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March 30, 2011


Danube of Thought

Too many Scotts flying around--Walker, Brown, Rick...a fella gets confused.

I started to dislike Brown a little bit the day after he got elected and the feeling just grows and grows.


I don't love Scott Brown, but I'd still rather have him in the Senate than two John Kerrys.

Captain Hate

Well yes; considering whose former seat he occupies there's a reason to think positively of his presence. Though sometimes it's like the seat has a malign influence on him, like anybody that put on Teh Ring in Tolkien.


Scott Brown is in the position of being damned no matter which way he goes. I prefer he keep the seat. If that means he has to distance himself from the Tea Party, I can live with it.

I am absolutely over the throw the bums out feeling. If they have an R after their name, in a state that typically doesn't elect republicans, I'll learn to live with them. Having the majority is what matters to me.

Danube of Thought

My sentiments exactly, Sue. Say what you will about Brown, Snowe, Collins and Lugar, if they hold office in lieu of Democrats it improves our chances of having the Majority Leader and all the committee chairs.


"Palin won't be nominated."

Apparently, someone have already decided we are going to send in the second string.


Here is a fine example of the lovelies we're attempting to democratize in Afghanistan, as 20,000 people riot and murder 8-10 UN workers because some chucklehead in Florida burns their precious Koran.
I hope the mob we're fighting for in Libya is just as civilized and multicultural.

Hugh Dudgeon

I'm sick of RINO's. And has he made the right vote on a large issue? PR-wise, they do more damage than commiecrats. When I think of all of the Tea Party energy (where's Jane?) that was wasted on Scotty it makes me sick. Thought experiment - If Senatrix Martha Croakley (D-PR o Mass) made such a pronouncement, would anybody even notice?

“Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but a wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic, cultural, and social impacts is simply irresponsible. We must also be mindful that many of the proposed spending reductions would disproportionately affect the neediest among us, including housing and heating assistance,”

Interesting geek note, when I copied this quote from the DC page, it added code to link the page.


Oh and BTW six more of our guys died yesterday bringing "civilization" to that hellhole.
I'm sure that'll make body count headlines on the evening news like it would have in '03-'08.


Hugh, remember his election made the Dems pass Obamacare without a severability clause. No one is ALL bad.

Captain Hate

Apparently, someone have already decided we are going to send in the second string.

What makes me the sickest about it is the thought of giving the MFM veto power over who we can nominate. Whoever frightens those pansies the most is who I want to vote for.

Hugh Dudgeon

Yep, and he didn't even have to vote.
And yes, I'd rather he than a certified 'rat. And a certain distancing is required in the Commonweatlh. But why the, as the Good Capt'n points out, repeated nut kicking? Is it really necessary? I don't think it will help him keep his seat. He needs to do a lot of voter education (and apparently some self improvement), and much less voter outreach.


more interested in media criticism than governing

Yeah, if she were really interested in governing she would have led a coup attempt by now.

Hugh Dudgeon
Whoever frightens those pansies the most is who I want to vote for.
I have to admit I'm digging Trump's notion of keeping Iraq's 2nd oil field until we pump our trillion dollars out of it. Am I bad?

How many Republican presidential candidates would put a stop to this Carp?

"American Soldiers Forced to Wear Hijabs"

I'd be willing to bet I know one.


yeah, he was one of those, who said Bush 'lied his way to war' in Iraq, no thanks,


What is that phrase, Judge Judy has been known to use:


I'm with the Capt.@1:46pm...and the media and pansies DO need criticism..
I wonder which candidate Trump will help the most--saying what others think---Barbour? Palin?
OT a little, Newt needs to exit, right...He is a toad with ideas, not a good Potus choice.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Agreed on Newt. He has more baggage than a Waldorf bellman carries in a month.

Captain Hate

Trump is a blow-hard entertainer who nobody takes seriously as a candidate for any elective office. When he makes funny pronouncements against pols we don't like, they're completely teflon because they are strictly his opinions with no adherence to a party. When Newt makes one of his dumbass pronouncements it's associated with the Republican party even if nobody outside the MFM takes him seriously as a presidential candidate.


I wonder which candidate Trump will help the most...


JM Hanes

JOM Historians:

Am I right in thinking that the observation that “Barack Obama has launched more Tomahawk missiles than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined," originated with bgates? Rand Simberg apparently picked it up from an unnamed Facebook page, and I'd like to let him know that bgates deserves the credit, IIRC. A link to the actual comment would be great, if someone could point me in the right direction.



Our BP (Brit Petroleum) friends almost all went to Azerbaijan after the slow down in Alaska Oil Exploration a few years back. They all seemed to really like Baku, which I think is the capitol and is their base location. They all took their families and lived on a large compound of individual western style suburbia houses inside a very large fenced and guarded perimeter. They had a very good International school on the compound that they raved about, with big soccer fields, and BP picked up the tab for sending the wives on international leave at least once a year for shopping spree's down to Dubai or back to the UK, which the mom's just raved about.

They sent me a decent Jazz album from some local Sax guy for Christmas a few years back. Said the weather was not bad. Our best friends with the 3 young daughters had one interesting story about a birthday party for their 4th grader. Had the party at their house in the compound, and some student at the school, son of some Local higher up muckety-muck, showed up in some black limo and was escorted by bodyguards to ensure his safety. Our friends said that was when they finally figured out who this kid was, as the bodyguards stood around the kitchen and dining room in sunglasses and dark jackets with slight bulges where their holsters were, as the kids all sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.

Baku is one of our recommended alternates if Kazakhstan goes down due to weather or political upheaval etc.

JM Hanes

Afraid I am so not up to speed on this or any other thread lately, but I've been meaning to give Glen Greenwald some props for not automatically rolling over in Obama's defense, and for calling out those who do:

The very same political faction that spent the last decade decrying assertions of unconstrained executive power and the ignoring of Congressional will in the area of civil liberties is now its enthusiastic champion.
To get to the real gem, though, just scroll to the end:
[T]he good thing about being Barack Obama is that you're justified in what you do even when you first do X and then do Not X.
Thus, when you argue that wars need Congressional approval, you're standing up for the Constitution; when you start a war without Congressional approval, you're a humanitarian. When you announce you will release torture photos in the government's possession, you're a stalwart defender of transparency; when you change your mind two weeks later and announce you'll conceal those photos, you're standing up for The Troops. When you give Miranda warnings to Terrorism suspects, you're honoring the Rule of Law and protecting American values; when you turn around and deny those very same rights, you're showing your devotion to Keeping us Safe.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

If the reaction I saw at a BBQ last weekend is any barometer, Trump is very popular around here with the 30-40 somethings.


JM Hanes,

I copied bgates post & it was dated March 19,2011 @ 8:09pm.
I'll look for the link.


Here it is.

Danube of Thought

My recollection is that bgates said Obama had killed more Mulims than all other NPP winners combined, but he may have said both things.

Danube of Thought

"Apparently, someone have already decided we are going to send in the second string."

Without adressing one way or another the question of whether Palin is the first string, I'm simply predicting that she won't be nominated.

Danube of Thought

He did say both.

I guess Menachem Begin, may his name be praised, ranks somewhere in there for Arab deaths.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet


According to live tweets from today's hearing in Sumiland, the parties have rested and Sumi has continued the TRO and set a briefing schedule on three issues related to indespensible parties, immunity issues, and time limits for summons service. The last brief is due May 23.

The testimony was all from the DA claiming the Open Record Act was violated. The Defendants put on no evidence.

The gist of the testimony was that 24 hours notice was not given for the conference committee meeting and if it had a number of witnesses would have attended that meeting. In addition, the meeting room only held 20 people and there were thousands protesting in the capitol some of whom said they would have attended so the meeting was virtually closed.

I don't know why the defense put on no evidence, but there was argument before the hearing got underway that the only reason some of the legislators had not been served was their legislative immunity from suit..

Danube of Thought

Why in the hell are there ongoing proceedings in the trial court after the appeals court kicked it up to the supremes?

Will Walker allow this thing to go on into June, with the law not being implemented, instead of just voting on the thing again? Why?


JMH, that is good though the target is so wide you can hardly miss hitting O (and his fans') contradictions and hypocrisies.


I still think that Walker should direct the state payroll services to withhold and remit payroll taxes (income tax, social security tax, medicare tax) on the part of the insurance premiums which are union graft. (The amount which is above and beyond the state health plan premiums.) That's the traditional American way -- sic the IRS on 'em!

Ralph L

I guess Menachem Begin, may his name be praised, ranks somewhere in there for Arab deaths
As does Arafat, may his name be damned.


Until Tuesday's election in WI shakes out, politicos there seem to be treading water, trying to anger the fewest number of potential voters.


So the "temporary" restraining order is in place for another 7 weeks...sheesh. I guess Walker will make a statement soon.

JM Hanes

Many thanks, Janet! I left a comment & link over at Terrestrial Musings. Since I believe I got there via Instapundit, it would be nice to think that both TM & bgates might see a little well earned traffic.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

How will this ad play in Wisconsin?

Sex abuse victim calls out Kloppenberg

JM Hanes

JM Rhoads:

I haven't really been following the Sumi circus, but I think Walker was arranging for separate legal counsel, although I'm not sure how or if that might have affected the proceedings in any way.

If Walker hadn't said he'd abide by the temporary order temporarily (!), I'd have assumed that he was refusing to recognize the Court's jurisdiction. I believe that's essentially what the Republican legislators' position is. I assume that's a constitutional issue properly addressed by a higher court, while Sumi might still be responsible for a finding of fact as to whether a violation actually occurred?

JM Hanes

That would be the previously existing temp. order, in which Walker acquiesced, not the two month moratorium on drilling that Sumi just put in place!


JMH, Sumi just wants to delay the supreme court until September.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Does anyone know what WI law says about whether an order granting a TRO is appealable as a "final order" or otherwise?

Under Federal Law they normally not appealable. But if they last too long or as a practical matter decide the case, they ripen into a de facto preliminary injunction which is appealable.

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