’m staying in a cardboard box structure that I put up in some friends’ attics, and I mean to make it mobile soon enough. When I was younger, I hopped trains around rural Iowa, slept in the graveyard of an unincorporated city, hitchiked(sic) to colorado, etc…

This is the guy who ranted on about what freeloaders Ann/Meade are and told her “WE WILL FUCK YOU UP."

This is who the taxpayers in WI have to work extra hard to support.

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